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Stars In Toledo

Burlington, IA | Established. Jan 01, 2017 | INDIE

Burlington, IA | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2017
Band Rock Post-rock




"Stars in Toledo’s eponymous debut album has arrived"

Though a little fragmented in construction and cosmetics, Stars in Toledo’s debut is a worthwhile listen for rockers who have been searching for a fresh sound to add to their favorite playlist this season. If there’s one thing that this band does better than most any other Midwestern melodic rock unit I’ve reviewed in the last year, it’s leave a big impression even in cursory listens of their latest work. Whether it be “99 Bottles,” “A Peek Behind the Curtain,” “Mavericks” or “Be Your Man,” this record is jam-packed with startlingly intimidating licks, riffs and lyrical lashings that make me really excited to hear more from this group as time goes by. They’re in the early stages of something really interesting, and this first attempt at rock n’ roll greatness is a formidable one indeed. - Mindy McCall (Indi Pulse Music Magazine)

"Stars in Toledo release Self-Titled LP"

Harder rock and milder metal aficionados would be wise to closely examine Stars in Toledo before considering another acquisition from their local record store this season, if for no other reason than to see what all of the fuss from critics like myself has been about. They live up to the buzz surrounding their moniker in this debut, and while I’ve got no doubt that they could elevate this sound to a higher plain of performance with the right means and methods put in front of them, they deserve a lot of credit for producing this stunner of a studio album that stands up with the best of them in what is truly a very competitive time for rock. - Bethany Page (Vents Magazine)

"Stars In Toledo Release Self-titled Debut LP"

You’d be hard-pressed to beat this rock n’ roll juggernaut this spring as far as debut albums go, and in the year since Stars in Toledo was released worldwide, the band behind the magic has started to gain a lot of momentum that should yield us a sophomore effort in the near future. Hopefully they will take this blueprint and grow from its most sterling points in their next recording session, but if they end up producing something that is essentially of the same breed as what they’ve given us in this first LP, I can honestly say that I’ll be satisfied just the same. Stars in Toledo already know who they are, and that’s the one thing that matters in this business more than most anything else. - Loren Sperry


1) Stars in Toledo utilize a litany of sonic weapons in the studio on this first offering and deliver a satisfying listening experience for anyone who appreciates a decadent slab of rock n’ roll rebellion. There’s no overdone pop polish, silly overdubbing or glaring Pro Tools edits in the master mix; from top to bottom, these Iowans cut us a firebrand LP divided into a dozen meticulously crafted movements that tell us a lot about their band and the creative spirit driving their music. It’s an exciting first look for sure, and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what they do with it next. - Sebastian Cole

"Stars in Toledo’s Eponymous Debut Album"

99 Bottles” discharges a blistering guitar and bass volley that will put anyone into a dizzy spell if played at a high volume, and as we reach the conclusion of Stars in Toledo, we also reach the climax of the record in the Desert Rock-inspired thump of “A Peek Behind the Curtain.” The first time that I heard this album, as much as I enjoyed the eleven songs that come before the closer, this was the track that I found myself listening to on repeat in the days that followed. It’s a window into the soul of wild animal growing into an unstoppable beast, and more than enough to justify my putting this group at the top of my hard rock watch-list this year. - Gwen Waggoner


stars In Toledo (Debut Album) 2014



Stars are a heart of America born rock band with an eclectic mix of members from England, Argentina and native to the states. With diverse backgrounds and influences it's hard to pin point one specific genre for the band. What is undeniable is the pure love of playing music Stars in Toledo brings to the table.

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