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Raleigh, NC | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Raleigh, NC | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
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"Taste Test: Arson Daily upend the American Dream with a 'Pipe Dream'"

The American Dream is no longer a white picket fence around a homely, warm, dazzling-white two-story house. It isn’t emerald green front lawns, two-car garages or even raising a family (not in this economy!). But it’s something more primal that grows and growls from deep inside. Indie-pop three-piece Arson Daily reframe what the American Dream means today, casting aside ’50s Home & Garden magazine spreads, and replacing the past with the truth: we’re all feeding a machine of artistic endeavors. Some of us write or play music or sculpt clay or draw comics. “If you’re selling a dream, don’t even bother with me,” sings frontman Zach Dunham, whose cheese-chasing is more about following his heart than material desires. Alongside band members Quincy Platt and Adam McLean ignite a rebellion of their own and remind that the real secret is what’s unseen.

“Pipe Dream” is the lead-in to the band’s debut LP, Late Reflections. - Bsides & Badlands

"Arson Daily "Pipe Dream""

Raleigh band, Arson Daily are preparing to release their debut album, Late Reflections. The album’s lead single is “Pipedream.” Straddling the line between indie, psychedelic pop, and California desert rock, the track sounds somewhere between Foster the People and Freedom Fry with a little Portugal the Man mixed in for fun. - Surviving the Golden Age

"Raleigh Rockers Arson Daily find Success in Wilmington"

Aligning garage rock with indie rock on their EP “What’s On Your Mind?”, Raleigh trio Arson Daily created lasting ear candy. The band’s sound, led by Zach Dunham’s hazy vocals, drives the infectious, sometimes combustible songs. The EP’s old-school vibe and solid songcraft — along with frequent local visits — have helped Arson Daily build a following in Wilmington.

The trio performs on Friday, Sept. 21, with local outfit Sibilant Sounds and Howard Ivans — aka former Wilmington musician Ivan Howard of The Rosebuds — at Bourgie Nights downtown.

“Every time we’ve been to Wilmington we’ve seen our crowd get bigger with both familiar and unfamiliar faces,” Dunham said before the band’s two shows at the Hopscotch Music Festival in Raleigh earlier this month. “A lot of this has to do with Modern Legend record store and their help promoting shows when we come through.”

Arson Daily — Dunham (vocals, guitar), Quincy Platt (bass) and Adam McLean (drums) — formed in the fall of 2014 during Dunham’s first semester at Appalachian State University. Dunham and Platt met through a mutual friend at East Carolina University, and after learning both would attend Appalachian they planned to form a band.

They then met McLean, who didn’t know how to play drums yet, but who had good taste in music. The new trio practiced in a friend’s basement crafting a sound to complement Dunham’s coarse, melodic voice he said grew out of busking as a teenager in New Bern. Arson Daily released a debut as a four-member band on Split Rail Records in 2016, and in 2017 released the EP as a trio and moved from Boone to Raleigh.

“I definitely believe that our style of music is better suited to fit the Raleigh scene than the Boone scene, despite how amazing the Boone music scene is,” Dunham said, a scene that’s spawned such signed acts as The Nude Party and Rainbow Kitten Surprise. “Wilmington is slowly becoming a new home away from home and we hope we keep experiencing the same level of success there as we do in places like Raleigh and Boone.”

The band mixes various degrees of mid-’60s garage and early 2000s indie rock, and Arson Daily’s two albums are disparate illustrations of a group carving out its sound. The song “Hot Metal Fever” from their debut is a hip-shaking burner, and its closest companion on the new EP might be the murky, one-two punch of “Last Call.” It echoes what Dunham said of the band’s beginnings, when the musicians shared similar influences but the direction of their sound was still coming together.

“Sometimes I still don’t think we have a solid grasp on the direction of our sound,” he said. “We like so many different styles and genres of music that it’s easy for us to write songs in other genres, even though it may not be our true intention.”

That direction has served them well, fostering something that’s ragged yet polished, and tracks both swaggering and more atmospheric. “Train” echoes early Nirvana and “Tell Me” is steeped in ’60s garage pop. Dunham thinks the band’s sound is likely to evolve.

“Being a three-piece is great because we can share creative ideas and write parts pretty quickly without too many creative differences,” he said. “We would like to eventually add a keyboard/synth player. Our newer songs are taking more of a psych-rock form, but we’re still too early in the songwriting process for us to say what the end goal is for the next album.” - Star News

"Arson Daily Revives Rock'n'roll with 'What's On Your Mind?'"

