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The Rinaldis

Greensboro, North Carolina, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013

Greensboro, North Carolina, United States
Established on Jan, 2013
Band Rock Indie




"'The Rinaldi Flying Circus': An Eclectic Family Band"

"...this is a real sultry, gritty blues...[Stacey] you sound like you've been drinkin' whiskey and smoking for 30 years..."
- Frank Stasio, WUNC 91.5fm: "The State of Things" (North Carolina Public Radio) (Jan 13, 2015) - North Carolina Public Radio: "The State of Things" w/ Frank Stasio WUNC 91.5fm

"Indy Week"

The Rinaldi Flying Circus is wilder, veering through gothic blues moods with a sense of chaotic adventure. —Jordan Lawrence (Nov 19 2015) - Indy Week

"Muddy Creek Muse: Welcome to the Circus"

Stacy has developed into a vocal powerhouse, collecting new fans with each and every show. - Bill Heath (Dec 9 2015) - Forsyth Woman

"Muddy Creek Muse: Welcome to the Circus"

Combined with Stacy’s soulful vocals, the group creates a vibe that I like to call “an old musical soul.” The music pulls the listener in with infectious grooves and clever chord changes, and then vocal comes in, and you’re hooked! - Bill Heath (Dec 9 2015) - Forsyth Woman

"Choice Beats"

Old timey rock and blues gets the spotlight when Stacey Rinaldi begins belting vocals over a waltz. The Circus is made up of siblings Stacey, Joseph, Robert and Michael, and Aaron Cummings. Based out of Greensboro, the five-piece rockabilly act leans on the vintage sounds of 1950s southern rock influences to create sultry, jazzy vibe in the room. There is little music these days that revives days of old quite like the merging of blues, rock and jazz, but Rinaldi Flying Circus manages to capture the era and deliver it in with proper form. -Britt Chester (June 24, 2015) - YES! Weekly

"Blind Tiger welcomes the Circus: Rinaldi Flying Circus talks about its vibe"

"When the The Rinaldi Flying Circus took the stage, Stacey’s powerfully raw, deep voice took up the entire room, filling it with a bluesy vibe right away. Reminiscent of vintage jazz combined with contemporary rock ‘n’ roll, the band played many songs from “Old Hat.”

The sound they created together was an eclectic mashup of genres spanning decades.

Living up to their name with their sultry vibes and tight instrumentals, the band went out on a high note in one of their favorite venues to play." - Mary Windsor, Sept 23 2015 - The Carolinian


"Greensboro's Rinaldi Flying Circus is a quirky rock band, not an actual traveling circus. They move with vaudeville lilt through down-tuned indie rock, allowing the fiery voice of singer Stacey Rinaldi to work these disparate sources into a surprisingly smooth hybrid."
- Jordan Lawrence, IndyWeek (Nov 12, 2014) - IndyWeek

"'The Rinaldi Flying Circus': An Eclectic Family Band"

“Stacey, Joe, Mike and Rob Rinaldi say their brand of rock and roll ranges from dirty blues to driving rock and tear-jerking ballads. Along with drummer Aaron Cummings, the Greensboro family band plays a vintage rock sound with an eclecticism that lives up to their name.”
- Frank Stasio, WUNC 91.5fm: "The State of Things" (North Carolina Public Radio) (Jan 13, 2015) - North Carolina Public Radio: "The State of Things" w/ Frank Stasio WUNC 91.5fm

"The Rinaldi Flying Circus - Old Hat (album review)"

"Overall, the album has a thematic element of being outsiders on the run...The songs take you on a journey from inside a saloon, to front porch rocking chair performances, to jumping on trains, running away from and toward places that might be potentially home.The instrumentals are tight and the band is in symbiosis. This album is great if you like gypsy rock, rhythm &blues."
- Megan Gazzo, The Equal Ground (Mar 24, 2015) - The Equal Ground

"O'Henry Magazine"

"Greenbean (Elm Street): This is where the Avett Brothers got their start. Hopefully following that trajectory is the Rinaldi Flying Circus. Featuring (but not limited to) the three Rinaldi siblings, they may not be local long."
- Ogi Overman, O'Henry Magazine (Feb 01, 2015) - O'Henry Magazine

"NC Concerts"

"The Rinaldi Flying Circus at Muddy Creek Cafe last night - bold original music - very worth tracking them down at your local venue..."
- Cindy Hodnett, NC Concerts (Apr 12, 2014) - NC Concerts

"Music is a Big Tent at the Circus"

"The first time I heard Stacey, I thought I was listening to Patsy Cline—her voice bursts its way into the consciousness, drags you down the twisted backroads of memory, love, and heartbreak, before perching you, trembling, at the edge of a cliff and— just barely—grabbing you again before you fall off. Their musical roots are in warm 50s jazz and hard-edged rock’n’roll, and they keep it interesting by swinging from the sly acoustic runs in “Postcards” to the drily sensual riffs in “Sophisticated Baby.”

- Colin Cutler, YES! Weekly (Apr 13, 2016) - YES! Weekly


The Rinaldi Flying Circus - Old Hat:
1. Story To Tell
2. Take It
3. Breadcrumbs
4. Sand
5. Good
6. Postcards
7. Sophisticated Baby
8. Lose the Girl
9. Rattle My Chains
10. Tango Instead
11. New Year's Eve



The Rinaldis are a rock band based out of North Carolina. Stacey Rinaldi effortlessly embodies the siren sound of Grace Slick and the warm grace of Patsy Cline as she eerily floats and sucker punches her way through the polished but raucous sound of her brooding band - who also happen to be her brothers. The Rinaldis serve up rock with blues, jazz, and soul influences - think Tom Waits, Judy Garland, and Alabama Shakes all closing down a smoky, dimly lit bar.

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