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Tampa, Florida, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Tampa, Florida, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
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"Love Convictions CD Reviewed"

Wayne Stoddart
Love Connections

Wayne Stoddart is back with his reggae grooves on Love Connections.

"Move On" has that midtempo vibe that would fit well at a Reggae Sunsplash Festival, but would stick on because of its message. Dance and jump around on the infectious, "Reggae Rock", which leans more on the dancehall side.

CD On "Love Me", fellow island artist St. Matthew brings his rapid delivery to aid Stoddart and with his 'A game' in play, parlays the syncopated cut into a real head-nodder. Praise and worship, reggae style would be the right description to describe, "Highest Praise".

"Streams in the Desert" is a worship ballad that describes the comfort God brings during very rough times. Light backing vocals accompany Stoddart's soft vibrato. "Live, Love and Learn" moves in a similar vein.

Clearly Stoddart is influenced by the Marleys, be it Bob or son Ziggy. This is evident on "Love In Any Language", in which he speaks of the unifying language of love (a la Bob Marley). Check out the organ solo by Craig McDonald.

Love Connections is another good one from Wayne Stoddart. No surprises here, reggae enthusiasts will enjoy it.

- GospelFlava.com

"Love Convictions CD Reviewed"


Love Convictions -Wayne Stoddart

By: Carolina Jones

This aint your regular gospel music. Wayne Stoddart’s reggae flavored songs of testament reach into your soul and not only pulls out the groove it soaks it in love, enhances it and stuffs it right back into you’re truth starved heart. This thing truly grooves as well as inspires. His vocals are on point. He knows where he fits and keeps it right there with assault after assault of eye opening lyrics. This artist’s spirit sounds oh so good.

JAMI (Jamaica Music Awards) nominee for Best Inspirational Reggae Band of 1996, Best New Reggae Gospel album Nominee for the New York Caribbean Gospel Awards (NYCGA) 2002, Awarded 2003 most Distinguished Male Vocal (NYCGA) and Nominated best New Reggae Gospel Album by the Merlin Gospel Awards 2004 Wayne Stoddart has positioned himself as a trailblazer in the Root Reggae fraternity. - The Unsigned Magazine

"Repossing Reggae for the Kingdom of God"


Tony Cummings quizzed award winning reggae singer WAYNE STODDART about his music and ministry
Wayne Stoddart
Wayne Stoddart

Slowly but surely reggae gospel music has taken ground. Where once it was considered by most church ministers a bizarre oxymoron and the general view was that the sinuous reggae rhythms had best be left to the cult of Rastafarianism, today there are numerous reggae gospel acts and some, like Wayne Stoddart, have received considerable recognition. For instance, Wayne's first solo album 'Committed' was nominated Best New Reggae Gospel Album for the New York Caribbean Gospel Awards (NYCGA) while the singer has shared stages with such acts as Shirley Caesar, Rev F C Barnes and Judy Mowatt. Wayne's second solo album 'Love Convictions' is powerful, yet accessible, roots reggae. Cross Rhythms quizzed the singer about his past and present.

Wayne was born in Kingston, Jamaica and later moved to the country to live with his father in Trelawny. While at primary school he got his first taste for music at a concert at his school. "I was in grade four at the time and I just started singing a pop song and doing all the dance moves. The class went wild." As a result of that primary school experience, Wayne and his brother Steve started singing together as the Stoddart Brothers. Stoddart did not grow up in a Christian home but his parents sent him and his brother to Sunday school. While there the gospel message was planted in his heart by the Rev John Luke Thomas.

Wayne started his recording career in 1995 with his church group at Mountain View New Testament Church of God. Credited Wayne Stoddart And The Dynamis Singers the album 'Fulfilment Of The Bible', showcasing seven songs written by Stoddart, gained some interest in JA, being nominated in the JAMI Awards. By the time Wayne went solo and released his album 'Committed' he was recognised as one of the finest reggae gospel singers in Jamaica with his album being nominated Best New Reggae Gospel Album for the New York Caribbean Gospel Awards (NYCGA) 2002. In 2003 Stoddart won the award for the most Distinguished Male Vocalist at the Merlin Gospel Awards.

