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New Orleans, Louisiana, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE | AFM

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States | INDIE | AFM
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Alternative Post-punk




"The Bummers Shares ‘Garbage People’. “That Indoor Spin Bike That You Never Use.”"

Well, as THE BUMMERS put it to us straight: “People living in their own garbage” is a fabulous subject to tackle for an indie-rock band. And we at CHF, tend to agree with this theoretical avarice of a diagnosis. We (i.e. humans) do sometimes live in our own ‘garbage’. Maybe the world is filled with the things that has potential to be ‘garbage’ very soon in its life cycle.

That indoor spin bike that you never use.

The game system that you place intensely for like a month. Now collecting dust.

The plastics we used to put stuff in, all of the time!

And the biggest pile of ‘garbage’ we live in…

Our life.

Sometimes, we feel that things are not going right in the life we live in, that we feel like that used up can of Coke in the green trash bin outside the house. Lonely, singularly isolated, used up, empty – neglected by the people we thought had our backs.

This is too dark and dreary, ain’t it?

So, let’s choose to believe THE BUMMERS’ single is a ‘cautionary tale’ for what we ‘shouldn’t’ become. Let’s work hard. Let’s be smart. Let’s be light on our feet.

Let’s smile, laugh, love.

You never know. Maybe that’s just what the doctor ordered to set things right.

THE BUMMERS consist of Sean “Dong” Doyle, Ben Shooter, Clay Hakes, and Max Berdik. They are from New Orleans, and they make good bumpin’ music for all of us to rock to. - comeherefloyd

"The Bummers Torch Capitalism In Gloriously Weird New Music Video"

New Orleans pop-rock quartet The Bummers don’t take themselves too seriously. Sure, they love making music — but it’s hard for them to avoid making critical commentary about the world around us, albeit in a humorous way.

That approach is on full blast on the band’s latest EP, Dairy Beach, which OffBeat’s Robert Fontenot described as “punchy tunes with moody, pastel chords, equally reminiscent of post-grunge Foo Fighters, a less screamo At The Drive-In, and the sorely missed Adventures of Jet.” The Bummers have released a music video for “NHL 2002,” a song whose title references a classic video the band members grew up playing. The entire song, actually, is an homage to an early 2000s childhood.

The band says they wanted to “keep it mostly fun and enjoyable” in the video, a goal they accomplish several times over. It’s ridiculous, in the best way possible.

“We live in strange times where capitalism has bred unprecedented inequality, and we’re essentially inundated with useless mass produced products,” the band tells “So the end of the video portrays that through the band members holding random items that are burning in flames. On our first album we had a lot of anti-capitalist themes and I think many of those have carried over into our more recent work as well.”

In a city primarily known for jazz, funk and blues, The Bummers “lean toward heavier music.” Embracing the DIY punk music also prevalent in New Orleans, the band cites locals like Donovan Wolfington and Pope as inspirations. “New Orleans’ appreciation for the zany and wild helps us feel compelled to bend genres, assemble sonically diverse show lineups, and work side by side with musicians who have different skill sets than we do,” say The Bummers.

I asked the band what a Bummers signature cocktail would consist of, to test their sense of humor and left-of-centered-ness. “Nut milk, lime juice, warm PBR and e-girl bath water,” they say. Folks can see these maniacal musicians live on Halloween (when else?) at Gasa Gasa. - Offbeat Magazine

"The Bummers, “Dairy Beach” (Independent)"

Near daily heat advisories, algae choking the Gulf, sharks, flesh-eating bacteria … 2019 is not turning out to be a banner year for beach-going. So why not stay at home and enjoy some anti-beach music from this local pop-rock foursome? If you haven’t seen the Bummers at One Eyed Jacks or House of Blues, just know that their latest EP doesn’t contain any surf-rock stompers or Parrothead boat stories, but it is intriguing. Dairy Beach contains punchy tunes with moody, pastel chords, equally reminiscent of post-grunge Foo Fighters, a less screamo At The Drive-In, and the sorely missed Adventures of Jet. And with the band’s tricky rhythms and stubborn avoidance of the easy hook, the Bummers also bear a resemblance to the equally lamented New-Wave era band, the Shoes.

The group is punky—“First Wok” gets the job done in just over a minute—but the secret weapon is their ironic eye, which is at its sharpest on catchy and seemingly upbeat songs like the lurching title track (all about actors in a beach scene “grasping for meaning and desperate for attention”), and fun ditties like “Kill Yourself”: “Existence is just a bunch of random factors all designed to fuck me up.” Endless bummers indeed. - Offbeat Magazine

"Interview With The Bummers"

By Sonia Schnee | Posted Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Emo punk indie band The Bummers may be based out of New Orleans, but they also have a New Jersey connection. Guitarist/Vocalist Ben Shooter grew up in Little Falls NJ and, back in July, the band performed at The Meatlocker in Montclair as part of their summer 2019 "Mass Consumption Party" tour to promote their new EP Dairy Beach. The guys recently released a new single ("Animal Familiar") as well as a music video ("NHL 2002"). If you’d like to support The Bummers, they currently have a GoFundMe campaign up to help them record their sophomore album and organize a 2020 West Coast tour. Check out our interview with band, below, to learn more about their musical roots and plans for the future.

