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Maplewood, New Jersey, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF

Maplewood, New Jersey, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2013
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"Trizzy Trav: Making Music For Me"

Trizzy Trav: Making Music For Me

November 29, 2017
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+FreshFinds: Buffalo rapper, Trizzy Trav gives his opinion on the current state of hip-hop and provides insight on his music and life in Buffalo.
Trizzy Trav is a rapper and producer from Buffalo, New York, but is originally from New Jersey. He is also a member of the hip-hop group Loyalty Life. Before he was known as Trizzy Trav, he was T Dot.

Under his former name, he released his first mixtape, Love For The Sport in 2013. His earlier work The Warm Up, SS Rhythm andTell Me (prod. by Scott Supreme) are three of his most popular tracks on SoundCloud. He says that The Warm Up is the track where he finally found himself as an artist. Once he realized that he didn’t have to prove himself to anyone, he continued to perfect his craft. TrizzySZN, a 7-track EP was released this year (2017) and was accompanied by a visual for the track, Same Ones (feat. Young Maine).

Trizzy Trav is one of the artists keeping the creative culture in Buffalo alive. He stays true to himself and provides motivation in his music. Trizzy gives his opinion on the current state of hip-hop and provides insight on his music and life in Buffalo.


T: What is it like for you as a rapper in Buffalo, New York?

Trizzy: You kinda feel like you’re in your own area. Your own lane. Almost like a forgotten city or a forgotten artist. The major markets like New York City and Toronto are hours away so you feel like you have to work twice as hard to get recognition like them. But it creates that hunger and that chip on your shoulder that you kinda somewhat need in this industry. Me being from New Jersey originally, there’s a BIG difference in the mindset from the artists here in Buffalo and artists from New Jersey.

T: Would you say that Buffalo has a thriving music scene or is everyone relocating? How different is the mindset compared to New Jersey?

Trizzy:I would say the scene is thriving now but there’s still some work to do. There’s been some dope festivals and shows for artists like Bueve Flueve and Vibrations. Haute La Vie threw a dope event not too long ago. But I think if you want to expand you have to travel outside of here for sure. Back in New Jersey, there are so many people who have been successful and you see them so you know it’s achievable. It’s right in front of your face. New York City is a 20 minute train ride away depending where you stay. Any given day you can bump into somebody that works at Spotify, Complex, etc. The outlets are more accessible. More importantly, the people LOVE hip-hop! They love hip-hop in Buffalo, too. But you’re closer to the “machine” as they say or the tastemakers who have a bigger reach.

T:I’ve been hearing about the creative culture in Buffalo. It’s dope that platforms like Bueve Flueve and Haute La Vie are a thing. It’s necessary! Of course it’s a plus to be closer to the major outlets and in the booming cities, but there’s something about the grind in your hometown, right? Some people are able to make those major moves and others are working towards it, but in different ways. What’s keeping YOU in Buffalo?

Trizzy:I get asked that like every other day, lol. To make a very long story short, my son was born here in Buffalo and I can’t stay from my lil man. So to make things easier I stay here and I travel out of state whenever I need to. On top of that, our whole Loyalty Life brand originated here. The entire team is here. And Buffalo is a beautiful city on the rise. I mean yea you got your grimey parts. You got your places where you shouldn’t be caught at a certain time. But that’s every hood in America. There are dope events here. There’s been some movies shot in this city. I just shot a music video to my next single with the DJ SlimGus by the Freedom Wall, which had incredible art. It’s not a bad place to call home.

T:Just like that, ha! Listening to your music, I get a real hip-hop, mellow and motivational vibe. Your music is lyrical and you paint a vivid picture with your words.

Trizzy: Thank T! That’s what I try to do. I look at the hip-hop that I grew up on and they really had something to say. Wayne, B.I.G., Jay and T.I.P. just to name a few. They all really had things that they wanted to say and when you listened you were able to paint the visual picture. One of my best friends use to say “You an ill n**** if you paint a picture with words.” That’s what I try to do. Just tryna be an ill n****, lol.

