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Brooklyn, NY | Established. Jan 01, 2018

Brooklyn, NY
Established on Jan, 2018
Band Hip Hop New Wave




"Single Review: Joaquin Garcia – “Fuego” Prod. By Fendi Frado (Official Video)"

For being a 16 year old what can we say about Joaquin Garcia other then he is a super solid Hip Hop MC. With his most recent music video titled “Fuego” Prod. By Fendi Frado he has been able to showcase his youthful talent and Music Video talent on this dope Single. “Fuego offers a simple yet very effective Beat and melody, with Joaquin Garcia’s concentrated rhyme scheme and punchlines to make a true classic in Hip Hop. We have to point out that the Music Video production is very professional and directed properly. Cant get any better then this, Super fresh Hip Hop with a Super Fresh Video. Much Respect to Joaquin Garcia for holding down quality Hip Hop at such a young age……………….@UGHHBLOG - ARMANDO URENA JR

"J-Ali – Apart (Ft. Joaquin Garcia , Everton, & Nathaniel) (video)"

J-Ali, Joaquin Garcia, Everton, and Nathaniel release their visual for “Apart”. The Michael Garcia directed visual portrays the artists going through communication and relationship issues. J-Ali and Joaquin Garcia face the challenge of trying to maintain a love life along with chasing music and art. Check out the video below. - BrianDaDirector

"On The Come Up: Everton×Nathaniel×Joaquin Garcia"

Today DubCNN sheds light on up-and-coming hip-hop trio Everton×Nathaniel×Joaquin Garcia. Hailing from New York, the rap ensemble is making major moves in branding their name in this cutthroat game. Check the interview, check out their new video, and be sure to listen to additional tracks on their official SoundCloud page. Only on DubCNN.

DubCNN: DubCNN checking in with up-and-coming hip-hop group, Everton × Nathaniel × Joaquin Garcia. What’s good fam?

Joaquin Garcia: Chillin, watching some old ECW matches happy to do this interview.

Everton: Whats up man we really appreciate the interview.

Nathaniel: Nothing much just glad to have this opportunity doing this interview

DubCNN: Having recently dropped a new video, and a project on the way, you guys have obviously been on your grind. How would you describe your musical style?

Joaquin Garcia: I would describe it as honest and fun. We do a lot of different types of music but all of it comes from the heart.

Everton: Creative and stylish.

Nathaniel: Basically just speaking my mind at times, being creative, and trying to have fun.

DubCNN: What initially inspired you to pursue a career in music? And how did you guys meet?

Joaquin Garcia: I would have to say Tha Carter 3 album. That shit came out when i was in 4th grade and it just made me want to be a rapper. But with music I have to give credit to my family. I grew up surrounded by music, my dad has a collection of like a million records; and I mean it a million records. There is no other choice but to love music, it just so happens that it was my calling.

Everton: When i was young i always used to listen to music but then i stopped. My father always had music playing and made me rap the lyrics. when i came into high school i met Joaquin and he inspired me to want to rap and now here i am.

Nathaniel: I was always involved in music being a part of my school bands and constantly listening to various types of music. It was always something that interested me but what really inspired me to pursue rapping was when I met my bro Joaquin and listening to him freestyle outside of school. That is what really motivated me to begin writing music.

DubCNN: Can you tell the fans about your experience growing up in New York?

Joaquin Garcia: It’s a cool place but theres a lot of hate here and people want to bring you down. You have to work for everything you have but i love my city. There’s just something different and special about people who come from New York. New York got that swag you know.

Everton: New York is the best place to show your creativity to the best ability. And even though people can hate all i feel is love in my city. My City made it possible for 2 Puerto Ricans and a Black kid to get together.

Nathaniel: I experienced a lot growing up here in New York having many of both good and bad times but growing up here made me who I am. Everything here moves at a fast pace and you constantly gotta try and keep up. Things could get overwhelming at times but overall I love it here there is no place I’d rather have wished to grow up in.

DubCNN: In your opinion, how has West Coast hip-hop influenced other regions of the country?

Joaquin Garcia: The West Coast really influenced the game in a big way when it comes to style. I got to Cali every summer and i see it in a big way when it comes to the way people dress and you can see some of that in the way i dress and rap at times. The Pack is also a group that influenced me in a big way with their swag and flows. Shout out to Stan D i got love for the Bay.

Everton: The swag man. From the clothes to the cars the West Coast influenced the entire country with that.

Nathaniel: The West Coast just brought a whole different style not only in music but in fashion as well. I respect the West Coast it created a lot of great rappers and a lot of talent and still continues to bring a lot of talent to the rap game.

DubCNN: What is your opinion on the state of hip-hop today?

Joaquin Garcia: I think Hip Hop is in a great place. A lot of people try and hate on the state of Hip Hop but there is so much creativity in the game right now and so many outlets for everyone to make music and just create. Artists like Young Thug are really changing the game and we hope to do the same and influence this and the next generation of music fans, not just rap but music as a whole.

