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Well Hung Heart

Orange, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | INDIE

Orange, California, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Alternative Rock




"OC Music Awards Finals"

"Everything about Well Hung Heart is raw, organic, and real and their Greta Valenti’s live performance skills are jaw-droppingly entertaining. Her killer voice cracks a whip on your ears, while she has that supernatural punk rock prance that would be impossible to learn." - KROQ Radio Los Angeles

"Revolver's Lust For Life Magazine"

(Translated from Dutch)

The American Heart Well Hung is a band with two faces , both literally and figuratively . Thus the bulk of the band determined by the origin of British Robin Davey ( guitar / bass ) - you may already know of blues band The Hoax - and his wife Greta Valenti (vocals ) . In addition, the two limps on this first album musically on two or more thoughts . In opener Bullsh #! T and subsequent Devil example bright leather drawn with raw rock stomp you mercilessly grabs your scruff . With songs like Wedding Song , Love Me Baby and country / folk -like Get The F Out Of California is however a number of gears switched back and put Well Hung Heart focuses on the excellent voice of Valenti . The reference number is thus quite diverse - from Beastie Boys to Led Zeppelin - but Davey and his new wife managed to forge it perfectly to a particularly enjoyable whole. High time that there are reports a (large ) record company that understands .

Dutch Version:
Het Amerikaanse Well Hung Heart is een band met twee gezichten, zowel letterlijk als figuurlijk. Zo wordt de hoofdmoot van de band bepaald door de van oorsprong Britse Robin Davey (gitaar/bas) – die u wellicht al kende van bluesband The Hoax – en zijn eega Greta Valenti (zang). Daarnaast hinkt het tweetal op deze eerste langspeler ook muzikaal op twee of meer gedachten. In opener Bullsh#!t en het daaropvolgende Devil wordt bijvoorbeeld fel van leer getrokken, met rauwe stamprock die je ongenadig bij je kladden grijpt. Bij nummers als Wedding Song, Love Me Baby en het country/folk-achtige Get The F Out Of California wordt er daarentegen een aantal versnellingen teruggeschakeld en zet Well Hung Heart vooral in op de uitstekende stem van Valenti. Het aantal referentiepunten is zodoende behoorlijk divers – van Beastie Boys tot Led Zeppelin – maar Davey en zijn kersverse echtgenote weten het wonderwel tot een bijzonder genietbaar geheel te smeden. Hoog tijd dat er zich een (grote) platenmaatschappij meldt die dat ook inziet.

4 out of 5 stars - Revolver's Lust For Life Magazine


This baby will rock your little cotton socks off. Well Hung Heart like the blues, rock’n'roll, glam, and grunge. In fact it’s like the feral lovechild of Howling Wolf, Mick Jagger, Joan Jett and Suzi Quattro fronting a hybrid of Nirvana and the Black Keys. All in a good way. A very good way.

Their debut album Young Enough To Know It All is set for an October release and features this excellent, visceral slab of rockin’ blues, lead single Devil.

Watch the video for it, and download below. - Mad Mackerel

"Download – Well Hung Heart"

Remember The Hoax? Their fiery brand of blues rock kept us Brits warm through the latter half of the 90s, when three album releases and a long string of sell-out shows displayed their terrific prowess.

Bass player Robin Davey is based in Los Angeles now, and his new musical vehicle is Well Hung Heart, a scuzzy, down and dirty blues duo formed with sultry chanteuse Greta Valenti, backed live by drummer Phil Wilson.

They’re generating a heck of a buzz with their unholy racket and the two stomping, growling samples of their new material we have here for you free, gratis and for nothing may well be your cup of strong java. Their debut album Young Enough to Know It All should be along sometime next year.

Play loud.

Download: ‘This Is Not Love‘ and ‘Devil‘ (from Soundcloud)

Find them on Facebook and their web site. - Blues In Britain

"Well Hung Heart - The Rehearsal Tapes Vol 1"

I have a soft spot in my taut supple maniverse (read: penis and testicle area) for chick singers. Albeit many of the bands I come across with chick singers are complete cliche driven ostrich feces, I still give them more of a chance than say, a band of Colombian drug runners who call themselves Narisassy and feature a dwarf drummer playing with crutches. (PEACE TO JULIUS)

It's my passion for vaginas and breasts and round backsides that keep me paying attention. I don't want to miss a thing, if that thing involves a beautiful voice coming out of the hot throat of a fifi with droopy skirt terts. Of course the voice is most important, I'm not a dog you pussies.

When Del sent me a video of this band, Well Hung Heart performing This Is Not Love, I was immediately smitten. I never even saw the chick's face. I was so into her voice I just stared at a smooshed piece of mac n' chee on my kitchen floor for the song's duration.