What's your name, where are you from, where are you based now?
Guitarist/vocalists Ben Shooter and Sean Doyle, bassist Clay Hakes, and drummer Fox Capone comprise The Bummers. The band is currently based in New Orleans, but Ben, Sean and Clay are originally from Little Falls NJ, Philly, and Buffalo NY, while Fox is originally from Nashville.

How would you describe your sound? Who are your musical influences?
Our sound is most easily described as emo punk with some other diverse influences (metal/grunge/post-punk/goth/hip-hop/etc.) mixed in. But we don’t really care about fitting too easily into any specific genre.

Bands we like include Violent Soho, Car Seat Headrest, MCR, Coheed and Cambria, The Toadies, Donovan Wolfington, and Deal Casino (who we played with earlier this year for their New Orleans show).

If we’re doing classic rock covers, though, our go-to is always David Bowie.

Congratulations on the release of your newest single, "Animal Familiar." What can you tell us about the inspiration behind this song?
We wrote “Animal Familiar” while on our summer 2019 east coast tour. On the way to Buffalo, we stopped in at Nada Recording Studios in Montgomery, NY to record some songs with John Naclerio (known for his work with MCR, Brand New, etc.). We more or less put together the lyrics and music in the studio. John’s space is deep in the woods and he had mentioned that he’s also near the “UFO capital” of NY, which made for a spooky atmosphere. We had the intro riff already worked out but in the studio Sean came up with the lead guitar melody which is very minor key and eerie. So we ended up feeling like the lyrics should be about magic and witchcraft. We ended up releasing “Animal Familiar” right before Halloween and made it the opener for our Halloween night show in New Orleans.

You released a music video not too long ago (which is a blast to watch!) for the song "NHL 2002." What was the music-video-making process like?
For the “NHL 2002” video, we worked with a group called Pixel Collective. They had us drive out to their location in Baton Rouge and we filmed the entire thing in one all-day session. The song is all about nostalgia and longing for the simpler joys of early 2000s childhood, so naturally we based the music video on one of the classic video games we played as kids. The actual process involved a lot of jumping around in front of a green screen - they recorded us one at a time and then edited it all together. You can see some of that in the behind the scenes shots at the very end of the video. The studio was also great and reached out to a bunch of their friends to find someone willing to let us borrow a Nintendo 64 to use in the video. Dairy Beach

Your EP Dairy Beach also premiered back in June of this year. Tell us a bit about your creative process. Which comes first for you, the melody or the lyrics?
We started working on Dairy Beach in early 2019 as a follow up to our 2018 debut album A Very Exciting Life. We recorded the EP at the Music Shed in New Orleans with engineer Ben Lorio. On this EP we had a couple of songs we’d been sitting on for a while and songs we more or less put together in the studio. We also had a little bit more time and freedom to do new things we’ve wanted to try. With our first album it was mostly very bare bones - 2 guitars, bass, drums, vocals with maybe one additional harmony. With Dairy Beach we did a bunch more vocal layering than we’ve done in the past and we also got to use some additional instruments - for example we used a B3 organ on “Kill Yourself”, and a cool sequencer that Ben Lorio had for parts of “Pile of Little Arms”.

As we went along we started to notice common themes in the lyrics of our songs and we put together a sort of concept for the Dairy Beach EP. A lot of the tracks on Dairy Beach have a very bleak and nihilistic attitude about them, so we kind of packaged the EP as a bunch of anti-summer bops.

There’s also a track on the EP about growing up in New Jersey which is called “First Wok.” It’s kind of a tribute to Ben’s favorite Chinese restaurant in Little Falls. When we came through NJ this summer on tour we stopped at the real First Wok for lunch.

We almost always come up with music first. Lyrics usually take us a bit longer although we usually have a concept for what the song should be about. Sometimes for lyrics we end up needing the pressure of the studio situation to get anything done and we’re still working on them until right before its time to record vocals.

Is there anyone who you actively collaborate with, or would like to collaborate with in the future?
We’ve been sending John Naclerio our songs to mix and master since A Very Exciting Life, but this summer recording “Animal Familiar” and “Fists” was the first time we’ve gotten to meet him in person and work in his studio. So we’d really like to do a full album at Nada Recordings with him.

