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Durham, North Carolina, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2019 | SELF

Durham, North Carolina, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2019
Solo Pop Alternative




"‘Get Out Again And See Something Beautiful’"

Tre. Charles will take the stage this weekend in front of The Brown Sugar Collab for a two-hour set. Longtime residents may be familiar with the indie-soul guitarist and singer already. He’s played around town for years, but he’s turned his music into a full-time career. Charles recently dropped his first single, “Stressin’,” which he says was inspired by what it feels like for him to be a young Black man in America and the isolation he felt during the pandemic.

(Fun fact, he even submitted a video to NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert contest last year.)

Like it has for most people who perform for a living, the last year’s been tough on Charles. But he’s happy to be back in front of crowds now.

“I personally feed off the energy of the crowd and the reception, and it’s kind of hard to convey that emotion through a screen sometimes,” Charles said.

And emotions are vital to Charles’ songwriting. Over the last year, there have been plenty to work through.

“I want to let people know what I’m feeling and what I was feeling when I was writing it, and I try to evoke that emotion and help people feel their feels,” he said. “Whether it makes you mad, happy or sad, I want to help you feel it.”

He hopes people want to feel those emotions -- and soak up some sun — with him Saturday.

“If you want to come out and support, I would appreciate it, and support all the artists that are going to be out throughout the month, because everybody kind of wants to perform for everybody and get their music back out there,” Charles said. - NPR (WFAE)

"Triangle First: Tre. Charles’s “Stressin.” Announces a Bold New Local Talent"

It’s always exciting when a fully formed new talent seems to appear out of nowhere, and that’s how it felt when Tre. Charles’s debut single landed in our inbox.

Charles, a 29-year-old indie-soul musician in Durham, is currently preparing his first EP, from which “Stressin.” is the title track and lead single.

The production is impeccably understated, consisting mainly of guitar scrimshaw, hissing electronic hi-hats, and the occasional upwelling bass. Yet it feels rich and full, thanks to the halos of harmony shining from Charles’s voice, which is naturalistic even when subtly extended with reverbs and delays.

Though Charles shrewdly keeps his moody, implacable melody uncluttered, he also decorates it with imaginative details—a bit of backmasked guitar here, a pitched-down syllable there—that stand out all the more sharply for their judicious placement.

His singing, slow as oil yet light as air, suffuses the arrangement with an atmosphere of weary resilience, as if Charles is casually carrying the weight of the world.

This is apt, as “Stressin.” is a meditation on the perils and pressures of being young and Black in America. It’s also a poised debut of deceptive simplicity, disarming delicacy, and transfixing clarity that comes highly recommended to fans of Frank Ocean, James Blake, and the local 21st-century-soul exemplar XOXOK. It speaks volumes about Charles’s vocal talent that the wordless hook of “Stressin.” is the stickiest part, and we can’t wait to hear the EP. - Brian Howe

"Album Review: Tre. Charles – “Stressin.”"

Lately I have taken to night walks. Slow solemn steps through darkness I wander, dressed in black, emerging in street light and disappearing again into the shadow we call night. Always I am joined by the company of music. Headphones on, ambivalence tuned up, I make my way through the side streets of my sleepy neighborhood listening to a debut song by a new local artist. His name is Tre Charles. His song, “Stressin”, debuts on 4/26.

A soft melodic intro matches the pace of my strides as I ease into my ambling. The percussion enters and my feet fall into rhythm. Within a beat we are joined by a dulcet emotive voice. With a lyrical delivery focused on assonance, I allow myself to be carried by the sound of a resonant voice whose inflections tell me everything I need to know. There is sorrow here, longing, isolation, the tone of despair.

True to the genre of R&B, Tre’s debut song holds within it a meditative soul and emotive flow. Self-described as an embodiment of his “personal and social struggles,” this song is contemplative, emotional, and delivered by a voice embracing of its own vulnerability. It certainly pairs well with soul-searching shadowy night walks.

