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T.R.A.N.E. Spitta

Nashville, TN | Established. Jan 01, 2008 | SELF

Nashville, TN | SELF
Established on Jan, 2008
Band Hip Hop Christian




"Fate TRANE w/ Brineaboy, Smart Objects, & Lucas"

You need to chill, and local electro-dance duo Brineaboy has just the medicine to help melt that tension away — but without any of the gnarly side effects. Alex Hill and Amy Wright craft fluid dance music that will make you move, but not in an aggressive, teeth-grinding, heart-racing kind of way. And beyond the pretty beats, the band is addressing some of life’s darker moments. In “Gallows Humor,” Wright celebrates the lessons she has learned from those who’ve passed. “You taught me to walk in the thunder,” she says. “You gave me roots that I would make stronger.” Opening Saturday’s show will be Smart Objects, a local pop outfit that’ll appeal to fans of locals ELEL — but where ELEL’s feel-good indie pop makes it sound like they’re hanging with cartoon critters in the middle of the forest (that’s a compliment), Smart Objects take their party to outer space. And be sure to get there early to browse the maker’s market — music starts at 8 p.m., but starting at 7 p.m., local artists will be selling their goods, including T-shirts, jewelry, paper sculptures, mixed media and digital art. - Nashville Scene

"2016 Rock 'n' Roll Poll"

What local artist/band ruled Nashville in 2016?

Margo Price —Jared Corder, Wes Davenport, Cam Sarrett, Ariel Bui, Ben Swank, Dillon Watson, Harry Kagan, Kent Marcus, Joey Kneiser, Matt Hall, Adia Victoria, Terry Rickards, Brooke Ivey, Matthew Bell, Joseph Hudak

Adia Victoria —Rashad tha Poet, Mike Shepherd, Leah Miller

Didn’t happen. —Mark Nevers

Cover bands —Jon Burr

Terry Rickards’ Tribute Band All-Stars —Brandon Jazz

Rob Crowell was everywhere good stuff was happening. —Dean Everett Jackson

Birdcloud. Dynamic duo, raunchy, controversial. Toured with Wheeler Walker Jr. around the country, spreading attitude country that doesn’t apologize. —Ryan Pelham

Birdcloud —Jasmin Kaset

Birdcloud, Wheeler Walker Jr. —Makenzie Green

Bully, Birdcloud —Beth Cameron

Bully and Margo Price —Jeremy Ferguson

Bully SLAYED this year. Again. Rayland Baxter, ELEL, Aaron Lee Tasjan and *repeat repeat repped hard, too. So proud! —Caroline Bowman

Coupler, William Tyler, Savoy Motel, ELEL, The Nobility, JEFF the Brotherhood, Explorers Club, Natural Child —Sam Smith

Music Band —Tyler Walker

Watcher —Katie Banyay

Kiya Lacey —Mike Floss

Mike Floss —AL-D

Soft Option, Watcher, Ornament, Glad Fact, Free Pizza, Spodee Boy, Trane Spitta, Ben Coale —Zach Prosser

Mom and Dad rules hard. —Mikey Owen

The Gills —Mike Kluge

Margo Price, The Gills, Derek Hoke —Todd Sherwood

Savoy Motel —Jem Cohen

Boo Dudes —Jeff Pettit - Nashville Scene

"S-Wrap w/ T.R.A.N.E. Spitta, & more"

One thing Nashville’s music scene needs to work on is being as inclusive and supportive of its hip-hop artists as it is of its singer-songwriters and rock bands. There’s a ton of top-shelf rap going on, but much of it happens in house-show cyphers you won’t hear about unless you know a guy who knows a guy. Besides being an outstanding MC duo, AL-D and E.T. do their damnedest to make local hip-hop easier for the casual fan to find — through the Fringe Radio Show, for which they alternate hosting duties each Monday night on Radio Free Nashville, as well as their quarterly Meant for the Milk Crate showcases. You may not know locals Foundation, BeHoward and K-DA, or Kentucky rapper Allen Poe (all of whom play Friday’s show alongside a four-deck turntable blitz featuring MFTMC regular DJ Vamp and The Boom Bap’s DJ Bowls), but their recent releases are all very much worth your time. Check out previews of each in an archive of the Aug. 15 Fringe Radio Show broadcast. As always, there’ll be an open-mic cypher to shut the night down, but save up some hype for Saturday night, too: At Charlie Bob's, Spitball Productions puts on its first hip-hop show with a stout lineup featuring full sets from S-Wrap, Ra Noise, Trane Spitta and AL-D himself. - Nashville Scene

"TRANE Spitta: A Revolutionary Artist"

T.R.A.N.E. Spitta, Ethan DaSilva, is a Brooklyn born, Nashville native with insane
lyricism, rhyme schemes and socio-political messages. He was raised in a Caribbean household. Both of his parents were born and raised in Guyana. This upbringing contributed to some of his earlier musical influences such as Bob Marley, Sizzla Kalonji, and other various, conscious Reggae artists. OTR met Ethan when he submitted his music to us. Our team loved his message and his creative delivery and absolutely wanted more.

