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Brooklyn, NY | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | INDIE

Brooklyn, NY | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2016
Solo Hip Hop R&B





Tahj Ace is the Brooklyn rapper that gives me real London boy vibes. Some tracks on his 2018 EP Cool High 1.0. remind me of the British grime scene, mostly because of how Tahj spits his verses. Inspired by icons like Biggie Smalls, Wu-Tang Clan, and Kriss Kross, the eager young artist is working hard towards earning his spot in the rap world. His EP displays a variety of styles, some which grab my attention more than others. Heights has those catchy flows, while songs like EL CAMINO featuring Frank Stoney and These Days featuring Alfa Simmonds and Lexington are strong because of that sunny beat and those back-in-the-day-hip-hop-bars. Tahj Ace might need a few more years to refine his craft, but his hard work will definitely pay off. - signthiskid.com

"Tahj Ace – El Camino Ft. FRANK STONEY (Official Music Video)"

Tahj Ace drops visuals for “El Camino” with some assistance from fellow rapper Frank Stoney. Tight rhymes, dope violin looped sample, plus vibrant NYC scenery & atomosphere equals one heck of great music video. - 24ourmusic.net

"Tahj Ace releases a sharp visual for his “El Camino” single"

Tahj Ace makes his first appearance on 1DF with his new visual. Titled “El Camino”, the clip sees Tahj and featured artist Frank Stoney take us through a sunny summer day in the city. The track carries an old school vibe which helps it appeal to both an older and younger crowd. - 1stdayfresh

"Featured Artist Of The Week (5-14-18 – 5-20-18)"

Karben Main Stage is a music blog for remarkable up and coming artists and musicians looking to leave their mark on the industry.
Tahj Ace
Genre : R&B
Location : Brooklyn, New York
Tahj ACE is a young, vibrant, ingenious and multi-talented hip-hop artist, actor, model and entrepreneur from Brooklyn, New York who is largely known for his unparalleled musical prowess and consistent creative originality - karbenmainstage

"The Eramatics Are Teenage Rappers with Classic Hip-Hop Souls"

For this week's Mahal, I met with the super fly trio the Eramatics. TahJmall, Ziiion, and Lexington bonded in middle school over their mutual love for music and being knuckleheads. In between skipping class and staying out late, they discovered their own sound of music and formed their band, the Eramatics. Mixing classic hip-hop style with contemporary poetry, the band has created a unique sound that is sure to blow listeners' minds when they hear the band's forthcoming debut project. This week, I sat down with the boys to discuss the public school system, music videos, and the tunes they will release later this year. - VICE.COM

"Tahj Ace Ft Frank Stoney – El Camino @tahjace"

Tahj Ace’s “El Camino” has a solid and cool rhythm, while the melodies are warm and present, without ever overpowering the vocals. The track brings a really unique approach to his lyrical flow, going for a very direct and in-your-face style while retaining a strong character and a very distinctive personality. Along with a featured verse from Frank Stoney who is not afraid to push it to the limit when needed, but he also understands that at times, taking a step back is the best way to let the song breathe. - RapTalk.Net


TAHJ ACE’s attitude in his music is something else. Light, airy, but poignant, while exuding confidence and bravado, with a pinch of sarcasm to boot. The hiphop artist with that ‘something’ hits the airwaves, with inspiration from his idols of the past. ‘Welcome’ works as Tahj does, with the immaculate production, with DIY fashion, all tied up into a neat and tidy package of installments, delight, entertainment, and striking mission. The music calls him to a higher plain. The actor/rapper is a natural on film. His journey continues, as the world turns. -

"ReverbNation Release Dates (March 16 and Beyond)"

(March 16 and Beyond) We love emerging artists, new and old, from all walks of life, from all corners of the globe. That’s why we have been partnering with ReverbNation the past few years, giving their affiliated artists an opportunity to have their new/upcoming albums or EPs listed at Pauseandplay.com. It’s a win-win for everyone. As my hero and inspiration Casey Kasem would say, “Now, on with the countdown …” TAHJ ACE (Kings County, NY) “The Beautiful Struggle EP” (guests: Reek Risha, Leekbux, Glizzy, Lovejahhh, Supreme Jayy; Hear here; BBMG / 7 ACE, March 1)” - pauseandplay.com