Now Wayne's new album 'Love Convictions' is picking up critical plaudits. 12 of the 14 songs were recorded in Miami, Florida. Said Wayne, "The most amazing thing was that the album was never rehearsed before the recording sessions. The band learnt the songs in the studio and created the music within minutes. The entire live tracks, drums, bass and keyboards were recorded in two four-hour studio sessions. I went into the studio with great musicians and 'prayed up' divine inspiration for eight hours and came out with 'Love Convictions'. It is the Lord's doing and it is marvellous!"
Wayne Stoddart: Repossessing reggae for the Kingdom Of God

Wayne feels that reggae gospel is not getting the recognition it deserves. He said, "It always puzzles me how the world accepted reggae selling a religion hailing Selassie as God; a man who was not only a Christian but also one who denounced people worshipping him and yet these very people reject the same music advocating the truth that Jesus Christ is Lord. Then again, I am not mystified because the Word says in 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12 '. . .who refused to love the truth that would save them. For this reason, God will send them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie. Then all who have not believed the truth but have taken pleasure in unrighteousness will be condemned.' As music ministers even though we don't get the recognition we deserve as musicians we cannot let this fuel us as the aim is not recognition but to bring truth/light to a dark and lost world."

Sadly the Church itself still sometimes shows prejudice towards reggae music. Said Waye, "The Church on a whole is a bit more tolerant now but there is still a great deal of opposition by hardliner traditional folks. Reggae is still seen as Rasta music by many; however, we continue to fight for the liberation from mental slavery. We know that the Devil owns nothing, he is a thief! He was the chief musician (Lucifer) in heaven. He knows the power of music and seeks to lay claim on that which was created by God and entrusted to him at one point in time. He would love it if the Church would surrender reggae, dancehall, hip-hop, rap, rock and other genres that appeal to young people to him so he could control and manipulate the emotions of our future generation. My theme is 'Repossessing the music for Kingdom building.' That is my response to the father of lies' schemes." CR - Cross Rhythms Magazine

" Gospel Reggae Singer Wayne Stoddart Releases New Album (03.12.07)"

Gospel Reggae Singer Wayne Stoddart Releases New Album (03.12.07)

After the success of his solo album entitled 'Committed', the Inspirational Roots Sensation Wayne Stoddart returns with an independent Roots Rospel album entitled, 'Love Conviction'.

The Jamaican born Reggae singer is no stranger to the circuit. Amongst his achievements includes nomination for Best News Reggae Gospel Album at the (NYCGA) New York Caribbean Gospel Awards in 2002. Also in 2003 he received another nomination for the same awards, this time for the most Distinguished Male Vocal, and was nominated best New Reggae Gospel Album by the Marlin Gospel Awards in 2004.

The album has a deep introspective approach to other albums of it's kind. Stoddart said: "It addresses the issue of misplaces priorities that plagues humanity". Wayne hopes that listeners will be inspired through the tracks: "I pray this album makes a difference in the lives of all who come within earshot".

Stoddart's view on writing songs for the album came from his close relationship with God, as the Holy Spirit spoke words for his life.

Songs such as the militant 'Move On', the laidback and clear 'Live Love and Learn' to the foot stomping 'Reggae Rock' all identify the love for God and each other.

Wayne's songs each come with real meanings from today's major issues that cry out for more awareness such as drug abuse on the song 'Lives in Smoke' and 'Love in any Language' which talks about disunity in the world and a need for ethnic, religious and social harmony to spread throughout.

Certified Platinum Producer Dale "Dr Dizzle" Virgo pops up to add his special touch on 'Highest Praise'.

The album featured Background vocals from the experienced Music Circuit which included the likes of TNJ and a talented band with production casts included members of the Code Red.