T.R.A.N.E. stands for “The Revolutionary Artist Named Ethan.” This acronym is more
than just a clever play on letters: it is his motivation. Trane means to seriously
impact his fans lives and, hopefully, the lives of everyone he encounters. Trane
stands up for Humanity, peace, and love and will stop at nothing to reveal the truths
behind these principles to the entire world. - On The Rise ATL

"Best Rap Music Video"

'A gritty, industrial yard joint that weds hard-hitting lyricism with an implicit tale of troubled times - and heroic redemption by the righteous.' - The Akademia

"BOON 615 presents: TRANE Spitta"

Next up we have TRANE SPITTA. TRANE is an acronym for The Revolutionary Artist Named Ethan, thats tight. So how long have you been making music?

TS: “I’ve been making music for as long as I can remember; I released my first project in December 2010. (Rapping With A Brain)”

Who are some of your influences?

TS: “Bob Marley, Sizzla Kalonji, Method Man Buju Banton, Capleton, Anita Baker, Green Day, Tool, Yolanda Adams, Mos Def, Missy Elliot, E-40, Erykah Badu.. Needless to say, I’m a music lover.”

Wow, that definitely covers a spectrum of artist so what’s your favorite album of all time then?

TS: “The Dream – Love/Hate”

Yeah right that’s mine too, I thought I was the only person that “got it.” But enough about me, back to you, how would you define your style?

TS: “Ninja Rapper.”

Do you censor yourself?

TS: “No… Why would I want to censor the truth?”

Other than yourself or the people in your circle if you could be a group with anyone dead or alive, who would you put in it?

TS: “WU TANG!!!!”

Word WU TANG forever lol. Do you have any upcoming releases you want the people to know about?

TS:“#DDW presents: A Skyline Studios production –RAPPING WITH A BRAIN volume #2 HOSTED BY DJ Olivia Dope APRIL 2015 / The R.A.P. EP AUGUST 2015…and more…Stay Tuned!”

Would you like to add anything before we end this interview?

TS: “Humanity to the World! DDW till I DIE! I love you Mom! I love you Tawny! I’m just The Revolutionary Artist Named Ethan!!! SPITTA!!!!!”

Thanks for letting us get to know you a lil bit better, enjoy the rest of your SXSW experience. Have fun!!!! - BOON615.com


"R.W.A.B." (Rapping With A Brain) - (c) 2010  Available on Datpiff.com
prod. by David Justiniano

"Suh'n Fa Ya Headphones" - (c) 2012 Available on Bandcamp.com and more
prod. by Jon Rice, Mattic Lee, and Devon "Bassman" Lewis

"Prophet's Profits" [single] - (c) 2015 Available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play & more
prod. by Black Metaphor

Rap Evolution Records (LLC)

"Lost in T.R.A.N.E.slation" [album] - (c) 2016 Available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play & more
prod. by DopeNorTeria (DNT)

Rap Evolution Records (LLC)/DopeNorTeria Records (LLC)

"Lay Low" [single] - (c) 2018 Available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play & more
prod. by Trent Waters (TWBeats)

Rap Evolution Records (LLC)



If there was a better way to describe T.R.A.N.E. the acronym might not stand for "The Revolutionary Artist Named Ethan." A true revolutionary at heart, TRANE uses his musical platform to influence progressive and free thought and true creativity. Ethan DaSilva was born in Brooklyn, New York to Robin and Bertram whom were immigrants to the country. His parents hail from Linden, Guyana, a country on the northern coast of South America. His Caribbean background has cultivated his artistry into a conscious styled, free form hip hop artist.
Though his background is rooted in the Caribbean, TRANE has made strides to break down barriers in other cultures. Having a live Jazz band play behind him called "The FUTURE," has made a huge uproar in some of the local Nashville punk rock and alternative scenes. Nashville, TN has been home to TRANE Spitta since the year 1998. The movement has grown since moving to Atlanta, GA in 2013 and Houston, TX in 2015.
TRANE Spitta has toured the majority of the U.S. and collaborated with artists internationally. After founding his own record label, Rap Evolution Records, TRANE has made bounds and leaps in the direction of professional musicians and has established his name in the music industry.

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