Often times in hip hop, when it comes to delivery and comfort on the microphone, you either have it, or you don’t. In the case of Brooklyn artist Tahj Ace, it’s clearly the former, as he’s able to coast on a track and turn into something special. There’s grit, there’s determination, but most of all, there’s a package that is put together to make it not feel forced, which is what many artists lack, especially today. As you’ll hear on his track, “Esco” below, Tahj puts a soulful spin on hip-hop. - breakingandentering.net

"Tahj ACE Releases new tracks – SCARS"

“Tahj ACE Releases new tracks – SCARS” - indiepulsemusic.com

"Interview With Tahj Ace"

With all of the accomplishments underneath Brooklyn artist Tahj Ace’s belt, it’s hard to believe that he’s only eighteen and just graduated high school. Ace possess the work ethic and motivation that most kids his age only dream of having. The graduate plans on attending college while still focusing on his music. When he’s not landing roles in Obama biopics and television commercials, he’s gearing up for the release of Cool High The Mixtape. Cool High is the musical storytelling of Ace’s high school days to the adult life. Besides his mixtape, Tahj Ace has been busy touring North America; he has a few shows coming up in Los Angeles and Atlanta in a few months. I had the pleasure of talking to Tahj Ace via Skype; he had just wrapped up a stint at NorthXNorthWest in Canada. Take a look at our conversation below! Be sure to follow him on Twitter @TahjAce!

Since you aren’t releasing Cool High on your 19th birthday, when can we expect that?

Definitely before summer ends. Summer ends September 21st, so I’m going to say…. Well actually I’m a creator, so I’m going to create a date right now. Let’s see…September 7th sounds good. Because by then I know I’ll have other visuals out and budgets together.

There isn’t much online about you besides that you’re from Brooklyn, and you apparently graduated high school. So do you mind telling me about yourself?

I’m an artist from Brooklyn. One of the main reasons why I started making music was just being exposed to it. That’s a big culture in New York, music fashion and art. Most people pick up one of them; I guess I can say I picked up all three. In my videos, I usually like incorporating fashion to the beat of the song. If I’m doing an old school song, I like to wear old school stuff like something you would see in a 90’s videos.

So who would say influenced you to start making music? When was the first time you thought to yourself “I want to start rapping?”

Honestly, being young you’re always influenced by rappers that you see on television. For me, 50 Cent and Lil Bow Wow were the first two rappers that I came to see as superstars. But the person who inspired me to make music was Diggy. I saw him blowing up as a kid. I saw that adults were able to respect a kid’s artistry and a kid’s hard work. So I felt like I could do that. At the time I wanted to be successful as a kid, but I didn’t put myself in situations that I’m putting myself in now. And even as far as the work ethic being a kid certain times you can’t separate false reality from true things. So you kind of get lost on your path. So basically I lost my path, but now I’m finding it again. And that’s really what Cool High is really about. It’s about showing my high school life and how it’s bridging me into the adult artistic life.

When you say that you kinda lost your path, what do you mean by that?

I was in a group called ERMATIC$. We were a hip hop trio at one point; then we were a duo. That was my main focus in life from 2011 to late 2014. I was focused on pushing the group. I was the manager and lead artist. I was focused on pushing the group more than anything. And other members weren’t’ as focused, but certain things didn’t line up. So I guess that situation wasn’t meant to be. I lost certain opportunities. I just stopped making music in 2015 until New Year’s (2016). When New Year’s came around, I had to get back into the studio because I didn’t have any personal tracks for myself I had to start over as an artist. That’s what I mean by “finding my path.” This was when I decided that I have to do it for myself to be as successful as I want to be.

It seems like you’re super motivated and hungry to become successful. So what’s your biggest aspiration for 2016?

I want Cool High to come out and be a successful release. And I just want my hard work to be recognized and pay off. In some ways, it is being paid off like by doing this interview right now.

You just came back from Canada, what were you doing there?

It was the NorthXNorthEast Festival; it’s a big festival. I was out there doing shows. I did a video to my song “Esco”. I linked up with artists that want to work. The videographer that I’m working with has some ideas. I want to go back soon.