Stoddart's road to success started in the mid 90's as he toured with the Grace Thrillers, and has had the privilege of sharing the stage with such legends like Shirley Caesar, and Morgan Heritage.

The official album launch for Stoddart took place on the 1-2 December at the 'Power of Praise Convocation' held at The New Testament Church of God, Fort Lauderdale, Florida in the U.S. He was featured with special guests that included reggae's international ambassador Stichie, Canadian star Jermaine Cowan, Justin Credible and the funky St Matthew.

Wayne is a blessing to watch on or off stage and this album will prove what he is about and the fact that he wants to win souls for God. Another good result for Gospel Reggae.

For more information, please visit www.myspace.com/waynestoddart - http://www.unitedbyone.co.uk/mobile/default.aspx?group_id=27079&article_id=100335

"Wayne Stoddart - Committed CD Review"

A great deal of reggae is what the business world euphemistically calls “mission driven� and Wayne Stoddart’s Committed (Platinum Gospel) certainly qualifies. As musical director of the Mountain View New Testament Church of God, he bases songs like “Pilot of my Life,� “Save my Soul� and “Spending Time With God� on a firm foundation: as the notes explain, “the theme is Christ, the story is victory and the message is life and life more abundantly.� That said and despite his clear qualification as a gospel singer this is a reggae album through and through, with bubbling and pop hook – a quite pleasant and enjoyable journey that is as musical as it is message-filled. Stoddart has found the balance between the Word and the musical deed and his up-to-date self-production is informed by a contemporary Jamaican feel (the mastering was done by none other than Dave Kelly) that helps get his message out to more than just the choir.

[Reviewed by: Chuck Foster hosts “Reggae Central� on KPFK-FM, Los Angeles (Streaming live at www.kpfk.org Sundays at 3 p.m. Pacific time) and is author of Roots Rock Reggae: An oral History of Jamaica Music Published by Billboard books. Email: Author] - The Beat Magazine: Volume 21 - No.42002

"Committed Reviewed - 3 star"

http://www.geocities.com/waynestoddart/gleanerrev.jpg - Jamaica Sunday Gleaner

"Wayne Stoddart: Committed (Street Mix Edition) [Undiluted Gospel, 2006]"

This disc of “roots reggae gospel� is evidently an updated version of an album from 2002, complete with alternate mix (“Street Mix�) and three bonus tracks. I can’t help but wish that the theology reflected herein were similarly updated from the thinking prevalent in the middle ages, but perhaps that’s none of my business, so on with what is.

Committed measures up nicely to expectations. It’s well over an hour of good tunes, accomplished vocals and modern roots rhythms. The arrangements are certainly adequate, although they and all other musical elements are almost always subservient to the words being sung. The medium is not the message, the lyrics are.

“The spirit of the Lord is upon me, I’m lifted up above my enemies,� Stoddart sings in the first track. The song’s structure displays movement, and with the perfect balance of lead and background vocals, it’s a promising start. Then comes the title track, which has the singer “committed to the path/ submissive to the task.� On the next he is pleading: “Jesus, begging you to save my soul…begging you to lead me to that promised land.�

By now the broad lyrical theme is set, although musical ideas continue to expand. The tempo slows down and speeds up at appropriate intervals, with guest vocalists and toasters enriching the proceedings. Appealing rub-a-dub, impatient dancehall, suffocating wall-of-sound, simpering yet brittle guest vocal by Chevelle Franklyn: Committed covers the waterfront. Speaking of water, Paul Simon’s tedious “Bridge Over Troubled Waters� gets its usual overproduced treatment; the song takes itself far too seriously and seems to have the same effect on all who venture near it. Compare that to what directly follows: “He’s Everything to Me,� a simple expression of faith.

The best is saved for last, a great gospel group shouter: it’s lots of fun, with piano and organ leading the instrumentation, and for once the music is allowed to dominate the theology. As a celebration of life and faith, it encapsulates for me the pleasures of gospel reggae.