BOONE — Rock ‘n’ roll isn’t dead, but it is scarce.

What’s even more rare in the digital age of music is three-piece bands. Some of the greats include The Police, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Cream, Nirvana and Green Day.

While that’s a tough list to compete with, Boone-based rock trio, Arson Daily, made up of guitarist and vocalist Zach Dunham, bassist Quincy Platt and drummer Adam McLean, is on its way to join the ranks.

The indie rockers laid their foundation in Boone as students at Appalachian State University where they signed to Split Rail Records and released their self-titled debut album in 2016, and have since moved to Raleigh to pursue music full time.

‘What’s on Your Mind?’

Arson Daily creates a mental picture for listeners with “What’s on Your Mind?” — something that is difficult to achieve in the non-visual musical realm.

The setting might look something like this: Three guys with a guitar, bass and drums in a small underground venue, a lot of dry ice, amps cranked to 11, blistered fingers and a sweaty mob of people head banging close to the stage. The energy is high, and everyone is there for one reason and one reason only — and that is to rock.

Arson Daily brings back the vibes of some of rock and punk’s underground legends, such as The Stooges and Sex Pistols, but there is also an element of modern rock influences including The Strokes, Jet and Portugal. The Man.

Simply put, the band brings to the table simple, energetic, raw music — the type of stuff that makes for a heck of a live show.

“What’s on Your Mind’s” opening track, “Tell Me,” is a straight up rocker and a powerful opening track that sets the tone for the remainder of the EP. A wise choice to open up a compilation of tunes, “Tell Me” is the perfect way to define a band that is wrapped up in countless influences.

Transition into “Train,” the EP’s most high-intensity track in terms of tempo and driving guitar, bass and drums. The dynamics and multiple sections of this tune make it stand out, with the half-time breakdown, guitar solo and build back into the chorus making for an all-around crowd-pleaser. The quirkiness of this song infused with the heavy rhythm, nasty leads and fun vocals is very much reminiscent of The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.

The next two cuts, “Dead in My Tracks” and “Smooth Sailing,” take things in a slightly more mellow direction, but are still very much rock songs. Both songs make for a better chance for the vocals and melody to shine. One of the best moments of the EP is the lead guitar work on “Dead in My Tracks.” It might best be described as if David Gilmour was in a modern rock band.

Wrapping things up is “Last Call,” an intricate, bluesy rock song with layers of drums featuring impressive tom work, as well as heavy rhythm guitar and bass riffs complimented by slick guitar licks.

“What’s on Your Mind?” brings to the table a guilty pleasure that is hard to deny — a hefty dose of some good ol’ rock ‘n’ roll.

In a digitally dominate age of music where DJs are hitting the stage more than bands, Arson Daily gives a glimmer of hope that younger generations can revive a music that has been lost in the jumble of popularity. - Watauga Democrat

"Listen: "Dead in my tracks' by Arson Daily"

North Carolina natives Arson Daily have found the right formula to unite old school rock tunes and modern day indie spirits with their must listen gem “Dead in my tracks”. The track is raw, in your face and it actually creates a story within the soundscape that is capable of filling up your imagination. In it you are taken to a world of outlaw bandits on the run from the law and everyone who wants a piece of the price on their heads. The guys embodie the verses and allow the instruments to become their tools to create a picture while that unique electric voice tells us the story through the enticing lyrics. This bands shows off a glimpse of their potential and talent and it truly is something that will excite any music lover – so listen, enjoy and keep an eye on this band as they deliver gem after gem. - Wolf in a Suit

"A Double Feature on Arson Daily"

This take no prisoner rock act from North Carolina is exactly what the genre needs. The three-piece blends classic rock a la the 1970’s with timeless blues riffs and howls to craft an incredibly engaging and swaying sound. They have a flare for dynamic waves of noise and lyrics that tread confidently on the stereotypical style lyrics while busting out into its own territory. The result is one of the signature sounds of NC rock and perhaps one of our favorite from this year (or perhaps any year). In “Last Call”, we find the band impressively building their resume while lead vocalist/guitarist Zach Dunham showcases his impressive range that has shades of Wolfmother and Robert Plant. Band chemistry is a definite strength as drummer Adam McLean continues to keep a classic beat before exploding in a wave of sound by the end that will have listeners shaking and jiving. The bass of Quincy Platt is understated but carries the song in a way that is unique to the act. There were times we got lost in his groove alone.

