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Lafayette, Louisiana, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF

Lafayette, Louisiana, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2013
Band Alternative Indie




"“OUTSIDE” the Box | The Links’ Cosmic Venture into Psychedelic Space Rock"

From the kaleidoscope streets of Lafayette, Louisiana, emerges a musical enigma: The Links. An intoxicating cocktail of surf vibes and brit-pop twang, with a generous dose of spaced-out sonics, this alternative trio is preparing to bless our ears with their new album, “Outside”, dropping everywhere on October 6th.

Born from the musically intricate mind of [Jack Morrison] in the early 2010s, The Links seamlessly weave inspiration from past and present icons, molding them into their own genre-bending tapestry. Whether you’re a fan of the dreamy landscapes painted by bands like The Verve and Radiohead or you’re more inclined to the modern psychedelic cadence of Tame Impala and King Gizzard, The Links are the tantalizing middle ground that bridges these worlds.

To truly grasp the essence of The Links, one must dive deep into their rich tapestry of music, both in its recorded form and the raw energy of their live performances. This isn’t a band that can be merely summed up in a few words or neatly packaged into a concise genre label. Indeed, if you were to distill their essence into a bottle and attempt to label it, the description “Psychedelic, surf & britpop-tinged space rock” might graze the surface, but it doesn’t do full justice. This descriptor captures the exhilarating adventure, the immersive atmosphere, and the delightful idiosyncrasies that define them, but there’s so much more.

Their music is a journey; a voyage into the vast cosmos of sound where every note, every beat is an exploration. When the band speaks about their aspirations for their audience, it’s evident in their desire to transcend the ordinary. They talk of evoking a raw, reckless abandon in their listeners, of transporting them to realms of atmospheric wonder. They craft their music to showcase the intricate details, those subtle nuances that make a live show unforgettable, while ensuring that the same magic persists, hauntingly beautiful, in their recordings.

Their influences – a vibrant palette of ’90s Brit bands known for their peculiar allure mixed with the distinct edge of modern Australian psych rock groups – paints a vivid picture of their own musical ethos. It’s an eclectic blend, yet it perfectly encapsulates what The Links bring to the sonic table. This isn’t just music – it’s a journey to surf on the moon by.

A sneak peek into “Outside” tells us that this album is set to be a game-changer. Nine tracks, each a masterpiece of its own, reveal the band’s meticulous attention to detail and their unparalleled musicianship.

‘Try To Change’ stands out, a veritable jewel in the crown. Its shimmering tones and moody, ethereal resonance transports listeners back to the atmospheric allure of cult classics like “The Lost Boys”. But then, just as you’re sinking into that nostalgic reverie, “Levity” sweeps in. A tour de force of commanding vocals and intricate instrumentation, it promises a cosmic journey that beckons listeners into its astral embrace, urging them to stay awhile, to get lost in its vastness.

These tracks, along with the rest of the album, are meticulously layered sonic experiences, encouraging you to come back, to press replay, to discover a fresh nuance or a previously overlooked rhythm. Each listen unveils a new dimension, a new emotion, making “Outside” an album not just to hear, but to experience in its entirety.

The album boasts three singles – “Calice”, “We Got Time”, and the aforementioned “Try To Change”, alongside six other tracks that are poised to become fan favorites. One can only imagine the intoxicating energy that will pulsate through Feed N Seed in Lafayette during their pre-release party on September 29th. And if you can’t make it? Not to fret – they’ve got an online listening party via Bandcamp on September 28th.

This album is a testament to their talent, with every aspect – from writing to production – being an in-house endeavor. Collaborating with Log S and mixed & mastered by the adept Jack Morrison for Warganized Records, the album is also visually encapsulated by the artwork of Dave Danzara from Lost in Time Design.

For those who’ve yet to dive into the cosmic world of The Links, their album “Outside” is the perfect portal. And for the dedicated fans? Prepare for an album that only solidifies why The Links are a force to be reckoned with.

