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Hesperia, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013

Hesperia, California, United States
Established on Jan, 2013
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"10 Questions With Tyler, Brad, Cory, and Mike From Woods & Willows"

Soundcrave Magazine July 14, 2015
Sara Gilpin took a few minutes to chat with Tyler, Brad, Cory and Mike from WOODS & WILLOWS. After the interview make sure you follow up with the guys online https://www.facebook.com/woodsandwillows.

What does each of you do in the band and how you’d describe the band’s sound to someone who has never heard it.

(Tyler Weisweaver) – Brad Berry plays guitar and does lead vocals, Mike Bogdis plays guitar and does backup vocals, I am the drummer, and Cory Burke plays bass. I would describe our sound as having something for everybody. Definitely rock and roll but we have aspects of rockabilly, RnB, metal, and pop as well.

How did you guys meet? What inspired you guys to make music together?

(Brad Berry) – We all met through mutual friends and had known each other for a while. I was just out of the military and my biggest goal was to start up a band. I contacted Tyler and sent him some guitar and vocal tracks that I had recorded while living up north. We got together and eventually started going over the songs. Mikey came in shortly after as a bass player but soon became a second guitarist. We didn’t have a bass player at this point and Cory started to fill in at shows. He liked our sound and our dedication and decided to officially join the band.

What genre do you consider your music to be? What’s some of your major influences?

(Brad Berry) – I would consider our music within the realm of a rock genre but we’re not afraid to write whatever we think sounds great. I know my influences come from all over such as oldies from the Motown era, RnB and soul from the 90s, as well as metal and hard rock from all decades.

Could you describe the music making process? Is there any certain inspiration behind how you write your songs?

(Brad Berry) – Usually I’ll come up with a melody either on vocals or guitar and write down the basic structure and format for the song. I then bring what I have to the rest of the band, we experiment with different arrangements and harmonies and go from there. Lyrically my inspirations come from all over. One song may dive into discussing how I feel while struggling with spirituality, another will venture into the topic of ending a relationship with a loved one and the next could be as simple as a love song. I try to write lyrics that everyone can relate to so we can really establish a connection with the listener.

How has your music evolved since you first began? Would you consider the band to have changed any?

(Mike Bogdis) – I feel that we always pour our hearts and souls into everything we do and our newer sound is no exception. With every song that we write, we do our best to relate and connect with everyone that listens to our music. I think that we have evolved in all the right ways and I know myself, along with the band, enjoy the fact that with our band, taking musical risks is always embraced.

I can see you guys have been busy playing a decent bunch of shows so far this year. How has that been?

(Tyler Weisweaver) – We have definitely been very busy. A good portion of the year last year was playing shows. Although as busy as we have been, being on the stage is where we love to be. Playing music, meeting new people, and being around new and old friends who come together to enjoy our music and our passion is the greatest feeling. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

How do you guys feel about performing at the Fire It Up Festival coming up in a few weeks?

(Mike Bogdis) – The Fire It Up Festival is going to be completely awesome! Getting to perform with not only all the great acts that we often get to share the stage with, but we’ll also get to enjoy the company of some other great professional bands. I know that this event is going to be a blast. We are all looking forward to it.

If there was any band you could tour with, who would it be?

(Tyler Weisweaver) – Thrice

(Mike Bogdis) – A Day To Remember

(Cory Burke) – Trophy Scars

(Brad Berry) – The Living End

Any wild stories or memories you want to share?

(Cory Burke) – Not any that wouldn’t incriminate us haha. I can remember each time I first met each one of the members of this band. What I remember the most was the strong feeling that each one of these individuals was going to do something with their talent and their music. Here I am so many years later and what this group has created is the ultimate fulfillment of those first impressions.

How can everyone find access to your music and keep up to date with the band?

(Tyler Weisweaver) – You can keep up to date with everything that Woods & Willows is doing on all major social media sites and can purchase our music on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music, Spotify, Xbox Music, and many more online music stores!

Thank you guys!

10 Questions With Tyler, Brad, Cory and Mike From WOODS & WILLOWS
July 14, 2015
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Come Home - (2014) [Single]

Distance (ft. Ashley Melissa) - (2014) [Single]

INDEX - (2015) [EP]

Last Christmas - (2015) [Single]



Woods & Willows were honored and a little surprised when the Kaotic Radio music review named them the new face of rock and roll in 2015; but this prodigious group of young men and their innovative eclectic rock sound have been building a major hype in the Southern California music scene since they released their debut EP "INDEX" in 2015. 

The band was formed in 2013 when singer/songwriter Brad Berry recruited drummer/songwriter Tyler Weisweaver through mutual friends. Fueled by a similar interest in writing music, the two began writing and recording original material in Brad's home studio. "Right away it was very apparent to me that the material we were writing was not only good but we felt that it could be enjoyed by anybody" says Brad, "Tyler and I just wrote well together, and we knew that the Southern California music scene was in need of something new and refreshing." Shortly after, the band was joined by guitarist/vocalist Mike Bogdis and bassist Cory Burke. "I couldn't be happier writing and playing music along side three of my closest friends. It just makes sense" says Tyler.

With the flashy rockabilly style guitar playing and RnB influenced vocals of front man Brad, along side the technical and hard hitting drumming of Tyler the band found what they were looking for. "In the beginning I wanted something different but very pop friendly as well. Music that is easily relatable that anybody could enjoy," recalls Brad, "And I feel like we have embodied that while keeping an aggressive edge that sets us apart!" The combination of their styles worked, and it gave Woods & Willows the unique edge that defines the band's sound.

Excited as they were with the material they have crafted, the band never anticipated the enthusiasm which critics and fans alike found for their music. "I love working with you boys! It's always a pleasure and I love what your music is bringing to the community", comments Joy Garcia, local promoter and bar owner. Preston Stone, radio personality for Y102fm KZXY and 106.5 The Fox states, "What I've heard is very promising. Quite different from the bands in the area now. Arrangements are cool! The sound and the look go together perfect!" 

Although they couldn't be happier with their devoted fans in California, Woods & Willows have set their sites on a bigger goal. Following the July release of their debut EP "INDEX", the band is planning on playing as much as possible and touring across the US in the very near future. "We want to get out there and share what we have created with everyone," Brad says, "After the release of this EP we are ready to take on the world!"

"What it really comes down to for all of us," remarks Brad, "Is that music is our passion. It's something that can bring people together and influence so much in this world. We have met so many amazing people through doing this and have received so much love from a ton of people. That is what it's about for me. Making genuine lasting human connections with others through the art of music. It's the best feeling in the world."

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