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Brooklyn, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF

Brooklyn, New York, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2013
Band R&B Hip Hop




"the Year's First Breakout Hit"

All these levels all these levels all these levels / All these levels all these levels all these levels / All these levels all these levels all these levels / To this / To this love. So Brooklyn artist Tattoo Money croons over a pivotal, climactic scene in that sucker-punch of a final episode, which would be meta enough, until you click over to that same artist’s personal website: “The Soundtrack of my youth was Gunshots, and police Sirens,” the landing page reads. “Grow up around that and You can’t be scared to fail, and can’t be worried about what people will say about the way you talk, dress or the things you like. I’m weird but Im fu#%in Dope!” There’s levels, man, and then there’s levels.

On My Block’s Season 1 tagline is “In Squad We Trust,” and that is great and true—Monse and Cesar and Jamal and Ruby and Olivia have a friendship to aspire to. But next season (and there desperately needs to be a next season), there could be no better tagline than Tattoo Money’s own: “Weird but fu#%in Dope.” - Paste Magazine

"Tattoo Money refuses to be boxed in on "Caffeine On An Empty Stomach" [Premiere] Read more at"

The video for “Caffeine” is a “modern take on David C. Johnson’s 1994 film, Drop Squad” explains Tattoo. “The movie's theme focused on an underground group of black militants that people would hire to ‘reprogram’ their loved ones, whom they felt were ‘betraying’ their racial community.” In a similar, and much more humorous fashion, Tattoo delivers his take.
Throughout the video, different groups attempt to put Tattoo into a stereotypical box. Whether it’s Timberlands or a bottle of Hennessey, groups try and force products onto the emcee as if he should accept them because of his looks. As the video goes on, he runs away from all of these forces before confronting them with his music at the finale.
Tattoo’s SoundCloud profile explains it best when he says “Fitting in is corny to me.” Tattoo grew up on all sorts of music, and he’s quite satisfied with the fact that it makes him different. After listening to the track and seeing the visuals, which he handled himself, by the way, we wouldn't want him any other way.

Read more at - Earmilk

"Poignant New Tattoo Money Single ‘Black Girl Magic’"

Brooklyn hip-hop artist Tattoo Money (aka Pete Armour) isn’t quite sure he wants you to consider him just a hip-hop artist.

“When I showed up to play hip-hop shows,” he reveals, “they always thought I was an R&B singer. When I show up to play at rock shows – with a guitar on my back, mind you – I always get asked if I’m DJ’ing.”

He actually proudly claims the influence of rock bands the likes of Cold War Kids and Arctic Monkeys – something that you can expect to show up on his debut EP (Untitled), which will be released this August. The entire of the recording was done with one guitar, one synth and one drum machine – which surely speaks to his affinity for musically minimalist composition.

In the lead up, BlackBook premieres here the first single, “Black Girl Magic.” The startling track, both intimate and anthemic, could perhaps best be described as feminist-folk-rap,

“2016 was a tough year, most of all for women,” he insists, “and especially black women. When I saw how the country and the people treated Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas, and how the idiots on Twitter treated Leslie Jones from Ghostbusters and SNL, it pissed me off and broke my heart. So I wrote a song about my possible future little black girl, for those two amazing black women and for all of the black girls around the world.”

Solidarity. - Black Book Magazine

"tattoo money rocks out at intimate NYC Venue"

A couple of weeks ago, I introduced you to Tattoo Money, an indie-rocking Brooklynite who recently released his single “Melt With You.”

He, along with several other up-and-comers, performed at SPiN in New York City on January 16, an intimate venue known for their hardcore ping-pong battles (seriously, check their website), and I had the pleasure of attending.