The Links are more than just an alternative anomaly from Lafayette; they’re the space surfers of the modern age, beckoning us to join them on their odyssey. - The Industry Times

"Album Review: The Links – Outside"

The Links are a band who offer psychedelic and surf rock for fans of Tame Impala, Deftones and Radiohead. They’ve just hit my radar after appearing on an Instagram story from @britpopglory. Their new album, technically their fifth full-length, is also a bit a reintroduction for them. Five years have passed since their last album and for their latest, The band have struck out in a new direction and provide a new sound. It’s called Outside.

The album opens with its title track. An eerie, cosmic soundscape sets the atmosphere before we get some slow brooding indie rock. There’s something instantly [recognizable] about The Links’ sound, but at the same time there’s a compelling uniqueness to it as well. Pleading vocals complete the picture as the opener builds to its sweeping, cinematic chorus. It’s a beautiful start.

Calice ups the tempo with an urgent, clashing arrangement. Lively drums set the pace while helter-skelter guitar provide texture. Dive opens with an experimental and discombobulating intro before we get some thought-provoking jazz rock and breathy vocals. It’s a highlight.

Contradiction goes heavy with the bass creating a rich, enveloping soundscape. Excess is jangly, dirty, riff-filled rock before Try To Change welcomes us to the heart of the album with a [smoldering] melancholic yet cathartic Brit rock arrangement. It’s another highlight.

We Got Time is lush and emotionally stirring, returning us to the softer, dreamy side of The Links’ sound introduced at the start of the album. Levity is introduced by a minimalist instrumental before giving us the band at their most soulful. Dive Return is a short, noodling vignette before Aspartame closes the album with an intimate and pacy rock highlight. - York Calling (UK)

"The Links – Calice"

The Links wield a ferocious series of riffs and rhythms on the noisy garage rock celebration of “Calice”. Completely unhinged they hold nothing back over the course of the track. Even the vocals seem perfectly attuned to the chaotic energy from the rest of the group. Urgency is the name of the game for they race on through with gleeful abandon. With the many layers interacting at a breakneck pace the way that the piece works itself into a frenzy over and over again feels delightful. Volume is an absolute must for they embrace the concept of pure physicality within the whole of the journey.
A whole slew of groups enters into the fray regarding influences. On the old school side of things they recall the frantic energy of MC5. Much like them, the Links know how to conjure up an arena-filling sound. Thee Oh Sees, the chaotic vanguard of the new wave of garage rockers. With their ability to seemingly tempt fate as the amps sound ready to give up the ghost, the Links too make sure that the interplay they display has that same whirlwind of activity. By allowing this to happen they ensure that multiple listens are a given for they throw a lot into the mix. And for all these touchstones for the Links they do manage to craft an identity that is distinctly their own.
Right from the very beginning “Calice” holds nothing back. Their speed that they accelerate the song at is a true accomplishment. Bright, brilliant blurs blast on through the whole of the mix. Distortion rears its ugly head many times as there is this veering in and out of control. In fact, even when they pull back from the brink there is this underlying tension to the rhythm that threatens to explode at any given moment. Cyclical in nature the way they reside heavily in the red zone for much of the song further adds to its appeal. A lot of the song feels perfect for driving down the highway for it has a driving rhythm even underneath all that chaos. Just to show they have a softer side too is the mellowed-out (almost negative photograph) of “Calice (Dream Lounge Mix)”. Quite an ambitious mix, it distinctly takes away from that careening attitude to deliver something unbelievably chilled-out, mellowed to its very core.
Done with such dignity, the Links have a wild wonderful level of commitment to their unwavering vision on “Calice”. - Be About It Press

"The Links’ New Psychedelic Swamp Rock Gem, “Made for Life”"

Born on the bayou, The Links are a Lafayette-based three piece Alt-Rock ensemble that finds inspiration from across a broad spectrum of Rock & Roll history. The group’s slow groove claws its way up from the swamps of southern Louisiana. From there it expands well beyond their Cajun roots.