I didn’t catch this album on its first go-round, but I am mightily pleased to do so on its second. I can testify (an appropriate word) that Committed will appeal to most reggae lovers, musically speaking, and for some, maybe even lyrically speaking. - JAHWorks.org Magazine

"Committed CD Review - 4.5 Star"

http://www.reggaecd.com/rev_sin/wscommit.htm - ReggaeCD.com

""Love Convictions connects with listeners on multiple levels.""


Reviews: Wayne Stoddart ~ Love Convictions
Posted on Saturday, March 08, 2008 @ 14:48:58 EST
Topic: Reviews

Artist: Wayne Stoddart

CD: Love Convictions

Home: Florida

Style: Reggae

Quote: "Love Convictions connects with listeners on multiple levels."

By Dan MacIntosh

If you listen only to the music of Love Convictions, you might mistake it for just another Rastafarian reggae release. But if you listen closely to the lyrics you’ll hear the name “Jesus” praised, not “Jah." Thus, this is a collection of praise and worship songs, yet with an authentic reggae beat.

The track “Move On," for example, seems on the surface to be a political/social call to rise up above difficult circumstance -- much like many other back-to-Africa anthems found in reggae’s repertoire. Only Stoddart sings, “Move on in Jesus’ name,” instead. But once again, if you don’t pay close attention to the words, you may completely miss Stoddart’s strictly Christian point.

One titled “Lives in Smoke” completely flies in the face of typical Rastafarian sentiments. Rastafarians believe marijuana is a spiritual element in worship, much like way bread and wine are used in Christian communion. Although Stoddart doesn’t specifically sing out against pot, his rant about dope likely also includes weed in its bad substance list. He also sings against cocaine and tobacco, explaining how such abuse sends lives up in smoke.

Songs like “Reggae Rock” do just that – rock. But Stoddart is equally effective when he quiets the music down. One particularly memorable song is “Testify," which includes nice electric guitar fills. The track’s easygoing nature may remind you a little of Bob Marley’s great “Redemption Songs."

Stoddart also receives help from musical guests on a couple of tracks. St. Matthew helped write and here performs “Love Me," a song that asks where love has gone. Steve “Zemer” Stoddart wrote and performs on “Turn It Over," which is flavored with pumping organ.

One of this CD’s most pleasant surprises is a take on “The Love of God," re-titled and reggae-fied as “Bountiful Love” and performed slowly and thoughtfully. “The Love of God” is a song we sing regularly in church. In fact, I couldn’t resist sharing this version of the song with our worship team. Although I cannot imagine our conservative, mostly white Baptist church singing it on Sunday morning, I have no problem singing it in the privacy of my home. Maybe we’ll actually get the congregation skanking to it one day. Who knows?

Reggae music is spiritual music. And while I have severe theological differences with Rastafarianism, reggae music oftentimes brings me closer to God nevertheless. With Love Convictions, however, I have also found a sound theological connection with the artist. But even if theology is not an issue with you, it’s hard not to enjoy Stoddart’s smooth singing and comforting songs. Love Convictions connects with listeners on multiple levels.

Indie-Music ProfileIndie-Music Profile

Artist Website: http://www.waynestoddart.com - Indie-Music Magazine

"Love Convictions Reviewed on Cross Rhythms"

Reviewed by Tony Cummings

If the Lion Of Zion catalogue hasn't sufficiently satiated your desire for authentic roots reggae gospel then let me point you to this set from an award winning reggae man. The delicious mid-tempo opener "Love In Any Language" boldly proclaims the difference between religion and true Christian faith while there's a cooking organ solo from producer C McDonald, "Highest Praise" has a nice "steppin'" rhythm while "Turn It Over" features a soulful contribution from Zamar. All in all this is quality stuff thoroughly recommended to those who go for those sinuous JA riddims and lyrics that proclaim (quoting from the sleeve) the "Almighty Creator who in the fullness of time has used his servant to bring this message of love to the world." - http://www.crossrhythms.co.uk/products/Wayne_Stoddart/Love_Convictions/43781/