T:Painting pictures with words is what it’s all about. You named Wayne, B.I.G. and T.I.P., all great lyricists and influencers. Some argue that hip-hop is “dead”. It’s a huge topic of discussion in our music era, particularly with “Mumble Rap”. What’s your take on the state of hip-hop today?

I think hip-hop is in a great place right now. Whatever you want is there for you to find.
Trizzy:I think the people that say hip-hop is dead just look at the surface and only listen to what’s popular. There’s hundreds of lyricists out there. My team is full of spitters. Even in Buffalo you got Westside, Conway, Billie Esco and L-Biz just to name a few. Cole, Kendrick, Big Sean a more popular scale. There’s tons of them out there! Just because they feed you “Mumble Rap” doesn’t mean you have to eat that. If your taste is lyrics you can find it. I stumble across dope lyrical artists on Instagram everyday. But even with mumble rap, that’s an art form that grew from hip-hop. It wouldn’t be so popular if there wasn’t a market for it. I think hip-hop is in a great place right now. Whatever you want is there for you to find. There are hip-hop cyphers like every weekend if that’s what you’re into. Hip-hop songs top billboard charts all the time. There’s so much variety. You just gotta find what you want.

T: That’s what I appreciate about music. If you want it, you will find it. Want to turn up? There’s a sound for that! Like trap music? Want straight bars? It’s there! Let’s talk about your latest project, “TrizzySZN”. Walk me through your thought process.

Trizzy:Yea of course. So I actually finished this project in about a week and a half, which is crazy for those who know how I operate. This entire EP is based off of the last song which is “This Time Around”. I was trying to figure out how I wanted to approach that track and I got like 5-10 ideas at one time. It was like a five second thought full of ideas, then a light bulb went off and I thought, “Why don’t I create a project about that exact moment?” I know other artists will feel me when I say we forget about a lot of dope sh*t quickly. This was my way of kinda finally putting every idea I had on wax through the content, melodies, sound, all that. That’s why the “This Time” (intro) fades like it does at the end of it. That’s why “Get Em Off” fades into the outro like that. I tried to extend those quick second thoughts and make them into actual songs so you sort of get an idea of what those quick thoughts were. Then it all comes into full circle with the last track because that’s where it all started. At the end of it I was surprised that I even remembered everything. I usually forget, lol.

T:Very well thought out. “All Mine” and “This Time Around” are two of my favs. I also checked out your earlier tracks. “The Warm Up” really stood out to me. How would you describe your growth over the years?

Trizzy:Earlier I really was trying to find out what kind of artist I was. It’s funny you say “The Warm Up” stood out because that’s where I think I found myself as an artist. I shed off all those insecurities and I knew this was who I was when I recorded that. I didn’t care about proving myself to anybody or nothing like that. I went on to make a whole album after that called “Thoughts of Ambition” under my former name T.Dot. Very introspective project.

T:What advice do you have for artists trying to figure out who they are through their music?

Once you put nothing but you on the track it’s easier to deliver that. There’s nothing fabricated.
Trizzy: What worked for me was I stopped making what I thought people wanted to hear and I started making what I wanted to hear. And I worked on it every single day until I felt comfortable enough to let others hear it. Once you put nothing but you on the track it’s easier to deliver that. There’s nothing fabricated. It’s not hard to remember what’s there. It’s just you in your purest rawest form.

T:That’s real! Great advice for any creative, really. Be authentic. Are you a hands-on artist when it comes to the music production side of things?

Trizzy:Oh yea I have to! I mix and master my own songs. I worked with every producer on this EP to add certain instruments if necessary. Most times I ask them to send me the session so I can add or take out what I want. Your favorite “All Mine” was actually produced by DWhite who is from Buffalo. It sounds a tad bit different and I got that beat from him years ago. He didn’t even notice, lol.

