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Theresa Sophia

Boston, MA | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | SELF

Boston, MA | SELF
Established on Jan, 2016
Solo Hip Hop Spoken Word




"Introducing Haitian Rapper Theresa Sophia & Her New Single “If I…”"

"I logged into her Soundcloud and immediately fell in love with her music and her poetry. When I asked, what took her so long to start her music career she said it wasn’t planned, she literally woke up one day and had an epiphany and started rhyming." - L'Union Suite

"Newcomer Theresa Sophia Drops First EP and It's Definitely For The Woke."

“Hailing from Brockton, MA, Theresa is not your average rapper. She is a powerhouse, who has achieved so much already that she could be successful in a variety of other areas besides rap. So why is she rapping? Everybody is a rapper these days right? What makes her any different? Well one listen to her debut project entitled "For The Woke" and you'll have the answer. Theresa has message that needs to be shared. She is simply sharing it the best way she knows how: with her words.” - Its Lit Boston

"Mic Tap"

“You know life is all about expression. You only live once, and you’re not coming back, so express yourself.” ~Salt-N-Pepa~

The Haitian-American beauty,Theresa Sophia, is doing just that.
Blackpreneur Magazine was able to catch up with the busy Boston resident to gain insight into her life, and how she is expressing it to help others.
I learned that she wears more hats than Spike Lee. When was the last time you witnessed him without a hat, I’ll wait…In the meantime, Ms. Sophia is writing, and delivering rhymes, spitting poetry, and creating startups.
Her startup, Mentor Black, is an e-mentoring site dedicated to young, and older adults. It provides a platform to connect, and build mentoring relationships.
Not only is she flexing her entrepreneurial talents, by day, she displays her expertise with the Boston Public Health Commission, in project management and grant coordination. Providing a valuable connection between clinics, and communities, she enhances the resources that are available to the public.

Let’s see what else Ms. Sophia had to say in our interview.

Blackpreneur: What is the drive behind writing your raps and your poems?

I just write what I observe and what I feel. And I like to tell stories…that are very real and raw that, like, other people aren’t really talking about…in my poetry, I always start from kinda, maybe like a negative place. And then, in the end I like to leave people with, like, a lesson or like the summary of what I want people to gain from my poetry.

Blackpreneur: How often do you write?
(Almost every day) I use my twitter as a place to vent, and write about things.

I also learned that she started writing and reciting poetry around six years old. Her love for Shel Silverstein’s poetry, was seen as she responded to her mother’s inquiries to describe the world around her. She would respond as poetically as possible. Very impressive, young grasshopper.

Sophia’s mother is regarded as the most influential person behind her drive to push harder. Describing her mother as self-less, she expressed how her mom was known to take people into her home whom had nowhere else to go. Open doors. Open heart. It is of no surprise that Theresa is just as compassionate with her message to reach out and help others with her art.

Blackpreneur: How far do you want to take it? What is your ultimate goal?

My focus is to help people…I just want my voice to be heard…I’m not doing this for fame, like, of course I want to make money and I wanna…survive off of solely the music, and my other endeavors. My focus isn’t to be the biggest name and to always be heard like on the radio and making millions and millions of dollars. I just wanna…impact people and help women, specifically black women.

Her desire to help black women can be clearly seen in her poetic pieces. Sisters is a call to action for women to stop battling one another, and instead to pull together with the purpose of building one another up. She states “As women of color we are already on the defense, so why not join forces and start defending each other?...Because when we attack each other, our community is committing suicide.”

She not only tackles unity but relational aspects as well, with her piece No More F*ck Boys. It addresses the toxicity of how many women seek love outside of self. “I turned a blind eye to the Jekyll and Hyde.” It spotlights how many women fall more in love with a man’s potential in their visions, than actually being open, and accepting of the reality that he just is not cutting it. “I realized, he was a f*ck boy, but I let him boy.” Theresa calls out to your hearts “Please learn from my experiences and don’t let these f*ck boys in.”

Blackpreneur: How often do you go out in the city and recite?

Right now, maybe like once a month, it’s not that frequent because I’m in the process of recording my first EP. So a lot of the freetime that I have, like during the weekends, I’m writing and recording for that…Once that is done and fully written, I hope to be out in the city, and not even just Boston, but like New England. And all the East Coast like every weekend performing.

Blackpreneur: When do you think your project (rap) will be complete?

Early May…The EP is five songs, and I have four songs locked and loaded, and ready to go. I just need to get one more song in. Definitely early May.

I was blessed with a chance to hear her song If I…ft. Rebecca Zama (Produced by Art Vandelay). You can check it out here:

It is a gem filled track with Lauryn Hill undertones. Theresa speaks of educating our people, balancing the culture’s exposure, and ultimately, helping our melanin beauties heal. She raps about what it would look like if she ruled the world. She deals us hope, encouragement, and restructuring. This is a track you definitely want in your earholes. Keep your ears peeled because her EP is expected to drop soon, and you don’t want to miss it.

I am very excited to see what else Theresa has in store. We at Blackpreneur salute you, and look forward to more of your gifts on display. Thanks for sharing your light with us. - Blackpreneur Magazine


Still working on that hot first release.



Theresa Sophia is a Haitian American rapstress hailing from Massachusetts. With long wiry sometimes untamed locks and a 90s personal and musical style, Theresa is reminiscent of the essence of hip hop. The raw, the real, the unapologetic.

Theresa began showing strength in writing at a young age, becoming a spoken word poet and performing all across her home state. After finishing her schooling and receiving a Masters degree from the University of Miami, Theresa Sophia the poet became the rapper.  This shift in genre would expand her audience and introduce them to Theresa’s ability to connect with them at all levels.  

In early 2016 Theresa began to develop her sound, experimenting with different melodies resulting in the production of her first project, “For The Woke”. The lead single, from the EP dropped in April of 2016, an adaptation of Nas and Lauryn Hill’s classic “If I Ruled the World”.  The single was well received on social media platforms, for example, it received 1,000 Soundcloud plays in its first week. Theresa then dropped the rest of the EP May 5, 2016 - which was also well received.  

Theresa in a short time period has been able to introduce a refreshing and timely jolt to the music industry. She has rallied a fan base in her home state and is rapidly expanding to the rest of the nation - then the world! 

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