"Wayne Stoddart's "It Is Written" is his best album yet"

Michael J K. in USA on 2014-08-22

Over the past two decades Wayne Stoddart has gradually emerged as an artist whose output has mainly consisted of roots reggae material, steeped mainly in admonishment and encouragement from a Christian faith perspective. Having gotten his start as a musician in a church setting, his earliest recordings revealed a gospel feel while giving a glimpse of what was to come. From Wayne Stoddart & The Dynamis Singers' "Fulfillment Of The Bible" (1995) to subsequent solo releases including "Committed" (2001) and "Love Convictions" (2007) and a slew of singles and remixes in between (mainly tunes on the aforemention albums), Stoddart's work has shown a steady commitment to the gospel message and quality musical production. Tunes such as "Committed", "Love In Any Language", "Bountiful Love", "Spirit Of The Lord", "Move On" and others have made an impact on reggae lovers through the means of radio and live performances from Jamaica to the east and west coasts of the US and also in Florida where the artist now makes his home. "It Is Written", the new album from Wayne Stoddart, establishes a high water mark in terms of songwriting, musical performance, and production. In addition, the artistic focus and consistency help make this project his best to date. While Stoddart's work has always been primarily roots reggae, this album has a warm, natural feel and sounds like a "band" project more than any previous work. With production credit going to Aston Barrett, Jr., current member of the Wailers and son of bassist Aston 'Familyman' Barrett and nephew of drummer Carlton 'Carly' Barrett, both legendary musicians in the annals of reggae history, it is no wonder the sound quality of "It Is Written" harkens back to reggae's so-called "Golden Age" of the 70's and early 80's. Over the past several years Stoddart has been backed by Reggae Force, and from that band this project includes Barrett, Jr. on drums, Alaina Reed on bass guitar and Peter 'Sprangy' Williamson on keyboards. As a result, rather than simply existing as a means to provide rhythms for Stoddart to voice over, the instruments on "It Is Written" are truly a highlight. Where on many reggae recordings the musicians sound stifled, here they are allowed to be expressive which brings the quality of the songs to another level. In addition to the drums and bass, vintage organ, clavinet, guitar, and even what sounds like a Fender Rhodes electric piano, are prominent throughout but never in a heavy-handed way. Stellar backing vocals and horn arrangements (including with Dean Fraser on saxophone on "Turn It Around") make for the icing on the cake. All of this provides the ideal complement for Stoddart's voice which is in peak from and truly an instrument in itself, ranging from robust to raspy and even silky, depending on the song. While Stoddart fills the familiar role of fiery roots preacher in tunes such as "Turn It Around" and "Three C's", he reveals an introspective side which shows his evolvement has a songwriter. The brilliant country-flavored "Back To My Life" seems in the lyrical and musical senses to be a sequel to the Wailers' "Stop That Train." Where Peter Tosh lays bare the weariness of being rejected in one's community and desiring to leave, Stoddart sings of wanting to come back as the road has been unkind and the grass not quite as green as imagined. "Back To My Life" also features some beautiful slide guitar (reminiscent of Warren Haynes) from William Vasquez. The Toots & The Maytals-influenced "Dance In The Rain" is also a highlight as Stoddart shows a playful side and features call-and-response vocals with his backing singers. "Turn It Around" and "Fulfillment Of The Bible" are new renderings of tunes Stoddart has recorded in the past. "Fulfillment" is a standout with its crucial message and vocals sung in the vein of foundational singer Fred Locks. "Righteous Revolution" is an old school dubwise singer/DJ collaboration with St. Matthew while the pensive "Black And White" features Troy Genius who chants over an accented bridge in a song which speaks not of racial equality, but of how God Almighty is revealed in even the most subtle aspects of his creation and how he reveals Himself to the inner man. "Charity" is a tune which embodies a stark Black Uhuru/Mykal Rose vibe in the instrumental sense, while the militant-sounding cultural tune, "Taking Over", features the impressive vocals of Tamara Brooks. The self-explanatory "Prayer For Jamaica" would sound at home on a Luciano album and is a loving and impassioned appeal to Jah and a call for spiritual awakening. "Anywhere You Want To Go" is likewise a rootical commentary of superior quality in every sense and is one of a number of selections which could well be chosen as a single. With a balance of admonishment, social commentary and introspection, this is a serious album for serious times with not a throwaway tune in the lot. Indeed, the majority of "It Is Written" has a serious and urgent tone but also includes the right amount of sweetness and sunshine to buoy the spirit. "It Is Written" may indeed be the breakout album which allows Wayne Stoddart an even greater platform to share his uncompromising message of the gospel along with a level of artistry on par with the best of conscious roots singers on the scene today. - www.gospelreggae.com


