Spaces of Disappearance
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Spaces of Disappearance

Chicago, Illinois, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | INDIE

Chicago, Illinois, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2013
Solo Electronic Alternative




"Spaces of Disappearance Chart Discovery"

The dark synth-pop of Passionate Electronics from Spaces Of Disappearance caught our attention on CHIRP’s chart this week. But set your notions of “pop” aside before diving in. Spaces Of Disappearance don’t give you something straightforward and easy. There is depth to their synth riffs and a brazen attitude about them. - CMJ

"CMJ Roundup Day 4"

Spaces of Disappearance is a Chicago songwriter and producer, who combines cool beats and melodies with a great voice. For me, one of the exciting discoveries of the CMJ festival. - Glamglare NYC

"Release of the Day: Spaces of Disappearance "Passionate Electronics" EP"

Chicago's Spaces of Disappearance began with songwriter/programmer Elaine Davis and bassist Zach Smith in 2013, but has since grown. Over the course of a debut EP, two singles, and several remixes, the band has become more confident and perhaps more curious. Though Elaine's tight synthscapes and vocals remain front and center, it now boasts Drew Balicki on drums. Their new EP Passionate Electronics takes the band to more danceable realms, seen through a glass, darkly: for music with such deep grooves, Elaine's lyrics are encumbered with discomfort, which is where the music transcends simple enjoyment to become deeply evocative.

The four songs on Passionate Electronics cover some serious ground. "Dick Cheney in the Light" is at once absurd and real. Then again, reality is pretty absurd. It's the song that lays the groundwork for the release, revealing the blemishes of our strange country and making them applicable to the people and events that surround us. For my money, "Valmont et Merteuil" is the best song on this record. "Can't have me, no matter what you do" chants Elaine over utterly compelling rhythms and a dynamite synthline.

Anyway, I've taken enough of your time. It's a great release. "Valmont et Merteuil" is now a permanent fixture on my running playlist, which is where all elite songs end up, duh. Buy it. - Delayed Gratification

"Spaces of Disappearance "Passionate Electronics" EP"

Elaine Davis’ vocals were meant specifically for Spaces of Disappearance’s sound. Her Portishead-meets-Madonna melodies drip over minimalist, electronic drums and twinkling keyboards. But there’s nothing bubblegum about Passionate Electronics; the sweetness is stomped on by lyrical aggression and synth-laden angst.

The lead single, “Dick Cheney in the Light” –a hilariously titled, yet relatable narrative of someone who’s true colors don’t reflect what they’ve been putting out there, is a melodic, subtle jab that makes for a great opener. It sets the “dance punk” attitude the band has latched itself to.

What you’re not going to get from Spaces of Disappearance are robust, singalong choruses, but it’s because they’re unnecessary. “Valmont et Merteuil” and the Shirley Manson-esque, “Angst” are fully-fleshed tracks, with lyrics interesting enough to compliment the melodies without needing a familiar repetition.

The EP’s standout track, “Frontwoman” is an unabashed dance track, rallying in girl power and independence. The semi-funk groove of the bass steadily drives the track while Davis lists what she really needs from her potential suitor. Who doesn’t relate to that?

Passionate Electronics is surprising in how well-rounded and full it is without succumbing to what’s expected from electronic, dance music. It’s understated without ever being boring, nestled on a synth-wave cloud. - Local Loop Chicago

"Spaces of Disappearance"

I feel like such a moron for not recognizing Spaces Of Disappearance for being so awesome. That aside. The rest on Passionate start leaving their mark....leave me with this look of disbelief. They live in Chicago! I fecking know them! I see her at these other shows. I've missed a whole bunch of her shows.
Valmont de Merteuil kicks ass. Frontwoman broods and lights the noir trip hop spark Angst continues and harnesses. If you can recall how it felt dancing to Bel Canto, then Sister Soleil, and then Portishead for that second time at Neo. Something that instantly feels like its that classic subcultural dance floor after glow. And now I'm recalling that I've seen them twice and pow! It is hitting me. At their Hideout show I was dancing, .....not like a moron at a Wedding calling attention, but.....I was dancing. I listen to Passionate first to last, straight and wondered when was the last time I binged on Bel Canto like that. I don't. I skip around because I don't like everything. Each one on Passionate is like the single that attempts to best define the band if you will...only its all of them. Meaning they are all great songs that demonstrate how great songwriters Spaces are. Each track reveals a new depth. Its like they have in their blood, reflexes, muscle fibers, a deep and fundamental understanding of what induces dancing, movement, like without pandering. The really real first time seeing them was at Multikulti, with Sexy Fights. Missing Spaces would have left me an incomplete show.
I saw three bands that night, Spaces is one of the three that's local. I see Elaine in so many shows that I attended. The whole time she was being awesome and it took me some time to know it. Then I have to figure out how to say it. I can't just say awesome every three, four fucking words. I got songs that are sinking in, hitting me from Passionate. Damn it! I figured this shit out so fecking late it's embarrassing. As a fan, it was great to already have met Elaine.....and Adele. All three bands that I saw were impacting. That is such a rare occurrence. I'm trying to write separate entries about them. Axons was first, then Spaces and then The Old Adage. I was into Spaces,, I am way the fuck into them. - Goth Traveler

"Cassette Review "Passionate Electronics" Spaces of Disappearance"

What really caught me off guard was the singing on here and it's just so good. I feel like sometimes having vocals added into what is already great instrumental music can just make it feel too complex and overdone in some ways, but Spaces of Disappearance manages to make it work so that these songs never feel too busy and only ever feel just right. - Raised By Gypsies


"Passionate Electronics" EP released March 2015 available through Walk In Records on limited edition cassette, Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby and streaming on Spotify

"There is No Loss" EP to be released early March 2016

"No None" single release/premiere January 2016



Dancey, spacey, trippy, and slightly evil: Elaine HD's solo electropop project Spaces of Disappearance is a unique blend of the danceable and dark. Singer. songwriter and programmer Elaine creates  haunting vocals that mingle with syncopated beats, energetic synths, and unique sounds . Never predictable, the music is catchy but deceptively complex and the sound is too pleasantly disconcerting to fit in the milieu of standard electro-pop.  After releasing a debut EP in 2013, followed by 2 singles with several remixes, Elaine embarked on 2 tours to the East Coast and Midwest.  Spaces of Disappearance released a new EP "Passionate Electronics" in March 2015. It has received great press from CMJ, Local Loop Chicago and others as well as airplay on the college and indie radio circuit. Elaine released her first official video for the single "No None" followed by the release of the full EP "There Is No Loss" in September of 2016. U.S., Canada and UK/EU performance dates to follow

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