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Tacoma, Washington, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF

Tacoma, Washington, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2013
Solo Hip Hop Alternative




"My Way"

Brandon Lomax also known as Tizzy TEACH by his stage name is a professional skateboarder and positive role model bringing his very own life, pains, and struggles into his music. "It's not about forcing myself to stand out, I'm just being me" Says TEACH. Keeping it genuine and giving something of substance to the listener Tizzy TEACH is the next BIG artist from Tacoma Washington. Tizzy uses the song “My Way” to show the world a new vision he has for the modern Hip Hop artist. Combining both Hip Hop and a Grungy Rock based sound Tizzy isn’t trying to sound like your current favorite artist — he wants to be the sound of your new favorite artist. Don’t sleep on this song or this artist. You can stream more of his work right now on SoundCloud. - Juss Russ RAdio

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"Tizzy TEACH’s New Release ‘My Way’ is a Creative Splendor of Contemporary Rhythm and Lyrics"

The cultural captivity in the spectrum of hip-hop has come a long way in terms of lyrical and creative pronouncement over the years of social and political growth. Upcoming artist Tizzy TEACH is conceptualizing the unspoken verses of grunge hip-hop and its outspoken intricacies and making songs that recreate the sub-genre’s freedom of expression like never before. His newly released song ‘My Way’ is a beautiful rendition that puts the symbiosis between social and personal freedom into perspective. As he sings along the distorted groovy variations of ‘My Way’, the audience cannot help but fall into a tryst with the song’s unadulterated modesty and humility.

Tacoma musician Brandon Lomax who goes by his stage name Tizzy TEACH tributes his cultural blend with music to his father. There has been no looking back since as he gradually developed his signature hip-hop quirk with the initiation of his home label Dysfunctional Family Entertainment alongside his brother. Some of his other songs including ‘TEACH Habits’ and ‘Where Were You’ are beautifully crafted and imbibed substantial influences from the likes of Voxx, Mac Miller, Drake, JCole, Logic, and Kendrick Lamar. Being a professional skateboarder, he has continued excelling as a musician and presenting to the world the fresh new vibe of hip-hop and its grungy demeanors. Follow him on Soundcloud, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Dfamusic to be part of this insurgence of lyrical and musical mellifluousness like never before. - Music Promotion Club

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The Come Up (2014)
Truths (2015)
Random Releases in 2018 and 2019
Currently released over 20 songs in 2020 alone 



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Tacoma Washington — Tacoma Washington artist Tizzy TEACH is the best of both worlds in music and skateboard culture! leading the forefront of being multi-talented! Music supporters lately have been hearing about an artist that claims the skateboard culture. But the line gets drawn when it comes to terms of actual talent in that industry. Tizzy actually coming from skate culture has won contests, traveled, and have obtained endorsement opportunities for having raw skateboarding talent. All while at the same time putting out quality music with substance churning his own lane in the local Tacoma – Seattle community additionally teaches skate lessons for the youth as well. “no man should ever say “I cant.” Because once you have, you’ve only just put limitations on what you can accomplish” but not to be confused Tizzy TEACH has a growing fan demographic in the music scene as well with his track “My Way” gaining over 300,000 plays on Soundcloud, growing numbers on his Spotify, and Youtube channel showcasing not just lyrical ability, but ability with the skateboard as well. Tizzy TEACH being comfortable on the mic, performances or skateboard, truly shows how diverse he is, and not just he. But his growing fan demographic gaining support from not just the hip hop head listener, but from the skateboard culture and community as well. Follow Tizzy TEACH here.  

Instagram: TizzyTEACHDF

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