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Television Supervision

Tampa, Florida, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2018 | INDIE

Tampa, Florida, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2018
Band Rock Pop




"Album Reviews: Television Supervision"

Since teasing us last summer with their pop punk driven single “Gimme A Girl,” Television Supervision’s debut album Waldo has become highly anticipated. Now that the album’s officially out, does it meet those high expectations? While songs such as “Cannonball” follow the pop punk precedent they set with “Gimme A Girl,” the album refuses to be completely situated squarely in that box. Catchy guitars and melodies are a signature that they certainly borrow from the sub-genre throughout the album, but as they showcase with the raw, almost hardcore influenced scream in the vocals on opening track “Right In The Manhood,” they easily blur those genre lines and smash together influences that teeter between several different sub-genres. They include an instrumental with a clever play on words for its title with “forlackofabetterword,” offer straight-forward melodic punk on “Bombshell,” and include several songs that clock in at over 4-minutes long – “Daydreams,” “Volcano,” “’Til We Dream” - that don’t build to their signature energy quite as quickly as the more to the point songs, so these give the album a different, unexpected dynamic. Television Supervision lists artists such as Blink 182 as influences - and that’s pretty spot on. Waldo follows an interesting line from start to finish in that it is raw and gritty at times while leaning strictly on pop punk sensibilities the way that Cheshire Cat or Dude Ranch did from Blink 182, but it also leans on delivering the strong message of the slower paced songs the way that the aforementioned Blink did later in their careers with “Adam’s Song” or “Stay Together For The Kids.” Television Supervision doesn’t hold their cards close to their chest with this album to leave you wondering what else they’ve got, but rather they give you small doses of everything they bring to the table as if to say, “this is completely who we are as a band!” - All Age’s Zine

"Television Supervision : “Waldo” - ‘Waldo’ is just a flat out fun record to listen to"

Sometimes there is an album that you just enjoy. You can’t quite articulate what it is you like about it. The record just grabs you for some reason. Tampa Bay’s Television Supervision has released an album such as that. Waldo, their debut LP, was released on January 17th via Standby Records. Prior to this record, the band released a gang of singles last year leading up to this little treasure. Waldo is just a flat out a fun record to listen to.

The music doesn’t quite fit one specific category. Is it Punk? That could be accurate. It is Power Pop? Certainly. Is it Indie Rock? Sure, go with it. Sometimes their tunes are reminiscent of Eve 6 or Alkaline Trio. Sometimes they have a They Might Be Giants feel to them. Sometimes, there are very small hints of Green Day (and other Pop-Punk bands) to them. One thing is certain, you are not likely to get bored listening to Waldo. The album is purely entertaining. It’s got delightful riffs, catchy tunes, and pleasant melodies.

Make sure you check out “Gimme a Girl,” “War,” “Veterans,” “Daydreams,” and “Back in the Day.” - The Bad Copy

"Television Supervision- “Waldo” (83)"

Television Supervision is a band consisting of three American brothers. This trio makes gritty indie rock with a twist of grunge. Consider a cross between Jimmy Eat World, Weezer and Nirvana. The tracks on "Waldo" are very contagious, but remain spiky thanks to the coarse-grained production. You would not say that you listen to a debut when you hear this beautifully made album full of strong and confident material. Television Supervision is a great support act and that is not meant to be condescending! When the headliner enters the stage, the room is ready for it. Thanks to these brothers who have warmed the audience. To the members of Weezer and Jimmy Eat World: hopefully you can read Dutch ... - Counterculture


"Waldo" Debut Album- Full Length LP
Released on January 17th, 2020. 



Natives to Tampa Bay, FL, Television Supervision is a rock band expanding across the entire spectrum of rock and alternative music. Known for both their stage presence while performing and their affinity for memorable hooks, Television Supervision has hit the ground running after signing with Standby Records in the summer of 2019. 

Their hit singles "Gimme a Girl" and "Volcano" helped set the tone for the release of their debut album "Waldo" in January of 2020. The band's mission to have at least one track for every listener to love has been realized. Consisting of fourteen songs, all of which touch on different sub-genres of rock, "Waldo" is true to the full-length LP stigma and has been immediately met with overwhelmingly positive reviews. 

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