W.B. and the Geezers
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W.B. and the Geezers

Navarre, Florida, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF

Navarre, Florida, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2013
Band Country Comedy




"WB and The Geezers Are Refreshing and Enjoyable"

We found this album by WB and The Geezers to be refreshing and enjoyable to listen to. The lyrics tell a strong story in each song that keeps the listener engaged as if hearing a good story for the first time. Topics of today that relate to how most of America feels is addressed in a captivating way within this CD.

Then there are songs like "Round Bottom Girls" that you just can't help but smile and tap your foot to. As always with this band their vocals are incredible and they make listening to an album from beginning to end a complete joy. If you haven't picked up their latest CD, make sure you run out and do that today. - Josie Passantino - Country Blast Radio

"W.B. and The Geezers, "You See Old I See History""

"You See Old... I See History" The Geezers fall somewhere between relaxed, fun beach songs and twangy country with a knack for speaking its mind. Unafraid to voice an opinion— even if it means drifting into social and political lyrics bound to raise an eyebrow or two—and unapologetically sandwiched between songs that demonstrate the fellas’ sense of humor, it’s an odd balance of personal conviction and situational awareness bound to draw both fans and a touch of ire. - The Beachcomber/ Nikki Hendrick

""You See Old I See History"

“‘You See Old... I See History’ is a wonderful record. It’s fun, entertaining, insightful, emotional, and everything in between. It’s a hell of a ride that’s remarkably well performed, written, and mixed. W.B. and the Geezers rival acts half their age. I was worried their sound would fall into monotony after several tracks, but they find a way to make each song as interesting as the last, largely in part due to such solid writing. It’s a throwback to what country used to be. Melodic acoustic instrumentals, plodding percussion, a swooning steel guitar, and killer lead are all present. This is fantastic Americana, certainly rivaling music that bands twice as young are performing.” - Brett Steward - The Independent Spotlight



About W.B. and the Geezers

"Embrace Your Geezerdom!"

William Lake and Bill Crouch make up the dynamic and musically diverse duo called W.B. and the Geezers. They are a Florida-based band that’s rising faster than the tide with their latest album, You See Old, I See History. The album is a follow-up to their 2014 EP, Don’t Want to Dream. Their music is more eclectic and well blended than the exotic tropical drinks they sip. Even the younger generation is beginning to discover that these two older dudes are pretty cool and super-talented. Now W.B. and the Geezers have begun to ransack the “Redneck Riviera” with You See Old, I See History. The twelve tracks on the album are a stylistic collision of Caribbean, honky-tonk and contemporary country.

Lake and Crouch look at their age as an advantage; they see the decades they’ve spent as musicians as experience points. Will explains, “The younger generations see us as old while we see ourselves and our parents as history.” Bill chimes in with, “We’re crusty, but not rusty, and our motto is “Embrace Your Geezerdom!

It is with mantras, messages and some southern soaked satire; they headed into the studio in 2014 to begin work on their first full-length album, You See Old, I See History. The album was recorded and produced at Coleman Studios in Navarre, Florida. Former RCA producer Les Ladd (George Strait, Oak Ridge Boys) did the album’s mixing and mastering. steel guitar Hall-of-Famer Doug Jernigan and well-known fiddler Bruce Watkins (Keith Whitley) lent their talents as well on the project.

You See Old, I See History is a rare chance to hear a duo that does country music the way it used to be.  They’re a little bit Jimmy Buffet and Kenny Chesney with just a touch of Toby Keith and Cletus T. Judd. W.B. and the Geezers can tackle any mood and message, from a tender ballad, to a hilarious comical country tune. With their latest release, they’ve left twelve tracks in the white sands of 'Geezerville,' a new city of fans they’re building on the white sands of the “Redneck Riviera.” 

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