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Lancaster, California, United States | SELF

Lancaster, California, United States | SELF
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"More Stuff On THE RANGER"

Cool Cats, Broads, Chix and Retro Zoot Dawgs
Please Welcome

“The Ranger”

We would like to tell you a little bit about this new recording artist and current day superhero/crime fighter known as The Ranger.

With total attitude and a strong sexy voice, his humor and melodic songs bring together a cool retro music style bridged with an edgy and powerful Rock & Roll groove.
The Ranger has a stage show that is exciting, entertaining and filled with powerful surprizes.

We would like to suggest that The Ranger is most like
The B52’s, Cab Callaway, Leningrad Cowboys and Frank Zappa all in one yet very original at the same time.
Wild, wacky and never taken too serious.

The Ranger disguised as a Radio DJ by day at WRG RADIO fights crime and seeks justice with his two side-kicks, Groovy-Jean & Stella Bistarlite.
These two leggy kick boxers are just awesome. Almost makes it fun to be a villain now that we think about it. Word has it that The Ranger lives in a subway cave somewhere deep in the bowels of New York City when not working at the radio station.
While usually showing up at the wrong place at the wrong time in
The Ranger Mobile equipped with the latest crime fighting gizmos, our hero just can`t help but to give really bad advice to young star struck admirers once he has foiled all enemy plots.


Plans are to develop The Ranger as an actual cartoon & comic strip superhero character while actually performing live music stage shows promoting all associated products and concepts.

The Ranger
has a wide demographic (10 -30)
We believe The Ranger could make a very funny and entertaining movie or mini series. We hear Hollywood calling!

We are now developing The Ranger playing cards as all characters & villains could be collected as you would collect the new YU-GI-OH cards.

We also see other Ranger merchandise such as
crime fighting gadgets, super music watches, T-shirts, hats, posters and of course music CDs and DVD videos.

Think BATMAN with an edge, music and all.
One big difference is you can actually see The Ranger in concert and on stage. Think about it…. A kid sees this new and exciting superhero as a cartoon on TV and then finds out that his hero is actually playing in concert with his band at the local arena.
We see major ticket sales & sold out venues.
Mom & Dad will also love this truly entertaining show.
All stage instruments and costumes have been custom made by the best craftsmen in the world as we look to create The Exciting Adventures Of The Ranger.

All concert performances will look like a cartoon come to life.
We are now developing relationships with radio stations who are excited to play along for some of The Ranger’s wild promotions and antics.
The Ranger is ready to show up in The Ranger Mobile at local schools, malls, parks and other public assembly venues to promote all concerts, CD/DVDs and other associated products while on tour.

All stunts will be pre-arranged with local actors playing actual villains.
Anyone who spots The Ranger and the girls will be urged to contact the associated radio station to win free give-a-ways and special promotion packages. Concert tickets, T-shirts, CDs etc…


The music business has changed in recent years as have music demographics.
Shelf life and music placement is running wild and it takes a strong concept to stand-out among many, many musical choices.

From our marketing research we see that The Ranger not only seems to cross ethnic lines, but people of all ages really seem to understand the total concept.

Whether it be the fun radio friendly music, or the superhero edge we are developing, The Ranger has had a lot of interest from kids who are 10 years old who love the superhero edge, to people who are 30 and love the swinging & rockin’ danceable groove.
Most exciting is that we have played the music for teen adults who really have grabbed on to the retro music style that The Ranger employs and refers to him as a cult type figure.
Some of the more adult MTV type songs are fun, and a bit over the edge and done in a clever way.

Together we see The Ranger CD and the superhero concept a sure winner.

The package we are offering has been 100% completed and ready for licensing.
We have invested our own money because we believe in this concept.
It is also important to know that the publishing is wide open and available.
We have the full music CD, the premier music video, the stage show and are ready to promote and work with a progressive label.

We seek a company with a strong distribution base, fresh marketing ideas and one that understands that it takes team players for the ultimate success.

Thank You
The Ranger support team.
- The Ranger Support Team



Feeling a bit camera shy

The Ranger is a fun & zany production.
A cool retro swingin` and smokin' music style bridged with an edgy and powerful Rock & Roll groove. People of all ages flock to see the wild & whacky world of THE RANGER.
The Ranger is also marketed as a current day superhero with Ranger Mobile and all!
This cartoon and stage production is of a family nature for all to enjoy. The Vegas show is edgy & fun!

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