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Streetcar Conductors

Portland, Oregon, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2017

Portland, Oregon, United States
Established on Jan, 2017
Band Rock Indie




""One of 2018's more impressive debuts"- Absolute Powerpop"

Streetcar Conductors-The Very Best of Streetcar Conductors. Naming your debut album The Very Best of is a cheeky thing to do, but technically true (of course it's just as technically true that it's The Very Worst of). Nevertheless Jonathan Moore and friends live up to the billing here as this does play like a greatest hits album from a parallel universe as right off the bat we get "Pushover", a Jellyfish-vibed number that pushes all the power pop (belly)buttons, and with Carmen Charters providing harmony vocals and its prominent synths "Let's Not (and Say We Did") could pass as a New Pornographers track. Other "greatest hits" include the 70s singer-songwriter pop of "Other People's Happiness", the ambivalent ode to selfies "Pictures of Ourselves", the 60s-influenced "Staring at the Sun" and the sophisticated adult pop of "True Love, They Say". One of 2018's more impressive debuts. - Absolute Powerpop

"Powerpopaholic review: "The Very Best of Streetcar Conductors""

It’s pretty ballsy to label your debut “The Very Best of,” but Streetcar Conductors deliver what amounts to an impressive selection of modern rock singles. The glorious opening track, “Pushover,” is has a Weezer-Cheap Trick feel and an earworm chorus that is full of layered piano and guitar. It’s so good, the other tracks suffer a bit by comparison.

Streetcar Conductors do a good job mixing classic pop influences into the modern rock song structures. “Let’s Not And Say We Did,” is almost a novelty tune; catchy in the tradition of Bowling For Soup. There is an undercurrent of Beach Boys influence on “Throw Your Love Away” and especially on “Summer, What Became Of You” with its earnest harmonies. Another great tune “Pictures Of Ourselves” is a great commentary on today’s selfie culture. Some tunes try to get punkier (“It Sounded Like The End Of The World”) or just plain goofy (“The Absurdity of Life.”) But then it sounds like the guys are trying too hard. The band is at its best with simpler melodies like “You Are The Brightest Star” and “True Love, They Say.” Overall, no filler and more than enough “hits” to be Highly Recommended. - Powerpopaholic

"Freeform Portland Show Review: Streetcar Conductors' Album Release"

I had an out-of-town trip planned for the weekend of April 27th, but when I got word about the King Black Acid, The Fur Coats, and Streetcar Conductors show at Mississippi Studios, I immediately postponed it. King Black Acid is a local act I never miss, and The Fur Coats are amazing! I’ve never seen the opening act, a new band called Streetcar Conductors, so I arrive early to be sure I don’t miss a beat.

Streetcar Conductors has only been together a short while, so the members are nervous and excited about performing on the stage of this incredible venue. Streetcar Conductors is the product of founder, Jonathan Moore, and although this is a new band, he’s been working on these songs for almost 4 years. Along with his partner, Carmen Charters, he’s put together an amazing band, including Matt D. of The Toads on bass, Jimmy Ling and Michael Hollifield on guitars.

Streetcar Conductors is quirky and poppy. Jonathan’s songs are born out of sadness and desparation, but instead of dwelling on the dark side, his music combats the darkness with lighthearted lyrics. The sound is reminiscent of 60’s pop acts like The Monkees and The Turtles. He mocks our preoccupation with narcissism in the tune “Pictures of Ourselves,” and laughs at our situation in the song “The Absurdity of Life.” These songs, and many more, are featured on their debut release, comically titled “The Very Best of the Streetcar Conductors.” At the end of their 45 minute set, they have successfully won over the crowd. This band has a future in Portland and beyond. Now Jonathan has got to get some rest, because he’ll return to the stage as the keyboardist of King Black Acid in an hour!

Up next is one of my favorite local acts, The Fur Coats. Fronted by singer, Chris Hoganson, and singer/ saxaphone player, Betty Downey, this band has got soul, groove, funk and hooks! Chris has got a soothing voice and the moves to back them up. Betty sings and blows the horn with passion. Each song takes you in a new direction and draws you in with memorable riffs and lyrics. The entire band brings their A Game every single time they perform, and it’s beginning to pay off. Their positive energy and warm personalities are infectious. The room sways to the beat, and I overhear people in the crowd asking “Wow, who in the hell are these guys, they’re amazing!” If you’ve never seen The Fur Coats in person, I encourage you to find them on YouTube. They’ve released some fantastic videos in the last few months. This band was put on the bill by Daniel of King Black Acid, who tells me that he always likes to book acts that he enjoys listening to, but has never experienced live. And his band is up next.

King Black Acid is legendary, but I caught on to them late. I was living in L.A. when KBA broke big here in PDX. Several years ago King Black Acid sent me some music to play on my show. I just assumed they were a new (and mindblowingly talented) act who wanted to airplay. It wasn’t until I saw them live a couple of years ago that my friend Bryan of the band When We Met pointed out that they were a band who’d been around for years. That first live show had me so moved I’ve never missed a show since.