One thing that struck me right away about TM: nerves were nonexistent. He was pumped to be onstage from the moment he got to the venue, and it didn’t die down at all when he finally went in front of the crowd. Jamming on his electric guitar and throwing in some hilarious quips in between songs, he kept everyone’s attention throughout his entire set.
His setup was simple: a slideshow, featuring images and movie clips that moved in sync and relevance with each track he played, and a light show behind him
His album, The Brain. The Mind. The Heart, features tracks that center on the ups and downs of dating in NYC, making his set immediately relatable. And the best thing about it all? He kept the crowd moving along with him. I imagine nothing is more nerve-wracking than the pressure of impressing a new crowd of music-lovers, but he nailed it! -

"Tattoo Money: The Brain.The Mind.The Heart"

I would have a tattoo if I had money. Okay, that's not entirely true. I also need someone to hold my hand and gag my mouth so no one hears my screams. It looks like it hurts! But, hey, I have Tattoo Money and, baby dolls, that's pretty much all I need ... except maybe for more Tattoo Money.

I have a new dream - to make TM my BFF. This guy - oh, man, this guy is wise and funny, hip and homey, wild and refined; he's perfect best friend material. By the time I'd finished watching the videos about his writing process, I was ready to open a business that did nothing more than find him Love in New York and dedicate my life to it. He is also perfect boyfriend material so, hey, TM, the Em has your back. Hunt in NYC and I'll be there if y'all need me. (By the way, if you haven't yet, check out the vids on his website. Good stuff!)

Seems like every time I turn around someone says, "Now, Em." I know that phrase. It means I'm about to be told either to MYOB or BYOB. Either, or. The Tattalicious One said, "The Inspiration for my music is relationships. Romance, friendship, all kinds..." All righty then! Money opened the door and Emmy ran through before he could slam it closed. That's a real friend, someone who opens a door instead of saying MYOB. How many songs have you heard about friendship? Not a lot, huh? Chock one up for Tattoo Money because he has them and they're rockincredible. I love it times a million! I'm willing to bring everyone's booze if TM's music is playing.

Tattoo Money: The Brain.The Mind.The Heart (back cover) Oh, that's not all he brings from his wonderful world of unique points of view. When it comes to breakups, the gist of many performer's songs, TM has a different approach. He says, "It ain't why. It's now what?" He likens his choices to the Batman story. That story pretty much begins with the death of Bruce Wayne's parents and him becoming Batman. THAT is the tale begging to be told: What happened after the "now what," once Batty's folks were gone? Tattoo Money embraces "now what" with, dare I say it, lightning strikes and thunder followed by warm rain running in a torrent through a desert wash. You know how I feel about that - I'd rather be there with the rain on my shoulders than in a Paris restaurant drinking expensive champagne.

So here we are, the Tattanic One and Em. He's somewhere singing and I'm here listening to his record, The Brain.The Mind.The Heart. If there's someone dancing and singing under a fedora, then I'm Rosie the Riveter and all my attention is focused on him. He's Riveting! Bingo. Every track is captivating. Want to hear about it? Here we go ... four of them, right here for your very own eyes to ingest before you go out and invest in Tattoo Money: The Brain.The Mind.The Heart.

:: :: :: :: :: :: ::

Melt With You - TM said, "I always dreamed of doing an Interpretive Dance video for this song!" Peter, Peter, Peter, you win. You're "hot, muy fuego" - even without the fedora. When Pete Armour (TM's alter ego) dons his cape, he totally becomes a super hero of soundaliciousness. Melt With You is a fantastic example of that. A double-cool reference to J-Lo et al blasts this one off the launching pad. The lyrics, "I melt with you and worry after," melts and you don't even have to worry after! Just enjoy. Oh, yes, I dig it. His dancing on the video will not leave your mind and you get to have a delish memory every time you listen to this song, forever and ever. I highly recommend doing that. He's barefoot, beautiful and beaming. A smile to die for, an exemplary homage to the line, "I tell myself that it's mind over matter, but when you're on my mind, you're all that matters." Like sand in the desert, that covers it as far as I'm concerned.

Et Tu Brute?? - As this powerful track unfolds, foreboding instrumentation creates an aural perception of a history-making event. When the guitar enters, it signals an ominous path toward the inevitable human misdeed by pointing an accusing finger at the scourge of mankind. With an absolutely spellbinding voice, Tattoo tells a story of misplaced trust. He begins by delivering a captivating soliloquy about the infamous double-cross Marcus Junius Brutus perpetrated on Julius Caesar. Employing numerous analogous scenarios, Tattoo skillfully weaves a tale of caution; "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer." The message resonates as much today as it did on March 15, 44 BC. Hey, Marcus Junius Brutus, I love this man. Don't you ever double-cross my Tattoo. If you do, well, have I got a shiv for you! Beware the Ides of March, Brutus. Payback's a bitch!

