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Uncle CeeJay

Miami, Florida, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2008 | INDIE

Miami, Florida, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2008
Solo R&B Gospel


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"Uncle CeeJay Speaks On The Plights, Problems & Perspective of "The Man that was Made""

Progress in ones life gives a person a feeling of accomplishment that ignites a drive from within which propels them forward in life. Man was designed to evolve. Out of one creative act, man transformed into marriage. Then transformed into a family, the family into a society, etc. The power to transform was intrinsically placed into man. Somewhere along the way "Man" lost his perspective and his passion to pursue the puropose in which he was originally positioned. The question Uncle CeeJay asks is one that has plagued society for decades..."Where Are The Brothers?". The message behind the music within this project is both powerful as well as prolific. Get ready, because Uncle CeeJay is about to take us all on a trek through the minds of the masses of men amongst us and bring about tremendous change that will impact generations to come.

- The City of Hope

"Class In Session"


Class is in session and teaching this course on the varying styles of gospel music and how to sing them like they should be sang is - Connail Johnson. You may remember the name from the New Birth Baptist Church project, GIFTS OF PRAISE - Johnson is the lead tearing up vocal ranges on the cut SOLID ROCK. You may be one of those blessed to own a copy of his first project, I HEARD THE VOICE; which produced the wildly successful single GOD IN MY CORNER.

With class in session, let’s take a quick lesson in musical influences that come to life in Johnson’s soon-to-be-released THAT WAS THEN, THIS IS NOW. Johnson considers himself a connoisseur of music, both secular and gospel. His rifts, dips, drops, rises, funky and soulful moans are reminiscent of his favorites. Those favorites include: the Parliament Funkadelics, George Benson, Stevie Wonder, Peabo Bryson and Luther Vandross. His gospel influences include John P. Kee, Fred Hammond, The Winnans and The Mighty Clouds of Joy. Johnson credits them all with not only helping to shape his vocal style, but the sincerity in his writing as well.

THAT WAS THEN, THIS IS NOW is a true to form curriculum in how gospel can be infused with other music genres to reach the masses. As you study Johnson’s voice moving like a melodic and motivating scale from song to song; you‘ll learn that this classic soul voice was anointed to do what it does well - minister. THAT WAS THEN, THIS IS NOW promises to not only grab your attention but you will find yourself staying after class to get all of the blessings this CD has in store for you.

THAT WAS THEN, THIS IS NOW opens with an introduction from Connail’s Spiritual Father in Ministry, Bishop Victor T. Curry followed by the title cut, That Was Then, This Is Now. This song tells of the quick success & rapid failure of a young man entrusted with too much, too soon…and how God delivered him from obscurity to notoriety in equally as little time as he fell. Make sure you take note of PROCRASTINATION, a blend of hard rock and Michael Jackson pop. It’s message - God wants to save you, so don’t put it off. Then grab your tissues, because tears will flow when you hear MAMA’S PRAYER. The project also includes a blend of neo-soul meets church choir on a cover of a traditionally-quartet classic, A CHARGE TO KEEP I HAVE. Internationally-acclaimed reggae and gospel artist Nigel Lewis joins Johnson PRAISE HIM, a quick-paced, high-energy praise song.

In this his sophomore project Johnson also revisits the tune that introduced his amazing voice to the masses, and does so by putting a surprise spin on SOLID ROCK.
THAT WAS THEN, THIS IS NOW also features RHEMA WORD, WONDERFUL COUNSELOR, and USE ME UP. THAT WAS THEN, THIS IS NOW is amazing affirmation and a call to bask and live in God’s will. The project will be officially released with a kick-off concert in August, at Miami mega church, New Birth Baptist Church Cathedral of Faith International. For additional information, interviews, bookings, to sponsor a listening party in your city or for review copies, call JohnJohn Entertainment, Michael Springsteen at 954-849-0799 or 305-318-4015.
- Kaleidascope Connection

"All In One"

Imagine popping in a gospel CD and as each selection spins not only are you pleasantly surprised that each song is anointed; but you realize that you are listening to an audible journey through the genres of gospel music. That is what you will experience with the soon-to-be released project from South Florida-based gospel artist Elder Connail Johnson. Johnson’s THAT WAS THEN THIS IS NOW, is gospel for the hip hopper, gospel for the rocker and gospel for the more traditional listener.

The 14 tracks on THAT WAS THEN, THIS IS NOW are Johnson’s history and testimony in music. This project is his sophomore release and his first since moving into the pastorate full time. The project highlight’s Johnson’s versatility as a vocalist and proves that soul is still very much alive in gospel music. Johnson’s label JohnJohn Entertainment is releasing the project August 15 with a concert and VIP reception at New Birth Baptist Church Cathedral of Faith International in Miami. The project is then expected to hit traditional and Internet radio stations with major impact.

THAT WAS THEN, THIS IS NOW is gospel rock, gospel reggae, choir geared gospel and covers of traditional favorites like A CHARGE TO KEEP I HAVE and SOLID ROCK. It is a testament to the power of the love of Christ and the importance of having an intimate relationship with him as evident on RHEMA WORD and I NEED YOU NOW. THAT WAS THEN, THIS IS NOW is amazing affirmation and a call to bask and live in God’s will , as gospel funk lovers will embrace on USE ME UP and WE LOVE TO PRAISE.

