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Passaic, NJ | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | INDIE | AFM

Passaic, NJ | INDIE | AFM
Established on Jan, 2016
Solo Hip Hop




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"When Giants Meet "Fresh Amazingly" review"

Venomous2000 & DJ Priority – Fresh, Amazingly
tags: Cymarshall Law, DJ Priority, John Robinson, New Jersey, Phonetic, Rhymageddon, Sol Zalez, Venomous2000
by WGMeets

Two insanely talented NJ artists Venomous2000 and DJ Priority have banded together and created ‘Fresh Amazingly’ which is just that. Just off the stage where they opened up for Raekwon in Vernon, NJ at the Under Armour 3rd Rail Jam, they released a project where it works in total Hip-Hop harmony. Venomous has been in our ears for a while now and we’ve always appreciated where he’s coming from and this album continues his vision of growth and life, with DJ Priority in the mix well that’s just dope icing on the cake. Features including some of Jersey’s dope emcees John Robinson, CyMarshall Law, Phonetic, Rhymageddon, Sol Zalez and many more, ‘Fresh Amazingly’ is a labor of love with some of the biggest local hearts of Hip-Hop. Having a few favorites (9) on the album it would be hard pressed for me to not recommend this album to the folks out there looking for an album that oozes crazy beats and life.

Stay true to your vision Venomous you’re doing a great thing and the support is def there, DJ Priority has created another stamp of approval in indie Hip-Hop with the talent he displays on the album. There are many emcees out there that preach but not many preach about the right things, if that’s what you look for add Venomous2000 to your arsenal then. This is one of the reasons why Hip-Hop is such a rich culture and will continue to thrive in today’s society because when emcees and producer come together and create life thru music… it’s a beautiful thing. The album released today on iTunes, pick it up by clicking below and show Hip-Hop some love! - When Giants Meet

"HipHop SpeakEasy album review"

"Fresh, Amazingly" - Venomous 2000 The Ultra Emcee & DJ Priority (Hip Hop Album of the Week)
This week, hip hop all boiled down to two dope albums. I think this one outdid the other though which is why Venomous 2000 The Ultra Emcee and DJ Priority took the top spot on the Hip Hop Speakeasy this week winning the Hip Hop Album of the Week with their album, "Fresh, Amazingly." DJ Priority sends this head-boppin' vibe with every beat and Venomous flows over the beat perfectly. The duo kind of reminds me of Blu collabin with Ayatollah. They make a good duo and made an even better album. The samples are good, the lyrics go hard on every song, this is a well put together album. So, my rating...

I recommend this album to any fan of Ayatollah, 9th Wonder, Blu, Blame One, or eLZhi, cuz these guys sound kinda similar.
To purchase this album, visit iTunes or
1) Intro/Fresh
2) The Takeoff
3) Five On The Black Hand Side
4) Hip Hop Does This (feat. CyMarshall Law)
5) Sparkle (feat. Twilight, Phonetic, & Skitzo)
6) Soul Sensation (feat. M. Josephine)
7) Omni-Dimensional
8) Where Have You Gone (feat. Twilight)
9) Rhymes Could Do It Right (feat. John Robinson, Tah Phrum Duh Bush, & Thaione Davis)
10) Amazingly Fresh
11) Yes
12) Better Than Blues (feat. Realeyez Mystic, Marie Kanu, & Silent Knight)
13) If (feat. L.I.F.E. Long)
14) Emcees Ultra (feat. Tone Liv, Respect Tha God, Rhymageddon, Sol Zales, Poet
Substratum, Fenalm, K.O.N., & Juga-Naut)
15) Life - The HipHop SpeakEasy

"HipHop Herald w/Venomous2000"

Venomous2000 "The Ultra Emcee"
By: Edwin Gonzalez

I was asked to go to an event a good friend of mine was to perform at in Newark, NJ this past August 2010. It was a Black August event as a matter of fact. The line up was incredible, one I just couldn't resist so I jumped on the train and headed to Newark all the way from Brooklyn.
When I arrived at the venue I was punched in the face by a ball of energy. I have to admit, I had not yet heard of the brotha that was tearing up the stage and the mic with no problems what so ever but you can rest assure I never forgot about him and I found out who he is.
We have been working hard trying to get this site off the ground which has been a task to say the least. There are a number of people involved from different states and different countries as a matter of fact. I was going through some data files and came across this profile and once again I was punched in the face, same brotha but this time, I had a name to go along with the face and the music...Venomous2000.
There was something about watching Venomous on stage. His energy was incredible. His performance was flawless, it was easy to tell this brotha had been paying dues. I think what stood out the most for me, was his golden aura which I have no doubt comes from him drawing his creative influence from timeless sources such as the likes of Marvin Gaye and the Jackson 5 to Hip Hop legends, KRS-One and Rakim as his bio reads.
Venomous began freestyling verses and writing rhymes in 1994 heavily influenced by pioneers of the day: The Roots, A Tribe Called Quest, Wu-Tang Clan, and BootCamp, and what he describes as their 'hard/lyrical/divine approach to the music.'
Beneath his reserved exterior, dwells an energetic microphone-controller from the Tri-State area. With over a decade of practice, performance and perseverance fueling his music it is no wonder Venomous caught my undivided attention.
I got to hit him up with a few questions to get to know him and hopefully introduce him to a broader audience which he well deserves. This is how it went down.

