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Danbury, Connecticut, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015

Danbury, Connecticut, United States
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Alternative Progressive




"Album Review - Standby - Gone for a While"

By utilizing progressive elements not commonly seen in their genre, Standby is able to provide for us something new and innovative that stands out amongst the music of their peers in the Indie Rock community. Finally, Gone for a While overcomes the esoteric nature that often comes with the niche with which it aligns itself by employing a pop-oriented mix that highlights the catchy vocal tracks above all else, and by avoiding becoming too progressive or abstract with rhythmic complexity that could potentially scare off more casual listeners; the record, while clearly being more Progressive-oriented than most in its genre, is just Pop enough to be heard. Standby has delivered, in Gone for a While, an enjoyable, polished, and easily accessible unique Indie Rock experience that teeters between being Pop and being Prog, without threatening to swing too far in either direction. RATING: 7+/10 - TTOIA (Discontinued)

"Standby - Gone for a While"

It's a masterwork. While they are a self-described progressive/alternative band, their liberal use of acoustic guitars creates a sound that is decidedly easy-listening. It isn't a sound that rewards laziness of the ear, but it does lend itself to a much more mellow sounding act than you would expect with that genre tag tied to it. That is to say, that I was surprised how relaxing a listening experience I had while preparing to write this review. - The Even Ground



Standby mixes the sounds of pop, progressive, alternative, metal, jazz, and the like to bring a sound that is approachable to the lay listener, but respectable by the musician. Standby's first full-length album "Gone For A While" and newly released EP, "The New Space EP," both showcase the band's approach to creating music and the notion that no sound is left unexplored.

The band is dedicated to self-sufficiency and recently used this drive to self-produce their new EP. Not only was the project recorded entirely by the group (with the exception of a couple instruments done by friends of the band), but Standby mixed and mastered it as well. The record also features a string quartet, with parts arranged by acoustic guitarist Garrett Rose, and a Beirut-esque horn section. 

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