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Steph and Lionel

Newport, Rhode Island, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2019 | SELF

Newport, Rhode Island, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2019
Duo Pop Country





A sublime combination of passion, personality and heavenly harmonies define the country inspired “Falling in Deep”, premiere album by creative musician/singer Lionel Boisvert and powerful songstress, Steph Tierno.

Described by Boisvert as “a duet album of contemporary country covers”, musical selections are inspired primarily by the Lady Antebellum/ Shania Twain vibe, among surprising others, which is a listening bonus. There’s a comforting, emotional familiarity to the duo’s rendition of Twain’s “From This Moment”, by songwriter Robert John Lange, as the leading track. It sets the stage for what is to follow, which clearly demonstrates Boisvert’s and Tierno’s individual and combined artistic and heartfelt choices.

“Falling Slowly” --- the moody, almost hypnotic indie folk/ indie rock theme song from the film, “Once” is hauntingly done. Boisvert offered, “I seek to produce expressive, emotional music that takes you, the listener, to another place, another time with the feelings that celebrate life and love.” This track, in particular, does just that.
Lady Antebellum’s “Just a Kiss” --- a beguiling, plaintive lyrical story of the innocence and exploration of love --- is delivered purely and surely on this CD. Tierno’s talent shines in this track as she pours meaning into each word. In “Say Something” (A Great Big World/Christina Aguilera) both Boisvert and Tierno soar, bringing home the bittersweet manifestations of loss and loneliness. Their cover of “Shallow” (Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper from the film “A Star is Born”) is equally riveting and ambitious.

Familiar tunes like America’s “I Need You” are simply and appealingly done, as are Carrie Underwood’s “Inside Your Heaven”, Eddie Rabbitt’s “You and I”, and a nice, languid rendition of “Still the One”, Orleans’ big hit.

A favorite, however, is Lady Antebellum’s “Need You Now”, a lover’s plea into the night for passion and compassion. The lyrics are bare and bold and that’s how Boisvert and Tierno deliver them.
Together they are beautifully matched. Perhaps future albums will include a much desired solo track or two by each artist.

Lionel Boisvert (who sings at St. Joseph Parish in Newport, RI) is a versatile, local performer. He’s a crowd pleaser with a repertoire that draws on multiple genres, from classical, to Broadway and film, to rock and a sexy smattering of blues. His voice is inviting, expressive and sensual. If there’s one thing that separates him from other cover artists is his ability to own the lyrics, with exceptionally sensitive phrasing.

Steph Tierno --- who also attends St. Joseph Parish --- has created a world of music around and in her life since she was a little girl. “I was in love with making music and having my voice as my instrument. Singing has and always will be my passion,” she says. With a vocal talent that commands attention and draws us in, she is like a sure beacon that guides us home and we want to follow. - Lorraine Lucciola Arts & Entertainment Writer

"Interview – January 2020"

Hi Lionel and Steph:

Thanks for agreeing to answer some interview questions.

1.What were your earliest musical experiences? Private lessons? Garage bands? school productions?
Lionel: In high school I was cast as Sir Lancelot in our high school production of Camelot. I didn’t really know how to sing back then, but I sure learned a lot about the basics of acting, stagecraft and technical production from some amazing teachers.

Steph: In middle school I decided to join band and play the flute. I knew right then that I was in love with music - but maybe not so much in love with the flute. So the next year I joined the chorus. The feeling I got when making music with my voice was so right. This is my passion.

2. Where did you each grow up and where do you live now? Did you come from musical families?
Lionel: I grew up in Woonsocket before moving to the Newport area. My Mom came from Oklahoma and so our house was always filled with the country sounds of Jim Reeves, Glenn Campbell and Loretta Lynn. “Donnie and Marie” was our favorite television variety show.

Steph: I was born in Newport and raised in Middletown. I have a cousin and an uncle in a band. My mom would sing to me everyday growing up, which she swears is where I get my voice from.

3. What instruments do you each play? How did you get interested in the instrument?
Lionel: I started accordion and piano lessons at the age of 7 – classical, jazz, blues. Six years later I was gigging with my teacher’s polka band at these massive Polish picnics around RI. So much fun!