Q. Venomous2000, wass good my brotha?

A. Peace, everything is everything.

Q. Now I know the name is an acronym and I know what it stands or but for those that don't know can you break down what the name means and tell us a bit about how the name came about?

A. Well the name Venomous stands for Very Energetic Nubian(NewBeing) On Mics(Microphones) Opening Universal Sounding. The 2000 was an addition put on to it to give it a more "futuristic" feel during the time when I came up with the name in (1995). The name is actually derived from a group my cousin was affiliated with and helped to start up called The Deadly Snakes. He was the person responsible for the artwork on their debut vinyl release under Tommy Boy records back in around 1996. I spent a lot of nights vibing to their music, listening to my cousin kick flows with them, and design posters/shirts ( I wanted to emulate that raw sound and become a part of the group. I relentlessly started writing, making demos tapes, and freestlying with other local artists back in my town. The Snakes all had snake names (King Cobra, Rattler, Boa, etc) so i didn't want to outright take the same names, so i played around with some other names before coming up with Venomous. My cousin told me to lay low with the name, but i couldn't put it down. I added the acronym to the name to give it more depth and also a way of branching away from the whole "snake" theme attached to the name Venomous. "TheUltraEmcee" addition to the name Venomous2000 kinda made me feel like it was original enough to claim as my own. Ever since then, I've been running with and getting some pretty good feedback. I look at the Venomous part of the name as a way of fighting poison with poison, the same way they add anti-venom when someone is poisoned by venom. So my music is a healing form of "illness". So if its ever stated that i bit my style or name, its cool, i got it from my older cousin and kept it in the family!

Q. You hail from Passaic county NJ is that right?

A. Yes indeed.

Q. Dirty Jerz, You still in Jersey?

A. Yea I'm still in Jersey.

Q. Passaic is rough as hell can you tell a little bit about what it was like coming up in Passaic?

A. It's not the roughest city, it's also not the friendliest city either. I mean the same stuff that takes place in Jersey's larger cities (Newark, Jersey City, Paterson) or other state cities, the same non-sense takes place there. I lost some friends through the years, witnessed some madness, got caught in some madness, but we learn from our experiences and grow from that.
Passaic isn't a big town, most people know each other, or know of each other through family and friends. I grew up midtown Passaic on Hamilton Ave/Rosz Place. Had a close community back when I was coming up around that neighborhood. I look back at it now and see that it was one of the more notorious blocks in the city, but back then it was just "home" you know. I was never into the streets like that, as far as the drugs and gang stuff is concerned, I was just your average kid that wanted to have fun and run around with friends and family. I grew up in a single parent household with my mom and one of my older brother's. We had friends getting pulled into the street life, but between the Most High looking out and my mother playing the mother/father role, it just wasn't going to happen. So I walked the ways of the streets without getting caught in the streets, knowing that I had to represent and do something other than perpetuate the cycles of the streets. I know that Divine Hands had plans for me, and saw to it that I didn't fall victim of the BS that so many others got caught in.

Q. Ever been to PCJ? (Passaic County Jail) (I have been, it ain't no joke in there).

A. Word, yeah I've visited, but never been locked up…and still knocking on wood that I never do either. That's just not my spirit. I pray for all my family, friends locked up there and elsewhere.

Q. That's peace bro. You seem to have come out of and listening to hip-hop in the golden era. Do you feel hip-hop is making a full circle and entering into like a second coming of conscious hip-hop? Or is it already here?

A. The infinite cycle! I grew up listening to Kane, Kool G, BDP, Public Enemy, Lyte, EPMD, Rakim, and all the rest. I was just captivated by the drums and the rhymes man! It was just saw raw and pure. So much energy and love was felt in the records. That passion is what made it Golden. So I personally believe that as long as that PASSION and LOVE is present in the music, then that spirit of the golden era will always be present! Conscious Hip-Hop I don't think ever left. It was just overshadowed by all the other stuff. I'm still battling that fine line, as far as what people consider "authentic" Hip Hop music and what's not. The culture is so diverse, I don't think we could or will ever be able to clearly define what's "real" and what isn't. It'll forever be based on a "FEELING" more so than being able to clearly define it, if you know what I mean. One thing for sure is that you'll never be able to deny that straight "RAW" vibe that flows through your body when you hear something like "MICROPHONE FIEND", "TRIUMPH", or "YOU MUST LEARN". When the chills are sent through you, that PASSION & LOVE is taking effect!

Q. What do you feel you are bringing to the table that is not already there? Why should people check out and support Venomous2000?

A. As clichéd as it may sound, there's really no other way of me saying it without falsifying things. I'm literally just bringing my inner thoughts and visions out! I claim no stake to what comes out through song form. I go into a slight trance and write and let the beat and pen tell me what to write. So in short, I guess I'm bringing SPIRIT to the table, which I embrace and give thanks to for being able to flow through me. I think when people listen to my music, they'll be able to relate to either something they either thought about writing themselves, saying themselves, or doing themselves. I speak through my experiences and creative ideas in an attempt to touch that inner spirit in others. Once that connection is there, then you can step into my world and peep deeper into what is truly being given through my music. Honestly I'm still listening to my songs to find the deeper meanings in them all.

