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Sugar Parks

North Hollywood, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014

North Hollywood, California, United States
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Alternative Indie




"Sugar Parks - Strange World"

Dim the lights – the new release of LA based singer/songwriter Sugar Parks grabs all of your attention anyway.

With a slow and methodical rhythm and an interesting sound surrounding, the track feels really cool. And I mean sunglasses-at-night cool. The vocals feel very sophisticated, from performance to processing. They shine with this edgy retro vibe, plus they are both lush and intense. You gotta love that vocal confidence, the singer knows exactly what to do when. Imagine this track performed live on stage in the right setting. Goosebumps.

With the backing, it’s the same. The single instruments all have their special signature glow to get a different type of soul in the tune. There’s this saturated Rickenbacker-ish bass paving the way, the exciting high pitched piano to take off some tension, and the wind elements to step on the pedal. I love the fact that there are vintage elements AND almost future pop/rock elements in there to find, this gives ‘Strange World’ a unique approach and a special sassy flavour, as if the track itself would be questioning any genre boundaries. Done in this fashion, the tune creates its own groove that calls for a new genre name. I guess we should name it… Sugarsoul.

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By Florian Maier
CEO/Producer at kings mountain studios (kms). Drummer. Sound explorer. Music enthusiast. Critic. Writer. Husband. Father. All stacked up in 1.88 m, 80 kg. - kms reviews


Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter, Sugar Parks just released her new single, “Strange World.” Mixing elements of soul, pop noir, and indie rock, there are parts of the song that may remind you of Lana Del Rey but the addition of low brass and bluesy guitar solo keep Parks away from sounding like a copy cat. Instead she slots in nicely as a soulful alternative singing about “not fitting in where I came from.”

Written by Adam Morgan - Surviving the Golden Age

"Sugar Parks Unveils ‘Strange World’ From Debut EP ‘Ruminations’ | Music News"

“Strange World” is the brand new single from LA indie rock singer and songwriter Sugar Parks, taken from her debut EP titled Ruminations, which she describes as “a collection of indie rock tunes that shimmer with the darkness of noir pop while having gritty, bluesy overtones“.

Slanting towards a more pop rock sound than the other tracks on her Ruminations EP while still holding on to her dark bluesy edge, “Strange World” sees Sugar Parks talking about feeling like an outcast yet deciding to be true to one’s self regardless and without compromise.

“Strange World” and the rest of the EP is a collaborative effort between Sugar and her husband Mitch Parks, with Sugar providing the soulful vocals and captivating songwriting, and her husband Mitch delivering on the distorted guitar, bass riffs and indie alternative production.

Speaking about the inspiration behind “Strange World”, Sugar Parks says, “the lyrics are feeling like an outsider, but being true to one’s self regardless and without compromise. The lyric, ‘In a strange world where people lurk who used to know your name’, is referring to Facebook being this strange place where we see people from our past who we don’t talk to anymore for various reasons.

A post from someone from the past brought me back and showed me how much I’ve changed. Sometimes it seems growth is a process of becoming your true self by shedding layers of who people told you to be directly or indirectly and Strange World embodies that process for me“. -

"Sugar Parks releases new single named ‘Strange World’."

Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Sugar Parks who collabs with Mitch Parks, her husband has just released an amazing single called ‘Strange World’. This is the lead track from her debut EP called ‘Ruminations’. This EP is full of indie rock tunes and each song explores topics that need to be talked about such as toxic relationships and toxic relationships. The music is full of rich distorted guitar and bass riffs courtesy of Mitch. They make a great creative team.

‘Strange World’ is an indie blues-rock song that is a perfect showcase for Sugar Parks incredible soulful vocals. I have not heard any vocals like them! They certainly are unique and made the song stand out from the crowd of submissions. I love the bass line at the start of the song, that caught my interest as well. Meaning wise, ‘Strange World’ is about the feeling of not being accepted by others yet still being yourself. I like that! The strange world is based on Facebook, where we are friends with people from our past but do not keep in touch with. The first line of the song is ‘In a strange world where people lurk who used to know your name’ is an example of what Facebook is like. The song also looks at when one of these people make a post and the realisation of how much you have changed, which can be good or bad.

Sugar Parks has major talent as does Mitch and I feel the duo has only just begun. I adore ‘Strange World’ and look forward to hearing more! - Music Injection

"New Music Platform: The best new releases delivered to your Spotify weekly 08/08/20"

Sugar Parks seamlessly blends soulful vocals and electric riffs in her atmospheric new single ‘Strange Worlds’. Fans of legends such as Florence and the Machine and Lana Del Rey will fall in love with her edgy, sophisticated sound.

Written by: Charlotte Bredael - New Music Platform

"Sugar Parks has released a wonderful new track called “Misunderstood”"

Sugar Parks has released an awesome new track called “Misunderstood” Sugar Parks is a Los Angeles based singer/songwriter who collaborates with her husband, Mitch, to create indie rock, and pop while having gritty, bluesy overtones. Her songwriting is inspired by reflection on inner turmoil and drama in life. The couple’s songs have been placed in multiple independent feature films and the Daytime Emmy winning Amazon series, “The Bay”. This track is really nice with the awesome great music, like the guitar and drums. The beautiful vocals are undoubtedly a mood changer for me with this crazy world of events. I really enjoyed it. Please check it out and leave your feedback below. Add this to your favorite playlist today.

Written by Denise Sherod- music reviewer for Reignland Magazine - Reignland Magazine


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2. Burn Out 2016
3. Before the Fall 2014
4. Something Coming out of the Dark 2014

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1. Jezebel (single) 2020
2. Believe it or Not (single) 2017



Sugar Parks is a Los Angeles born and based singer/songwriter of indie blues rock that shimmers with the darkness of noir pop. Sugar began her journey into songwriting by writing poetry as an outlet for inner turmoil and reflection. She moved around California’s Pacific Coast, acquired some knowledge of guitar while in San Francisco, and ended up in L.A.’s San Fernando Valley. Misfortune in love and her new guitar skills led her to start writing songs. Shortly thereafter, she met David “Mitch” Parks, a guitarist and sound engineer, at a karaoke dive bar in Los Angeles.  The two artists started producing music together and got married the following year.

 With a mix of distorted guitars, soulful vocals, and dark lyrics, Sugar and Mitch have created a sound comparable to Lana Del Rey, Amy Winehouse, and Nancy Sinatra.  Their songs have been placed in multiple independent feature films including, “Lazarus: Day of the Living Dead” aka “Lazarus: Apocalypse”, “Check Point”, “God Complex”, “Xenophobia”, the upcoming Lionsgate film, "The Amityville Harvest" and the Daytime Emmy winning Amazon series, “The Bay”. In the film, “Lazarus…”, there’s a scene where Sugar plays a lounge singer with Mitch on bass behind her. This scene was featured in the trailer for the film along with her song, "Baby’s Got a Hold on Me".  Additionally, Sugar has collaborated with international music collective, Swamp Music Players, and had one of their released tracks, “Jezebel”, selected as Earshot Digital’s Song of the Day. Currently, Sugar and Mitch are working to launch their four song EP, “Ruminations”, a collection of indie, blues rock tunes confronting social rejection and toxic relationships. 

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