I’m surprised at how much older you sound when you rap. It doesn’t sound like your typical 18/19-year-old kid on Soundcloud. It is impressive. How did you develop your style/flow?

It’s a mixture of the people I was around, rapping around. The artists I listen to around my age, Capital Steeze, Vince Staples, G Herbo. Listening to artists like them inspired me to mold a different sound. I can go on an old school beat and rap about some trap shit but also make it sound melodic and give it a message. That’s what Cool High is going to show, a different mixture of things. I don’t want to only give them an old school vibe. People want to hear so many things right now. Sometimes they want to turn up, sometimes they want to get in their feelings. I’m going to alter my voice for the people while still telling my story. You can’t just throw out your story without throwing a little fiction on it.

When people listen to your music, do you get a lot of comparisons? Do the comparisons bother you?

Being in the group a lot of people would tell me Cam’ron, Joey Bad Ass Pro Era, they would tell me Wu-Tang. Kriss Kross bc of the way I dress in my videos. But no everybody is influenced by somebody else. I appreciate being compared to good people.

Who do you think is killing it in the rap game, who do you find yourself listening to a lot?

I listen to a lot of G Herbo. I listen to Chance the Rapper. I played the whole album a lot (Coloring Book). As soon as I heard the album, everything matched up. He put it out at the perfect time. It was the perfect time for me. The album matched how I was feeling. It was the last month of high school; I was just going away. The mood of Coloring Book was about to creating and coloring a real vivid story, and some of us might not understand, but it’s going to be art. As we look at the Mona Lisa, we might not understand it, but we know that it’s art.

If you had the chance to collaborate with any person who would it be? G Herbo?

That’s one of my fav rappers. He’s 19. He’s my age. I like seeing artists doing things that I can do and also get out of their struggle. So I would say him and Mary J Blige, get her on the singing tip. Get her on background vocals, on the outro of the tape. - http://aboveaveragehiphop.com

"Tahj Ace x Bobby Nice – Better Living"

The mixtape also will include materials ranging from classical jazz inspired boom beats, trap-induced lyrics, and delivery styles, melodic sounds with catchy hooks, dancehall tunes as well as some great RnB. Better Living is the first single off Tahj Ace’s Project Cool High featuring Staten Island’s Nice Ent Bobby Nice.

Stream Tahj Ace x Bobby Nice – Better Living https://fanlink.to/better-living https://soundcloud.com/7acerecords/better-livin-tahj-ace-x-bobbynice

Do you have a home for your creative voice?

Culture Network TV is a home to the understanding that major success can become attainable when individuals come together and put their unique talents on display. - Culture Network TV

"Beat Lab Reviews – Fresh Tracks of the Week November 16th, 2018"

“This is a Stoney takeover,” are some of the words spoken during the introduction of this song, and they ain’t wrong. EL Camino rocks a catchy beat (featuring a lovely string instrument) that will have your head nodding before you realize. The rappers featured on the track each have a fresh and unique voice that pairs wonderfully with the instrumentals. The music video cuts the music at 1:25 and it feels a bit jarring but thematically appropriate. The non-video edits don’t have that cut so don’t worry about it interrupting you elsewhere. Listen below. - Beat Lab Reviews


7 Ace Recording Artist and NYC’s very own, Tahj Ace releases Debut single, “Welcome” from forthcoming EP, “Cool High 2: The Sequel EP” - PlatinumVoice PR

"Tahj ACE x Supex Magazine Interview"

Who are you tell something about yourself ?
– Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, Tahj Ace is a driven and passionate artist with a unique approach to his blend of hip-hop.The teen performer is not only an accomplished musician, but also an actor, model and entrepreneur (owner of 7ACE RECORDS/ERAMATICS) with tons of charisma.His sound is all about reaching out to listeners with massive energy, great melodies, and an outstanding lyrical flow that could easily rival the work of influential golden era masters the likes of Notorious B.I.G., 2Pac or Capital Steez, just to mention a few.

When and how did you start making music ?
– During the Summer of 2010 along with some childhood friends we decided to turn our daily life happenings & memorable events of the past into songs of lyrical context.From then on,beats were always being made on the tables of pizza shops and ciphers were always being started in the parks.