T: I’d love to learn the production side of music. I like to hear that artists are active in all aspects of their projects. Why not learn more and go full fledge. If you could be featured on any artist’s song, who would it be?

Trizzy: Exactly! And when you learn that you can paint sounds around your words. Really giving the song that picture. Man besides my team, I would love to work with Kanye because you really have no clue what direction he’s going to go in. I’d love to be a fly on the wall and see him work. Cole is another I’d love to work with. I’d like to see what his process is.

T:Kanye and Cole would be hella dope learning experiences. They both bring different elements to the table. What about those two stand out to you?

Trizzy: Their ability to create a song as a whole. Lyrics, instruments, sounds, cadence and melodies. Deciding who they should put on a song. Who fits the record. Also their projects are put together very well. Cole’s transitions from song to song are so calculated. Drake is another person who has great transitions.

T:So spot on! It’s so much more than a song when it comes to making music. I say that like I’m a producer/artist, lol. I just have a deep appreciation and connection to good music and dope artists.

Trizzy: You’re a fan of good music so you can hear it!

T: It’s been great interviewing you! So far, I’ve heard all good things about Buffalo and it’s currently on my places to visit list.

Trizzy:This was fun! You should definitely come out! The food is great here! It’s gets cold though so if you don’t like the cold you might want to wait lol. This was dope!

Stay updated with the sounds of Trizzy Trav via his Soundcloud. TrizzySZN is available via Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal. Link up with him on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. - TERRIONNA BROCKMAN

"Trizzy Trav – ‘All Mine’"

Trizzy Trav – ‘All Mine’
February 13, 2018
Bryon William
Travis Herbert, aka Trizzy Trav, is a producer/recording artist out of Buffalo, New York. Trizzy Trav is part of a hip hop group called Loyalty Life. Raised in New Jersey, he was able to find comfort in expressing his emotions through songwriting, making it his passion. Trizzy released one mixtape under his former name, T.Dot. Since then, Trizzy has been avidly working, releasing new projects. His first full project, ‘Love For The Sport,’ an album with a Lil Wayne vibe, was released in 2013. He followed up with a second project, ‘Thoughts of Ambition,’ in 2015. Most recently, Trizzy dropped his EP, ‘TrizzySZN.’

Off of his new album, his song “All Mine,” shows off Trizzy’s infectious sound. Kicking off with a wavy synth line, Trizzy throws in some ad-libs as he gets ready to enter for the first verse. With the drop of the bass, the production picks up and Trizzy enters rapping, “Don't tell a n**** move on/I been waitin' for this day since our first meetin'/My fall back game too strong/Don't worry what a n**** doin' for the weekend/I been messin' with you too long,” his voice powerful, clear, and engaging. His vocal forward mix puts the focus on his voice and lyrics, not just the beat, showing off his clever lines and dynamic flow, transitioning to a more melodic flow for the second half of his verses.

‘All Mine’ was inspired by the back and forth feelings Trizzy had with a girl. Trizzy named the song ‘All Mine,’ (a double entendre) taking ownership of the situations mentioned throughout the song. In the chorus he sings, “Can I be, Can I be the one/(It’s all mine)/Can I be, Can I be the one/(It’s all mine)/You and me, You and me are one/(It’s all mine)/Can I be, Can I be /(All mine, It’s all mine),” bringing the verses together in a memorable moment of the song.

Trizzy Trav delivers a quality music experience with relatable verses, witty bars, and a memorable chorus. With strong tracks like ‘All Mine,’ it will be exciting to see how this passionate artist will continue to develop. His music is available for fans vie iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, and Pandora. For updates on Trizzy Trav, make sure to follow his Instagram page! - Bryon William

"Trizzy Trav Releases Visual For “Get ‘Em Off”"

Trizzy Trav Releases Visual For “Get ‘Em Off”

March 5, 2018
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Buffalo rapper, Trizzy Trav releases a new visual to his single, "Get 'Em Off" from his EP, TrizzySZN.
I interviewed Trizzy Trav back in November 2017 and we discussed his views on the current state of hip-hop, life in Buffalo, New York and his EP, TrizzySZN, which he released that same year. Check out the interview here.

