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Kailua, Hawaii, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2019

Kailua, Hawaii, United States
Established on Jan, 2019
Band Hip Hop Singer/Songwriter




"BlacKlout- The Vibe"

BlacKlout makes his flow seem simple and effortless on his 3-song EP The Vibe. Hailing from Hawaii, the rapper works within bouncy and fun flows by bending his words to his will. The EP captures thrill and excitement to showcase the high-spirited and exuberant personality of BlacKlout.

The Vibe is weightless and honeyed to the point that it’s hard to resist it’s catchy hooks and groovy rhythms. The hard hitting tunes are compelling enough to make you burst a move on the dancefloor when played in the club.
BlacKlout throws in different vocal styles to his music to sound dynamic and full of life. He makes use of his singing voice as well as his vibrant rap style as at any moment you can be surprised by shrieks, whispers, squeaks, mumbles, and sometimes stops just a few notes from outright yodeling.

Being confident in his talent, the artist doubles his vocals and self-harmonizes almost everywhere, and sometimes he breaks a song down into little chantable anthems. It doesn’t take long for any listener to get hooked to such engaging and rhythmic tunes. It’s quite refreshing for the rapper to create melodic masterpieces that you can listen to a million times due to their distinctive sonic and musical qualities.
BlacKlout understands how to shape words to make them rhyme unexpectedly or to unlock new spaces inside the instrumentals. He does it without breaking the mood to make the listener enjoy every minute. It’s understandable if most of you find this type of sound different compared to all the heavily auto-tuned mumble rap people listen to nowadays.

On the EP The Vibe, you will get to adjust your ears within no time in discovering what good music sounds like. You can tell the artist has lots of experience in delivering enjoyable tunes. The small project has created much anticipation and excitement for the artist’s upcoming album For The Fame. BlacKlout deserves to clench his fist and thump his chest for creating songs that make you proud of hip hop. - xttrawave

"BlacKlout Released The Best Summer Hit “Shining Light”"

BlacKlout is a 23 years old artist from Hawaii, originally from the SouthEast D.C, and raised in the DMV who is currently on active military duty. He’s embracing the Aloha lifestyle, remaining solid to his roots. He has an array of music, and although not everybody will like what he offers, he has a little bit of something for everybody to digest. His first song was “Thot Pose” which was a raunchy but funny, catchy song he performed at the Coast2coast Live Event in Hawaii this past February. He then released a few more singles in which includes “The Vibe” , and “Shining Light”.

“Shining Light” is ready to get the summer grooving. The record has this addicting, fun dance-hall beat, that gave off the vibrations of vacation and summer. It began with a beautifully relaxing introduction, with shimmering acoustics from the guitar, setting the tone of the song. The vocals were idiosyncratic and complexed, completely different from what you’ve heard before. BlacKlout delivers a solid rap with a consistent, nice flow. The flow was clean-slated, error-less, and had a nice style to it. I loved the Hawaiian aspect to “Shining Light”. It was nicely incorporated into the record by the paradise feel you received from listening. The glistening aesthetic created a more relaxed energetic vibration for the listener. Shining light was delightful, and prepossessing, alluring its listener in with the charismatic vibes. The hook was memorable. It’s one of those tunes where even if you stopped listening to the track, the hook becomes glued to your memory like super-glue. “Shining Light” is an enticing song we can for sure have on our playlists. - Buzzmusic

"BlacKlout- The Vibe-Telling it like it is"

BlacKlout is a rap/hip-hop artist based in Hawaii. This prolific artist has released 13 singles and an EP in rapid succession. Since February, listeners have been treated to an explosion of new content. While the release of a new album, “For The Fame”, is also approaching fast. Expect new material in April or May. In the meantime we have his very latest EP release “The Vibe”. BlacKlout’s new release, does not disappoint. There are no tracks to skip.
It contains three tracks filled with addicting melodies, head-bobbing beats, and overflowing with smart and honest lyrical content. BlacKlout sings, he raps, and he just does about anything that comes to his mind, mostly he’s having a real good time, and taking us along for the ride.
From when the EP opens with “Handstand”, we get nice production, refreshing lyrics and themes, solid modern style flows and a little old school mixed in. BlacKlout manages to bring back a little bit of purity and playfulness to hip hop. Actually he brings a whole lot of playfulness on this track.
“Bounce that ass, let me see you do a handstand,” let’s you know exactly what BlacKlout wants to play with too. It’s an explicit high-energy club anthem that will surely bring the twerking on. And BlacKlout is as naughty as he wants to be on this sexually charged jam, featuring Da Doc.
“Bonnie and Clyde” flips the initial sonics on its head, as BlacKlout comes out wearing his crooning clothes, though he doesn’t drop the passionately lusty themes, which is all part of “The Vibe”. It’s is a piano-bounce track that is sure to bring any downer out of their shell.
Jazzy Rap-Pop only works some of the time and, luckily, this is one of those times, as BlacKlout gets the formula just right on top of this foot-tapping beat. Play this at a party and even the dudes with the slickest suits and ties will start humming along. How do you resist that earworm melody and keyboard? You don’t. You simply take it straight to the wall.
If you’re in this for the rapping skills, then the best track on the EP has to be “2faced” ft. Da Doc. Here BlacKlout unpacks his toolset and sets about getting the job done. He seems to have settled into a place in which he can play around with some modern sounds without losing his essence.
Throughout “2faced”, he does a great job of balancing propulsive, form-forward rapping with straight up bars. And due to a combination of experience and confidence BlacKlout brings on a pretty well-rounded scope of emotions and moods in the process. The strongest moments on “The Vibe” EP, show the ever-unassuming BlacKlout leaning into what he excels at best: telling it like it is. - Buddy Nelson