Recently we’ve had our friend Davey Ginger joining us on trombone for select shows in New Orleans and we’d love to have him do some horns on the next record. We’d also love to incorporate some rap influence and we were thinking of collaborating with the NJ group Melting Mindset, who played at our Meatlocker show this summer.

Do you have any tour dates coming up, or any shows planned for New Jersey specifically?
We are currently planning a January 2020 tour in California. However we’ll likely be back in New Jersey sooner than you think. Our show at the Meatlocker this summer went really well - we had a lot of friends and family come out but we also got a lot of new people who were interested in the music. We’d love to come back to the Meatlocker and also try some Asbury Park/Jersey shore venues, maybe in summer 2020.

What has you personal journey been like so far? How’d you get to this point?
All 4 of us have been in various bands for most of our lives and are really avid music lovers, so we each bring a slightly different musical perspective to The Bummers. It sort of becomes a bit of a musical stew at times, with a lot of different influences converging. We started in 2014, and I think in our stuff from back then you can hear those differences isolated in different songs. In our more recent stuff, those different sounds have really started to blend together and make a sound that feels a little more unique to ourselves.

We’ve been a band for 5 years now which feels like a big accomplishment. We all work full time jobs and put a lot of time and a lot of our own money into this. We work hard to make time for this, to make the best music and recordings we can, and to put on the best live shows we can with the resources we have. In this past year we’ve started to see our work pay off and we’ve gotten to do some great things. Dairy Beach was our first release to get some real press. We got to do our first TV performance in New Orleans. We’re getting bigger and better shows and also doing a lot more shows outside New Orleans. And this summer we had our tour and it was great to see that people were into our music in places like NJ and Philly.

Being a band certainly isn’t easy in 2019, it can be pretty expensive and everybody has to really be on the same page to maintain a constant schedule. I think because of that, you really have to genuinely love it.

Do you have any words of advice for people who share a similar passion or have maybe faced similar obstacles/challenges?
Play music that makes you excited. Don’t worry about how the crowd will react or what music other people are making and don’t compare your progress to other peoples’ progress.

Find other bands you like and help each other out - share your resources so you can build a community around all of your music.

Finally, what are some ways that fans can connect with you online? (Website? Facebook? Spotify? Etc.?)
Our music is on all major streaming platforms including Spotify/Apple Music/Bandcamp/Soundcloud/etc. Here are a couple of relevant links:






We’re not on TikTok though because we’re not really sure what that is.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?
Be on the lookout for new music. We like the momentum that we have so we’re going to keep putting out new music constantly until long after everyone asks us to stop. - Jersey Indie


Smart Boy! (Do a Trick!) - Single (2020)
Animal Familiar 
- Single (2019)
- Single (2019)
Dairy Beach - 
EP (2019)
A Very Exciting Life
- Album (2018)
Bottle With A Rose - EP (2016)
The Bummers - EP (2015)



The Bummers are the New Orleans band you need to sing you the bleak truths of the universe. Vocalist/guitarists Sean Doyle and Ben Shooter and bassist Clay Hakes, all originally from the northeast, met in college in New Orleans and found common ground in their love of darker and heavier music. Drummer Fox Capone, originally from Nashville, completes The Bummers’ lineup with a progressive metal-influenced style that proves endlessly versatile.  The band gained a following playing at historic New Orleans venues like Tipitina’s, One Eyed Jacks, and Gasa Gasa, all the while cultivating an aggressive live concert experience. 

In summer 2018 the band released their debut album A Very Exciting Life, recorded with the help of some of their local punk rock heroes - Mike Saladis of Donovan Wolfington and Matt Seferian of Pope helped engineer and produce the album. A Very Exciting Life set the tone for the Bummers material, with dissonant guitars and lyrics about science fiction dystopias.  In summer 2019 the Bummers followed up with the release of their "Dairy Beach" EP, recorded at Music Shed Studios in New Orleans.  The "Dairy Beach" EP explores the classic millennial experience, singing about nostalgia for simpler times from childhood, struggles with depression, lack of personal agency, the unfairness of the world, and the bleak emptiness of outer space.  The EP and the accompanying music video for the single "NHL 2002" were featured in Offbeat Magazine.  The band also performed the title track on their first television appearance on WGNO "News with a Twist".  Since the release of "Dairy Beach" the Bummers have continued to work on even more new music, releasing three more standalone singles to date as they prepare to enter the studio and record their sophomore album in summer 2020.

The Bummers have toured extensively in the southern U.S. and on the east coast, drawing crowds in locations from nearby Baton Rouge to Philadelphia and North Jersey.  In January 2020 the band also expanded their focus to the west-coast with a short tour in California, performing mainly in intimate DIY spaces.  

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