I'm Just Sayin.... - Opening with a righteously regal instro, throughout the entire song the backgrounds are super-duper; they fly, just like the Man of Steel is secretly Tattootastic. The singing? C'est fantastique! A tune about how people react when a friend of theirs falls for someone, there's a fundamental truth here. TM's beauty is the way he puts the FUN in fundamental. Pacing on this track is solid, solid, soooo solid. I love the way it moves and weaves a complicated tapestry between words, instruments and vocals. This could very well be one of the most intriguing songs I've ever heard. I'm Just Sayin.... is enough to make me a lifelong fan of Tattoodelight. I'm just sayin.... if you want brilliance, this is the song.

Industry Parties - Check this one out for a plethora of vocal nuances. Background vocals? Got 'em! A trick or treat from clubs with bracelets and hand stamps, Industry Parties visits places you don't get to attend unless you know the kind of people who are called 'You Know Who.' The trick is knowing who to tell, "Help me out, I don't want to spend another night on a tacky couch." The treat is the absolute certainty that, "Though you can make me, I don't care if it takes me another hundred years. On my own I'll make it." Put the needle in the groove, kids, this is true of the man with the Tats. On this one track alone, he shows his chops as both performer and creator. It dips and dives from note to note as deftly as a mermaid on steroids. TM's voice drives a hard bargain while hinting at the possibility that there's a Van Gogh beneath the flowery paint. Possibility? Oh, hell, no. It's a certainty ... there ain't nothin' like Tattoo Money.

:: :: :: :: :: :: ::

You guessed it. I'm stealthily sneaking up and grabbing every single Tattoo Money item I can get my hands on. I think I will actually get that tattoo if I can listen to The Brain.The Mind.The Heart while they puncture my epidermis. I can imagine laughing at needles pricking me 2,000 times a minute as long as Et Tu Brute?? is revving up my adrenaline. If I cry, well, Melt With You will soothe my cold, sweaty brow. And, if all else fails, I'm calling Pete and saying, "BFF, sing me a lullaby - quick!" He's the kind of guy that will. How cool is that, huh? God, I love this man! - Surf Rock Music : Review by: Emma Jade Gunn


Pete Armour is a rare kind of artist, one man band, and home entertainment set all in one. His axe in hand, pedals on the floor, and an entire chain of interactive laptop tracks working in-concert with his set, on the stage he comes to life and calls himself: Tattoo Money - Elevtrtrax

"Artist, musician travels across America, explores tattoo culture"

For Pete Armour, also known as indie rocker and artist Tattoo Money, tattoos are not just ink on skin.
An advocate of tattoo culture, Money spent August headlining the Inked in America Tour. Along with his performances, he visited tattoo parlors where he discussed the subculture and its nuances.
The concept of the Inked in America Tour, which concluded at the Mercury Lounge in New York (Money’s hometown show), is different from what many other artists are doing. The focus of the tour was not on Money’s artistic creations, but rather on the people that he met while traveling across America.
In a phone interview with WSN, Money discussed his tour.
“We wanted to do something to show the differences of people in different cities,” Money said. “One of those things is in tattoo culture.”
Money was struck by the idea of making a documentary while on the road to further show each city’s people and their differences. No footage has been released yet, but Money revealed that he will premiere some of the film’s footage during his performance at the Inked Out New Jersey Tattoo Convention on Sept. 12. Currently, the film has no distributor, so it does not have a release date yet.
Money said he enjoyed learning about the trendiest tattoos in the cities he visited, and what he discovered was unexpected.
“It’s funny because any city says the same thing — the infinity symbol,” Money said.
One particularly memorable visit for Money was at a tattoo parlor across the street from Ohio State University.
“That was interesting because the manager talked about all the different people that come in there,” he said. “It’s a big college and not everyone there is from Ohio, so you have cultures from all these kids, every year, coming in to get a tattoo.”
Money encourages people to research before they get a tattoo. He does not recommend walking into any parlor and getting just anything inked.
“Make sure you research your artist,” Money advised. “Don’t get a trend. Try for something that’s personal to you or get something that you just think is cool.”
Money shows no sign of slowing down in the upcoming year. Fresh off the release of his single “Mexican Coke,” for which he filmed and directed the music video, Money plans to release his album next month.
He explained that his album is about love, lust and social aspects of life, such as dealing with friends.
“Everybody has plans and nobody has time for each other,” Money said. “I think that’s the hardest thing.”
Despite his heartache, Money will keep working on his new album.
“The album will be out in October and, after that, I’ll be back out on tour again,” he said.
A version of this article appeared in the Thursday, Sept. 4 print edition. Email Alexa Spieler at - Washington Square News (NYU)

