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Medford, Oregon, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Medford, Oregon, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Rock Metal


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"Live Show Review Page 25"

Article on page 25 - Threat Con National Magazine

"Embrace The Ghosst Song Review"

"Embrace The Ghost is Extreme Power, mature talent and a sound that is destined to have you breaking windows in a subtle way but at the same time it makes you want to jump out of your seat and destroy everything in your path. Tallboy you have really hit the mark my friends, you have taken all of your talent and did not hold back, added new avenues while staying true to your sound. Thank you for the awesome tunes and I look forward to hearing more of this caliber. Threat Con Radio." - threat Con Radio

"Band Review"

"With such great success it wouldn't be right to deny them a place in our magazine and inside your ears. Page #78 Issue #15" - Alt Revolt magazine

"Album Review"

"Fire up a hard or digital copy of This Logic Will Destroy Us, then pack your rawk fist in a duffel bag, jump in the Fiesta and get your bad self over to a Tallboy show." - Hurdcore

"Mail Tribune Article 1-23-09"

January 23, 2009

By Laurie Heuston
Mail Tribune

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Progressive metal rock is the genre of choice for TallBoy, a Medford-based band.

"We wouldn't go any other way," says Angel Alvarez, bass player and backup vocalist for the group. "We love it. Our sound is awesome, it's rock, it's metal and it's all original."
if you go

Who: TallBoy

When: 9 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 24

Where: Relax Sports Bar, 1350 Plaza Blvd., Central Point

Cover: Free

Call: 664-1617

Alvarez, along with lead guitarist Kevin Kaufman, drummer Justin Bullen and rhythm guitarist and lead vocalist Cary Aubuchon, bring a range of metal rock inspiration to TallBoy's music, and Aubuchon writes the lyrics.

The four will perform at 9 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 24, at Relax Sports Pub, 1350 Plaza Blvd. (in the Mountain View Plaza), Central Point.

The success of other metal rock bands based in Medford and Grants Pass, such as Dry Season, Halo of Betrayal, Start a New and Chesterfield, has been a big part of the inspiration behind TallBoy.

"These are good people, and they're talented musicians," Alvarez says. "They're the ones getting out there and promoting their bands. We hear each other's music, share bills with them. We also ask bands from Bend, Reno and Portland to come to Medford and play with us. That, in turn, helps us gets shows in their towns."

Alvarez says that Medford is a hard place to cultivate a metal rock scene.

"We want to go further," he says. "We play local venues whenever we can and try to create a buzz around town. We want kids and adults out enjoying live local bands."

Not all venues are open to the idea of presenting metal, and others want only bands that play rock and metal hits. Some that support metal rock include the Sports Bar in Central Point, Shen- anigan's, Johnny B's and Oxygen in Medford and Cattlemen's in Rogue River.

The Treasure Trove in Grants Pass presents metal rock shows for all ages, as does Eads Furniture in Medford, Alvarez says.

"Those people have been very good about supporting us," Alvarez says. "But we'd be nothing without all of our fans. The fans make us who we are and who we will become."

TallBoy makes stops up and down the I-5 circuit, with shows in Eugene, Portland, Olympia, Bremerton. The group has March shows set with Adrenal Krone and A Single Second at Knucklehead's Bar and Grill in Reno, Nev., and A Single Second and Save and Continue at The Distillery in Sacramento, Calif.

March is turning into a busy month for TallBoy with CD release parties for the band's new full-length CD, "No Hindsight For The Blind," set for Medford. The all-ages release parties will include the Reno and Sacramento bands and be held at Treasure Trove and at Eads.

"Hindsight" was recorded at Amber VU Studios in Central Point. It follows TallBoy's June 2008 self-titled demo CD.

TallBoy began as a band in December 2007, but its members' relationships go back quite a while. Aubuchon, 24, and Bullen, 25, formed the band 3 Day Girlfriend after their high school graduation. Alvarez, 32, was a member of Half Rack for five years and recorded four albums with the group. Kaufman, 24, has worked with three bands based in Medford and Klamath Falls. Aubuchon has an unconventional method of playing guitar that includes using a right-handed guitar, flipping it over and playing left-handed. His vocal endeavors have begun since TallBoy was formed.

TallBoy's music has been featured on Dave Softee's Metal Meltdown show streaming from MySpace Music's Metal Messiah Radio, and, according to an album review by Metal Mike and The Montalian posted at Sonicbids, the band plays a broad scope of punk, thrash, alternative and rock. The music on "No Hindsight for the Blind" is catchy ... and diverse ... and with its killer blend in style is definitely good music. The songs have styles that resemble Sevendust, Metallica, Kurt Cobain, Nirvana and Iron Maiden, the review says.

See myspace.com/tallboymusic1 for upcoming shows, merchandise and music.