Steph: My voice is my main instrument. It is such a challenging, unique and personal instrument. That is why I’m so in love with singing.

4. Do you each have a day job? Please tell our readers a bit out that, please.
Lionel: I am a Systems Engineer at Raytheon in Portsmouth. Every day I am blessed to work with amazing people developing advanced undersea technology for our Navy and the defense of our nation.

Steph: I am an Elementary Music teacher in Fall River, Massachusetts. I teach grades K-5 general Music. I also teach students voice/piano privately. I am grateful to be able to teach students how to express themselves through Music at such a young age.

5. How did you first come to sing together? Tell us the story
Lionel: We met 12 years ago - and still sing together – in St. Joseph’s choir in Newport. Steph was 14 years young when she started. It wasn’t long before we were doing duets together for holiday masses and benefit concerts. Such a pure voice! When Steph needed a CD recording in order to apply for college scholarships, she came to my home studio, worked hard and learned quickly. She was a natural.

Steph: Lionel and I met 12 years ago at St. Joseph’s church in Newport. I joined the choir when I was just starting high school. I started singing solo pieces and then did a few duet pieces with Lionel and we instantly loved the blend of voices and the harmonies that we could make.

6. What do you most enjoy about singing as a duo? 
Lionel: It’s the blended sound. How the additional dynamic range and harmony shift the sonic character and give a song that extra emotional lift. When a listener tells us they’ve got goosebumps, we know we did something right!

Steph: When we sing next to each other the voices blend and the harmonies are magical, it is a feeling you can’t even explain. When it is just two people singing but you can hear more voices and pitches that is when it becomes addicting to sing together.

7. Your record: please tell us all you can
*How did you select the songs?
Lionel: It started out just for fun. We picked our shared favorite songs. We both have a wide variety of genre interests, but Shania Twain and Lady Antebellum types of songs kept rising to the top of the list. And of course, we are both hopeless romantics, just ask our better halfs!
*Where was it recorded?
Lionel: When my wife and I decided to finish the basement of our current Portsmouth home, I took advantage of the opportunity to build a small basement studio to spec. She had always been so patient with my practicing for hours on end, I think the idea of a dedicated volume-reducing space was appealing to her!
*What was the hardest part about the project?
Lionel: The waiting at the end. For the copyrights. The licenses. The artwork. The proofing. The mastering. This was our first album and we learned a great deal. There are probably some things we can do in parallel next time, now that we understand the process better.
*What is the “theme” of the record-assuming there is one?
Lionel: As we compiled the album, we realized the songs could be arranged in an order that tells a timeless story of true love. Starting with newness and excitement, the relationship grows, hits some bumps, overcomes obstacles and then matures into a lasting journey through the rest of their lives together. Thus, the title “Falling in Deep” seemed quite natural.
*Where can people listen/purchase your music?
Lionel: The music is available digitally on all major platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music. Physical CD’s can be purchased at CD-Baby online, or at select brick and mortar stores including Papers of Newport on Bellevue.

8. Do you write music? If so, please tell us your writing process.
Lionel: I usually focus on writing arrangements that are quite faithful to the original recordings. I always start with bass and drums to ensure the beat is solid then add guitar and keys to complement the intended vocal sections. A male and female duet provides an arranger with exciting opportunities for unexpected vocal collaboration, given the wide range of pitch and dynamics available.

9. Where can people learn more about you-Facebook? Website? 
Lionel: We prefer Facebook, just search on “Steph and Lionel Music” and we pop right up! We are also on Instagram and YouTube.

10. What is your name as a musical act? Or do you simply go by your first and last names?

Lionel: We want fans to get to know us in a very casual, warm and friendly way. We felt calling our duet act “Steph and Lionel” accomplished this, while keeping things simple, honest and direct. Hopefully this shines through to our fans. - Mark Gorman (Newport This Week)

"Facebook Review Excerpts"

Excellent collaboration, superb vocals, harmony, instrumentation and talent. The wonderful selections on this album radiates both warmth and charm.

Performance sounds great! Music accompaniment is tight.
Check them out!

I totally recommend everyone to listen to these two beautiful souls. They have worked so hard and now it’s time to spread the word and let everyone hear their beautiful voices!

Amazing and talented
I’m blessed when I can listen to such talent.

