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Tampa, Florida, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2018

Tampa, Florida, United States
Established on Jan, 2018
Solo Alternative Pop




"Tired Sounds - Vetnough (reviewed by Dave Franklin)"

Labels are rubbish, genres even more so. I read the words “indie” and “rock” used as a handle and I immediately think of 5-piece rockers who have polished their sound off sufficiently to have a crack at the charts. I think of predictability, lack of integrity and of tried and tested formulas. I certainly don’t think of the sort of sound that Vetnough makes. But maybe I should because if this was the benchmark that others working in the same generic field aimed for, modern music might be in a much better state.

The slightly self-deprecatingly titled Tired Sounds is a joy to behold, rocky enough to make an impact, poppy enough to be easily accessible, original enough to be surprising. It balances its guitar lines with some wonderfully beguiling electronica, it favours the slow burn over the quick hit and it is full of music which combines the best of all musical worlds whilst deflty swerving its cliches.

But the most infectious part of the music is Julia Powell’s gorgeous vocals, a rock voice able to do pop, a modern voice echoing with the classic sounds of the past, (there’s a whole Grace Slick vibe going on in there for sure) powerful when required, delicate if needed. Vetnough has to be my find of the year so far…anyone who reminds me of Fassine, certainly in attitude and imagination if not in sonic shared ground… has got to be a band worth exploring further. I’m hooked, whose coming with me? - Dancing About Architecture

"The band Vetnough has mended indie rock music with their brilliant songs from the EP ‘Tired Sounds'"

Vetnough is an indie rock band who has come up with their latest EP ‘Tired Sounds’. The band is based out of Tampa, Florida and comprises of Carlos Reyes, the keyboardist, Julia Powell, the lead vocalist along with Christina Piasicki, the drummer. The EP ’Tired sounds’ that they have come up with comprises of mind-blowing tracks like ‘The Witches’, ‘The Shrine’, ’Saint Elsewhere’, ‘Stale’ and ‘The ants’. They have been quite successful with the release of two EP’s in 2018 which shot them to fame locally. One can check out the recent posts made by the band members by glancing through their Facebook profile.


In the exquisite song ‘The Witches’ from the EP ‘Tired Sounds’ by the band Vetnough there is a twang of the acoustic guitars with vocals backing it. In the song ‘The Shrine’ there is the thumping of the drums with a compelling groove. In the song ‘Saint Elsewhere’ there is a fluttering sound in the background which is mesmerizing. In ’Stale’, there are strong melodies that are quite hypnotic. In the song ‘The Ants’, there is a refreshing feel that comes from absolute passion. You can listen to the brilliant tunes created by the band on popular streaming sites like Spotify. - Daily Music Roll

"Inside The Studio: Vetnough"

Band Members:
Julia Powell (guitar/ vocals), Carlos Reyes (keyboards/synth), and Christina Piasecki (Drums)
We usually call ourselves "dark wave indie rock," but we've never really been able to pinpoint a specific genre for ourselves.
Julia: Amy Winehouse, Alphaville, A place to bury strangers, Brick + Mortar, WHITE
Carlos: The XX, Herbie Hancock, Mehliana Project, Everyday Life Experiences
Christina: Portishead, Lemolo, The Sta

Vetnough formed in 2018 and consists of Julia Powell, Carlos Reyes, and Christina Piasecki. Julia is on guitar and vocals, Carlos is on keyboards/synth, and Christina is on drums. Julia started playing guitar and writing songs when she was around 9 years old. No one else in Julia’s family is necessarily musical or artsy, but because she has been involved with music from such a young age it has been a huge part of her life. Christina and Carlos didn’t come from homes rich in music either, but they have been taught the love and appreciation of music. The band name Vetnough, comes from an Indie movie called “Frank” that’s about a failed musician who finds a band and everyone in the band is insane. They go to this island, Vetno, to record their album. Vetnough added the “ugh” to make it fancy. Vetnough recommends to anyone who’s into music or indie films to watch “Frank.”

