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The Grayces

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | SELF

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2010
Band Rock Grunge




"The Grayces release a “strong and unrelenting dose of grunge metal.”"

“If you have been searching for rock ‘n roll that you can feel in your gut and that sends shivers down your spine, look no further than The Grayces” ~ Vents Magazine - RJ Frometa - Vents Magazine

"The Grayces Kick Off "Westing" Tour Today"

“The Grayces play freaky, heavy garage rock that you won’t want to stop listening to. Ever.” ~ The Deli Magazine - Amanda Aydelott - The Deli Magazine

"Recap: CMJ 2014 - Tuesday - The Grayces - Bowery Electric"

"It’s an absolutely huge-sounding band for a three-piece, tailor-made to blast the eardrums of rock club patrons who love in-your-face displays of guitar bravado." ~ Paste Magazine - Dacey Orr - Paste Magazine

"Exclusive Album Premiere: Westing by The Grayces"

"Moody, driving rhythms, at times sullen and always deeply submerged in a turbulent pool of reflection, Nashville’s grungy psych-rock trio, The Grayces are making major waves." ~ Culture Collide - Heidi Graf - Culture Collide

"Nashville’s The Grayces premiere scuzzy new video on PopMatters"

“Westing is a chemical reaction of fierce riffs and smoldering passion that could tear down walls.” ~ Vents Magazine - RJ Frometa - Vents Magazine

"Album Review: The Grayces "Westing""

“Westing” is a strong and unrelenting dose of grunge metal. The Grayces manage to throw it back to eras past while remaining distinctly original. It’s simultaneously hypnotizing and head banging, and should appeal to stoners, surfers and skaters as well as sober and landlocked listeners. With a distinct aesthetic and hooks that hang around for days, the album does the job in less than 45 minutes, proving that The Grayces not only rock hard, but also rock smart.” ~ The Deli Magazine - Terra James-Jura - The Deli Magazine

"The Grayces, ‘Do It to Me’ – Exclusive Premiere"

"There’s a heavy, new vibe bubbling out of Nashville, blending the classic sounds of psychedelic rock with the heavy rawness of grunge. In the form of a rock trio, this vibe stems from the Grayces." ~ DIFUSSER.FM - Chuck Armstrong - DIFFUSER.FM

"Check out The Grayces video for Do It To Me as their album is set to release this week"

“A classic rock style meshed with psychedelic grunge. It is a refreshing new style that will capture your attention.” ~ Music Junkie Press - Marisol - Music Junkie Press

"Album Review & Interview: The Grayces"

“Westing” is a superb example of the new age of underground rock." ~ Joonbug - Molly Boekenheide - Joonbug

"D4AM Reviews The Grayces - 'Westing' and Videos"

“Just when everything starts sounding the same, bands like The Grayces sweep in and bash your ears open with a great take on classic sounds. Dirty grunge riffs meet some psychedelic influences with today's born-to-rock-out trio." ~ D4AM - D4AM

"The Grayces - "Lord and Gods of Alcohol" Video Premiere"

"There is a certain swampiness to the rock and roll purveyed in by the Nashville-based the Grayces." ~ Pop Matters - Brice Ezell - Pop Matters

"The Voice Magazine Reviews The Grayces - 'Westing'"

"Each song on this album has something to offer. Whether it is the bass lines, dark lyrics, sultry singing, or masterful guitar playing, if you are a fan of rock music, be sure to check out this album. " ~ Voice Magazine - Samantha Stevens - Voice Magazine

"The Grayces at Spike Hill for CMJ"

"Stone and Cantrell were the leather jacket and Ward’s bass line was the zipper that joined them together for a night of kicking some ass." ~ WG News - Anthony Moore - WG News

"Raw Ramp Review The Grayces - 'Westing'"

"Heavy on improvisation and full-to-busting with audio collage – this rock for fans of grunge metal – topped off neatly with a contralto voice that is properly eeky." ~ Raw Ramp - Neil Mach - Raw Ramp

"Emerging Indie Bands Review The Grayces - 'Westing'"

“ Brooding sounds bleed their soul into the atmosphere. Dark, chilling and the trio send cracks of sexual tension through the room like a dominatrix stiletto heel advancing on a stone floor.” ~ Emerging Indie Bands - Tim - Emerging Indie Bands

"See – The Grayces – “Do It to Me”"

“My God, what a band. This band kicks. It’s like Ozzy and Joan spawned a grunge band this is original and ass-kicking at the same time. This is music you want to cruise to, what you listen to when you’re knocking down mailboxes. Not sure what is in the water in Nashville, but this band is great. Ass kicking rock and roll lives on thanks to you, The Grayces.”~ Audio Fuzz - Phil King - Audio Fuzz

"Watch Nashville’s The Grayces Warp Minds In The Video For “Lord and Gods of Alcohol”"

"The Grayces’s raging inferno sound mixed with insanity driven, haunting haunting vocals rears its ahead again in the video for “Lord and Gods of Alcohol”. The immediate headbanger only serves to further whet appetites." ~ Speak Into My Good Eye - Mike Mehalick - Speak Into My Good Eye

"Pens Eye View - The Grayces Interview - Westing"

“The Grayces have been bringing a new sound to the legendary stages of Nashville, releasing all-original tunes through a blitz of sounds,” ~ Pens Eye View - Richie Frieman - Pens Eye View

"The Grayces Release Single "Do It To Me""

"Unapologetic grunge rock." ~ The Deli Magazine - Terra James-Jura - The Deli Magazine

"The Grayces Drop New Video for “Lord and Gods of Alcohol”"

"The Grayces sound like Bleach-era Nirvana with a girl behind the wheel. " ~ No Country For New Nashville - Jacqui Sahagian - No Country For New Nashville