With his EP TrizzySZN still gaining traction, Trizzy Trav kept the energy going and released a visual for the single Get ‘Em Off (feat. Ceeze Dollaz).

In our interview I stated that he paints a vivid picture with his lyrics and this visual in particular does just that. My initial reaction was that the video itself is put together well from the editing to the quality. I also love that he included his son in the video and the overall message behind the track is solid. It’s a great story that I feel many will connect with or be motivated by. I reached out to Trizzy to get insight on his thought process:

“My thought process was to pretty much create a situation of a person just trying to figure out life. We all have a plan until the plan gets shot. How do you plan then? How do you adjust? So this guy’s plan in the video is to grind with the music until he makes it, but he can’t create with the negativity from his girl (shout out to Jiira for the great acting). He takes his son and goes to figure it out without her, which is not what he originally planned. Then his car breaks down. His friends are luckily there to pick his son up while he goes on this “journey”. In the midst of that, there’s a bunch of interruptions in the video. I tried to make those represent the things that come up in a person’s journey. They represent luck, rejection, helping others, self reflection, ups, downs, you know. All that stuff that goes on in life. Notice the cut scenes or b-role. I wanted it to be a continuous shot where there wasn’t any because life comes at you fast so I didn’t want any preparation from scene to scene. Slim Gus the Video Shotta shot and edited the video. He did a great job in capturing that.”

No matter your stance in life, who you are or where you’re from, this track speaks on making your dreams a reality despite the many obstacles that you may face. Trizzy Trav’s messages of motivation in his music is a common theme that I appreciate.

Stay updated with the sounds of Trizzy Trav via his Soundcloud. TrizzySZN is available on all platforms. Link up with him on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. - TERRIONNA BROCKMAN


Things have been heating up for Trizzy Trav since he dropped his new EP ‘TrizzySZN.’ The NJ native now gives us some dope visuals to his fan favorite single “Same Ones.” Check the DHawks visual and be sure to snag the EP on your favorite streaming platform. - UHTN1

"T.Dot: “Tell Me” – the first official single off the upcoming album “Thoughts of Ambition”"

Travis Herbert, known by his stage name T.Dot, is an aspiring hip-hop artist and producer. He is a member of Buffalo New York’s hip hop group Loyalty Ent. Originally born and raised in New Jersey, T.Dot was a shy kid reluctant to share his true feelings with friends and family. T.Dot found comfort in expressing his emotions through writing and it quickly became therapeutic. As he grew older, his writing continued to evolve and he began to experiment with making songs. Inspired by rappers such as Lil Wayne, Fabolous, and 50 Cent, T.Dot discovered his true love where he could put musical instrumentals behind his writing – Hip Hop.

Travis Herbert, known by his stage name T.Dot
Travis Herbert, known by his stage name T.Dot
At the age of 19, T.Dot attended his first official studio session and he was amazed at everything that transpired in order to develop a song. He decided right then and there that music was what he wanted to pursue. He performed at open mics and mastered his flow, wordplay, and his the ability to produce a track. T.Dot released his mixtape, titled Love For The Sport: Mixtape Before The Mixtape, on August 13, 2013 which is proclaimed to have a “Lil Wayne Dedication type of feel…”

A few months ago T.Dot released “Tell Me” as the first official single off his upcoming album to be titled Thoughts of Ambition set for release during 2015. “Tell Me” is a witty, club-friendly track with a message behind it all. T.Dot has some of the most awesome parallels and metaphors as his lyrics cut like a razorblade… “I ain’t saying I’m the best, but I’m better than you are”. With this track T.Dot proves that he is a true figure in the game and will be for a while.

T.Dot is one of those rare rappers that seem to have it all; lyricism, charisma and respectable street cred. He has come a long way in a fairly short period of time, since releasing hot tracks like “The Warmup” and “I Got That”. His flows have grown to A+ quality and he can hold the flame and ride it out with some of the best there is right now!