"Tattoo Money Headlines The last night of 35 Denton Festival in Denton Tx"

12:30PMOld Potion
1:30PMThe Casual Pleasures
2:30PMCarson McHone
3:30PMGrace London
4:30PMKody Jackson
5:30PMThe Lonesome Band
6:30PMCozy Hawks
7:30PMIt Hurts To Be Dead
8:30PMStu Brootal
9:30PMThe Prettiots
10:30PMThe Black Dotz
11:30PMDirty Lungs
12:30AMTattoo Money - 35 Denton

"An innovative stage performance by Tattoo Money"

Some have said that his music sounds like a mixture of The Arctic Monkeys meets N.E.R.D. Tattoo Money is the true definition of a solo project, comprised of only him, his guitar and his self produced tracks. Usually when we have solo artists perform it's very hard for them to captivate the audience the same way a full band does, but Pete really knows how to pull out all of the stops with his Tattoo Money performance. Providing intriguing visuals, he managed to cut and edit scenes from Quentin Tarantino's "Death Proof" and the popular 60's film "Faster Pussycat Kill Kill," and he timed them perfectly for his entire set, not just one song like bands normally do! -

"Am New York Hotlist Concert Feature"

Brooklyn-based indie rocker Tattoo Money, who has been playing original music and discussing tattoo culture around the country this summer, will perform at Mercury Lounge, 217 E. Houston, on Thursday at 9 p.m.; 21+, entry is $10. - AM New York

"Tattoo Money Releases Indie-Rock Gold With ‘Melt With You’"

Tattoo Money is bound to leave an imprint on you with this one. His latest single, “Melt With You”, shows off a wicked instrumental topped with some mellow vocals that make for an inspiring combination. It’s definitely a feel-good love song, but with an edge. - PopWrapped

"Tattoo Money lands Gear Sponsorship from Eastwood Guitars"

Eastwood Guitars has endorsed Tattoo Money and provided him with an Airline 59 Coronado to tour with. - Eastwood Guitars

"Tattoo Money CMJ show"

I headed over Ella’s Lounge next I was pleased to catch instead the performance of Tattoo Money - aka Pete Armour. Ella’s small downstairs stage had an even smaller stage that actually fit perfectly for Pete’s performance. It was just him on stage, with his electric guitar, a 9 pedal board and his mac-book. An intricate light show had the crowd hypnotized, with every beat the lights dropped and flashed With a voice reminiscent of Childish Gambino, Tattoo Moneytells a story through every song. Talking with him after he mentioned that he wanted to break the conventional band stereotype and focus more on the lyrics while building a strong relationship with the crowd through his show. “People make a day to come see you perform, they pick outfits and plan for the train so you better make that performance worth it.” - The Deli Magazine .Kayla

"Fearless Radio Interview"

In Studio Interview at Chicago's Fearless Radio to talk about the Inked in America Tour and the New Album - Fearless Radio

"Tattoo Money estrena su álbum, “The Brain.The Mind.The Heart”."

