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Velvet Crayon

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2005

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Established on Jan, 2005
Band Rock Psychedelic




"The Smoking Gun Revue"

" The musical stylings of Velvet Crayon had us transfixed for not one but two separate sets. His “Children’s song” about Old Mother Hubbard and Jack Horner stubbing his toe is anything but child-friendly. Playing all of his music himself with the use of effects pedals and dexterous fingers, he was (as always) truly impressive to watch." - Roc Borja - There Is Drinking To Be Done

"Dead Flowers Block Party 2013"

",but then young wheelchair bound man in a koala mask stepped up to the makeshift stage. Within minutes, he was blowing my mind with these incredible guitar riffs, looped effects and grungy but relatable lyrics.

The only thing I could think about as Velvet Crayon sang for us was that there was some sort of revolt happening. I could feel it emanating from the attendees and the Circus they were here to support. This was a block party with a message. I just didn’t know what it was.

South Philly Block Parties have a way of making you feel like you’re at home. These people were party people. They were (for the most part) my people. Like modern day Salt of the Earth Folk. Instead of growing Potatoes, we grew palpable energy.
I decided I needed another beer. I reached into the cooler and stepped in hot tar, getting a second coat on the bottom of my shoe. This time it was harder to pull my foot away. I felt like… a dinosaur. A fucking dinosaur. Antiquity alive and well. There was an important thought here somewhere.

“Dude, this Velvet Crayon guy rocks!” Sweet T bounded up to me," -Roc Borja - There's Drinking To Be Done

"AudioPhilly: Five Local Acts That Will Have Your Ears Smiling"

Brought to life on a blueberry nursery and reviving legendary sounds from the Velvet Underground and 60s-psychedelic-meets-90s fuzz, we meet Erik Paluszak, the lead and only member of Velvet Crayon, a psychedelic punk rock band from the Pine Barrens in New Jersey. Only one year after learning to play guitar, Paluszak combined effect pedals, a drum machine, and epic vocals to define the Velvet Crayon sound. But don't think his musical talents stop there: he also dabbles in the like of ukulele strumming, tickling the ivories, and any other musical instrument he can physically hold, making him quite the musical jack of all trades.

His inspiration stems from the likes of The Flaming Lips, The Kinks, and Neil Young & Crazy Horse, to name a few. But one band Paluszak claims to be his biggest influence is Heatsleeve, comprised of musicians he is lucky enough to call his closest friends. Even though he s a solo artist , Paluszak has ad much support-from friends who helped him released projects in the past, to his partner in crime,"Lloyyddddddddddddd" (pronounced Lloyd), his beloved wheelchair. When it comes to how Velvet Crayon pieces are made, most times Paluszak takes to his guitar, combining that with ramblings he has jotted down; other times he says, "songs come a bolt of electricity from a pickle."

Velvet Crayon has released 3EPs and a single since 2005. One of his most remarkable projects-his latest release, which includes live recordings-is titles "Koala Vs. Squid Pt.1," and was recorded with the intention of touring with the Squidling Brothers Circus Sideshow. Unfortunately, due to an accident on stage prior to touring, Paluszak had to shelve his live performance dreams and instead release the album online.

By playing some of his favorite Philly venues like JR's Bar and Carnivolution, Paluszak aims to leave a happy scar on the Philly Punk/Rock scene, sharing his music that has always made sense to him when so much in the world never did.

Jonesin' for some Velvet Crayon? Check out all three full-length albums at KC - Philly Current Magazine


Still working on that hot first release.



Velvet Crayon is a one manned, more koala-based, psychedelic indie rock noise making persona/band fronted by Erik Paluszak. On stage, while sometimes featuring ukulele or synth, Erik leads a fuzzed out orchestra of electric guitars, vocals, and drum machines (think the Flaming Lips meets the White Stripes with a dash of the Kinks).

So far Velvet Crayon has released 3 full length albums (“Self Titled”, “Velvet Crayon”, & “Koala Vs. Squid Pt. 1″), 4 EP’s (“Halloween Weekend”, “Potatoes & Pickles”, “Room 1227b, Silverstein”, & “Carnivolution 2013″), a 3.5″ single (“That’s The Way Girls Are”), and a youtube single (“Koala Overtakes Me”). at any given moment Velvet Crayon is working on several new projects & playing shows around the Philadelphia / tri-state area.

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