The project also picks up the love story of Johnson and his wife, First Lady Patricia Johnson from his first project I HEARD THE VOICE. The romantic single from that project GOD IN MY CORNER is still highly requested and sought; and it’s sequel on THAT WAS THEN, THIS IS NOW - AFTER THE VOWS was affectionately re-dubbed The Make Up Song, by personalities at and listeners of Gospel AM 1490 WMBM (Miami/Fort Lauderdale).

The project for Johnson is personal, he says this project will allow him to share his testimony of losing every thing then to the devil and gaining it all back through Christ and gaining Christ more intimately now. For booking, to sponsor a listening party in your city or for review copies, call JohnJohn Entertainment, Michael Springsteen at 954-849-0799 or 305-318-4015.
- The Gospel Times

"That Was Then"


Even with Christ reigning, abiding and ruling in your existence, life can be challenging and often times overwhelming. Elder Connail Johnson with his upcoming release THAT WAS THEN, THIS IS NOW brings the body of Christ a taste of love, soul, rock and funk in Contemporary Christian/Gospel music. This is a much-needed dose of spiritual medicine. The message of Johnson‘s sophomore release preparing for August distribution is that Life can knock you down to your lowest point but God can bring you to His highest. Johnson's testimony plays out delicately in this project. It is a testimony of a six year military journeyman who traveled extensively serving his country…until drugs became a constant companion. It is the testimony of how that companion would ultimately cost him his military career, his marital status and leave him homeless and despondent.

THAT WAS THEN, THIS IS NOW also chronicles Johnson’s love for music. Having performed for many years on the secular side, garnering accolades, financial gain and a measure of success; Johnson brings his vast experience to play on the project. Influenced by such artists as Parliament, Luther Vandross, The Mighty Clouds of Joy and the Winans, Johnson intricately weaves the styling of all of these artists into his music.

Johnson, who was born in rural Soperton, Georgia, first gained exposure on the gospel as the lead vocalist on SOLID ROCK, on New Birth Baptist Church’s GIFTS OF PRAISE CD (Aleho Records). His vocal range wowed critics and music lovers alike, as did his ability to wrap his voice around every word and personally place it in your spirit. He then followed up the success of the exposure with his first release I HEARD THE VOICE (Marlee Records). That project produced several highly-applauded singles including GOD IN MY CORNER and DRAW ME NEARER.

Since then, Johnson has focused on his first calling, which is the pastorate. For the past eight years Elder Johnson has served as the Senior Pastor/Teacher of the New Hope Missionary Baptist Church of Hollywood, Florida. THAT WAS THEN, THIS IS NOW takes all of Johnson’s life and relays it like a well-written novel. Not surprising, considering Johnson’s soulful vocal ability and dramatic range, is that every cut on this project is awesome. Some of the standouts include: the tear-evoking MAMA’S PRAYER, the neo-soul meets straight church remake of A CHARGE TO KEEP I HAVE and the quick-paced, high praise Nigel Lewis reggae collaboration on PRAISE HIM.

Gospel fans will get the opportunity to completely experience THAT WAS THEN, THIS IS NOW when it hit stores in August. The pre-release featuring AFTER THE VOWS and the rock-infused PROCRASTINATION are already enjoying air play at selected radio stations across the country.

THAT WAS THEN, THIS IS NOW gets its send off with what promises to be the CD release concert of the year at New Birth Baptist Church Cathedral of Faith International. From there, Johnson plans to take his testimony through the CD across the country. For booking, interviews, to sponsor a listening party in your city or for review copies, call JohnJohn Entertainment, Michael Springsteen at 954-849-0799 or 305-318-4015.
- E.C. Freeman


This project is a tribute to the men of this generation and past generations as well. Men deal with a plethora of issues that bring about stress and ultimately leads to an array of health problems. “Where Are The Brothers” speaks directly into the heart of the things most men think and feel, but never express to those who are closest to them. This project takes the Brothers & those connected to them on a panoramic journey through the emotional, spiritual and physical plights of the men they call Husband, Son, Daddy & Brother. One song in particular, (“A Tribute To My Daddy”) is an updated version of “Papa Was A Rolling Stone” with original lyrical contents. This song is sure to touch the hearts of the men & their loved ones.



Uncle CeeJay is no newcomer to the music industry. Music became an integral part of his life while attending high school at Miami Northwestern Senior High in South Florida. Uncle CeeJay (or Unc’) enlisted in the U.S Army following graduation and served his country for six years. Married at the early age of 19, a home owner and the proud father by the time he was 22, Unc’. In 1986 Uncle CeeJay turned in his M16 assault weapon and picked up a microphone, becoming the lead vocalist for a local group called “The Chocolate Buttermilk Band” of Fayetteville N.C. Uncle CeeJay has opened and appeared onstage with such musical legends as B.B. King; Archie Bell; Millie Jackson; Evelyn Champagne King; Yarborough & Peoples; Baby Face & The Deele, and many many more.
After touring the vast majority of America, and enduring a two year battle with heroin addiction, Uncle CeeJay decided to venture back to his home roots of South Florida. A change of lifestyle and a newfound relationship with the Lord brought about different approach towards his musical presentation. Uncle CeeJay’s music has a mature message that is designed to speak into the hearts of the hearers. Quoting from Uncle CeeJay…”I don’t have as many years in front of me as I have behind me, so LET’S DO THIS!!” Unc’s life has been carefully seasoned and is now ready to be served to the masses. Bon appetite’