The good vibes are continued in “Tell Me”, which is more of a garage rock anthem accompanied by the perfect amount of handclaps. While providing a cocky rock sound of their predecessors, the band are highly relatable and possess an every man quality listeners will appreciate. This jam is a little more playful than the previous track but equally as thumping and impressive. - Ear to the ground music

"Arson Daily - What's On Your Mind"

Arson Daily is a band from Boone, NC consisting of Zach Dunham (vocals/guitar), Quincy Platt (bass) and Adam McLean (drums). They recently released an EP entitled What's On Your Mind?. They are a rock band with a blend of classic and contemporary influences to my ear. You can hear elements of garage rock from the ’70's and instances where I was reminded of bands like The Killers.

Dunham is a solid singer and unequivocally sounds young. That was the first thing that came to mind when I was listening to the catch tune “Tell Me.” I had to look at pictures to get an estimate of how old he was. He voice fits the music kind of like how Phil Elverum does for his.

They open with “Tell Me” which is fun, catchy and pretty standard garage rock/pop. I was impressed by the tight songwriting and delivery. Dunham sings, “Tell me what's on your mind. Tell me - are we weathered and dry? I'm looking for my second wind but there ain't nothing but a sigh.”

Up next is “Train” which is a straightforward track and has hints of grunge. The main riff on the chorus definitely has a tinge of Nirvana. Although I would say the second half of the song fell more in line with Ty Segall style garage. It’s a good mix of like-minded styles coming together.

“Dead In My Tracks” might be the highlight. I really enjoyed the way the vocals and guitar worked together especially during the verse. The lyrics revolve around being on the run in some way. I found them interesting. Dunham sings, “There are posters with my name. There's a price upon my head. I never thought I'd earn the fame or all my friends would want me dead.” Don’t miss the guitar solo towards the end of the song.

The band has more success with “Smooth Sailing” and closes with “Last Call” which was a breakup song with a good amount of attitude.

​Arson Daily took a little while for me to warm up to. It wasn't because their music was foreign but the exact opposite. I think it fair to say this style of garage rock is in high demand and a lot of bands have a similar sound. On that note there aren't that many that can pull it off this well. - Divide & Conquer

"Arson Daily Guides Raleigh into New Era of Rock"

Local band Arson Daily created quite the stir this past week with their electric show at Raleigh’s Pour House venue Friday night. The band was just coming off of a Greenville, NC show and a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised over $6,000, $4,000 more of their initial $2,000 goal.

Openers Rare Creatures, hailing from Charleston, SC, started the night off right and was a big surprise and a much welcomed sight to the Raleigh music scene. The semi-electronic/rock sound really made me feel like I was being introduced to a “feeling” rather than just listening to another band. The crowd seemed to really embrace the music and when it got a little heavier they seemed to follow. This is a band that would definitely do well in Raleigh again and strongly feel like they deserve more credit.

Arson Daily will be a band that you will hear time and time again and know “they’re gonna make it big one day”. Coming to the table on the heels of recording their next album with producers Mo Lowda in Philly in the near months we got a little taste of some of that new music. The new tracks felt somewhat different from their previous work with a little more mellow feeling that was very welcomed. Arson Daily is known for their rock and heavier work so its great to see them explore to a tamer, yet still rocking new realm of the band.

This band has been support for artists like Shakey Graves and Mo Lowda in the past few years and hopefully they can add to that roster in 2019 after they make their return to NC’s own Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival in May. They’ve been a staple in the past few lineups and expect them to bring their new material and a killer show to the Festival.

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Support Rare Creatures: - Ross Joyner

"Arson Daily is coming back and it aint no request show"

SAVANNAH STOPOVER veterans might remember the North Carolina band Arson Daily, who played the local festival this past March in a memorable show typical of their electrifying stage presence.

The band returns to Savannah, playing the Jinx this Friday.

“We played Barrelhouse South for Stopover,” recalls Zach Dunham, guitarist and lead vocalist. “That was awesome, but we walked next door to the Jinx and immediately thought it felt more like our vibe.”

While the band is currently based in Raleigh, N.C., the trio of Dunham, Quincy Platt on bass, and Adam McLean on drums formed in 2014 while attending college at Appalachian State, in Boone N.C. in the western part of the state.

“After a while, we narrowed it down to two choices: Raleigh or Nashville. We decided on Raleigh,” says Dunham. “Nashville has just become too saturated. We’d rather be big fish in a small pond than the other way around.”

You’d be forgiven for assuming Arson Daily is a doom metal band from their name alone.

“We get that a lot,” laughs Dunham. “And then there are the younger people who don’t get the reference at all, and I guess never watched TRL Live.”

