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The Lounge Act

Manhattan, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF

Manhattan, New York, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Rock Indie




"The Lounge Act Details Their Introspective New EP, 'Phases'"

The Lounge Act is a band at a tipping point. The indie quartet have expertly honed their nostalgic garage rock sound since their 2011 formation, and their "true DIY" hallmark still rings true nearly five years later. Now, with an introspective new EP, Phases, out Tuesday and a first-ever tour slated for later this month, the New York band is on the brink of something big—and they know it.

“[It will be] the best show you’ve ever seen and the best music you’ve ever heard,” says bassist Roger Walsh of the 10-date jaunt.

Hailing from The Big Apple’s metropolitan sprawl, The Lounge Act came into being as casually as their name may suggest. What began as hanging out as high school buds soon turned into a burgeoning career, launching from covering greats like Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes to solidifying a sound of their own as they matured in both age and musical skill.

“We’re not really a straightforward indie rock band because we all come from different musical backgrounds,” says drummer Nick Ciccantelli of their varied styles, which range from hard-edged punk and metal to mainstream icons like Coldplay and The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

The group released their first EP, Contours, last July, a four-song collection of raw, riff-heavy cuts fit for an epic live show. After generating a healthy buzz both locally and beyond, The Lounge Act strapped down in early 2015 for Phases.

According to Simon Arcenio, the band’s vocalist and principal songwriter, the new EP doesn’t have one singular source of inspiration, in part because many of its songs have been painstakingly perfected over the last few years. Still, Arcenio hints at a slight theme of disillusion with the modern world, and Ciccantelli also speaks to a coming-of-age aesthetic.

“I did have a specific direction with the song ‘Phase II’ that deals with the qualms we have with living in New York City, and this idea that everyone is so preoccupied with the grind and making money,” Arcenio says.

Now on track to embark on their debut tour with a newfound sense of confidence, the group has smartly spun their previous missteps into prudent know-how. “We’re still learning,” Ciccantelli says. “A big part about being creative is making mistakes. If the creative pursuit is important to you, you have to hone your craft.”

Walsh stresses the importance of communication in regards to future plans. He attributes The Lounge Act’s current level of success and the brewing rise ahead to a mutual understanding of what everyone wants.

“A big mistake other bands [can] make is that they’re not on the same page about what they want to do and what the future looks like,” Walsh says. “That happened to us. We didn’t know what the next step was to get to the higher caliber of music playing and writing. We now have done so at the five year mark.”

When they’re not playing or writing music, the guys can be found either shooting hoops (“we’re the best basketball-playing rock band”) or hand-making their physical CDs. The four of them literally create, package, and ship their discs themselves, and for a long time produced all their own merch, too. Though tedious, the band agrees that their system is rewarding in the end. “When you see the first CD it’s like, this is fucking amazing,” says Ciccantelli of the process.

Starting April 16, their impending tour will drop them in places like Brooklyn, Chicago, and Columbus, Ohio, and the guys are eager to get out on the road. “I haven’t been to most of the places we’re going, so I’m excited to see the country and get into some shenanigans,” Ciccantelli says.

Phases drops just four days before their send-off, and will no doubt usher in a new chapter for the group. Recognizing that the music biz has a learning curve, Walsh offer this advice to other young artists: “A thing with new bands is getting so excited that you rush in. Don’t. Take a moment to think, and [then] figure out the smartest play.”

For The Lounge Act, that journey is just beginning. - IndieU

"Exclusive Premiere: The Lounge Act Shares “Phase II” // New EP Out 4/12"

New York-based quartet The Lounge Act are a bit of a throwback operation in both sound and spirit. In fewer words; they don’t care much for your bullshit.
In consistently stepping outside of their comfort zone, The Lounge Act has evolved since their formation in 2012 while holding onto equal parts pride in their work and humility in their committment to handling every aspect of their existence as true DIY-ers.
In short order, The Lounge Act will follow their last EP, still piping fresh from last July, with Phases. Speak Into My Good Eye is happy to host the exclusive premiere of single “Phase II” below.
On the track, The Lounge Act work through their collective frustrations, unloading a strong, elastic dosage of garage meets funk rock vibe. “Phase II” bubbles over with a torrent of exciting ideas further demonstrating the band’s natural chemistry.
“‘Phase II’ is about our quarrels with socioeconomic status and the common ideology amongst NYC millennials that success and power equates to a large savings account,” shares Simon Arcenio. “While living in the city, all 20-somethings grow accustomed to a level of arrogance that’s tied to wealth. You see it in the way people walk, and you see it all over the local music and art scene. It’s something that drives us to want to get the fuck out. As a band, each of us realizes that maintaining our humility is the key to musical growth.”
Stream The Lounge Act’s “Phase II” below and be sure to look for Phases out April 12th via self release. - Speak Into My Good Eye

"Premiere / The Lounge Act / “Misdemeanor”"

Fans of easy, laid-back, soulful garage rock, rejoice. Anyone who loved The Strokes before Julian Casablancas got all heavy and weird, exult. The Lounge Act, who’ve been jamming out to their signature 90s-tinged garage rock, are creating a buzz worth doing some merrymaking about. There’s just such a purity of energy behind the sound The Lounge Act produces. Just like The Strokes or Arctic Monkeys of old, there’s a raw, elemental punch to the music that finds its way right into your feet and hips. It all sounds so easy and effortless. It all sounds like so much fun. It’s quite literally music to your ears. Man, this takes me back.

Together since high school and making music under the name The Lounge Act for the last few years, these guys are undeniably tight. Their next EP, entitled Phases, is set to drop on April 12th and today we’ve got a treat for you. We’re premiering a track off this upcoming release for everyone today and we couldn’t be more jazzed over the pulse-pumping, uncompromising thump these guys have set in motion with the track “Misdemeanor”. Following the name, it even feels like a small crime getting to witness something this good. “Misdemeanor” feels fresh and refreshing. The energy that comes through here is both pointed and all encompassing. Lead singer Simon Arcenio delivers lyrics with a certain attitude, charm, and relaxed poise that it’s hard not to fall in love. Nick Ciccantelli on drums pushes the cut along almost frenetically but with a frankness and fortitude I can’t help but wiggle my toes and butt as I write this.

“Misdemeanor” is not just reminiscent of an earlier sound, it’s a revival. One that we feel is long overdue. - Independent Music News

"The Lounge Act- Clean Guitars, Epic Proportions"

Dueling, clean guitars, raucous drums, and sentimental vocals, The Lounge Act makes a lot happen from seemingly almost nothing. With songs that take plenty of twists and turns before arriving, tracks like ‘Julie’ and ‘For What It’s Worth’ reveal an often ignored potential for straightforward rock ensembles. Lounge Act seems to make the effects we usually hear from stompboxes come out instead directly from singer Simon Guzman’s epic tales of heartbreak and disappointment. With all the possibilities granted to recording these days, it’s refreshing to hear such an honest means used to tell a story. Lounge act has found this formula, by reinventing rock music’s familiar terrain for their own purposes. And there’s nothing wrong with that. - The Deli


2015 - Contours EP



The Lounge Act is a 4 piece indie-rock band hailing from New York City, comprised of high school friends Simon Arcenio (vocals/guitar), Jordan Wuest (lead guitar), Roger Walsh (bass), and Nick Ciccantelli (drums). They began their journey in November 2011 with some demo recordings, and set out to gig as hard as possible in the local scene. Since then they've played all around NYC and Long Island, and have created an undeniable buzz with their unique breed of hard hitting garage/indie rock and their high energy shows.

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