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The Speedbumps

Akron, OH | Established. Jan 01, 2013

Akron, OH
Established on Jan, 2013
Band Rock Indie




"The Speedbumps "Done Treading Water" Premiere"

In what might be our favorite music video of 2015, the Speedbumps have crafted an unforgettable story around the lead single for their new LP, Soil to the Seed. “Done Treading Water” follows Bear, the video’s protagonist, after what has to be the worst day of his life. Check out the hilarious video above.

The song itself highlights the Speedbumps’ knack for creating mesmerizing music, blending compelling arrangements with gorgeous harmonies for a listening experience few other bands can imitate.

“I wrote ‘Done Treading Water’ after I read a novel my dad wrote about his life traveling the world,” vocalist and guitarist Erik Urycki tells us. “The song has a theme everyone can relate to, being stuck in the same place while wanting more. What better way to depict that struggle than an eight-foot grizzly bear working a desk job, right?!”

While we never thought we’d get life lessons from a grizzly bear, now that we have, we find ourselves wanting more from Bear!

Soil to the Seed hits the streets on May 5 following a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised nearly $20,000. You can follow along with the band’s crowdfunding process here, and make sure to head over to the Speedbumps’ official website to stay up-to-date with everything happening in their world. - Diffuser.FM

""Just Need Your Love" Premiere"

A stunning cathedral is the perfect setting for the Speedbumps‘ new music video for “Just Need Your Love,” which they are premiering exclusively for readers of The Boot.

The performance-based clip shows the Ohio indie folk band in all its glory. The stained glass windows behind them gleam with light, and massive chandeliers shine overhead as lead singer Erik Urycki’s deep, husky and ultra-commanding vocals ring out. There isn’t any flashy production, a dramatic storyline or a slew of props — but this video doesn’t need it. It’s perfectly simple, letting the wistful lyrics and enchanting vocals speak for themselves.

In “Just Need Your Love” as well as their other songs, the Speedbumps’ warm, authentic sound combines with hollow-bodied instruments and earnest lyricism. Urycki leads on vocals and guitar, while Abby Luri takes on vocals, guitar, banjo and keys; Sam Kristoff plays cello (often in place of a guitar riff); Kevin Martinez is on acoustic and electric bass; and Pat Hawkins and Danny Jenkins do drums and percussion. Their unique live shows include banjos, ukuleles, the Wurlitzer, glockenspiels, vibraslaps and mandolins.

The Speedbumps released a new album, Soil to the Seed, on May 5. The band recorded the disc in a remote cabin in the woods of Pennsylvania, where they were totally immersed in the act of making an album. They lived together, wrote down songs and laid down tracks at all hours of the day and night.

Read More: The Speedbumps, 'Just Need Your Love' Video [Premiere] | -

"The Speedbumps - The Harbors We SEek"

The Bumps' stock in trade is wistful acoustic Folk pop led by adaptable vocalist Erik Urycki...whose voice is capable of something approaching blue-eyed soul inflections in places when not indulging in his softer, more doleful rootsy croon." - Americana - UK

"Exclusive Stream: The Speedbumps "The Harbors We Seek""

"…Warm-sounding songs that feel as spirited and soothing as the subject matter feels acutely personal...Mixing deft musicianship, radio-ready hooks, and grooves that call to mind Punch Brothers as often as G. Love and Special Sauce, The Speedbumps seem to be stretching their arms out to anyone (roots fans, pop-rock radio fans, jazz circuit enthusiasts) with an inclination to sing along, catch said grooves and smile through the sadness." - No - The Roots Music Authority

"Song Premiere: The Speedbumps, "Chasing you Down""

"…a promising Americana band hailing from Kent, Ohio" - American Songwriter

"In Tune: The Speedbumps"

"Harbors sounds like a a walk through a sun-drenched forest. The Kent indie-folk band recorded its third album in a cabin in the Pennsylvania woods, making for a stripped-down record emanating warmth. 'The Heart of it All,' a strummy ballad about living close to home, shines brightest." - Cleveland Magazine

"Inside The Machine / 22"

The Speedbumps are creating a refreshing folk classical blend that I haven't heard anywhere on the charts. -

"A Highlight At Music Festivals"