Amazing voices! Great love songs, and amazing people!

They have worked so hard to record this amazing album.

I have played this music over and over. I’m definitely a fan! I can’t wait to hear more! Everyone that I have shared this with loves their beautiful voices! - Facebook

"Steph and Lionel News Article"

New CD a Labor of Love
on January 09, 2020
By Mark Gorman

Singing in tight two-part harmony is a lot harder than it looks. Both singers must perfectly match each other’s vocal timbre and phrasing, and that usually only comes about after spending countless hours singing together.

Local vocalists Steph Tierno and Lionel Boisvert have been able to achieve this perfection on their recently released debut album, “Falling in Deep.” Newport this Week caught up with the duo to learn more about their musical journey.

“We met 12 years ago and still sing together in the St. Joseph’s Church choir,” Boisvert said. “Steph was 14 [and] it wasn’t long before we were doing duets together for holiday masses and benefit concerts.”

“I joined the [church] choir when I was just starting high school,” Tierno said. “I started singing solo pieces and then did a few duet pieces with Lionel, and we instantly loved the blend and the harmonies that we could make.”

Boisvert, a Woonsocket native who now lives on the island, is a system’s engineer at Raytheon, and Tierno, from Middletown, is an elementary music teacher in Fall River, Massachusetts and loves teaching students to express themselves through music.

When Tierno needed a CD recorded in order to apply for college scholarships, she asked Boisvert to record her in his home studio. The rest, as the saying goes, is history.

What do they enjoy most about singing duets together?

“When we sing next to each other, the voices blend and the harmonies are magical,” Tierno said. “When it’s just two people singing, but you can hear more voices and pitches, that’s when it becomes addicting to sing together.”

Boisvert concurred. “It’s the blended sound,” he said. “When a listener tells us they’ve got goosebumps, we know we did something right.”

Their new album tells the story of true love. All the tunes, including country classics from Shania Twain and Lady Antebellum, are spectacularly arranged to highlight the rich harmonies of the two singers. I have listened to several cuts, and it’s quite easy to lose oneself in the brilliance of their performance. With their mesmerizing harmonies, they truly have a gift for making the emotion of each tune come alive for the listener.

Boisvert, who did all the arranging and recording for the album, views it as a labor of love.

“It started out just for fun,” he said. “A male and female duet provides an arranger with exciting opportunities for unexpected vocal collaboration, given the wide range of pitch and dynamics available.”

The duo hopes to be gigging locally soon, so be on the lookout. In the meantime, be sure to check out their album, available at Papers on Bellevue Avenue, as well as on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify and CD Baby.

To learn more, visit Steph and Lionel Music on Facebook. - Newport This Week


Falling In Deep - November 2019 - 10 Tracks - Available on All Major Platforms Including iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Music, Amazon Music and CDbaby.



Names:  Stephanie Tierno and Lionel Boisvert

Sound Description: 
Vocal Duets (Covers) of Contemporary Love Songs 

Sounds Like: Lady Antebellum, Thompson Square, Little Big Town

Genre:  Contemporary Country, Pop

Hometown:  Newport, RI 

Experience:  Lionel has 35 years of professional gigging and live sound technical experience.  Stephanie has a degree in Performing Arts and 12 years of live professional music experience.

Date Founded:  October, 2019 

Discography:  Falling In Deep, Release Date 15-Nov-2019

Live Show Info:  Small footprint duet act specializing in vocals and keys.  Custom band backing tracks and intimate live acoustic piano.  Fully wireless setup scales up or down to any venue. 

About Stephanie

A sultry vocalist trained across multiple genres, Stephanie is a classic soprano with a wide range and clear, clean tone.  An alumnus of Rhode Island College with a degree in Music Performance,  Stephanie teaches music during the week, and on nights and weekends her voice soars both in the studio and at live venues in the Newport, RI and surrounding area.

About Lionel

A dynamic performer on stage and in the studio, Lionel is classically trained in both keyboards and vocals.  An Electrical and Acoustic Engineer by day, Lionel produces music in his own studio in Portsmouth, RI.  A veteran of general business and rock bands in the Newport, RI area, Lionel works with all venues and FOH systems/sound engineers to ensure an intimate audience experience.

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