Q. That's deep, thank you for that. Yo, have you been out to Europe yet? If so when and where, if not do you hope to in the near future?

A. No I haven't but EUROPE is on my radar for sure. I've been getting a lot of support from France, England, & Germany. I'm in the process of setting something with some friends and fellow artists in those areas to hopefully get out there by summer 2011. Got my fingers crossed for that!
I'm currently wrapping up a project with a producer from England. Me and my man Layzee D have an album entitled "Path Of Light" that features John Robinson, Phonetic, Nalm Myerz, Shay, Mr. Fickle, R.A.P. Phenomenal and others. We planning on dropping that sometime in April with the aim of having that build into the summer set up for some dates in the summer. So any promoters interested in having me come out to a city, state, or country near you, hit me up at I'll come out and rock shock the spot!

Q. If you could change at least one thing in the world through your music, what would it be?

A. I would have to say the belief that everything is about us(Humans). What I mean by that is that there is a selfish ingrained belief that everything revolves around us and that we are somehow more important than everything and anything else in the Universe. We're just grains of sand on the beach so to speak in the grand scheme of things and may potentially be blown off that beach if we don't change our humanistic ways soon! I guess that's why I constantly speak SPIRIT in my music. Its just something I think is missing from a lot of music, politics, education, family, and every other human institution. So I would want to change the notion that its all about ME, and bring that WE back into the planetary family. Its bigger than HIP-HOP.

Q. Can you tell us a bit about DJ Priority, how you hooked up and what it's like working together?

A. DJ Priority, that's my man right there! I've known him for some years now, through mutual artist friends that have done work together. I heard his beats and was just blown away by them. It was just a matter of time before we linked up and created a classic. He actually resides in Paterson NJ, which is like the next town over from Passaic (both in Passaic county). The blend was so natural for us I think. He has banging beats, and I have that urge to just write something dope over banging beats! Its easy working with Priority because he doesn't try to question my emceeing. He's into the beats and the cuts, and lets me do my thing on the mic! Same thing with the live shows, we just rock together, no rehearsals, just raw rocking and fresh cutting. Once we get these rehearsals in, the people are in for a treat. He believes in my ability and I believe in his craft and respect his approach and embrace of the culture! A lot of heads that work with DJ's and producers I think try to force things to fit, we just flow! We've been called the NJ Gangstarr and Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth, which I think is one of the best compliments we could ever receive! We already at work on our follow album to Fresh Amazingly, which I think will be incredible, because we starting everything from scratch. The first project was a combination of fresh beats and older ones. This one, will be 100% focused and will, I think, have a more mature approach and stronger sound overall. Priority is my go to dude for cuts, and now CLASSIC ALBUMS!

Q. What can we expect form you in the next five years?

A. You can expect, MOST HIGH WILLING, at 'least' 5 classic albums! 1 a year. I want to leave something behind that'll be beyond me and my years and will continue to resonate something in people for years to come! Simple and Plain, I wanna leave my Presence/Spirit in people!

Q. It's easy to see you been on the grind you have performed with some emcees some can only dream about. Can you share some words for the shorties coming up behind you? Something you wish someone would have told you when you first started?

A. I would say to anyone coming up, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, or you'll never go anywhere! The Universe blesses us all with a voice to share things, and if that voice is not nurtured, then it wont be heard or seasoned enough to be embraced. If you have something you want to share, share it, don't be afraid of being ridiculed, bad mouthed. Stay true to YOU, and what keeps you comfortable and proud. When you start going against yourself, then you cease to hold your own voice! Be a leader, that's able to take criticism and expand from that! Sometimes traveling the path that others aren't can lead you to blessings! Long as you put the Most High first and foremost in what you do, you'll have Universal support! And something my cousin instilled in me early too, WRITE, WRITE, WRITE! It helps to work the brain muscle. Find your 'path' and stay on it.

Q. That's dope enough for elders as well thank you very much for that. Anything you would like to say to the people out there that find this interview?

A. Indeed. I have a couple projects you can look forward to in 2011: Still Connected produced by KINGSHON, which is the follow up album to our UNIVERSALLY CONNECTED album. This project will be out Spring 2011 I also have the Path of Light album produced by Layzee D out of the U.K. This project will also be out Spring 2011 I also have the Venomous2000 RHYME-SHARE compilation that I'll be putting out myself! It's a compilation of unreleased songs and some new work as well. Some really good stuff will be on this with features from L.I.F.E. Long, Fes Taylor, Real Eyez Mystic, Skrewtape, Twilight, and possibly Inspektah Deck (fingers crossed still) Got some other stuff formulating swell!