They consider themselves to be “dark wave indie rock,” but haven’t been able to pinpoint a specific genre yet. Vetnough has many influencers, including but not limited to, Amy Winehouse, The XX, Portishead, Alphaville, Herbie Hancock, Lemolo, and many more. Julia tells us that Amy Winehouse is her biggest personal influence because her lyrics are so real and direct. Julia tries to adopt that as much as possible. She loves artist that are shameless in what they do. That may include wearing a crazy mask and screaming into a microphone or writing about faults and flaws, something that makes it unapologetically real. “I think that that is something that’s missing in a lot of mainstream music today.”

When trying to find that creative vibe, the band will go into their “cave”, turn the lights off, use the stage lights, and simply go for it. If it is Julia on her own, she will sit on her bedroom floor with the guitar and start writing whatever comes to mind. Vetnough has been working on releasing their next EP, Tired Sounds, which released on August 30th, 2019. They also planning 2 tours in Florida for September and October, while also working on a new music video. Between playing shows, releasing new music and videos, touring, etc. is has been difficult for the band to get out there. But they are doing what they love so it is worth it. The band also gets together at least twice a week to practice, along with doing individual practice on their own. For them a good session consists of lighting and everyone coming in with a good mind and attitude. Each member of the band also works but have a great support system supporting them.

The best advice that has been given to the band came from a drunk man at an open mic night, “Take your music as far as you can. It’s gonna suck sometimes, but it’s all just part of the experience. If ya got something going, then go for it.” They give that advice to new bands as well. “Practice, Practice, Practice.” Also recommended would be to play with people that share the same dedication and hustle. Being on stage and performing is Julia’s favorite thing to do. Putting on the best show possible is what has brought new fans and can help to bring new fans to any new bands going out and putting on a show.

Vetnough is on all streaming platforms!
Vetnough also regularly releases live videos on their YouTube and Facebook - Myssfit Magazine

"Festival brings Good Vibes to St. Petersburg"

The rock band with a Prophet
If prancing around on stage in 76-degree heat bothered Julia Powell, she sure didn’t show it.
The singer and guitarist threw herself into frontwoman mode.

She frequently pulled back from her mic to crouch with her guitar, that thing people do when they’re about to play a solo. And she often strutted up to Carlos Reyes, who played a Prophet Rev2 synthesizer and a Nord keyboard, on her right.
Behind Powell, Christina Piasecki’s drum kit was outfitted with the band’s logo, a stick figure with two heads, and its name – Vetnough.
The rock trio was swallowed up by the green bandshell above them. But Powell stuck out in a dark red top and playing a cherry red, semi-hollow body Ibanez guitar.
Vetnough was one of five acts to play the main stage at Good Vibes Only.
Powell said the band got roped into playing the festival through her. She’s a St. Petersburg College student at the Gibbs Campus.
Based in Tampa, they released “Conversations,” their second EP — first with drummer Piasecki — in February.
Songs from “Conversations,” like “Human I Am” and “Satellite.” made up most of their 30-minute set. Powell’s singing voice is surprisingly husky.
Reyes’ synths are spacey and 1980s-esque. He said those sounds are made with an eye for visuals.
“When it comes to the Prophet (the synthesizer), I try to think of sounds that not only sound near futuristic but also… fit the picture of the music,” Reyes said in a Facebook message. “When we write songs, I usually think of it as a video or a still shot of what I can visually think of and then make the sounds that match it.”
He said playing synths also “keeps my hands busy throughout the show.”
Vetnough started out with Powell and Reyes, according to the Bandcamp page for their “Screed” EP. They both played open mics as solo acts around the Tampa Bay area.
Reyes produced Powell’s EP “Rice in a Bottle” in 2017 and they later recorded “Screed” as a duo in May 2018. Piasecki, who played bass on both EPs, was added to the band’s lineup after “Screed.” - Crows Nest St. Pete

"WMNF 88.5 FM Interview"

Live Radio interview on WMNF 88.5FM Tampa - WMNF 88.5FM

"Tampa Bay’s best new music with Vetnough, Slap of Reality and Aych"

Everything kicks off with Bay area rock trio Vetnough, which has emerged from Clearwater’s The Ghost Motel studio with a new EP that was produced by Mark Prator of Red Room Recorders. Singer and guitarist Julia Powell handled the lyrics for Conversation, which manages to sprinkle some fun into an effort that features heavy undertones of hurt.

