Albany, New York, USA
SoloHip HopSinger/Songwriter

My music is very different from what you hear now and days. I tell stories with my lyrics. I try to keep my listeners wanting more. I want them to relate and to understand that I'm just an average person just like them. My life moments are put in to these stories that I tell. I love music!


Unlike most artists that credit the creativity of others
for inspiring them to pursue a career in music, D3V was greatly motivated by
the lack of originality and lyricism in current hip-hop music. Identifying a
void in the game, D3V has goals of making an impact in the industry by providing
a perspective different from the big city peers he actually respects: Fabolous,
Drake, Big Sean, J. Cole, and Kendrick Lamar. D3V’s versatility has allowed him
to excel equally in athletics and on the mic, and both have fed his love for
being in front of an audience and testing his lyrical prowess – on his last
mixtape, Labor, D3V challenged himself to rap over unexpected instrumentals
from artists like Taylor Swift and Ciara. But because Albany is unrepresented in
hip-hop, D3V finds no pressure to conform to the sonic expectations placed on
artists from major metropolises and combines the seductiveness of ambient
production with hard hitting punch lines, bass heavy low end head bobbers with
cocky girlfriend-stealing musings. Working hard to set the bar high in Albany,
D3V plans to exceed it in cities where it has already been set and force other
rappers to come correct when they set foot in upstate New


I have 1 single out now called 1Night produced & featuring my brother D.O.C. I also have a bunch of projects lined up and ready to be pushed out.