And while you are tuned in Check out and my visual displays on Anyone that wants to work with me musically, visually, or just want to build, hit me up! I'm always willing to work with others. We could take business and make some good tunes. I'm on a path to make Classics, so if you're willing to do the same, then lets do it! Venomous2000 TheUltraEmcee is the full name. Come and ride the V-Train and be safe boarding! PEACE

Thank you. Check back in with us from time to time. Let us know what you got going on. There you have it peoples, straight from the underGRound. Venomous2000. STOP BY THE MULTIMEDIA PAGE AND PEEP Venomous' videos out.

- The HipHop Herald

"Crayonbeats "Fresh Amazingly" album review"

Album Review: Venomous2000 - "Fresh, Amazingly"

Very Energetic Nubian (New-Being) On Mics Opening Universal Sounding… is Venomous2000 the Ultra Emcee. Repping New Jersey, this 29-year-old has been freestyling and writing rhymes since the early 90s. Connected with Delinquent Soundz Entertainment, Venomous2000 dropped his latest album this year called “Fresh, Amazingly“. The album is 16 tracks deep (a little under 1 hour) and was produced by DJ Priority. Thanks to V, I had the opportunity to listen to the album and give my review (to dissect and interpret). And before I get into each track, let me just say that Priority came with it. Every beat is clean and crispy, and pairs perfectly with each track and the lyrics laid on ‘em. Boom bap goodness! And out of all the stuff I’ve heard of V’s, this is my favorite project. Fresh amazingly all the way through. Now let’s get into it…

01. Intro (Fresh)
Starts off with some Fresh beatboxin’. Can’t really rate this, but I dig it!

02. The Takeoff (video) 4/5
Boom bap backdrop by Priority, while Venomous gets in his can’t-stop-won’t-stop mentality. This track is basically letting you know that this is only the beginning, and that V will strive to rise to the top. And if you watch the video, he pays homage to the greats in his life… those that have had some importance to him. The people that kept on pushing on to achieve their dreams.

03. Five on the Black Hand Side 5/5
At first I thought this was a straight-forward track to someone, and the relationship and love between him and another person. A friend, a lover, or whoever. Trouble in relationship town type track. And maybe it is, but the more that I listen, I think it’s a metaphor. I’m thinking Venomous is speaking to and about hip hop. That’s a different type of bond. “Love having sessions // Love the rhyme presence // Love having your circle surrounded by the essence // Love being different, right? // Not finna copy cats // I analyzed up on your size, and I decided that // If we can’t be together, stay in contact // Keep the pen and paper, I trust the oral contract” Really diggin’ this track…

04. Hip-Hop Does This (ft Cymarshall Law) 4.5/5
If my interpretation of the previous track is true, this is a nice transition. It hits the nail on the culture and movement of hip hop. And how hip hop flows through his body. Drops names like Gangstarr, Premier, KRS-One, and Jay-Z. Appreciating and repping hip hop. “Emcees, DJs, bboys, graffers, Black Thoughts, Rakims, Ol Dirty Bastards // Heads don’t think, like they slave to the masters // Time moving in quick, so think faster” And CyMarshall comes through on the second verse. Talks about being ignored in the beginning, being able to adapt to different beats and tracks, and that he has a vision while others are sitting idle.

05. Sparkle (ft Twilight, Phonetic, Skitzo) 5/5
This song starts out with a… sparkle. The spark of a conversation, by sparking up a smoke with a summertime cutie. I assume the girl and the guy from the first verse stays the same throughout. Second verse jumps into a club scenario. The girl is dismissing all the attention she’s getting from a group of guys, until she spots the dude from the first verse, and chases after him. Jealousy and anger build up within the group of fellas that didn’t get her attention. Verse three transitions into another type of sparkle… that of gun-fire. Won’t get into what happens, just listen to the song. Nice story-telling.

06. Soul Sensation (ft M. Josephine) 5/5
Head-nodding, feel-good beat that’s driven by hand claps. The song has a good energy… that nothing can take the smile off your face type of song. M. Josephine blesses the chorus with her soft, pretty voice, and also on a verse. “It’s like a sun breaking through the blinds // Kissin’ you good morning, pretty sunshine // Get on your feet, it’s time to rise // Get up, get out, and claim life’s prize” And together they both try to pick your spirit up, encouraging you to give it your all. Don’t settle, don’t sit idle… go and get yours. Thumbs up for positivity and motivation. Nothing but good things…

07. Omni-Dimensional 3/5
This beat reminds me of an old sci-fi, action movie (Star Wars style)… I’m hearin’ shooting lasers! “I can’t say like Mickey D’s, I’m lovin’ it“, while it’s not my favorite track on the album, it still sounds good and the energy is there.

08. Where Have You Gone (ft Twilight) 5/5
That soul-infused beat! So good. And I am reeeeeally feeling this song. Unlike the third track, I think this is more towards relationships with females. Venomous and Twilight each hit topics of relationship complications (self-destruction of good things, jealousy that plagues the mind, constant arguing, break ups and wanting ‘em back, etc) and try to think about it all and the path of those ‘ships.