Sure, the use of a megaphone effect might disguise the natural essence of her voice, but if you thought that outright you're a fucking ping pong ball sized piece of piss hail. It's fucking tits. Literally and figuratively.

And I'm not just ogling and suckling this broad's terts, her guitar player is fucking disgustingly hardcore. I think I might've even called him a Hendrix protege without the overly large thumbs and head regalia, even though I've heard stories of him being a potato launching, snot on forearm wiping, shitty risotto cooking pile of honey-bear-bong smoking shit. I kid. We're besties.

I like everything about the Rehearsal Tapes EP. By leaving some simple mistakes and do-overs on the final copy, you can't miss the simple fact that these guys could just show the Fuck up and melt faces. Sure her voice has a few hiccups, and the guitar a few accidental accidentals, but the majority of this rock is a fucking limestone phallus inserted into the dainty vag that is most music released in 2011.

They recorded and released this shit in a matter of days, complete with accompanying videos. Most bands would spend weeks mindsturbating over each lyrical flub and pinch of feedback, but the "these are my band's testicles and they are dangly, gangly and speak spanish" motto this band has is throat numbing.

Take off your pants and listen to one of new favorite bands. Then watch the video with her tits on bass and join me in obsessing over them. - SYFFAL

"Well Hung Heart Releases New Single Off Debut Album"

Things have simmered down on the Well Hung Heart front. As we get closer to the release of their debut album, 'Young Enough To Know It All', the OC duo (recent Deli LA artists of the month) have dropped a new single, 'This Is Not Love' – streaming below. Of course it builds up, it isn't what you'd call a 'soft' song. Yet, tapping into the band's 'tamed side', this slow-burning blues-laced track reveals a band which, if one may have wondered whether they could only dish out high-power engine-like rock&roll, can pace itself down, drop a few decibels and still remain the raw sounding band that attracted to it more attention with its track 'Devil'. If you're curious, you can listen to a rehearsal version of the new single, released a year ago, on the band's Soundcloud. The video for 'This Is Not Love', to which they are adding the finishing touches, will be out later this month. - The Deli Magazine - LA

"Download: Well Hung Heart, ‘This Is Not Love’"

Simmering, sultry, steamy … the latest single from Well Hung Heart is all those things, not to mention a textbook example of how to make an old-fashioned blues rocker that doesn’t feel like the same ol’ same ol’. A collaboration between U.K. guitarist/producer Robin Davey and singer Greta Valenti (with Phil Wilson playing the drums), Well Hung Heart unleashed the stomper of a single “Devil” in August. They continue to work on a full-length titled “Young Enough to Know It All,” planned for a 2013 release. If Valenti doesn’t overheat first.
- See more at: http://www.buzzbands.la/2012/09/28/download-well-hung-heart-this-is-not-love/#sthash.K2efIPaL.dpuf - BuzzBands.LA

"This is Bulls#!t"

You know: the new song from Well Hung Heart, Bulls#!t. What’s it like? It’s four minutes of big riffs and bad attitude. Perfect.

Well Hung Heart are a two-piece from America/England. One is a man and one is a woman*. The man is Robin Davey. He is also a member of The Hoax. (Watch The Hoax’s new video here.) The Hoax play buttock-stinging blues rock. Well Hung Heart don’t, although your buttocks may still throb afterwards.

Bulls#!t is what you get when the exciting ‘f@ck-you-I-won’t-do-what-you-tell-me’ bit from that RATM song grows a pair, leaves home and starts listening to rockabilly**.

They’re touring with the Hoax in December.


* I never mentioned the woman? The woman is called Greta Valenti and – hell, you’ve seen the video. We’ve developed an instant schoolboy crush on her. In a respectful, artistic way, not a seedy lustful- ok, a little bit of the lustful- argh- But- Um- Aw…***

**Whaddya mean that doesn’t make sense? I’m on a tight schedule here!

***That bit’s a joke, obviously. We edited * because someone on Facebook suggested that we were being disparaging to women somehow. Not true. We mentioned Robin and that took us to The Hoax and comparisons to their music. That’s all. The straight version is not nearly as fun. From this video and others online, Ms Valenti seems to us to be a fearsome performer – stylistically and lyrically bold; strong, sexy, subversive. Fingers crossed for the album. (Told you the straight version wasn’t funny.)

- Classic Rock Magazine

"Well Hung Heart Flaunt Their Impressive Sound"

The 21st century has proven to be fertile ground for creative ventures. The Internet has allowed for up-and-coming musicians to be discovered by a wider audience. But to meet your collaborator on the strength of a YouTube video? Well, that's something different.

