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Upland, California, United States | SELF

Upland, California, United States | SELF
Band Country Singer/Songwriter




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A Soldier's Prayer (single)
This song started off as a poem written after the tragic events of 9-11. It was written in a collection of poems called "The Hero's Collection of Prayers" containing "A Soldier's Prayer, A Firefighter's Prayer, A Paramedic's Prayer, and A Police Officer's Prayer". Nearly 10 years later it was suggested by a friend that I should take the Soldier's Prayer and transform it into a song. The music video can be seen on you tube by following the link. Be sure to read the comments section on the music video to learn about the substory of the Marine "John O'Bryon" in the video

They Call Us Cowboy (single)
This song was written to be a fun dance song and even to have its own line dance. (choreographer not The lyrics are some of the best structured that I have ever written. I am very proud of the outcome of this song but would love to have the opportunity to re-record and put some extra instruments in it. (fiddle, steel/slide, mandolin, banjo) I hope that when you hear this song you feel the happiness that it was intended to bring you. see the music video by following the link below.



As an artist I receive comments from fans applauding my original voice that sets me apart from other artists as an individual. My writing style is all my own and from the heart. I tend to try to communicate directly to the deepest place in people's heart with my slow songs to a point that it moves you inside. I enjoy knowing that the words that I put on paper have the power to impact a place in the heart that is typically only seen by a spouse or God. (This is by no means competing with either, a simple observation.) My funny songs are written for the crowd and are intended to bring joy while inspiring you to dance, have fun, and generally enjoy life. There is a psychological structure to my writing that will help people to memorize my material and sing along as soon as the first time it is heard. (Happy to discuss in further detail upon request.) There are a broad spectrum of biographies that I can offer you on the many website that I host and on which I am represented. I never quite know which story would be most compelling but rest assured I will not disappoint if I am commissioned to entertain you.