09. Rhymes Could Do It (ft John Robinson, Tah Phrum Duh Bush, Thaione Davis) 5/5
Chill, night-time type vibe. Rhymes about rhyming. “They say that rhymes could do it right, they say that Scienz is the life…” Yeah, John Robinson takes a verse. With music being a passion of theirs, it’s like the rhymes breathe life into ‘em. It’s a huge part of their life, and if you’re doing it for the right reasons, you’ll always try to reach for new heights. Writing, hittin the studio, hearing the making of a banger, the energy it brings, etc. Great track. “It’s constant elevation, never lazy on a mission”

10. Amazingly Fresh (video) 3.5/5
“Rock with my daughter on sets, the rhyme duo” Yooo, the cute little voice in the track is his daughter’s. So cute. Yo, after listening to this song, can you guess what I did next? You probably guessed wrong… but I had to google the world “jalopy”. Hahah. “Spit like Kweli, P cut like Roc Raida” Not my favorite track on the album, but it’s still good.

11. Yes 4.5/5
“Is it our time? Yeah. Are you feelin’ this? Yeah. Can I keep it going? Yeah. Then let me hear you say, yeah. Is this hip hop? Yeah.” I’d give those same “yeah” responses to those questions. And that intro to the beat made me melt, oowee. Good beat, good rhymes.

12. Better Than Blues (ft RealEyez, Marie Kanu, & Silent Knight) 5/5
What I like about Venomous is his continuous talk about positivity and the good things in life, rather than focusing on negativity. That can be heard all throughout this album, this song included. “Instead of retreatin’, start bobbin’ and weavin’” makes me think of the fight-or-flight response. And in the sense of this song, don’t run from your problems… approach them head on and get passed them. Finding the beauty within the struggle, Marie Kanu has a voice that reminds me of Erykah Badu a little. And I love the chill, jazzy beat.

13. If (ft L.I.F.E.Long) 3.5/5
A song with questions, no answers. The what-if, what-would-happen-if, type of questions that float through wondering minds. “What if this planet stopped spinning?” “What would this world be like without terror?” “What if money stopped working?” “What would it be like if no one was different?” “What if I didn’t have a passion for art?” “What would man be like without race?” “What if the revolution was really televised?” “What if Santa Claus really wasn’t a myth?” You know, that sort of stuff…

14. Emcees Ultra (ft Tone Liv, Respect Tha God, Rhymageddon, Sol Zalez, Poet, Fenalm, K.O.N., & Juga-Naut) 5/5
UGHHH! This beat knoooocks. Go hard or go home! …And none of these rappers went home. This track is fire all the way through. “Emcees Ultra” has a total of 9 rappers on it and they all tear it up. Bars and punchlines for days. One of my favorites.

15. Life 5/5
The title is just that… a brief track that weaves in and out of points in his life; the highs and lows. He mentions throughout that emceeing has played a key role throughout his life. From when he was a kid wanting pens and notebooks for Christmas, all the time and years he put into his music, the things that he passed up, etc. He questions if people will remember him when he’s done with the mic.

16. Outro (Alien As I) 5/5
“You’re not as alien as I…” V unzips his humansuit to reveal an alien — different from the others. Travelin’ galaxies and spittin’ that spacey stuff in the last track.

So like I said at the beginning, it’s my favorite release from Venomous2000 so far. And based on the rates on each track, I thought it was a solid album as a whole. There isn’t one track that I’d skip or wouldn’t want on the album. Go get it…

PURCHASE: iTunes - Crayonbeats

"Insomniac interview w/Venomous2000"

Interview session with Venomous2000 by C73
NOVEMBER 9, 2010

Is Hip-Hop Dead?

No, I don’t think that HIP HOP is dead because I’m still alive. LOL. But for real, what I mean by that is, as long as people like me are putting their hearts and spirit into the music/culture, then it will continue to grow and prosper, even though it may not seem so apparent on the mainstream level. Hip Hop is very young and has a long future ahead of it.

What is your vision of Hip Hop’s future?

My vision for Hip Hop is for it to remain. Simply put. I want people to recognize it as a “TRUE ART FORM” and stop this talk about “people using samples and saying words over samples” doesn’t make it music or culture. I would like to see a lot more PEACE in this though, honestly. Too much madness in the world, let this culture be a place where expression can take place, but PEACE be the forefront of it all. Nothing major as far as my vision is concerned, just would like to see our future generation growing and thriving spiritually, mentally, and financially off of what we leave behind for them.

Do you listen to other forms of music outside of Hip Hop?

My radio stays on WBGO 88.3 fm, local Newark based Jazz Station. My daughter loves it and sleeps to it daily. I listen to Afro beat rhythms, Rock, Pop, Latin Jazz, classic Soul. Long as it sounds good to the soul, I’m on it and open to it.

Who were your artistic/musical influences growing up?

I grew up listening to a lot of 80's Hip Hop with my aunt and uncles. They both Dj’d, so I would get my daily treatments of Rakim, Run DMC, Kane, BDP, LL, and all that. Then when they weren’t jamming, my uncle and Mom would be spinning the 70's classics. So I had a lot of Parliament, James Brown, The Stylistics, Kool & The Gang, Isaac Hayes, and others spinning constantly in my house hold. My older brother use to pick up all the maxi singles, and I would just rock out with him, when I didn’t have money…which was always… and I would pretty much get everything based off of his purchases. Wu, Deadly Snakes, The Roots, Black Star, BCC, Nas, ATCQ, and too many others to name, all had heavy influences on my development.