"New Video: The Grayces – “Old Man” (Live on WFHB)"

"A few weeks ago we featured a rockin’ trio from Nashville, TN called The Grayces. If you haven’t checked out that band, I highly recommend it, they are heavy and powerful in their execution and ambition, and worth every note. The Grayces consists of the fierce lead vocals and guitar skills of Iz Stone, masterful bass playing from Patrick Ward, and controlled intensity from drummer Chas Cantrell. Together they deliver their own brand of rock and roll that is both appreciative of old school rebellious rock and relevant to the modern listener." ~ Hipsterspinster - Nicole O'Neal - Hipsterspinster

"The Grayces play Valley of the Vapors, Day 4 in Hot Springs, Arkansas"

"... the effect was primitive and effective, and this is a band I hope to cross paths with again." ~ Arkansas Times - Cheree Franco - Arkansas Times

"The Grayces to play Valley of the Vapors in Hot Springs"

The Grayces sound kind of like The Runaways mugging The Ramones. ~ Arkansas Times - Robert Bell - Arkansas Times

"Music Video, You Say? The Grayces' "Just Another Thing""

"The song itself is a fun and bouncy post-punk number." "Stone's voice kind of reminds me of Nikko from Velvet Underground but, to be honest, better. On top of being the vocal vixen of the trio, Stone also holds down a sleazy and slinky guitar riff that keeps the song punk-rocking." ~ Rock'n'Roll Honeypot - Jo-Jo Jackson - Rock'n'Roll Honeypot

"The Grayces On The Local"

"There’s nothing The Grayces do that doesn’t have an implicit Grayces touch. They’re inherently creative and make the mundane insane. It’s that ever-present creativity matched with their thoughtful and philosophical approach that make them truly unique in a vast Nashville music-scape." ~ Sinizine - Dave Sharp - Sinizine

"The Grayces "Just Another Thing" wins OneCloudFest 2011's Favorite Music Video"

With throwback swagger and an old school, punk rock sound reminiscent of Blondie and The Ramones, The Grayces will rock you hard with “Just Another Thing.” ~ OneCloudFest - OneCloudFest

"Jack White's Third Man Records Fan Appreciation Show "Nobody's Vault But Mine""

"The Grayces, with an enticing and distinct sound that has a way of inducing your head to move involuntarily, silenced all conversation. Smokers came back inside, the bar staff stopped working to watch—no one was pulling their eyes away from the stage long enough to order drinks anyway. Conversations ended mid-sentence. Unique and catchy, The Grayces’ killer vocals and solid style opened the day off right." ~ Brite Revolution Magazine - Jamie McCormick - Brite Revolution Magazine

"‘Just Another Thing’ isn’t just another thing…"

"Lead singer Iz Stone’s ability to go from Pat Benatar to Grace Slick to Joe Strummer and back again in under 3 minutes is astounding..." ~ WKNC 88.1FM - Elyse Hopple - WKNC 88.1FM

""The Grayces Vinyl Release""

“The Grayces rocked everyone's faces off, (not surprisingly), grinding their way through ten energetically raw wailers."

"The Grayces truly packed the pizzazz into their performance, and after seeing more of their brilliance through a longer set list, we look forward to listening to their record, and seeing what they will do in the future." ~ The Deli Magazine - Erin Manning - The Deli Magazine

"The Grayces Debut E.P. Review: "Hot Off the Presses""

"... the right mix of nervous energy, camp and pomp on their self-titled debut 7-inch ... the standout track here is 'Yep,' the jumpy guitars and carnival-esque whooping of which recall the late-’70s punk singer Poly Styrene and her backing band X-Ray Spex." ~ The Nashville Scene Magazine - Tracy Moore - The Nashville Scene Magazine

"The Grayces reviewed: "NOW Records Celebrates Launch""

"Iz Stone’s yelp sounded not unlike that of a female Joey Ramone and her razor wire guitar came straight from 1977. Their single, 'Just Another Thing' is made of all the stuff of bratty teen pop gold." ~ The Silver Tongue - Sam Wilson - The Silver Tongue


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The Grayces Self-Titled EP:

  1. Needer
  2. Yep
  3. Opposite Day

The Grayces Single Release:

  • Just Another Thing
The Grayces Social Shock Album:
  1. Ricky
  2. Eleanor
  3. Pocket of Plans
  4. Like the Way
  5. No Sense in Crying
  6. Tornado
  7. Murder in the 1st Degree
  8. Groping in the Dark
  9. Your Mom
  10. Climate Sound

The Grayces Westing Album:

  1. Posthumous Fame
  2. Walls of the Dead
  3. Rattlesnake
  4. Drop in a Bucket
  5. Do It To Me
  6. Mercy Kill
  7. Terminator
  8. Skin
  9. Old Man
  10. Westing
  11. Mona Lisa
  12. Lord and Gods of Alcohol
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“If you have been searching for rock ‘n roll that you can feel in your gut and that sends shivers down your spine, look no further than The Grayces” ~ Vents Magazine

"Being true to who we are is the largest factor in the creation of our sound," says Iz Stone lead singer and guitarist of the all original Nashville TN rock band The Grayces. The Grayces have an interesting mix of genre pushing high-energy rock with a tinge of something dark lurking just behind the curtain.
"Moody, driving rhythms, at times sullen and always deeply submerged in a turbulent pool of reflection, Nashville’s grungy psych-rock trio, The Grayces are making major waves." ~ Culture Collide. With fellow members Chas Cantrell (drums) and Patrick Ward (bass) The Grayces have just released their newest album 'Westing' officially made available Oct. 2014. “Westing is a chemical reaction of fierce riffs and smoldering passion that could tear down walls.” ~ Vents Magazine. “Westing” is a strong and unrelenting dose of grunge metal." ~ The Deli Magazine

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