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Vallejo, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | INDIE

Vallejo, California, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2016
Solo Hip Hop Hip Hop




"B.O.S.S code magazine interview"

B.o.s.s Code Magazine Exclusive Interview With TooTsie




TooTsie The Rapper

City of birth/Current city

Born in Vallejo Ca

Current Sacramento Ca

How long have you been into music , and what was your attraction?

Music has always played a big roll in my life, however I've been into music on a serious note for about two years now.

For the most part the creativity to express my energy through sound is what attracted me.

What other talents do you have?

Other Talents falling under the entertainment category would be dancing and modeling.

Tell us about some recent events/projects?

Just recently I released my first official music video for my single swerve.

What do you like most about Music and creating it?

I love every part of music, its art. Creating a energy that is real, just listening to a beat and catching a nice flow is my form of therapy or outlet.

What is your short term Music goal?

My short term goal is to continue to build a firm foundation as a female rap artist.

What is your long term music goal ?

My long term music goal is to make music that is authentic, have a purpose in the music I make and,stay relate-able to diverse crowds.

Who is your favorite artist / producers past and present?

I like artist such as Left eye, Lauryn Hill, YoYo, Ice Cube, 2 pac, Aaliyah, the list can go on, I am really into 90's era.

What type of adversity have you had to overcome in your endeavors?

For the most part I haven't had any difficulties, in my eyes if something is meant to happen then it will. I can only control 90% of what takes place or what may take place in my life or career the other 10% is out of my control. However I always say patience is a virtue never rush the time because timing is everything, so I never try and push something into place i just set up goals and start knocking them out in a timely manner.

Thus far, what is a stand out moment of your career?

This year has been full of accomplishments for me and my team, we have a lot to be excited and thankful for. The biggest stand out moment would be the release of my first music video. This has been a very exciting experience because It was released on Sept. 13,the day of my birthday. To have so many people watch and support the swerve video was and still is an unforgettable moment and I take pride in it.

How do you stand out among other artist?

I stand out simply for being myself, Staying true to myself and those around me , bringing a positive energy to those who seek after it.

Tell us a fun fact about you:

fun fact about me ,I have 1 son, 8 siblings and over 15 nieces and nephews.

B.O.S.S. Code stands for Business Over Social Stress.How can you relate with that in your life and career goals?

I can relate because any move that I make I never let it over take me. If something doesn't work out according to how I may map it out, I cant stress about it. Sometimes we have to just let nature take its course, how we deal with things is what strengthens us and I feel that I am too blessed to be stressed. - B.O.S.S CODE MAGAZINE


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What's going on? Please introduce yourself to The Grynd Report and tell us where your're from.

What's going on , I'm TOOTSIE and I'm from the Bay Area in northern ca

​What was your inspiration to become an artist?

my inspiration came when I stopped limiting myself.

They say actions speak louder than words, so when I finally started taking action and begin to think outside the box from what I was use to, I then started to see myself , I saw my self as an artist and I took the advantage to set those goals and make it happen.

Explain to us your style of music. What do you want your potential fans to hear when they listen to your body of work?

My style of music is 100 percent authentic and has somewhat of an old school feel mixed with the new school. My style of music is catchy , authentic, and relevant.

I want my potential fans to really be able to listen and relate , giving them a positive and also a fun turn up feel.

What​s the current single you are pushing and where can we find it?

My current single I'm pushing right now is SWERVE (stay in yo lane)

Currently on SoundCloud and ReverbNation for free listening however pre-orders for iTunes , google play and Spotify will be available starting June 23.

And From there July you can find and purchase my single on those 3 platforms.

​Do you think it's tougher for female artists to gain the recognition they deserve in the music business?​ Why or why not? ​

It really depends on who you are as an artist. I feel every artist is different and unique in their own way.

Your level of confidence and ambition only goes unnoticed if you allow it to. Keep pushing and staying dedicated to what you want your going to get the recognition you deserve regardless. it may not be exactly when you want it but if your ambitious enough to go after it then I you can and will.

What is your definition of Grynd?

My definition of grynd is to push yourself beyond your limits , to grynd is to be consistent with your determination putting all fear aside and having the willingness to accomplish anything you set out to do.

What are some of the biggest lessons you've learned since you've been in this business?

Consistency is key always. And that's just with anything in life , but being consistent with your fans and being consistent with your work you will start to see major changes and things will

Just fall into place .

What's next for ​you​​?

Traveling , making more music , enjoying and embracing what is here and what is yet to come. improving myself in every which way I can ! Go hard or go home , I say go hard.

Where can we find you online?

You can find me on

Instagram @tootsietherapper

On twitter @iam_tootsie

On SoundCloud at

You can also find me on

Any Shout outs?​

Yes I would like to give a special shout out to gryndsavvy hustlas very own Gryndsavvyct , my family and friends for all their support! - THE GRYND REPORT

"New York, NY (Top40 Charts)"

Introducing Female Rapper Tootsie! Check Out Her Latest Video "Swerve" Read more at: - Top 40 charts

"Music Video by TOOTSIE performing “SWERVE” (Stay In Yo Lane) (c) 2017 GryndSavvy Records"

Music Video by TOOTSIE performing “SWERVE” (Stay In Yo Lane) (c) 2017 GryndSavvy Records - Rapstarvidz


First and foremost the idea behind Swerve is not directed toward anyone in particular, but more of a broad statement. Swerve brings the energy to let others know to keep the drama and hatin over there. The message can be directed towards those people who bring negative vibes. It gives you that excitement to tell someone to stay in their own lane and stop focusing so much on what you have going on in yours. - ON THE SCENE NY


Still working on that hot first release.



Female hip hop artist from Northern California that emphasizes positivity and having fun. Tootsie brings new hope to the young hip hop generation, and hopes to inspire young women who would like to pursue a career in the music industry. She's young and passionate, and her lyrics are relatable and authentic. 

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