The fact that he addresses a variety of issues in his tracks, and raps in a determined way about them too shows his maturity. Plus he doesn’t steal his rhymes from other rappers, like some of his contemporaries do. Overall T.Dot sparkles on all fronts. His flow is smooth and the production shines on “Tell Me”, making this one banging track! - Rick Jamm

"T.Dot The Rawest – Finding Happiness Through Music"

T.Dot The Rawest – Finding Happiness Through Music
By Adrian "A.D." Dubard - February 12, 2015
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Happiness can only truly be defined on one’s personal level based on their own life experiences. We may attribute our perception of happiness based on what we see from others but it’s mainly ourselves that we must make happy. We have to ask ourselves, ‘What makes me happy?’ Aspiring rapper/producer Travis “T.Dot” Herbert, a New Jersey native, has found his own form of happiness in the rap game. He has studied the blueprints of the greats like Lil Wayne, 50 Cent and Fabolous as he patiently waits for his chance to shine. Inspired by not only their music but their ability to hustle, T.Dot’s versatile lyrical ability and constant efforts to grind shows that he’s got more than enough heart , soul and potential to take the world by storm. T.Dot sat down with Parlè to discuss his aspiring future in the music game.

Parlé Magazine: Where did the name T.Dot come from?
T.Dot: Before I even started rapping, I would go into the studio with a friend of mine who knew I liked to write. He encouraged me to start rapping. He asked me what my name was going to be at the time and I didn’t even think about coming up with one. So I pitched Trav but there’s already a Trav that raps. So my friend nicknamed me T.Dot Raw but this was around the time Tyga would say T Raw all the time so I didn’t want to use that. So I went with T.Dot The Rawest because that’s what I write and rap about. My music is raw but it’s still relatable.

Parlé: How has the rap game treated you so far?
T.Dot: I’ve been doing good, people have been giving me a lot of positive feedback. It took me a while to actually put stuff out, because I was taking time to perfect my craft. I didn’t want to just put anything out there because there’s a lot of garbage out there already and that’s just not me to put anything out there.

Parlé: Have the fans been showing you love so far?
T.Dot: I get a lot of love in Toronto. Here in Buffalo NY where I’m at now people know me out here. I did a show in Cleveland where I opened up for King Chip, people probably know him best for working a lot with Kid Cudi. I got mad love in Cleveland when I did that show. Before I went on stage no one there knew who I was but by the end of my set they all wanted to. My songs get a lot of radio spins down in Little Rock, AK, Atlanta and Augusta, GA. So far there’s been nothing but love coming my way on that end with the fans. I love them and they love me back.

Parlé: How would you describe your music?
T.Dot: I speak on life and real situations. I don’t do a lot of that club type music but I prefer something with a little more feeling to it. I speak about things people have been through and can relate to. I’m not a preachy type of rapper but I do have a message. I can make a song that people would be able to party to but at the same time they’d gain something from listening to me.

Parlé: Are these “real situations” you rap about based on your experiences or from other people?
T.Dot: My songs are always through my perspective on things. They’re about things that I have done, things that I have seen and experienced firsthand. Even if the experience isn’t something I’ve gone through, there are some songs on my album about things my friends and family have gone through, I write about how it affects me and how I’ve handled it. Everybody goes through the same thing from time to time and that’s what I speak on.

Parlé: As an independent artist, do you feel you are able do more or less with your music?
T.Dot: It’s a gift and a curse. As an independent artist I can do a lot of stuff my way creatively and I don’t have a major record label telling me that I have to do it a certain way but at the same time I don’t have a lot of the resources and money that those companies have to put my music out there the way I want it to be. I’m more about the art with my music and I’m happy I’m able to make my music this way because I don’t have to alter my creative vision.

