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Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2018 | SELF

Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2018
Solo Hip Hop Indie




"Chambersburg Rapper Releases CD"

Tyrone Rhodes, a Chambersburg musician, songwriter and rapper who grew up in a performing family, recently released a CD, Tyrone Unchained.

Rhodes, 21, a 2016 graduate of the Career Magnet School in Chambersburg, has his own company that he hopes to turn into a label, BoldBeats Entertainment. His father built him a studio in the basement, which is called The Blue Room, at 1250 Hillendale Road, Chambersburg.

Rhodes grew up surrounded by music, as part of his father’s entertainment organization, The Strong Arm Family, which was founded in 1999 to provide an outlet for troubled or at-risk teens in Chambersburg.

At age 12, Rhodes recorded his first song, Touch Down, and at age 15 began to take a serious interest in producing.

With his music, Rhodes tries to differentiate himself from others in the industry, which he says needs diversity. “Don’t get me wrong, these new rappers turn up, but there’s too many of the same sounding sounds. The same cadence, the same everything,” he said.

He said his music is original, appealing to a diverse fan base. “I don’t want to be stuck into one category,” he said, “My fans are pretty diverse, which makes me think I’m doing something right. So far, everyone likes almost all of my music. I’ve always had amazing feedback on my instrumentals, but once I actually started writing songs, people have been really supportive.”

Rhodes’ music has been described as having a rich bass sound with delicate instrumentals that appeal to the listener.

He said his feelings influence his music: "Music has hyped me up, pissed me off, made me cry, made me smile. It has the capability to make you feel, and that’s the beauty behind it.”

His primary instruments are the drums and piano, and he enjoys using the majority of his free time to work on achieving new levels of mastery. He said he looks to inspire and help others with his music: “I want to retire my immediate family. I want to be able to help someone when they truly need it. I want to give kids hope that no matter the odds, you can do what you put your mind to.”

He said he also wants to draw attention to local talent: "I want to be the voice of all the unheard talent. There’s literally so much talent in my hometown, but a lot of people don’t have the drive nor see the point in pushing them. So I want to be the reason.”

The CD, Tyrone Unchained, can be previewed or purchase at, or by contacting Claude D. Rhodes, Baldy's Music Group Publishing, 1250 Hillendale Rd, Chambersburg, PA 17202 (717-496-3505). - Chambersburg Public Opinion

"Introducing youth to music to keep them out of the streets"

Tyrone Rhodes produces beats in his studio thanks to his father, Claude Rhodes. Tyrone says he learned a lot about the hip hop industry from his dad.

“Just to sit there and watch him spend countless and numbers of hours sitting there researching and learning new things is motivation for me because he still has the motivation to do this,” said Tyrone Rhodes.

Claude has introduced many youths in the Chambersburg area to music through Strong Arm Family. The organization was founded in 1999 to help at-risk teens.

“It was a way for them to let their aggression out through music, instead of actually putting it out instead of the streets,” said Claude Rhodes.

Claude took many people under his wing and believes he saved a lot of them from going down the wrong path. He even encouraged many to start their own groups as well.

“I was trying to tell them what would you need to do, is you need to get your group together, get somebody to build your team and do the same thing that I’m doing for you,” said Claude Rhodes.

And one of those who started their own group was William Houser. William founded TeamWatchMeWin. The non-profit helps people with cancer, autism and Chron’s disease. TeamWatchMeWin is also a clothing line and a music platform where many artists were able to come through. Houser attributes the success of TeamWatchMeWin to Strong Arm Family.

“And that’s where all the knowledge basically from dealing with OG came into play because at one time I had like 17 artists,” said Houser.

And Houser was in the streets and at one point locked up. He believes Claude help save his life.

“A lot of stuff that Claude told me, I was still in trouble, but it helped me through so much though,” said Houser.

by: Jonathan Hunter

Posted: Oct 19, 2018 / 03:13 AM GMT-0400 / Updated: Oct 19, 2018 / 03:13 AM GMT-0400 - Local


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2. Strong Arm Family Presents BoldBeats The Mixtape Vol 1



"How BoldBeats is Taking Rap to a Whole New Level

by Aline Santana

Making your way to the top in the Music Industry may be a hard thing to do nowadays, but it is always possible as long as you work hard and have a unique talent. The living proof that this is indeed a fact is Tyrone Rhodes, also known as BoldBeats, a talented rapper from Chambersburg!

Tyrone’s talent may be justified by the way he was raised. It is clear that this young rapper breathes music, and he exhales pure talent. I think anyone who has the chance to see him perform can feel the passion that he passes to the audience throughout his voice. It is an intense mix between captivating lyrics and a beat that will only leave you wanting more.

You must be thinking, "Well, many rappers are like that". So, what makes BoldBeats different from all the others in the Music Industry?

The music market nowadays may be cruel, and only some may survive and develop their career to a fully known level. The artists, most times, cannot give themselves the privilege of caring for others; they can only care for themselves, otherwise, they will get lost in the wide ocean of talent... But that is not who Tyrone is.

BoldBeats is a rapper that cares for the community he is in. He is not selfish to think he should have all of the success for himself. Not many have the talent or dare I say good luck, of being able to be successful in his career and still caring for his community. He acknowledges that the cruelty of the show business can be frustrating, leading incredible talents to remain hidden due to the fear of disappointing themselves by failing on following their dreams and doing what they truly love.

Tyrone has the confidence that a true artist needs. He knows he will be successful because he knows what he is capable of. Seeing his imminent success, he plans to be the voice to all the hidden talents that may be inspired by his story and that sympathize to the passions he might share with them, especially from the community of Chambersburg. He is planning to make his own company, where he can help and support others in following their true aspirations. Tyrone is not afraid of being altruist, and he knows as well as we all do that he will succeed in what he does best, that is rapping like a true rap lord!

Tyrone also tries to keep himself as modern as he can be. We already know that his lyrics are amazing and that his beats are incredibly awesome, but what we might not question ourselves is: why do we like it so much?

The answer is, BoldBeats is very aware of the style of the contemporary world. He knows that, even if we might prefer one style, we will always enjoy (perhaps equally or almost) many other styles. What does he do? He takes inspiration from many styles and put it in his music. In this way, he creates a unique and sickening beat that leaves us dazzled — in a good way.

In a brief resume, we are driven to the realization that BoldBeats is not only the artist we need, an example to many others, but also a complete professional, that thinks and cares about what his audience is expecting from him. He is getting each day more known, and it is completely obvious through his work that he is totally worthy of his success. Some may not even know about him, but what is for sure assured us that all will admire and enjoy what he is offering us: his true passion in the shape of music."

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