Listen to the song and check out its accompanying music video, now live across platforms. -

"WXTJ Writes! by Max Russ: on his debut single “Stressin.,” Tre. Charles reflects upon our current moment"

Tre. Charles is a driven, charismatic, and thoughtful artist who connects with his audience through music that’s both warm and deeply personal. His debut single ‘Stressin.,’ which drops on April 26, embodies the personal and social struggles that he has faced throughout his life as a young black man in America, along with capturing the isolation that most of us have experienced during the current pandemic. I sat down with Tre. last week—metaphorically I suppose, since it was over Zoom—and talked about the meaning behind this track, some of the stress he’s experienced over the last year, racism in America, and more. I encourage you to read on and get to know more about this talented musician, and definitely check out his new single + music video!

Although he’s sung and played the guitar throughout his life, Tre. began to pursue his musical ambitions and make songs around October of 2019 while facing stress from his job. He found that throughout his diverse career of odd jobs, some in leadership roles and some not, he wasn’t living up to his truth. He wanted to tap into his passion, which was his art. In many ways, this song seems to be a realization of his own aspirations: “I wrote this song a while back,” he told me, “and it represents my pressures from being in an industry that I don’t necessarily want to be in…I saw that I was fulfilling someone else’s dream versus my own.” Tre. also mentioned that around two years ago, he experienced somewhat of a divine intervention—after a car accident injury and his subsequent rehab. “After that, I realized exactly what I wanted to do and how I wanted to reshape what I was doing and putting my ability out there.” To this point, ‘Stressin.’ is a liberating track, both for Tre. to develop his sound and for listeners to celebrate his transformation. While the pandemic unfortunately put a halt on live performances, these obstacles don’t seem to get in the way of Tre.’s determination and passion for music.

Tre. currently lives in Durham, N.C., but he grew up in somewhat of a nomadic style along the east coast. His experiences in so many locations inform his astute perspective, especially in regards to the different forms of racism he has seen and endured. Though Tre. has lived in the Southeast recently, where racism and bigotry are often times more overt, he was raised in upstate New York and recalled how his hometown faced segregation and more discreet instances of racial injustice. Citing the recent trial over George Floyd’s murder, Tre. told me that a major layer of stress that went into this song is the sense of being “hopeful for change, but also knowing that not a lot has changed,” he said. “Small victories [like the Chauvin verdict] are victories, but it’s a jaded feeling because it’s more of a high-profile accountability.” Tre. emphasized that he captures a story with his music—both from personal experiences and on a larger scale—about the difficult experience of being black in America. For me, it’s telling of both his character and resilience.

‘Stressin.’ is a timely release for a number of reasons, but it’s also important to note that on a basic level, it’s simply a wonderful song. Tre. pairs his excellent guitar riffs with a strong foundation of drum loops; his vocals are luscious and soulful. Overall, it is music that anyone can appreciate, and its value only increases due to the stress that he addresses in his wordplay. Be sure to check out Tre. Charles’ website here, and most importantly, listen to his debut single out April 26! - Max Russ

"CCG Interview"

"he has cultivated a sound which pays homage to his nomadic upbringing. With hints of avant-garde R&B, modern/indie rock, and southern soul" - Charlotte Concert Guide

"CreativeMorning Charlotte Chapter"

"Trey Charles owned the Charlotte Star Room stage." -

"Tre. Charles X WBTV Charlotte"

"Tre. Charles has a smooth, unique, nuvo-soul style to our stage" - QC Life


Still working on that hot first release.



Tre. Charles is a singer-songwriter who dives into the depths of his soul to try to bring you into his world with an expressive blend of warm and soulful undertones. Growing up along the East Coast – from Upstate New York to Birmingham, AL – Tre. Charles has been exposed to a myriad of different cultures. It is from these experiences that he has cultivated a sound which pays homage to his nomadic upbringing. With hints of avant-garde R&B, modern/indie rock, and southern soul, Charles’ relaxing & elegant music has a lot of people listening. From being featured on regional programs such as QC Life (WBTV) and My Carolinas (WCNC) to headlining Brothers Brewing Coffee festival in Northern VA, to gracing the stages of the international conglomerate of CreativeMornings in multiple states, all these accomplishments are coming before his debut single/ music video release (Stressin.). (Stressin.) received stellar reviews throughout the east coast from contributors of Pitchfork, NY times, NPR, and many more publications as well as soaring to 200k in less than a month and 100K on Spotify. This all is just the beginning to this bold new artist's journey.

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