They’re not a metal band, but they are a very tight rock trio with an aggressive sound — indie rock with a punk sensibility.

“As a three-piece we knew we had to make a lot of noise. So a lot of our early stuff was very uptempo,” says Zach. “We got started playing basement shows in Boone — I guess that environment really rubbed off on us.”

Dunham’s distinctive vocals are often compared to those of Matt Shultz of Cage the Elephant and John Gourley of Portugal. The Man.

The comparisons aren’t exact, however, as Arson Daily has a more indie sensibility than the former and a harder edge than the latter.At their hardest, they give off a noticeable Nirvana vibe.

As the five-year old band settles into its identity, they’ve expanded their sonic palette.

“As a trio, we utilize a lot of space in the songs. A lot of times I’ll sing over the bass and drums and let the guitar take a back seat. Sometimes I’ll just strum open chords,” Dunham says.

“These days our set list is a lot more dynamic. It’s something we’re definitely more conscious of.”

The growth in songwriting is part of the band’s push toward their first full-length release, which they’re in the act of raising money to record as we speak.

This southeastern tour is part of that effort.

“We really stepped it up. We got an agent and are making a real effort to raise money for our record,” says Dunham.

The music scene in central North Carolina, he says, is vibrant.

“ There are a lot of venues, and a lot of opportunity. I’m noticing a lot recently that it’s more and more focused on inclusivity,” he says.

“Bills will have all different kinds of things, and our hiphop scene is increasingly a big part of that. Of course there was always a folk scene around here. The rock scene tends to be more locally-based stuff.”

The experience at Stopover impressed the band.

“They seemed extra accountable not only to artists but to the festivalgoers. There were plenty of options for genres. We heard a lot of people that we’ve played with in the past,” Dunham says.

So of course the band jumped at the chance to come back.

“Our agent booked a gig in Macon, and when I heard that I was like, let’s get back to Savannah while we’re down that way.” - Jim Morekis

"Listen: Arson Daily - "Pipe Dream""

“Pipe Dream” is a catchy, soaring rocker released today from Arson Daily, a North Carolina-based trio. Spending ample time the past thre years booking venues and on the road, Arson Daily are now looking forward to their album Late Reflections, to be released in 2020. “Pipe Dream” shows what to expect, which is essentially a very melodic vein of rock — complete with psych-friendly guitars, synth/key injections, and and a bevy of hooks. From the peppy “I’ve got a notion,” bridge to the very catchy “American Dream was never for me,” chorus, “Pipe Dream” shines. - Obscure Sound


Still working on that hot first release.



Arson Daily. It’s more than an on-the-nose sup nod to the pot smokers of the world. It’s the product of over 4 years of basements, bars, van transit, and general disillusionment.

The latter being most apparent, long-time roommates Zach Dunham (guitar/vocals), Adam McLean (drums), and Quincy Platt (bass) have succeeded in conquering adolescence and are actively seeking out maturity. Raleigh-based Arson Daily has made the conscious effort to grow beyond their traditionally raw, garage-rock predispositions by experimenting with new methods of songwriting. Leaving the electric instruments in their noisy home studio, most of Arson Daily’s newest album, Late Reflections, has been written in every room of their house on acoustic instruments. After intimately crafting the soul of each song, they would bring it in to their studio to guide it, one small layer at a time, into their eclectic vision featuring sonic qualities comparable to surf-western, Nashville garage rock, and indie radio trash.

Late Reflections, set to release February 2020, was recorded and produced with Mo Lowda and the Humble in Philadelphia. Late Reflections drives listeners through the satisfaction of accomplishment while wrestling with the hesitance and nostalgia that inherently accompanies change. Late Reflections has everything to do with accepting individuality, its inherent susceptibility to rejection, and the unabashed courage to do it anyway. 

Such themes will harbor interest to those who’ve known Arson Daily since their 2014 inception, reminiscent of noise complaints and soon-to-be-failed hearing tests in the Boone, NC basement scene. Having since graduated and relocated to Raleigh, NC, hungover with adulthood, Daily has ditched the booze enameled college boys vibe and taken a leap forward with the vulnerability of their content. 

The last three years have seen the boys consistently booking venues and performing alongside names such as Shakey Graves, Illiterate Light, Briston Maroney, and Mo Lowda and the Humble.

Anyone who’s seen this group knows that a vestibule-pounding live performance is the core of their music. Arson Daily’s essence has always been best communicated through the translucent shadows kiltering through the night during their concerts. There’s something lost through the conversion of all music into a digital medium. It’s Arson Daily’s nature to reclaim that intangible quality within every audience.

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