There's no cover charge for the show at Relax Sports Pub is free. Call 664-1617. - Laurie Heuston

"Freelance Writer Band Review"

www. jpdeuce73. blogspot. com. www.myspace/jpdeuce73, to go
Keep rockin',

Tallboy: Mixing Influences To Rock Hard

Oregon's Tallboy may be a new band to most people, but this young band brings a wealth of experience to the table that they rock out each and every night. Most members seem to have a family connection to their beginnings in music. Bassist Angel Alvarez used to watch his brother play and his aunt bought him his first bass when he was 14. Drummer Justin Bullen's grandfather bought him a drum set when he was only 7 years old. Lead guitarist Kevin Kaufman used to watch his dad play when he was growing up and was jealous of his skills. Now eleven years later, it's his dad who is envious of the skills that Kevin possesses. The exception to the family connection would be Vocalist and guitarist Carey Aubuchon who began as a jazz drummer in high school and then moved to guitar and started experimenting with singing.

The guys have been adding more shows so far in 2009 and seem to be on a roll. I asked them what the hardest and best part of their experience would be. Angel said,"The hardest part is having to have a normal job to pay the bills and not just hop on the road and tour like we want to. The best part is definitely finding people to support our dream." Carey responded with, "For me, the hardest part is commitments and family, but the best part about it is feeling like a rock star!"

Upon listening to their cd "No Hindsight For The Blind", it can easily be heard that these four guys are serious about putting their hearts and souls into this. Their style is aggressive , full speed ahead metal but there are also subtle elements that you can pick out from their personal influences. "My influences range from the Police to Killswitch Engage to Breaking Benjamin," said Justin. His bashing of the skins definitely gets your attention from the start and has your head banging with approval. "I would say my influences are Metallica, Death Cab For Cutie, " said Kevin. He definitely supplies some blistering guitar work throughout the cd.

Standout tracks on the cd include "Rearranged", which hooks you in just seconds into it and hs you rocking out in no time. "Insane" is a very high energy song. I think "Glass In Hand" is one of my two fave tracks. It starts out acoustically and then builds it momentum. My other fave is "Ignorance" which is very dark and melodic in the beginning and its intensity seems to build to the chorus. Their sound is definitely influenced by today's sound of such acts as Sevendust and Breaking Benjamin. They are a good mix of old school metal, ala Metallica, along with today's newer edge.

Are there any heroes or idols that they want to play with live? Kevin responded with, "Killswitch Engage definitely! I might have to bring many pairs of underwear. I would be like..."Oh my god, it's Adam D of Killswitch.......instant mess in my pants!"

My last question for the guys was what cd would you want to be stuck on a desert island with? For Angel it was anything by Bullet For My Valentine and Carey said Buddy Rich's Live Album. Kevin's pick was "Menos El Eso" by Minus The Bear with Justin's being Killswitch Engage's "As Daylight Dies".

I do hope that I get a chance to see these guys play live soon. The cd is awesome and I recommend it to fans of hard rock and metal. I think their influences allow them to bring a wide range of contributions to their music and it can be heard throughout the cd. Give these hard rocking guys a chance, you will not be disappointed. - Johnny

"live show review"

Written by John Eyler

I made it out and around last night. I met Charlie Chase of the Mixers. He was out to dinner with his lovely wife and local photographer Sammi Orton. I got a chance to say hi to Dan and Jack of Mr J and I got to say hello to Andy - Julie - Vince and Mike of River City RnB. I caught a set from the Lizard Mafia at the Laughing Clam, a solid band with a fresh song list and great vocals.

Next I hit the road and went to Rogue River to catch Tallboy at the Cattlemens Saloon. Here's an opinion� Tallboy rocks!
Tallboy Photo

Tallboy is four guys who look like they came off a construction site. I mean that in a very kind light. They seem like four competent - confident young men who work hard and play hard - guys you would have a beer and watch a football game with.

Some specifics: Tallboy is "Heavy" They are metal - thrash - meets punk. The lead singer is near shouting or yelling the songs but it's right, it's high energy and infectious. The rhythm section is Metallica on steroids. In fact Metallica would be a nice soft opening act for Tallboy. The lead guitarist really surprises. He's knocking out these complex riffs like with the demeanor of a guy playing rhythm guitar for a country band. You get the idea that he'd fall asleep if he had to do Santana leads. Now as to their songs: you don't expect the level of rhythmic complexity these guys throw into every song. It's fast, it's tight and every song has several dynamic breaks that just keep you there, keep you interested, and keep you screaming for more. How good does it get when a band fills a club - plays only originals and keeps the crowd in the house... that's Tallboy. - www.rogueandpoet.com

"1-2009 Album Review"

