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Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Rock Psychedelic




"Review and photos: The Local Show's Artists to Watch"

Tabah wowed the audience indoors, going from smoldering strains of indie rock to breakneck tempos within measures. They know how to set up a groove, having trained in jazz, and their lyrics landed in that sweet spot of simple and profound (example: “To believe in the kid in the corner is to be human”). “Myth,” in particular, struck a chord with me. After the news that Tabah will release their first LP in January, the man next to me had to share his excitement. He turned, saying, “They’ve really got something!” - 89.3 The Current

"Time Will Come: An Interview With Tabah"

I was fortunate enough this year to take on the tall task of screening NPR Tiny Desk Concert submissions for a MugaNews article. Most would be turned off by the idea of watching well over 100 submissions—most of rather poor quality—with still hundreds of submissions left uncovered. However from this experience came the discovery of the Minneapolis, MN band Tabah. Instantly I was struck by the band's incredible blend of electric funk and sempiternal groove. Tabah's entry was immediately marked as the entry to beat and my search for a band to dethrone them fell short.

I enjoyed the music of Tabah so much that soon after discovering their Tiny Desk submission I Facebook messaged the band with the hope of being able to interview them. I was greeted with the online equivalent of open arms, and our correspondence began. I was eager to get to know the band—to find out who the people were behind my favorite Tiny Desk submission. - Mugatunes

"Live Thoughts + Photos: Tabah at the Seventh Street Entry"

They also sold out the Entry, making it even more memorable.

Headliners Tabah are perfectly knit together. In a 70-minute set, they dutifully plowed through songs from Time Will Come. A highlight of recent shows is the plodding “Escalators,” which jazzes its way to two distinct climaxes. Tabah’s centerpiece is vocalist/guitarist Cecilia Erholtz, who always takes time to communicate with her bandmates. She has a knack for reserving the most emotive vocal parts for the ripest moments, particularly on “Changes & Worth” when she admits partiality to the taste of smoke. Her delivery hardly betrays the habit. - Reviler

"Friday Five: Bruise Violet, Rogue Valley, and more new Minnesota music videos"

Tabah, five talented musicians from the Twin Cities, played a standout set at the Local Show’s Artists to Watch. Now, they’re sharing a video of one of their best songs. - 89.3 The Current

"Top 10: NPR Tiny Desk Concert Contest Entries 2016"

Tabah is a band from Minneapolis, MN. Tabah is really, quite extraordinary. The first half of the song is a super fast-paced and funky exposition with an excellent vocal output. At this point I am thinking that nothing can compare to the first half of the song. Man, I was very wrong. The second half is kicked off by an inspired hihat, leading to a perpetual groove. Full of guitar, saxophone, and drums, it is a song that I found myself listening to over and over again without remorse. - Mugatunes

"Eric Koskinen, Sims, Lukulele Slim, and more: This week’s Minnesota record releases"

Tabah is a fresh new sound for Minneapolis to hear. Think of a more psych-folk version of Southside Desire and you might land sonically close to this five-piece. The single “Curtain Call” is a soft introduction to Cecelia Erholtz’s vocal warmth and rippling guitar. The track has some nice psychedelic hiccups that speed the track along before a quick catch of the breath returns you to the initial sonic embrace of the band. Tabah’s debut Time Will Come drops today. - 89.3 The Current

"Day Block's Bands That Brew creates special suds for local acts"

We elbowed our way into the downtown Minneapolis brewpub for a first taste with Tabah, witnessing firsthand as the band first tried brewer Dan Banks’ Tabah Cascadian Dark Ale, a black IPA inspired by the band.

First impressions were a mix of amazement, gratification, and celebration. A lot of “wow” and “he did it.”

“What am I supposed to say: 'Our band is dark and complex?'” says vocalist/guitarist Cecelia Erholtz. “I’d like for the listeners to make up their own minds. These are things that I enjoy in a beer and in music, but I wouldn’t be able to tell you how I would describe our own sound.” Day Block listened to the band and made the interpretation on their own. “I don’t know what I was expecting,” she adds. "But this is great.”