Peter Armour, más conocido como Tattoo Money, lanzó a través de redes sociales su material debut titulado The Brain.The Mind.The Heart.
El músico y compositor estadounidense se ha caracterizado por mezclar sonidos indie rock con matices r&b y hip hop en cada una de sus producciones.
Este artista ha plasmado experiencias personales en cada una de sus composiciones logrando catapultarse a través de su trabajo a escenarios internacionales en lugares de Canadá, Estados Unidos y Europa.
El nuevo trabajo discográfico se encuentra en su canal oficial de SoundCloud.M - Revista Metronomo

"Exclusive album Stream"

Brooklyn-based indie rock artist Pete Armour aka Tattoo Money releases his new LP, The Brain. The Mind. The Heart. tomorrow. We are excited to have the exclusive stream of the album today! Tattoo Money draws comparisons to bands like TV on the Radio, Dr. Dog or Twin Shadow. The album is creative, unique, and a great way to start the week. Stream the album below and make sure to follow Tattoo Money online: - Ground Sound

"Spotlight on Tattoo Money"

Often compared to bands like Dr. Dog, Twin Shadow, and TV on the Radio, Tattoo Money is an indie R&B-rock artist from New York. Having released his debut album, The Brain. The Mind. The Heart, on December 9th, Tattoo Money has gone on a month-long tour where he made appearances on Fearless Radio and Audiotree TV. In addition to these in-studio appearances, Tattoo Money has been featured on Jack Thriller, Surviving the Golden Age, and AM NY. Between his well-written lyrics and infectious beats, it’s easy to see why Tattoo Money is capturing people’s attention.

The Brain. The Mind. The Heart features eleven tracks of brilliance. Each song sheds light on interesting matters while providing listeners with undeniably contagious and unique rhythms. For example, “CoCo Curious” is a catchy single from Tattoo Money’s album that is based on his experience with interracial dating while many of his other tracks dive into various other areas of his life that are profoundly honest. My personal favorite from his album is “Melt With You” because it perfectly melds catchy guitar riffs with Tattoo Money’s staple hip-hop flair. Together, this fusion is what makes Tattoo Money’s music unlike anything that’s being produced at the moment.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Tattoo Money’s talent and distinctive sound will garner him worldwide notoriety in the years to come, so I look forward to see what he does next. In the meantime you can join me in listening to The Brain. The Mind. The Heart nonstop - Kryptonite Magazine

"Single Premiere"

NYC pop artist Pete Armour performs under the moniker Tattoo Money, who debuts his latest pop single, “Melt With You”. Returning from his recent “Inked America” tour, Pete has been recording a slew of songs to comprise his album, The Brain, The Mind, The Heart. A concept album of sorts, the three components from the title comprise the facets of being that work their way throughout the album.

“Melt With You” fuses angular guitars with the modern old soul school of pop, where Tattoo Money puts his cards and dollars down to describe attributed combinations of near perfection, and losing conscious control to the overwhelming urges of infatuation. Pete paints the pictures of fantasy with a dream lover role play that is some kind of amalgam of J. Lo, Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, etc. As Tattoo Money fixates on the mixing and matching of a supermodel type of superstar; he conveys the illogical operation of the heart’s fleeting desires that trump brain, and mind activity and objectivity in cognitive practice. “I tell myself, it’s mind over matter, but when you’re on my mind, you’re all that matters.” Dance along and melt away with Tattoo Money’s debut single “Melt With You”, as we explore his album, The Brain, The Mind, The Heart in closer, conversation detail in our following interview.The images of combining the symbols of tats and cash together as Tattoo Money is a bold and brash flaunt of images. How did you dub yourself according to the order of body ink and dollars?

The name Tattoo Money actually really just means minimalism, even though it sounds like the opposite. I love making music, I’m compelled to and I have to do it to keep me sane. so the name tattoo money means I don’t need to be a multimillionaire as long as I have a roof over my head, food ,clothing and money for tattoos I’m happy. It might be trivial to add tattoos into those other essential needs, but screw it! Tattoo Money sounds cooler than ‘Food Money.’

I love the concept of The Brain, The Mind, The Heart; this whole dissection of the three central facets of human nature. How did this whole conceptual framework become your own thesis for an for an album?

The philosophy came to me the way most inspiration does: “A Girl.” I was seeing a girl and I knew she had strong feelings for me in her heart, but because she was living a certain alternative lifestyle, I think she tried to fight the feelings in her heart, with the power of her mind. And we were talking one night, it just all started coming out, and I remember saying something along the lines of “you want to be with me, in your heart, you know you do, but you have it set in your mind for whatever reason that you shouldn’t want this or couldn’t want this,” etc etc. Then I explained to her how the mind and the brain are two different things and she’s like “what!?!?” and I just broke it down and made it up on the spot. I have a bachelors degree in philosophy so I guess I was finally putting it to use!

