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Brooklyn, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 1987 | SELF

Brooklyn, New York, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 1987
Solo Hip Hop Christian




"Record Review"

“Looks like EXTRA has a fondness for slowing down and speeding up tape loops and beats. This is all well and good. Sounds like there are also a few random-speed Joni Mitchell samples mixed in for a little variety. EXTRA sounds like an echo and tape loop experiment with only a few variations in tone. It’s pleasantly repetitive…” - Alan Pinkerton - RockPile Magazine

"Blog Post / Review"

The EXTRA: lança single representativo a velha guarda “Watch This”
Abril 22, 2021123 views0

Omar Pollard mais conhecido pelo seu nome artístico the EXTRA, sendo ele letrista e produtor, Pollard diz que sua canção vem diretamente do futuro, e que ele se sente no dever de representar o bom e velho boom bap.

Fazendo um bom trabalho em meio a música, o musicista decide por estrear a sua canção “Watch This”, a qual vem carregada de mensagens críticas ao atual mundo. - Roadie Music


"116 Poems" - 2012

"...then Corporate America began swallowing whole..." Vol. 1 - 2019

"IT'S NOT WHO'S GONNA LET ME, IT'S WHO'S GONNA STOP ME!!!" (Mixtape) - Spring 2022

"...then Corporate America began swallowing whole..." Vol. 2 - Summer 2022

"The Father" Triple Album (3 LP: The Father, The Son, The Spirit)  - Fall 2022



"E.very X.treme T.riumph R.esults A.nonymously." A long time ago, from a far away place, came the future. It all began in New York. The artist known as
'The EXTRA' is the future of music. He was rescued from an abandoned spaceship in the wastelands of Brooklyn, by the Pollard’s. They took the EXTRA home and cared for him.

As a child his parents introduced him to God and music. Then hip-hop arrived. Fascinated with the culture, he immersed himself into it.

The EXTRA is a MC / Producer (and multi-media artist) who is true to the underground, NYC, boom-bap, hip-hop sound. Yet, as an experimentalist he is taking hip-hop to places it hasn’t dared to go.

The EXTRA is a veteran of freestyle battles, open-mics and he has performed on stage with some of hip-hop’s most influential artists. Some of the EXTRA’s musical influences are: Redman, Nirvana, KRS-One, DC Talk, Prince, A Tribe Called Quest, Red Hot Chili Peppers, among others. This is key to understanding his approach to music.

“My vision is to contribute quality music that will further the rich tradition of American popular music. Whether I make hip-hop, gospel, EDM, alternative or whatever, my goal is to expand the possibilities of music. I feel that this is my responsibility as an artist from the new generation of music-makers."

The EXTRA, with his backing band THE INFIDELS, are introducing an innovative, intriguing new brand of music. It just maybe the next wave of hip-hop culture ushering in a NEW movement and of artistic expression.

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