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Steven Bejarano

El Monte, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2004 | SELF

El Monte, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2004
Solo Alternative Reggae




"SiSTiNE at the Viper Room, West Hollywood, CA"

"What do you get when you mix a dash of rock, a pinch of pop and a splash of reggae? a concoction that makes up the band known as Sistine. with hints of 311 and incubus-like influences, the band of four bring a high-energy, in your face vibe to songs about everyday life and the trails and tribulations of growing up.
With two members being brothers and two members being cousins, Sistine is keeping this band a family afair. This might explain why the one quality that stands out above the rest is thier ability to jam together as a unit. With Mike Palma effortless riffs, Steven Bejarano's funky base lines and Charlie Barcelo's bone vibrating fills they each lay down a piece of foundation strong enough for Joe Palma's vocals to build apon. There is no fighting for the spotlight, leaving it safe to say that a family that plays together stays together." - Allegra Azzopardi - Music Connection Magazine Vol. 35, June 2011

"Only Child Syndrome E.P."

From an aesthetic perspective, the EP is just about perfect. Everything from the guitars to the drums sit exactly where they are supposed to and are never competing with each other.

The first song is called “Adios Mothsfuka” and contains a soulful vibe that is smooth and sensual. I loved the sound of the clean, crisp guitar and the overall relaxed feeling the song gives off. The lyrics are a bit lewd so just a fair warning. The song really doesn’t have much of a hook but he manages to engage with his overlapping vocals parts and his delivery.

The second track “Near Jah Bonfire Flames” is a fun song that is rooted in ska and reggae. StevenGB sings some of the song in Spanish and despite whether or not you understand the language the vocal melody is catchy. He sings, “time to get drunk and jack shack with some rum, sand between my toes and a guitar on my back and I sing, All night long, Near nah bonfire flames.”

“Intoxicated (Superoxide)” has a similar reggae, ska feel but is a bit more laid back and chill this time around. Guitar chords pan back and forth on your speakers as StevenGB sings. The end of the song is the closest he gets to rocking out. He closes with “Beautiful Strangers” which interjects acoustic guitars in the mix. One vocal was panned hard right and the other hard left, which was enjoyable but something you rarely hear.

I can only imagine StevenGB is probably working on a full-length and with Only Child Syndrome he builds a solid foundation of what we can expect from his future releases. - Ted Rogan

"Cruise Critic"

Cruise Director Mike Pack oversees the production shows which we found to be energetic and LOUD, but also entertaining. We preferred the “Welcome Aboard Show” which contained in the repertoire some beautiful Latin melodies. Around the ship we enjoyed guitarist Steven GB and the Indi Duo. This Duo sang some American favorite songs; however, their accent handed to the audience the best part of the performance: Figuring out just which particular song they were singing. Though they sounded nice! - VNFINELLI

"Carnival Cruise Lines"

Steve is one of the best employees I have had the pleasure to work with. He has a positive attitude, takes his job seriously, and is always willing to go above and beyond to help out with extra activities and events. Additionally, he is a very good musician and does an excellent job in his role as soloist.

Steve’s style appeals very well to the younger, 20s & 30s demographic. he performs with a lot of energy and the bulk of his repertoire comes from the 90s to today. His style is more attention grabbing and energetic than most soloists, se he is best suited in an environment with a rowdier crowd. However, his style may be a little too “in-your-face” for an older, calmer crowd. There were few occasions where guests and staff members complained that his performances were too inappropriate for the time and place he was schedules to perform songs like “Baby Got Back” or other edgier songs in the lobby bar while families were lining up for dinner. At the time, I suggested that he be a little more conscience of the audience he is performing for. He adjusted right away and the situation didn’t occur again.
Largely though, he did an excellent job with the audience out of Miami. In his time here. He did not have a lot of country music in his repertoire when he arrived, but after getting many requests for this style of music from guests, he added several popular country songs. I encourage him to further increase his repertoire of country music to better appeal to the numerous country music fans that cruise. Steve also improved his performances by incorporating a loop station into his act, as well as several other effects pedals. After working with these pedals for a few months he developed a fuller, more interesting sound and created a more entertaining performance.
Steve added a lot to the musical entertainment offered on the Carnival Victory and I believe he’ll do very well on any ship he is placed on. His style is very much in line with what I like to see in a soloist. I recommend him for any ship in the fleet and would be happy to
work with him again. - Peter Halloin


with "Stupid and Retarded":

- Stupid & Retarded Jackasses E.P. (2002)

with "SiSTiNE":

-Composition Demo (2004)
-Beyond The Threshold E.P. (2007)
-Sanctuary E.P. (2010)



 Steven has played in numerous bands with genres ranging from 80’s to cumbia’s, classic rock to rock en espanol. Steven Bejarano has a passionate love for music that cannot be described through words, and thus, his music is born.

  After juggling a full-time job, playing in various cover bands, booking and writing original music for SiSTiNE, the weight of such responsibilities became overwhelming for the twenty-seven year old. Making a decision to better himself, Steven dropped his day job and enrolled in the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California. Being able to read, write and play music on a daily basis, along with tests and quizzes, began to show as his musicianship took a turn for the better. As is the way, with time, practice, and live performances, the music quickly evolved into a wondrous experience.

 “When a group of boys come together on one tiny stage, there is often potential for a messy, ear-rupturing set. This was not the case for Sistine. Somehow, each member was able to find his place in between the chaos. They created a musical energy that was impossible for the crowd not to feel.” Allegra Azzopardi, of Music Connection Magazine.

  Steven first felt the power of music at the age of eleven, when his elementary school introduced him in a music program. Due to financial issues, he was forced to make sacrifices, but ultimately ended up playing the tuba in the marching band. The course of his life was changed when he was told to listen to music containing the tuba and the upright bass. An amazing world of colors, feelings and nuances that far exceeded simple chords and melodies was now open to him.

Another life changing event occurred when Steven received an electric Bass for his fifteenth birthday, as a combined present from family members. After becoming really comfortable with his new instrument, Steven realized he could make money to help his single mother out with bills and living expenses. At the young age of seventeen, he was waiting in the parking lots of bars and clubs until performance time came with local top forty bands.

  “Most people obsess on having loud speakers in their homes. Spending ridiculous amounts of money on Dre Beats headphones and automobiles equipped with amps so powerful you can hear the car coming a mile away, but do they ever really listen?”

is a question that Steven Bejarano has asked himself. Steven began reading books on how music can affect the brain. With a new spark of interest in musical therapy, this rising musician became aware of the emotional as well as physical remedies that lie in the power of music. 

-Bio Written By Alex Navarro

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