"If you like to party the single "Handstand" should be on you playlist"

Let’s get into the music and lets start off with saying that this single is deff a song that you need to add on your party playlist. I mean what can I say!! Blacklout does go in on this track and it is becoming one of our favorite tracks. Currently on SoundCloud “Handstand” is less than 3 weeks fresh and has an amazing beat that accompanies this hit single! Coming in a little under 3 mins makes it perfect for places such as the strip club. I am sure that when this single comes on the whole crowd will get turnt. With the release of songs like TWERK , from the City Girls .. Handstand could be the male version of that hit single. Overall we give this song a solid A and hope that Blacklout will be back with more music. This is a song that will hit our charts and who knows might even make it to SNVLIFE Spotify playlist! Above is the song so let us know what you think of it.
About BlacKlout:
BlacKlout is a rap/hip-hop artist based in Hawaii. The prolific artist has released 13 singles and an EP in rapid succession. Since February, listeners have been treated to an explosion of new content, including his latest EP “The Vibe.” An EP, “De West Coast Trio” is expected in the coming weeks. The release of a new album, “For The Fame” from BlacKlout is approaching fast. Expect new material in April or May. You can listen to current material on all major music platforms including Soundcloud. Keep up with BlacKlout on Instagram and Twitter. - ny2laradio

"BlacKlout- Handstand"

Hawaii’s BlacKlout offers up a dance-floor smash with his latest track Handstand. Presenting the anthem-like vocal rhythms and references of a hip hop classic, alongside of the rising and falling progression and bounce of an EDM classic, the track walks the line well between accessible pop and late-night alternative escapism.
The chord progression on this single stands out a little more than you’d generally find on the average contemporary hip hop release. That rising and falling progression adds a varied rhythm, it fills the space with colour and musical intention, and actually – you find that this aspect of the soundscape remains fairly constant throughout. What gives the track structure is the increasing intensity of the beat – and indeed the various sections offered up by the vocalists.
There’s more than enough going on to keep the track moving and evolving throughout – different flows, different moments of humor and entertainment. The beat grows to be more and more impressive as the track progresses, but above all else the whole thing leaves its mark fairly quickly. It’s a simple concept, a simple hook, and the track has been performed and produced in a relevant and effective way. - Rebecca Cullen



BlacKlout is a 23 year old artist from Washington D.C. currently living in Hawaii. Since releasing his first single, "Thot Pose," he has released 9 singles and an EP. His discography is worth the ride and it can go in any direction. He has a love song called "Shining Light," a twerk song called "Handstand," and for those who like to get to know an artist, he has "To whom it may concern" where he releases a little information about life growing up. BlacKlout is the show. He performs with energy, emotion, and confidence.

In person, he is humble, respectful, and calm but when its time to get on stage, he becomes a totally different beast. He loves the facial expressions on the crowds face when he performs. He recently dropped jaws at a Kurbside Worldwide show where he had "Jvstice" (another YBK artist)  perform an unreleased song called "Can I." The explicitness of the lyrics but smoothness and purity in Juvstices voice is sure to grab attention. Thot Pose is the live hit, everyone pays attention and sings along to the catchy hook and can relate to what he is talking about. He has performed at the Coast2coast Live event, Kurbside Worldwide events, and a Lightemup Entertainment music showcase which he won first place at despite only performing 2 songs whereas everyone else performed 3.

BlacKlout is currently promoting his groups new dance song, "Dip & Lean" (feat. Astreaux Guillotuine) while they finish up a project with producer, DJ Idea. BlacKlout knows he has the hustle, drive, sound, and creativity to make it because he feels it's meant to be. "Since beginning this journey, things have fallen into place, doors have opened, and a lot of people I've met been putting me on game pushing me to go harder. One thing I know for sure, the grind won't stop if the hustler don't quit. If you didn't help me build or buy this table, don't expect a seat." Now that BlacKlout has his team of artists to turn the heat up with and an arsenal of music in his pocket, it's only a matter of time before he changes the game.

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