What is your music background?

The drum…the heartbeat of the Universe. I don’t read music, I took a class in College in Afro musicology, a class or two in High School, but aside from that, I guess I just have an ear/feel for it. Years ago I use to play the sax, but I don’t think that counts. I make beats occasionally, but predominantly emcee. The Drum, guitar, & piano will be my future weapons of choice.

How do you describe your music to people?

I normally tell people i just do heartfelt music. I dislike saying I’m a conscious emcee, even though I get put into that category, but I go back and forth. I’m Human still you know, so it’s a constant battle, and whatever the beat tells me to write, I write. So I do my perspective/view music. I do V music. Today I may feel like doing a song about how my life is all messed up, next day I may want to talk about world issues. I may want to talk about how blessed I am. I may want to slay a wack rapper; it’s always changing, so for me to say I do ONE type of music would be a lie. I just rock what I feel in the moment. I do NOW music.

What image do you think your music conveys?


What’s your outlook on the record industry today?

Record industry, I’m assuming you mean labels and all that. Right now it’s open for independent artists like myself to really make a decent living off this music if done right, without the support or help from any label. I think the advent of the internet and these social and music sites have done a lot of good and a lot of bad to the industry as a whole. Labels are losing sales. Shops are closing down- downloading is a major issue, but even still, artists are doing more of the groundwork themselves. Pressing up their own CD’s, making their own videos, booking their own shows; linking with international musicians on their own…it’s really amazing when you think about it. As far a mainstream stuff is concerned, it may sound ignorant, but I honestly don’t listen or follow it much. I hear what’s going on every once in a while, but I keep it moving. I have too much of my own stuff to worry and deal with, then to be overly concerned with what they are putting out and doing. They are going to keep putting out whatever is selling, whether it’s “conscious” or “street” or “sexy” or whatever. I say to anyone and everyone, do what comes truly from the heart and good music will live on.

What inspires you to do what you do?

The smiles I get from people man. It’s like I’m still amazed that people actually feel good when they listen to a verse or a song I put together. I don’t take credit for it because I still believe that I’m just a vessel conveying a message. I guess that’s why I’m still so surprised by the responses, positive or not. I get a lot of influence now from my daughter. If she likes a song I made, then I know it’s a good one. She has a natural ear for good music. She’s my inspiration, not to mention that I just wouldn’t be right if I couldn’t create this music at this point in my life. So just knowing that, I have the ability to create something meaningful that’s appreciated by people, keeps me inspired. I just pray that it will continue.

What project or projects are you currently working on? When will they be released?

I have a project with DJ Priority entitled “FRESH, AMAZINGLY” with appearances by JOHN ROBINSON, LIFELONG, SILENT KNIGHT, CYMARSHALL LAW, THAIONE DAVIS, and many more. I also have a project I’m wrapping up with producer Kingshon entitled, “Still Connected,” which is part two of a three album project we’re putting together (pick up “Universally Connected” at for free). Then there’s the “PATH OF LIGHT” album I’m doing with U.K. based producer LAYZEE D. And I just linked up with my man from Indianapolis, Jeff CHOPZILLA Oligert, and we’ll be working on an EP together as well. Aside from those, there’s a ton of just side things I’m doing, too many to name. None of the projects have a scheduled date, but the people could stay posted by visiting for updates and all that.

If you had an opportunity to collaborate with ANY artist or artists (dead or alive) in ANY genre of music/art, who would you choose? And why?

Wow. James Brown, Michael Jackson, B.T. Express, Fela Kuti, Hamilton Bohannon, and a monster collab song with Black Thought, KRS-ONE, Talib Kweli, and Inspektah Deck.

I just feel their spirits in the music! And that’s where I’m aiming to keep mine!

Check out V2000 at for updates and all that. In the meantime, check out these dope vids by Venomous2000: - Insomniac Magazine



“Will To Power”


Positive energy activates constant elevation. That appears to be the overall message behind New Jersey emcee Venomous2000’s ninth full-length solo album.

Having consistently worked at sharpening his lyrical sword on each of his previous releases, “Will To Power” arguably finds Venomous more creatively focussed and artistically determined than he’s ever been before, delivering a quality collection of life-affirming Hip-Hop that embodies the true-school values of the culture whilst looking towards the future.

Backed by a talented team of producers, the East Coast wordsmith does a sterling job throughout of matching his poignant verses with their ideal sonic backdrop, a selection process which allows his words to resonate and hit home that much more effectively.

The opening “All You Need (Within Your Self)” sets the overall tone of “Will To Power”, with Venomous delivering motivational rhymes over airy keys and thumping beats courtesy of Germany’s Robot Orchestra. Encouraging us all to strive for our goals whilst acknowledging the hard journey that can lead to, the NJ lyricist suggests we “keep exercising (our) mental gifts like this was all aerobics” in order to succeed.