Monday, January 12, 2009

Review of the cd "No Hindsight for the Blind" by Tallboy

Tallboy is a band that I recently started to listen to, thanks to a friend of mine by the name of Dave Softee. Dave is a Dj on Metal Messiah Radio and has steered me in the direction of quite a few bands that are very good. As I looked up the band and started to listen to their music, I knew this was a band that I was going to like. The band consists of
Carey Aubuchon vocals/guitar
Angel Alvarez bass/backup vocals
Kevin Kaufman lead guitar
Justin Bullen drums
They are a Rock/Metal band, but as you check out their Cd “No Hindsight for the Blind” Im sure you will see a broader scope on the genre listed. As I listened to the CD, I was taken on a musical ride of variety. Songs display styles of punk,thrash,alternative and mainstream rock. The music on the cd is catchy, easy to like, and a statement of what music to me is all about, Diversity. I like all types of metal and rock genre, and like to venture each daily. I don't like to get tunnel vision so to speak and limit my options by being strictly thrash or punk or whatever.I am of the belief that there are two types of music, good music and bad music. “No Hindsight for the Blind” with its killer blend in style is definitely good music. My favorite jam on here is called “Tommy Gun” It rings out with a very punk vibe, and an energy that gives you an uncontrollable urge to dance and mosh about. “Insane” also has some punk feel however this song has more of a Sevendust style as there is also some thrash and mainstream energy in it as well. “Glass in Hand” opens with a somber Metallica style guitar sound , then tossing in the raw vocal style of Kurt Cobain, and sounding like a song right out of the Nirvana vault. “Not Found “ has a similar feel as well and a very alternative sound. “In Your Face has a very cool Iron Maiden like intro and then a cool thrashy transition that makes the song extremely cool. From Start to finish I believe you will enjoy “No Hindsight for the Blind” I know I did.
You can check the band out at www.myspace.com/tallboymusic1
Review by
Metal Mike and The Montalian - Metal Mike and The Montalian

"TallBoy Fans"

Tallboy has a distinct rock/metal sound. When I go to a show, I can expect to see friendly, smiling faces with vibrant energy, even if the show is outside in the cold. Tallboy does a great job interacting with the crowd, which is why I choose to watch them perform over other local bands. Their fan base is quick to welcome in new fans and get them rocking out to the music. Tallboy is definitely out to please the crowd and are doing awesome job at it!!
-Posted By Karley

Tallboy is a high energy kick ass rock group with excellent execution and a style that almost makes a category of rock in its own.
-Posted By Dustin Posey

Hmm...when you guys perform the energy is awesome!!THe songs are about real shit, and you are all amazing musicians! I also love when you interact with the crowd!
-Posted By Kendra

Tallboy has a sound all their own. there's absolutely no comparison to any other band. between Kevin's quick fingers, Angel's rock down playing, Justin's precise intense rhythms, and Carey's ability to go from harmonic singing to rock hard belting. tallboy has a unique style that is recognizable even if only heard once. tallboy performances are fun and interactive. you can't help but want them to playing all night and hope there's another show very soon.
-Posted By Bailey

So you wanna know what I think of Tallboy? Remember what Christmas used to feel like when you were just a young child? Well that really has nothing to do with my opinion of Tallboy its just fun to think about (it being Christmas time and all.) Tallboy is like getting that present you really really wanted... At first its really exciting but then its soon to be just sitting in the corner of your closet collecting dust. Or maybe thats just because I usually get so amazingly drunk by the end of each show I am the one just sitting in the corner about ready to pass out. Yeah thats its. Or maybe Tallboy is like that first date with that really cute girl... You are freakin excited about the night to come but at the same time you are afraid you might do something that is embarrassing. Oh wait maybe that is just me cause I usually get so amazingly drunk by the end of the show there is no tellin what I will do... Anyhow what I am really trying to say is without Tallboy I probably wouldn't be an alcoholic.
Posted By Loren

- Various Fan Comments


We Aren't The Champion-EP-2009
This Logic Will Destroy Us-LP-2011
Expectations and Resentments-LP-2012
TallBoy-TallBoy Self Titled-EP-2013



Rising from the forests of Southern Oregon, Tallboy brings an infectious kick upside the head to the party. Multiple layers of beautiful brutality weave throughout their newest album Expectations and Resentments in a successful effort to bring your ears to their knees, while the lyrics make sure your brain pays attention to the aural assault.

Their music and live show is electrifying, energetic and full of passion the fans can relate to. When singer Jimmy Roberts says everyone jump! its a fair bet the crowd will start bouncing to the solid and intricate rhythms being put down by drummer Justin Bullen and bassist Angel Alvarez, while guitarists Brandon Cregan and Kevin Kaufman construct the melodies that bring TallBoy to life.

Tallboy took shape 6 years ago and has grown to capture the Oregon, California, Nevada, Washington, Idaho markets, with 2 singles in heavy rotation on local rock stations KZZE and KROG, with occasional spins on 94.5 Spokanes Best Rock, and KISW in Seattle! Playing over 250 live shows and sharing the stage with such acts as Avatar, Papa Roach, Hinder, Otep, THC, Hed pe, Floater, Candlelight Red, KMK, has turned the band into a flawlessly operating well-oiled machine that has become the go-to and most sought after band in the Southern Oregon, and Spokane Market.

Tallboy is here, gaining momentum, and preparing for world domination- get on board and enjoy the destroyed logic so someday you wont be kicking your own ass for ignoring what is certain to be a powerhouse in heavy rock for some time to come

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