Parlé: What can readers expect from your upcoming album?
T.Dot: The name of the album is Thoughts of Ambition and it’s set to release March/April of this year. “Tell Me” was the first single off it. The album has different parts to it. I took my time with this because I wanted to relate to people who may be struggling, they want more out of life. Even people who may be successful, this album represents the thought not to settle for less and knowing you can do more. You’ll also be able to hear where I am in my life so far. There’s no set date yet just be on the lookout for it.

Parlé: Are you working on any new projects besides the album?
T.Dot: I’m shooting a mini movie with my next single. In the video for “Tell Me” you can see a little bit of it there. I don’t want to give away too much as of right now.

Parlé: Who would you like to collaborate with?
T.Dot: There are so many people that I would love to be able to work with. If I had to pick one off the top of my head I would say Kanye West. He’s such a genius with his music, the way he’s always raising the bar with his work, I feel like I’d be able to learn so much working with him especially with me being an artist and producer.

Parlé: Where can readers find your music?
T.Dot: You’ll be able to find me on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and Soundcloud

Parlé: If you had to pitch one song to attract newer fans from your new album what would it be?
T.Dot: That’s a hard question, it’s like asking a parent to chose their favorite child. “Tell Me” the video has been getting a lot of plays on YouTube and airplay, people have been loving it. “Hashtag” is another one, people can definitely relate to that one because it’s about relationships on social media.

Parlé: How can people connect to you on social media?
T.Dot: My website is under construction right now but when it comes out it’ll be Instagram, Twitter, Soundcloud and Facebook you can find me with @tdottherawest or just look up tdottherawest and you’ll find me. I’m not hard to find.

Parlé: Do you have any last words?
T.Dot: I don’t want to be cliché. Just be patient great things don’t happen overnight and to those that it has they aren’t here in the long run. I was always told to enjoy the journey and learn from your experiences and mistakes. - Adrian "A.D." Dubard


Thoughts of Ambition (2015) [released under the name T.Dot]
TrizzySZN (2017)

Less Is More (2019)



Travis Herbert, known by his stage name Trizzy Trav, is an aspiring hip-hop artist and producer.  He is a member of Buffalo New York’s hip hop group Loyalty Life.  Originally born and raised in New Jersey, T.Dot was a shy kid reluctant to share his true feelings with friends and family.  Trizzy found comfort in expressing his emotions through writing and it became therapeutic.  This soon became his passion and Trizzy began writing about everything from his darkest secrets down to his simplest experiences throughout the day.  

As Trizzy grew older, his writing continued to evolve and he began to experiment with making songs.  Inspired by rappers such as Lil Wayne, Fabolous, and 50 Cent, Trizzy discovered his true love where he could put musical instrumentals behind his writing – Hip Hop.  Trizzy fell in love with the art and the craft of rap versus the portrayed lifestyle of a music artist.  The material that influenced the music was more intriguing to him than the materialistic image that the artist illustrated to the public.  At the age of 19, Trizzy attended his first official studio session and he was amazed at everything that transpired in order to develop a song.  Unsure about his future, Trizzy decided right then and there that music was what he wanted to pursue.

With his idealistic attitude, Trizzy did not want to expose his music to the world until his craft was near perfect.  He performed at open mics and mastered his flow, wordplay, and now even has the ability to produce a track.  He studied all types of hip hop artist before him, becoming a student of the game until he became into his own artist. Under his formerly known artist name, T.Dot, Trizzy released his 1st mixtape titled Love For The Sport: Mixtape Before The Mixtape, on August 13, 2013 which is proclaimed to have a “Lil Wayne Dedication type of feel...”   Trizzy released “Tell Me” on 12/8/14 as the first official single off his 2nd project titled Thoughts of Ambition released in May 26, 2015.  Trizzy also wrote and directed a short film to his fan favorite single Winter In Buffalo, which was also apart of Thoughts of Ambition.  

On July 28th, Trizzy dropped his new EP, TrizzySZN.  This is a preview on whats to come from the Jersey native artist/producer as fans still anticipate his next long awaited project Until I Did It..

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