“Melt With You” is a catchy song with a celebrity name checking similes, that provides a real big production that conveys the way heart and attraction thwart all mind, and brain over personal, intimate matters. How did this track about being sprung for the ideal pop star babe come about a pop single epic?

You totally get where the brain, the mind and the heart come into play on these songs! That’s dope!

“Melt With You” is a love song, to a girl I haven’t met yet. The verses are a lyrical composite sketch of my ultimate girl perhaps. I think we all have had times where we thought to ourselves based on previous people we have dated “if I could take this piece of “blank” and put it with the looks of “blank” and the kissing skills of “blank” that would be the perfect person” and although I haven’t dated those celebs (yet), I figured using names people are familiar with would take them to that same place of making that composite of the perfect person. And the “Melt With You” concept is just going based of the fact that sometimes when you meet someone you really dig, you just fall to pieces and become an idiot, ha.
All of your singles are pretty eclectic, do you consciously incorporate a bevy of styles into your songs when they’re in production, or is something that is just unconscious for you?

It’s a little of both. Mostly unconsciously we all channel our influences and are made up of our influences. I think the fact that my influences range from John Mayer to Avenged Sevenfold and/or Arctic Monkeys to N.E.R.D is what makes my music so different. And then there is also a part of me that wants to honor and show my influences but that goes more into the gear and equipment use. Incubus is a big influence of mine so some of the guitar pedals I have are ones I’ve seen Mike, the guitar player, use. the synth I use has sounds choose by the Chad Hugo from the Neptunes. So it’s things like that that may shine through. I love to sit back and hear people try to describe my music based on other artists. It’s like when you see someone who is mixed race and you ask them ‘what are you?’ and they say, ‘guess’ knowing they are like four, different races in one.

What is the post-release plan for Tattoo Money? World tour? Collabs?

The main plan is touring touring touring. I make music to perform it live! It’s what I live for, and I spent and continue to spend a lot of time, putting together a show for people that they should leave feeling like they underpaid for. I would just travel and play shows for the rest of my life and meet new people and new girls and get into trouble and write more songs about these adventures.

Now that I am done with the album, I do have a ton of other artists I want to collaborate with, like some awesome New York artists, like We are the Wilderness and A.sarr so that should be super fun!

I’m working on a video for “Melt With You” soon which should be really fun! Then I’ve got a couple of other videos I want to make, but for the most part it’s gonna be focusing on getting on the road and staying on the road.

Listen to more from Tattoo Money via Soundcloud, with the album, The Brain, The Mind, The Heart available December 9. - Impose Magazine

"a one-man band equally adept at Chicago blues, psychedelic funk, oldschool soul and hip-hop. He’s like the missing link between Stevie Wonder, Buddy Guy and Rudy Ray Moore."

Tattoo Money is one of the funniest acts in New York. And he’s as talented as he is funny, a one-man band equally adept at Chicago blues, psychedelic funk, oldschool soul and hip-hop. He’s like the missing link between Stevie Wonder, Buddy Guy and Rudy Ray Moore. This blog discovered him by accident, basically, late one night last December, when he headlined the Mercury Lounge after a harrowing set by art-rockers the Bright Smoke. It was after midnight, on a work night, but a friend was persuasive: “You should stick around for this guy, he’s hilarious.” No joke.

What Tattoo Money plays is loopmusic, more or less, which requires split-second timing and is even harder to pull off when you’re hitting the audience with one side-splitting one-liner after another. The multi-instrumentalist really worked up a sweat shifting from his guitar, to an electric piano, to his huge array of loop pedals and a mixing board, evoking sounds as diverse as vintage P-Funk, Isaac Hayes at his trippiest, or Fitty in a together, lucid moment (that last one is a bit of a stretch, but just imagine…).