Lead single “Will Power” pairs the driving, organic boom-bap of producer Alex KidOne with 2000’s purposeful wordplay, whilst the jazzy, Dilla-esque “Stormy Nights” finds Venomous displaying his fluid skills over the sonic mellow madness supplied by MentPlus

The Methuzulah-assisted “Reflect On Music” is the sound of a truly passionate emcee who remains resolute in his mission to leave a mark on the world of Hip-Hop whilst staying true to the art, a sentiment also echoed on the pounding “Watch The Pen Smoke” (“If people want the fresh I bring my best to the table though, I guess it’s not about blowin’ like fellatio…I pray my fans sit down and listen, They can feel this…”).

The sombre “Is Life Fair?” vividly details the self-proclaimed Ultra Emcee’s experiences growing-up in New Jersey, whilst the piano-laced “Now Justice (NJ)” offers present-day social commentary, as Venomous balances the spirituality of his Yoruba religious beliefs with the harsh realities of the world around us.

Thoughtful, intelligent and sincere, “Will To Power” succeeds in its aim to enrich the lives of those who hear it, with Venomous2000 presenting himself as an artist who firmly believes in the power Hip-Hop has to have a lasting, beneficial impact on its audience. - Old To The New


For those who don’t know, Venomous 2000 hails from Jersey and has been dropping gems for some time now. I know this may sound cliché but people be sleeping on V2G but I think that may be about to change with his latest release. Just to give you a little background information I first heard Venomous 2000 a few years back when checking out some new underground hip hop online. The track was “Rock The Bells” and I knew then that V had something special that needed to be heard. I can honestly say from that moment Venomous 2000 was somebody I wanted to hear more of.

The first thing that strikes you, even before you press play, is the album cover itself. You can’t help but notice how much thought and effort has gone into the superb cartoon style cover art which ties in perfectly with the albums theme. Very reminiscent of a time when you bought an album and the first thing you would do is read the inserts and glance over the images on your way home, eager to pop the CD in the deck and put it on blast. The last thing I want to mention is this is a dual case release, no digipak. Hallelujah!!!!

Although my first love is hip hop music, I like listening to a lot of different genres and appreciate music in general and that is why this album is so appealing from the opening track. It is not a typical sounding hip hop album and I love that. It pushes boundaries and has that element of originality that is often missing from today’s hip hop releases. The production is top notch and I think V building in Europe has added a new dimension to his overall sound. There are a large variety of producers that have blessed this project with their beat making skills. Robot Orchestra (Germany), DJ Manipulator (Boston), Rav P (Boston), AlexKidOne (Greece), Marshtini (Norway), Trillian (Serbia), Sizemen (France), Mentplus (Jersey), Chopzilla (Indianapolis), The Soul Plugger (Stockholm, Astronote (France) all feature on this project and are all producers to look out for in the future.

venomous2000 album art

The opening track titled “All You Need” is an uplifting track about self-belief and having all the tools within you to succeed through the hardships. Don’t let people take away your dreams by telling you, you can’t achieve them. A very cool song with a great message. The production is hypnotic and makes you really feel the lyrics.

I reviewed the lead single “Will Power” a few months ago and I still feel the same about it. I consider this to be a future b-boy anthem. The production is fast paced and has hip hop written all over it. It oozes the elements of the culture and ‘DJ End K’ blows the spot with the cuts. Again, the lyrics from V are motivating and uplifting and all walks of life can easily relate.

Venomous 2000 really turns up the heat on “Stormy Nights” and shows a different side by singing a melodic hook which is a refreshing change. The beat is chilled and laid back and the lyrics are fire. You could quite easily place yourself in a dimly lit bar or club on a summer evening taking in a few drinks listening to this track.

“Still keep it street techniques like all my ninja’s do, highly dependable, reaching for my pinnacle, musical orgasms without touching genitals”.

Although near impossible to pick out any low points on this album it is far more easy to pull out the high points and one in particular is “Elemental”. Again, major props on the production as the deep bass beat on this amazing track builds in to a neck-snapping frenzy! This is for the hip hop purists and the culture. Mc’s, DJ’s, B-boys, B-Girls, graff artists, stand up!!! V captures the scene with clever lyrics and punchlines throughout, while DJ End K adds perfect cuts to make this track complete. You can’t forget Bam dropping knowledge about the elements of hip hop on the outro.

Venomous hooks up with Methuzulah and Marie Kanu on “Reflect on Music” one of the few features of the album. A deep track were V and Methuzulah trade verses with meaningful lyrics offering plenty food for thought. Marie Kanu adds the hook with her beautiful yet powerful voice. Another faultless track.

“The People Want More” is a banger from start to finish. It has a lovely guitar sample and slamming drums. DJ End K kills the cuts as he does in all his features. The topic is in the title, make a stand and embrace change, stop talking and do something. You can kind of take V’s lyrics into all kinds of life situations. Venomous 2000 delivers more positive uplifting words, done with skill, style and finesse.

V2G gives an insight on his inner thoughts and emotions and what inspires him when it comes to being a mc, performing, recording tracks and writing rhymes on “Watch the Pen Smoke”. V speaks on his craft and growing rather than blowing up and how important it is to him bringing his best to the table and giving his listeners what they want. “I think about my audience, don’t want to sound defensive. Words get distorted in the centre of my orbit, cuz sometimes I aim to uplift but sound morbid”. V spits flames and rarely pauses to draw breath between bars. The beat is aggressive with a thumping bass line as well as DJ End K’s cuts using some fitting vocal samples. Another thumbs up.