Tonight the band celebrates the release of their new 7″ Single Vinyl, featuring two cover tunes that the band has reinvented. The first is a song called “I’m In Love With A Girl” by Big Star, a band I was entirely unfamiliar with. Daniel tells me, “The original version was just vocals and acoustic guitar, very stripped down, very sincere, almost sickeningly sweet. I keep a running list of songs I’d like to pay tribute to, and this one now has it’s time.” - Freeform Portland

"David Bash, founder of International Pop Overthrow Festival"

Some of the catchiest pop music comes from this band, Streetcar Conductors, who are one of Portland’s finest pop groups! Last week they did a dynamite show at IPO San Francisco, as they’re doing tonight! Jonathan Moore is one helluva singing drummer! - David Bash

"Portland Notes Review: "Streetcar Conductors is Killing It with Hit after Hit""

It is 48 degrees outside and raining but the new Streetcar Conductors album makes it feel like summer. This debut record is fittingly called “The Very Best of Streetcar Conductors.” It is a collection of the best of Jonathan Moore’s extensive repertoire of songs and represents the culmination of years of studio work and incredible patience as Jonathan has searched for the perfect bandmates to bring his vision to life.

I’ve already listened to the CD many times in the two days since I picked it up at the band’s epic CD release party with King Black Acid and the Fur Coats. The songs are catchy retro pop hits full of irresistible earworms along with sometimes hilarious lyrics that are the embodiment of Jonathan’s personality- insightful, unpretentious, and self-deprecating at times.

The first track, “Pushover,” is a hit that has the tone and feel of Cheap Trick’s “I Want You to Want Me”. Right? That’s a pretty amazing way to kick off the album, but it doesn’t stop there. The second hit, “Let’s Not (And Say We Did),” starts out with a megaphone blasting what sounds like the bitching of suburban housewives, and then goes on to explain that the long term risks of falling in love outweigh the temporary benefits. The brilliant lyrics continue with “Pictures of Ourselves,” which depicts the modern culture of selfies, and “The Absurdity of Life,” which is self-explanatory.

Great music finds a balance between being new and refreshing yet sounding familiar, which is the beauty of Streetcar Conductors. “Summer, Whatever Became of You?” could fit right in on the Grease sound track. “Throw Your Love Away” channels John Lennon. “Other People’s Happiness” and “True Love, They Say” have an Elvis Costello vibe. “Staring at the Sun” and “You are the Brightest Star” swing along like Roy Orbison tunes. “Losing Streak” has a hint of Vampire Weekend in it. And there are endless comparisons to Weezer. At this point you should probably just listen to the album because reading about it isn’t nearly as good. Streetcar Conductors is on bandcamp, Spotify, cdbaby, itunes, YouTube, or wherever you listen to music. Follow the band on fb and check them out live at the Local Roots Showcase on May 9 at Alberta Street Pub.

If you’re still reading, it’s interesting to note that Jonathan Moore not only wrote all fourteen songs, but played nearly all the instruments. The liner notes list the usual things like drums, guitar, bass, synth, percussion, and piano, but also more unusual things like mellotron, vibraphone, air organ (which is unlike air guitar), and electric sitar. In the live band, Jonathan plays drums and shares singing with Carmen Charters, who brings the yin to the yang and has been described as the missing puzzle piece in completing the Streetcar Conductors’ musical vision.

This video from the CD release party features one of the tracks that is not on the new album. It’s one of Carmen’s songs and just for fun, I’ve included a video of the same song performed last summer when Jonathan and Carmen performed as a duo. The band has come really far in a short while, making them a top contender for Portland’s Best New Band in 2018. Bravo Streetcar Conductors! - Portland Notes

""The Very Best of Streetcar Conductors" is one of the Best Releases of 2018"

Streetcar Conductors blends the Unicorns' fresh, indie sensibilities with the strong melodies of power pop, resulting in a relentlessly entertaining release - Rate Your Music


Brand New Lease On Life (single)
released February 21, 2020

The Very Best of Streetcar Conductors
released April 27, 2018

You Are the Brightest Star (single)
released August 24, 2016



Streetcar Conductors began as the solo project of Jonathan Moore. After recording nearly all of what would become the bands debut album himself, he became restless with the process and began looking for members, hoping to turn the conceptual band into a real band. Recruiting Jimmy and Michael on guitar, Matt on bass, and Carmen on keys/ synths, Streetcar Conductors transformed from a conceptual solo project into a full band with a clearly defined style and sound.

With the band in place, The Very Best of Streetcar Conductors was released in April of 2018. The band's signature sound, along with their quirky uniform of matching letterman jackets and their reputation for putting on impressive live shows quickly attracted the attention of fans and media alike. Their debut album was featured on multiple powerpop blogs and included on PopGeekHeaven’s list of 2018’s best albums.

In 2019, Streetcar Conductors embarked on their first tour, traveling down the west coast and headlining the International Pop Overthrow festivals in both San Francisco and Portland along the way. The band is currently in the studio finishing up their second album, which is expected to release early 2021.

This streetcar is rolling. Hop on board, and see where it takes you!