Multi-award winning vocalist and song writer Wayne Stoddart releases his third solo album “It Is Written” on August 25 2014. The Album takes you on a trip to Jamaica in the 70s and locks you in a rockers jam-session. There is Ska, Rock Steady, One-drop, Rub-a-Dub, Dancehall, Dub and probably the newest reggae genre: Country Reggae. This album is a treat for reggae lovers. It is 100% classic authentic Inspirational Roots Reggae, inside out (and I mean that literally…artwork and music content).

The producer’s legacy speaks loudly on this project; there is definitely a Bob Marley and the Wailers feel and influence. This probably so because the producer is Aston Barrett Jr. a current Wailer, son of Wailers Bassist(Aston Barrett Sen.) and Nephew of the drummer Carlton Barrett. This roots compilation represents young Barrett’s first stab at a complete album production. He has worked on several of the Marley Kids Projects but has never been the captain of the ship.

The album also introduces the Reggae Force Band which consist of American reggae bassist Alaina Reed, Aston Barrett Jr. and veteran keyboardist Peter “Pan” Williamson. - www.clintonlindsay.com


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100% Reggae 100% Inspirational... Wayne Stoddart music is deep and powerful and the message is always potent and relevant. The theme is faith, hope and love, the story is victory, and the message is abundant life through Jesus Christ. Wayne Stoddart, as a young adult, lived in the inner-city community of Eastern Kingston (Mountain View) and existed amidst the harsh culture of the Kingston ghetto. Despite his surroundings, Stoddart was able to sustain his identity as a man of God. The experiences of his environment have led to lyrics of comfort, encouragement and upliftment for the oppressed and depressed seeking The Way. The title track COMMITTED on Stoddart debut solo album is a prime example of the root of the songwriter’s message. While living at Mountain View, Wayne Stoddart assembled at the local New Testament Church of God where he served as Musical Director. Wayne Stoddart formed the group Dynamis from the local members of the church and produced the album FULFILLMENT as a church project. In March 1996 the group was nominated Best Performing Gospel Band by the Jamaica Music Awards (JAMI) for the FULFILLMENT album. 

Wayne Stoddart debut solo album COMMITTED was nominated Best New Gospel Reggae album and won the award for Most Distinguish Male Vocal at the New York Caribbean Gospel Awards (NYCGA) 2002. In 2003 the album was also nominated Best Male Gospel Reggae Album by the Marlin Gospel Awards. The Inspirational Reggae artist released the album LOVE CONVICTIONS in 2008. The album went on to win three awards at the NYCGA: Best Male Vocal, Gospel Reggae Album of the Year and Best Produced Gospel Reggae Album. Wayne releases his third solo album IT IS WRITTEN in 2015. The album contains 13 original songs and one dub; all lyrics written by Wayne Stoddart. “I like to think of my music as Righteous Rockers…music is my expression of life and lessons learned along the way… again the idea is to encourage, inspire and uplift everyone that comes within earshot of these tunes”, the songwriter passionately expressed. 

The gospel reggae phenomenon continues to feed the people with the bread of life through his musical collection of The Word. Wayne continues to “Move on inna Jesus name”: healing the wounded, comforting the brokenhearted, setting the captives free and tearing down the strongholds of the enemy, through the power of the Most High God.

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