Another stand out track for me is “I’ll See You When I Get There”. The production is smooth and laid back and actually gives me chills every time I hear it. I’m pretty sure the vocal sample at the beginning is Talib Kweli, I may be wrong. The vocal comes in and sets the tone “Our mission, we intercept your transmission bringing exactly what the fans missing” as the beat kicks in perfectly. V’s flow is like butter “hey yo, the youth looking nappy, happy, glad their in my presence, like the teacher, the blast master bringing you the essence.” Awesome.

More happy-feel good lyrics and an all-round nice positive vibe on “Already Gone” featuring some nice female vocals from the Candelarias. Here V hands out more life skills for the listener. Grab life with both hands and don’t waste your time is the message here.

venomous eagle eyeVenomous shares his conscious side on “Now Justice” (NJ) and his concerns with ignorance, struggle, world affairs, media, systems and governments. Venomous demonstrates spiritual beliefs on “Force of The Orisha”. He shares stories of life growing up in New Jersey on “Is Life Fair” “The Great Escape” explains the need to get away from the negativity and stresses of daily life. All of which are as dope as the rest of the album in all categories.
My conclusion, this album has something for everyone and something for everyone to relate too. A well balanced album with dope meaningful lyrics, dope beats and dope cuts. V2G really shines from start to finish and the growth he has shown over the last few years as an artist and particularly on this album is phenomenal. You can tell a lot of hard work, time and effort has gone into the making of this joint and it shows in the quality of all the tracks. Even the intro’s and outro’s are dope. The artwork is cool as already mentioned. I can’t honestly fault this album in any way. The production is super tight and sways from the typical sounding hip hop production in spells which to me is refreshing and original. If you’re into scratching like myself you’ll enjoy DJ End K’s contributions, he displays awesome sounding scratches and cuts on all his features. If you’re looking for an album that pushes boundaries and displays elements of originality while keeping the fundamental elements of a dope sounding hip hop album intact then you will enjoy this release. This album taps into your emotions and makes you really feel its contents, an album that in my opinion will definitely last the test of time. - The Hip-Hop Foundation

"French Tour 2015"

Venomous2000 (NJ) DJ End K, Mansha, Architeknic (Paris) stopped through 8 French cities in November for a memorable Hip-Hop experience of MCing, DJing, Bboying, and more. The incredible live performances by "Family Spirit" (The NJ & Paris collective's moniker) was felt by our French brothers & sisters in Lille, Paris, Metz, Strasbourg, Le Havre, Caen, Troyes, & Orleans!

. - Venomous2000


Album: Will To Power - Label 2016 (Independent)

Album: A Moment To Reflect 3- Label 2014 (Pragmatic Theory)

Album: Still Connected 2012- Label 2011 (Delinquent Soundz Entertainment)

Album: A Moment To Reflect II - 2011- (Delinquent Soundz Entertainment)
Album: Fresh Amazingly - 2011- Label (Manikinekopro)
Album: Universally Connected - 2009 - Label (Delinquent Soundz Entertainment)
Album: A Moment To Reflect - 2006 - Label (Delinquent Soundz Entertainment)

Current Singles:
Warrior Ways

Will Power

The Great Escape




In his 9th full-length album, independent Hip-Hop artist Venomous2000 offers his most realized work yet - Will To Power - 15 songs about the power within everyone to achieve their highest potential in life no matter the circumstance.

Born and raised in the same city as NFL great Craig 'Ironhead' Heyward, music producer David Coles, and Hip-Hop producer K-Def, Passaic, New Jersey, Venomous2000 has been a force of positivity in the Hip-Hop culture for over 15 years.  Venomous2000 has drawn comparison's to emcees such as KRS-ONE, Talib Kweli, Yasin Bey, Common, Nas, Dead Prez, and Black Thought.  His metaphorical witty wordplay accompanied by a distinctive cadence will provide listeners with a nostalgia of the Golden Era of Hip-Hop music.  Drawing heavy influence of spirit from the Yoruba Ifa tradition, elements of the world view is noticeable in Venomous2000 songs along with the elements of the Hip-Hop culture.

Produced by various artists such as Robot Orchestra, Marshtini, Alex Kidone, Mentplus, Trilian, DJ Manipulator, Astronote, Sizemen, Rav P, Chopzilla, and The Soul Plugger, Will To Power's message lies in the grandiose production and rhythmic arrangements of songs like "Will Power" (The album's single), "Force of the Orisha", and "The Great Escape ft. Miss May" and in the simplicity of its most reflective songs - "Reflect On Music", "Fill I Cup", and "I'll See You When I Elevate".

Venomous2000 will be touring Europe extensively in summer 2016 (July/August).  He will be performing at traditional venues, bars, galleries, record shops, parks, and all creative spaces in Germany, France, Spain, Italy, & The Czech Republic. (Full bio: Venomous2000)