Adding to the complexity, it carries a unique red tint. Black to the eye, the beer takes on a reddish sheen. “The darkness comes in the aftertaste,” notes bassist Charlie Bruber. “The hops right away. It’s fucking delicious.” The start to finish is a good metaphor, guitarist Jeff Ley adds. “They sometimes go into different directions.” The darkness comes via a roasted Midnight Wheat malt, which is bitter with elements of coffee and a dank, earthy tone.

That is where the artforms blend together. It’s a new look at their work, seeing common elements from the outside without Tabah describing themselves in genre or marketing terms. “We sit down and discuss what we’re going to do,” ahead of brewing, Banks explains, but Day Block focuses as much on creative process as it does on the music. As a former musician himself, Banks wants to recreate Tabah’s approach in the beer instead of using his own point of reference. “The goal is to see where you guys are coming from," he says.

Tabah is more than happy with the results. “I didn’t think it was possible to incorporate a beer to a band,” Ley ends. “But he did it.”

On Friday, starting at 5 p.m., Tabah’s Cascadian Dark Ale will be on sale at Day Block while supplies last. The best pairing, of course, is with a Day Block pizza and Tabah’s live set (9 p.m.), but the beer will likely be on hand for a couple weeks after as well. Last month’s Bands That Brew offering, Nooky Nektar, brewed for Nooky Jones, is still on tap but going fast. - City Pages

"Ask a Cool Person: Laura Hoenack of Hymie’s Records"

And then the last one I brought is a disc from Tabah, this is a new release. It’s a six-song little EP, and I think they’re one of the greatest new bands in Minneapolis. I really love Cecilia [Erholtz]’s voice, and her songwriting is fantastic. I’m excited about what’s coming from them in 2016. - 89.3 The Current

"10 Favorites for 2015"

Reminds us a little bit of: Janis Joplin and the Holding Company kidnapping one of The Staves.

The groove here is contagious and with vocals as simultaneously gritty and smooth as pollen-infused honey, it’s music that will make you feel okay about feeling not okay, a melancholy dance party, which is to say, music at its best. - Undlin & Wolfe

"Introducing: The bluesy-jazz of Tabah (Show TONIGHT!)"

Our local scene has a lot of different pockets of sound, but blues-jazz is one I can safely say is not a crowded corner of the arena. Stepping forward to change that are local group Tabah, who released their Time Will Come LP earlier this year. You can watch the five piece group noodle through subtle but funky “Myth” above via a recent Radio K in-studio. The song melds dual guitars and rich organ with a 70’s AOR groove, all splashed with Cecelia Erholtz’s gritty vocals. Yes, there are guitar and organ solos, but this isn’t Steve Vai, and the song doesn’t feel overdone even at close to six minutes. If you are looking for an updated version of your classic rock LPs with a slight twist, compiled by people who weren’t alive when ZZ Top started their improbable run, I present to you Tabah. If you dig their sound, check them out tonight at the 7th Street Entry with General B and the Wiz and William Within. - Reviler

"Friday Five: Polica, Reina del Cid, Tabah, Rick McLean, and of course Morris Day"

This Tiny Desk contest entry from Minneapolis band Tabah is a great, intimate take on the title track of their latest EP. Interested listeners can find them this Saturday (1/30) at Icehouse. - 89.3 The Current

"Friday Five: Alpha Consumer, Deleter, Rogue Valley, and more new Minnesota music videos"

Here’s a happy little surprise that showed up in my inbox this week. TABAH is a new project led by Cecelia Erholtz, and they just put out their debut EP earlier this year. This Basement Secording — literally filmed in Cecilia’s basement — also features a guest appearance by tenor saxophonist Cole Pulice. - 89.3 The Current

"Time for Tabah to drop Time Will Come"

Simple, husky, and oddly intimate, the new EP, Time Will Come, from Minneapolis band Tabah drips with nonchalance and a naïve charm that makes you wonder who is being taken for a ride here. You can figure out the band's musical touchstones in minutes, yet there are still hidden nuances that reveal themselves as the album opens up from shoegaze-y tracks to classic rock to shades of indie. - City Pages


Time Will Come EP - Released June 2015

Symmetry Somewhere Debut LP - Released March 2017