Tattoo Money’s shtick is that he lays down a riff, or a vamp, or a beat, then sings over it, firing off some of the most amusing, sometimes X-rated between-song banter of any artist in town. Most of it has to do with the battle of the sexes. Midway through his set, he let down his guard. “When it comes down to it, what my songs are about is being single in New York, and waking up the next day, and thinking, I did WHAT last night?” he mused. And he kept the crowd in the house, no small achievement on a cold December night when the trains were a mess like they always are and everybody just wanted to get home. His next gig is at the Way Station on July 8 at 10, followed at 11 by hotshot bassist Dawn Drake and Zapote playing their original high-energy, latin and Indian-tinged funk sounds. If there’s anybody who can get the yakking crowd at the bar at that place to pipe down and listen, it’s this guy - NEW YORK MUSIC DAILY


Tattoo Money's website says, "I'm weird but I'm fuckin dope." I can't disagree. "Levels" is my first introduction and it's safe to say we should all be looking out for this Brooklyn born artist's next project. - News Week



This is my Bio. I was gonna write it in 3rd person but i wanted to directly tell you my story.

I was born in Brooklyn NY, in the 80's. Before hipsters & bike lanes. If you road thru my hood on your bike you might end up walking back. I've had bullets fly thru my apartment door. I remember stepping out my front door as a kid and seeing everything from blood stains , crime scene tape and crack vile’s somewhere along the walk to school. I remember learning the difference between the red and blue tops of the crack bottles during 4th grade lunch room conversations.

Hip-Hop was my first love.I Wrote my first rhyme at age 9. In high school It was dreads, fatigues and Timbs until a friend of mine played me "father of mine" from EverClear. Next thing you know I'm walking thru the hood with neon green hair and an eyebrow piercing listening to powermac 5000 and Marylin Mansion. 

I knew music was what I wanted to do, so I majored in composition in community college. I took up the guitar because I wanted to be Mike Eisinger from Incubus. I was still Rapping at the time and got tired of doing my songs over other artist beats until one day I realized that this music "composition" I've been studying was the same thing as beat “production". Something was missing though. I was a rapper who's music collection consisted of the arctic monkeys, avenged sevenfold , Cold War kids and whichever album Kanye released that year. I was playing guitar on the beats I made, but everything Changed at a show one night when i decided to grab a guitar and freestyle while i was playing. That was it. It connected and made no sense and perfect sense at the same time. 

I've never fit in. I was never bullied tho. 

When I showed up to play hip hop shows they always thought I was an R&B singer 

When I show up to play at rock shows (with a guitar on my back mind you)I always get asked 

If I'm Dj'ing 

Thru all of that , I can't recall one situation where I wished I fitted in, or wished I looked or

sounded like "everyone else"

Fitting in is corny to me. I remember playing a show and someone came up to me after and said "I heard you playing from outside and it drew me in, when I saw you I was shocked because you look nothing like you sound"

I took that sideways comment as a compliment. There is nothing doper than being yourself. Yes I'm black, yes I grew up in the hood in Brooklyn, But yes I like John Mayer, yes I like 2Chainz, no I can't play basket ball, yes I watch WWE, and no I don't drink, snort or smoke. 

The time in between the last show and the next show whether it be hours ,days or weeks can not ever pass quick enough. The connection made &the transfer of energy in the room is addictive. I write these songs alone, in solitude & when I take the stage to perform them they become OUR songs. The recordings that you play to re-call the feelings of the night and to learn the words so you can sing along next time we are together become YOUR songs. Sing along in the front, mosh in the middle, dance in the back, it's all vibes.

I write songs about relationships. Relationships of all kinds. Relationships with lovers, exes, friends, enemies, & my relationship with New York City. The good, the bad, and the ugly. I've never been good at dealing with heavy issues. I'm usually the one who cracks the joke to break the tension in the room, sometimes it's right on time and sometimes it's in bad taste. so every "joke", "punchline" or "wise ass remark" you hear in my lyrics is my awkward way of dealing with some serious Sh%t.

I’m not telling you my story expecting you to be amazed by it. Be amazed at the fact that my story is the story of millions of kids and even adults out there and if your story is something like mine, just know you aint the only one. My story is our story, My songs are our songs.

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