Everton: Hip Hop gets stuck in the past instead of trying to expand on more creative ideas that can make a mark on our generation. Thats why we formed Swag Team to show the world different things we can do to make art.

Nathaniel: There is such are large variety of different styles going on in today’s hip hop. There’s some repetition that goes on with certain styles of music but for the most part boundaries are constantly being broken and new styles are being formed. This is great in my opinion because it allows people to be less afraid to be different.

DubCNN: Tell us a little bit about your soon-to-be released project.

Joaquin Garcia: It has many different sounds and many different emotions. Its super fun and people are going to love it. It really captures what it’s like to be a young person growing up in the United States.

Everton: Swag team put this project together to show the world how many creative things we can put into a project and just have a great time doing it.

Nathaniel: We took a lot of time making this project trying to make it is the best that it could be for the fans. It’s full of different styles we put a lot of creativity into this and I just hope that everyone loves it.

DubCNN: What upcoming projects can we expect from you?

Joaquin Garcia: I have an upcoming track called “Like You Know” with a feature from Perry Boi, that shit goes hard; and we have a video for a track called “Young Money” which is going to change the game.


Nathaniel: I got two new tracks coming out with my bro Joaquin called “Time for Time” a fun track to listen to and “Way Home” which I got to show a little more of my romantic side. We also got some new group tracks coming out including our new Young Money video coming out soon just wait on it.

DubCNN: What new element do you plan on bringing to the rap game?

Joaquin Garcia: I plan on bringing more style more flows more ideas and just more rapping to the game. And a lot of fun.

Everton: More swag and positive energy.

Nathaniel: I’m trying to bring art to the rap game stepping outta the box and trying to just give good vibes and a new style to hip hop.

DubCNN: Who are your top 5 MC’s of all-time? And which artists have been major influences on your music?

Joaquin: My favorite top 5 has to be Lil Wayne, Jay Z, Drake, Doe B, Young Thug and Eminem. I had to put 6 but all these dudes especially Wayne and Jay Z; they really made me want to become a rapper and really live this music shit.

Everton: Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Drake, Young Thug and A$AP Rocky

Nathaniel- J. Cole, A$AP Rocky, Drake, Young Thug, and Kanye West. Each of these artists influenced me in my music but mainly J. Cole and A$AP Rocky being my top two influences.

DubCNN: Where can fans find you via Social Media fam?

@JG_NIC333 @yvngev @Taino_Kidd23


DubCNN: Thanks fam, from DubCNN. Anything you would like to add fam?

Joaquin Garcia: Thank you so much for the interview it was a pleasure. Big shout out to my friends my fans my family and Linda. Much love Swag Team out.

Everton: Thank you so much for the interview man. shout out to everyone.

Nathaniel: Thank you I really appreciate you giving us the interview. Hope everyone got to know us a little more and just make sure to keep an eye out for what we bringing next. Nothing but love take care. - Haven

"Jet Commander & Joaquin Garcia – “Black Sun”"

Brooklyn based artists Jet Commander and Joaquin Garcia team up for the anticipated release of their visual for their track “Black Sun.” Jet and Joaquin find themselves turning up with their friends at a local baseball field. Director Michael Garcia sets the mood with surreal like colors throughout the music video. - MOTD1


Still working on that hot first release.



Rising out of a millennial generation, where distance is made relative and technology breaks barriers, Legacy has taken full advantage of the playing field that the internet has created for them.  Two high school friends, Joaquin Garcia and Yvng Ev out of New York City found common ground in the lyrics they wrote and the rhymes they spit, formed a rap duo and became brothers. During this time, Joaquin Garcia headed to a performance art summer camp where he was able to connect with artists MCHI and $suaveee out of California. An undeniable connection, this bicoastal rap group has made collaboration a regular affair, shooting emails from one coast to the other in hopes to support each other and build up each other’s fan base in an effort to captivate the entire United States.

With manager E$GO and brand manager, Linda, this team has formed the beginnings of a super-group and have big plans to infiltrate your airways no matter what city you live in! Linda’s background as a freelance photographer and videographer has given her the skills and know how to articulate Legacy’s vision with dope visuals.  E$GO, lovingly referred to by his community as Mister Andrew, a mentor, community activist, and curator has given Legacy the foundation and wings to achieve their highest dreams by managing the day to day responsibilities to give them the space to focus on their craft and collaborations.

Legacy’s East and West coast collaborations blend a sound influenced by varying artists from Jay-Z to E-40 creating a unique sound specific to Legacy! Joaquin Garcia, who is the connecting piece to this rap group puzzle, describes Legacy’s music as both relevant, conscious, and fun; relatable to the billboard hits we all know and love.  Legacy is bound to be something special! Rooted in friendships that came way before making music together, we should see some of their synchronicity shine through very soon. Be on the lookout for Legacy, coming to a coast near you!


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