Tahj ACE x Supex Magazine Interview 3

Which artists inspired you too become involved with hip hop music?
– Notorious B.I.G., 2Pac & Kriss Kross

How is the Hip Hop scene in your eyes at the moment?
– Currently I feel the hip hop scene is back on the rise as far as being organic & influential to the world we live in. In the era of the early 90’s-Early 2000s hip hop influence so many things from the movies being made to the outfits and trends that were popular. I feel hip hop is finally getting back to that great place.

Tahj ACE x Supex Magazine Interview 2

What is your ambitions with your music, and what kind of feeling do you want to create?
– I want my music to influence those who may need inspiration to create themselves & progress though they may not be able to because of there current thoughts or feelings that may be holding them back. For those who miss the nostalgic sounds & feelings that make us feel so good that we just wanna be positive and express ourselves regardless of boundaries.

Where do you find inspiration ?
– I find inspirations through my daily happenings and experiences, through memorable events that seem to interesting to go untold and aspirations of things I plan to acquire.

What can we expect for your upcoming mixtape “Cool High the Mixtape”?
– The world can expect a variations of sound and lyrical content through smooth melodies and rhyme schemes like you’ve never heard before. From classical jazz inspired boom bap beats with lyrics of trap influence to trap style melodic sounds with catchy hooks & feel good turn up vybez. And of course some RnB Influence storytelling styled songs for the ladies to two step & sing in the mirror too.

Tahj ACE x Supex Magazine Interview 4

Coming from the hip hop group ERAMATICS how has your style change?
– Being in ERAMATICS was definitely a learning experience I was able to learn how to create songs influenced by the 90’s style of boombap with collaborators in ways that I may have not been able to do on my own,but it has also influence me to consider and creating more unique sounds. I’ve been experimenting with different styles open to collaborating with different artist more and even branching out into other genres like trip hop might even hear some EDM on this or future projects.

What are the biggest challenges making a solo project?
– Currently my biggest challenge is the recording to release process.Taking a short hiatus of almost a year in 2015 I was at a point where I had to rediscover my sound and passion for the creation process of putting out music.Now that I was able to re-tap into my full potential I’ve been working constantly.

How would you describe your music from your upcoming project?
– Fresh new sounds will be featured on my new project, of course I plan to showcase my New York influence through certain slang and lyrical content but it’ll be approachable and able to relate to music lovers of all calibers & locations.

Is there any artist you would like to work with in the future?
– Vince Staples, Lil Herb,Dom Kennedy & Nipsey Hussle are my favorite artist right now a track with any of them or all of them would be epic,legendary and some ace ish.

What should your fans look forward too in the future?
– VISUALS, VLOGS,Cool High & consistency.I plan on releasing COOL HIGH on my birthday of this year June 30th,had to push it back due to more collaborations being put together and my keen meticulous ears and critical thoughts but greatness takes time a wise-man once said.

If you only could listen to 3 song on your ipod which songs would it be ?
Tupac – How Do You Want It - SUPEX MAGAZINE


Metamorphosis Ep - March 2020

Cool High 2: The Sequel - March 2019

Cool High 1.0 Ep - June 2018



An artist to his core, Tahj Ace released his debut project, “Cool High 1.0. EP” in June 2018, and in the months he has rapidly accrued a following. He is generating consistent buzz regarding his music career, his eyes set on innovation and his heart on creativity. To date, such world-known publications such as Niji Magazine, JBL Professional, VICE, and Hype Off Life Magazine have featured him within their pages. He is an artist who seems poised to break through in a big way. Spending hours upon hours in the studio, he pours all his energy into his music, thinking up fresh ways to explore the genres of hip-hop and rap. 

           Tahj draws inspiration from a variety of sources, paying homage to modern hip-hop and classic rap in his songs. He has made a science out of producing memorable melodies and striking tones, his range on display in all his work. Some of his greatest influences are Biggie Smalls, Wu-Tang Clan, and Kriss Kross. In addition to producing music, he also has acting experience. He prefers not to limit himself, viewing his artistic journey as one bound to take many 




      Tahj Ace has been featured on/in publications and websites such as VICE, Hype Off Life Magazine (LA), Supex Magazine, Nubian Impulse Magazine, Niji Magazine,Breakandentering.net JBL PROFESSIONAL and many others.

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