There’s something slightly informal, unrehearsed and impromptu about The Speedbumps’ music, which often lends itself to picking up the “Jazz” descriptor. There’s really so much more, though. With the acoustic guitars and bowed instrumental backing, the group creates the kind of music that leaves a bounce in your step. The Speedbumps’ sound is fun and chipper, but it still has depth and still clearly requires skill to play. The band actually performed its songs with the Canton Symphony Orchestra, with the group’s bassist composing parts for everyone in the orchestra. With that kind of solid talent, there’s no way a live show could disappoint. YOU'LL DIG IF YOU DIG: A less kitschy Jack Johnson, Andrew Bird on serious uppers. - Midpoint Music Festival

"Dee Perry of National Public Radio"

The new Speedbumps song is outstanding. It made me cry, actually. It's a song that has a lot of resonance for a lot of people at this point as they're trying to figure out what next, Where am I in life? - WCPN 90.3 FM ideastream

"Paul Brown of Red Hat 22"

The Speedbumps are smart and soulful guys. They worked non-stop and this new album. The Moon Is Down is very catchy stuff. - Red Hat 22

"Dave Popovich of CBS Radio Cleveland"

We get CDs and audio from local talent all the time for The Coffee Shop on Q104. We collectively smiled after hearing songs from The Speedbumps. This is a really good band that has the potential to connect outside of the northeast Ohio area. - Q104 CBS Radio Cleveland

"Rory Geraghty of Black Squirrel Radio"

Urycki's vocals range from melodically haunting to gracefully jubilant. Coupled with a refreshingly modern musical sound, it seems as if The Speedbumps have no creative ceiling. - Black Squirrel Radio

"Erin Gellert of Q Prime"

In the era of auto tune and single-based artists, the Speedbumps give you a reason to believe in the album again. Organic, brilliant, emotive music. - Q Prime

"John Benson of The News Herald"

The lead singer's quintessential singer-songwriter tenor voice often draws Jack Johnson comparisons, but the quartet's chillness is definitely not the island-breeze variety. The group has garnered a Dave Matthews Band meets Steely Dan vibe. - The News Herald

"A College Student's Take On The Speedbumps"

Margy Frazier, a junior at St. Mary-of-the-Woods College (SMWC), remembers the first time she heard The Speedbumps. Erik Urycki's sincere lyrics and breezy voice started as a whisper before soaring to the rafters. Then it was full-on band time as the guitar, cell and the upright bass kicked in and picked up the pace. Heads nodded, bodies swayed and hands clapped. For Frazier, and many others, the band left a distinct impression...The Speedbumps play a delightful mix of music, involving the audience, creating an unforgettable concert. - Saint Mary of the Woods College

"Michelle Mullalay, executive director of Canton Symphony Orchestra"

We have a lot of audiences out there that we're trying to reach, and they don't necessarily want to come to hear a straight symphonic Beethoven/Brahms classical concert...So what we did was pair the local music of The Speedbumps with our 40-piece orchestra. As soon as I saw that the band had the cello, and the string bass up there with them, I knew their music was going to work really well as symphonic music." - WCPN 90.3 FM ideastream



The Speedbumps are an award-winning American band with a warm, authentic sound, built on a passion for hollow-bodied instruments, indie-folk and indie-rock influences, and singer-songwriter Erik Urycki’s breathy, commanding vocals and canny phrasing.

The band’s roots lie deep in the Rustbelt, where quiet strength and limited embellishment define the culture. The working class towns around Akron, the former rubber capital, from which artists like The Black Keys, Jessica Lea Mayfield, and Joseph Arthur have emerged, have provided the band with an aesthetic that seeks to tease out beauty from the gritty details of everyday life.

The band consists of Erik Urycki on vocals and guitar,  Bethany Svoboda on vocals, banjo and Wurlitzer, Sam Kristoff playing cello -- often where you’d expect a guitar riff, Kevin Martinez on acoustic and electric bass, and Danny Jenkins on drums. 

Daryl Rowland, writing for the Huffington Post, said that singer Erik Urycki’s lyrics “often tackle complex human emotions with elegant economy.”

While the band cites influences from Paul Simon to Nick Drake to Radiohead, their material and vibe have more in common with festival favorites like The Decemberists, Wilco, or Ryan Adams, with their consistently smart, spare and rootsy approach.

Erik Urycki: vocals, guitar
Sam Kristoff: cello
Danny Jenkins: drums/percussion
Kevin Martinez: bass
Bethany Svoboda: keys, vocals