Greta Valenti met Robin Davey in 2006, albeit online, as part of a music-video competition on YouTube. At the time, Davey was playing guitar and bass in the Bastard Fairies, while Valenti was fronting glitter-rock outfit Fuji Minx. Valenti liked what she saw in the Bastard Fairies' self-produced videos, and she felt compelled to send them a message, which was answered by Davey.

"Robin was into all kinds of cool creative," Valenti says, "and we became friends that way."

Over time, the two became close friends, collaborators on several multimedia projects and, eventually, lovers. While their company, GROWvision, has become known for film and television production on programs such as Live From Daryl's House, Valenti and Davey never gave up their musical aspirations. When Fuji Minx dissolved in 2011, the two decided to form their own band, even though they came from decidedly different musical backgrounds.

Valenti was schooled in punk and glam rock—think David Bowie—and Davey, who has been in touring bands since he was 15, was a fan of American blues such as that of Stevie Ray Vaughan and has recorded with such legends as Buddy Guy and Mick Jagger. Despite some initial struggling, they found their sound courtesy of Davey's riff-driven guitar and Valenti's fiery vocals.

Since they are the only full-time members of Well Hung Heart (a drummer performs with them live), it's natural to compare them to other famous duos. But that's not how they see it.

"I figured out a complicated way to play bass and guitar at the same time, which allowed us to get a full band sound," Davey says. "We didn't want to approach it like the Black Keys or White Stripes, where it was more punky and just had a guitar and drums. I wanted it to sound like a full band without using any loops since we didn't want it to sound as though we were copying either of those bands. . . .

"I think our idea was if we could strip it down and don't anything besides amplification and a PA system, hopefully it could sound pretty cool and grow from there," he continues.

Next year has big things in store for the duo. Although they've released some songs informally online, they plan on putting out their debut, Young Enough to Know It All, early next year, to coincide with a big tour. Some bands may begrudgingly acknowledge the Internet is necessary to help a band; Well Hung Heart can attest that if it weren't for that medium, they wouldn't be what they are today.

This column ran in print as "Big Love." - OC WEEKLY


  • The State of America EP (2012)
  • Young Enough To Know It All (2013)
  • Go Forth and Multiply (2014)
  • WELL HUNG HEART - EP (2015)
  • Untitled 2016 Release (In Development)



The EP, “Well Hung Heart”, is a marvelous evolution of the band and beautiful culmination of melody and heavy groove. Lead singer and songwriter, Greta Valenti’s passion and pain are wonderfully illustrated through her mix of powerfully cutting yet often delicate vocals with unashamedly honest lyrics. Guitar virtuoso and British Blues Hall-of-Famer, Robin Davey’s heart-stopping riffs are complimented with and equally strong balance of intricately placed thunder on the percussive side, from drummer, Kevin Conroy.

Well Hung Heart’s reckless and raw live performances earned the band a reputation as well as numerous awards including the Best Live Band & Best Music Video OC Music Awards 2014. The rock trio has have spent their first couple years in existence focusing on touring and songwriting; self-releasing a series of sold out Limited Edition Albums and EPs and booking tours across the US, UK & Europe. Appearing at the prestigious venues such as London's O2 Academy, the Paradiso in Amsterdam and many festivals including SXSW 2015, Warped Tour, Rocklahoma, Center of the Universe Festival, Sturgis Buffalo Chip, Make Music Festival, Denton35, and more. 

Their high-energy performance and new rock sound, deriving from classic rock, grunge alternative, and blues foundations with a blistering edge and a front woman that the rock world has never seen, has earned them playing alongside names as Linkin Park, Fitz & The Tantrums, ZZ Top, Motley Crue, Awolnation, Alice Cooper, Panic! at the Disco, Kongos, Grimes, Young The Giant,  Grouplove, The Pretty Reckless, Halestorm, Social Distortion, and Mohave Lords (members from QOTSA, Eagles of Death Metal, Kyuss).

In 2016, after multiple UK/European/US tours equaling hundreds of shows, 4 indie release albums, Well Hung Heart added a fourth band member for the first time with Bassist, Danielle Lehman. With the new line-up and evolving sound, Well Hung Heart are writing and developing a new show (and subsequent album), set to begin on tour dates starting in February 2016 in select cities.

WELL HUNG HEART is: Greta Valenti (vocals, lyrics/melody, keys, percussion), Robin Davey (Guitar), Danielle Lehman (Bass), Kevin Conroy (Drums).


Press Highlights:

• Warped Tour Compilation Album 2014 - sold in Target Stores

• Features in Classic Rock Magazine & cover disc

• Featured in The Blues Magazine as “Blues for a Modern World”

• Named Best YouTube Stars in Orange County by OCWEEKLY Jan 2015

• OCMusic Awards Best Live Band & Best Music Video

• Features in Classic Rock Magazine, The Deli, OC Weekly, OC Register, BuzzBands.la, CBS, RockUnited…

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