“This EP came out of heartbreak and betrayal, but I wrote the lyrics the way I did in an attempt to turn life's horrendous situations into something people can connect with,” Powell told CL. Album opener “Shaman” and an EP highlight “Passivity” are more pointed towards the characters in Powell’s life who have made things more difficult than they needed to be

“It’s the things I wish I could say to them now,” Powell added. Listen to all of those things via by listening to the album on Spotify.

Below are more highlights from the latest batch of new releases from Tampa Bay artists. Check most of it out via CL's Best New Florida Music playlist on Spotify (or follow the links to Bandcamp, YouTube and Soundcloud) - Creative Loafing

"Vetnough takes us down a dark path with 'Witches'"

Music that is referred to as ‘indie’ has become quite a broad description. What constitutes indie? It began as independent music but then collided with the college music sound. This college sound was just as broad as it encompasses pieces of all different genres as long as it was heard in a dorm room. Do not misunderstand. This is NOT a bad thing. Indie music is for all of us to enjoy. In fact, we just discovered the band Vetnough who lets us know they are aiming to redefine the indie genre.
The three-piece indie rock band has been making a name for themselves in Tampa, Florida and now is looking to expand their reach. Vetnough is made up of lead vocalist/guitarist Julia Powell, keyboardist Carlos Reyes, and drummer Christina Piasecki. Together their sound brings parts of classic new wave into the modern age with strong lyrics and an elegant alternative rock style. The year 2019 saw two EP releases by the band with a buzz continuing to build for a productive 2020.
‘Witches’ by Vetnough

Off their last EP Tired Sounds, we can take in a good feel of Vetnough with the single “Witches”. A dark vibe builds through the use of imaginative synth sounds and an elegant drum beat that adds suspense. When Julia brings in her dark sultry vocals we are brought into their world. We can only hope they will release us. (Or do we?). Over the 6 minute and 40 second track we go on a full journey down the shadowed path the band has laid out for us. Our ears come out the other side yearning for more.
Keep an eye and ear out for more from Vetnough on their FACEBOOK page. - Indie Band Guru


Conversations  (February 2019)
-Human I Am
-Recurrent Tragedies

Tired Sounds
(August 2019)
-The Witches
-The Shrine
-Saint Elsewhere
-The Ants 

Bluebird (Single) (March 2020)

No Stranger (Single) (June 2020)

Come Back Crows (Single) (July 2020)



Vetnough (Julia Powell) is a Florida based dark pop solo artist. She released her first EP, Conversations, in early 2019 with former band members Carlos Reyes and Christina Piasecki, as well as a follow up EP, Tired Sounds, in Late 2019. 

Now a solo artist, Vetnough has been relentlessly honing in on her sound. Powell's minimal guitar and cryptic vocals layered on top of her 80's - esque synth work, has evolved her sound into something that has been compared to Alt-j, Mazzy Star and Depeche Mode.

Vetnough has been making waves in her local scene and beyond. She has garnered attention from local media outlets, including WMNF radio, HiFi Florida podcast, Creative Loafing, Tampa Bay Music News, and played multiple Florida based festivals such as Gasparilla Music Festival, Heights Unites Fest, and Rockin Robinson Fest.

While only a solo artist, Vetnough always delivers an immersive, hypnotic and full-bodied performance that electrifies audiences and leaves them wanting more.

Band Members