Formed in the 2010s, The Links list their influences as, “psychedelic, surf, post-punk, & other such left-field forms of rock.” All of the above are on full display in the band’s newest single, “Made for Life.” Trippy guitar chords float over a rolling rhythm. The song’s low and mellow groove sporadically ignites into staccato snare drum and guitar machine gun blasts.

I got a little lost in the sound, in a really great way. The song simmers over a powerful beat, with danger around every corner. “Made for Life” rolls over a big rumbling sound with frequent explosive Acid Rock guitar licks. J Marola coaxes some beautiful noise from his Fender. By the end of the tune he rips a few psychedelic leads that sound like a stoned Tom Morello playing Jimi Hendrix riffs.

Marola’s vocal perfectly matches the cool creepiness of the tune. He keeps it mostly mellow, until it needs to be loud. All along, the rhythm team of Troy Mclanahan (bass) and Lynden Segura (drums) stir the funky bouillabaisse. This is the sound of a band comfortable in their own skin, but equally comfortable to shed it at a moment’s notice.

If you are like me, you’ll be hitting rewind a few times on “Made for Life.” Listen to the track on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. When you’re done follow their socials. Connect with the The Links and stay in the loop on all of their current and future projects. - The Static Dive

"The Links Take It Away"

The Links opt for a multifaceted hybrid style on the sun-drenched “Take It Away”. Done with the greatest of care, the Links mess around with listener expectations. A raw gritty style peacefully coexists with slightly askew electronic flourishes. Fidelity wise the Links opt for a live sound for the entire thing pulses with tremendous life. Over the course of the entire collection the Links draw from a wide variety of genres, ranging from EDM to funk to garage rock with everything else in between. With such a varied, multifaceted style their approach recalls the infinitely catchy work of Neon Indian’s later work, featuring a tremendous amount of instrumental variation and great swathes of color [...] The entire band proves to be in perfect sync with each other, at times recalling the highly immersive group play of Radiohead at times. [...] Everything about “Take It Away” has a summery spirit to it for the Links opt for a hopeful, celebratory sound one that absolutely stuns. - Entropy Mag

"The Links: Sucreland Shines With So Many Creative Ideas"

It’s difficult to pin-point their sound, which I think is often the trademark of really good bands, even though a lot of labels do sometimes come to mind. There’s a sort of electronic sensibility hidden somewhere, but it’s a lot more complex than that with powerful elements of guitar-driven rock dominating the soundscapes. - TunedLoud

"The Links' Summer's Out EP Review"

Indie garage rock with elements of punk, rock and psychedelic music. I love the bass and synth sounds and the rhodes on "Leave a Light On". Are you into the sound of "The Strokes" first album? The you will love this. - Marko Segura (Triptika)



THE LINKS began back in the early 2010s playing gigs in the Lafayette/Louisiana area and soon turned to creating their debut album. Fast-forward to 2019/2020, line-up changes and a shift in musical direction established their trajectory for this new chapter. Throughout 2021, the band poured their energy into creating Outside. Musically, the trio draw inspiration from the likes of DEFTONES, RADIOHEAD and SMASHING PUMPKINS, while adding their own psychedelic twist. Over their career THE LINKS have performed at Cajun Dome and have opened for national touring acts DAIKAIJU and RICKSHAW BILLIE'S BURGER PATROL on several occasions.

Their latest full-length, Outside, is perhaps the group's most cohesive and defining album to date. The album delves into decidedly darker, some might say sinister territory with songs like "Contradiction" and "Calice" to name a few. The album hit streaming/download services and other online stores on October 6th, 2023 and is currently being promoted by the band.

The Links currently consists of:
Jack Morrison - vocals, guitar, additional instrumentation
Grant Gauthreaux - bass
Wesley Guillory - guitar
Andrew Lawrence - drums

Band Members