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Port Huron, MI | Established. Jan 01, 2009

Port Huron, MI
Established on Jan, 2009
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Sleepology Explains:
Where was the video for 'Wolves' filmed?
The video was filmed in mostly on the outskirts of Port Huron, Michigan. Out on old country roads, in the woods, an old abandoned house, a grave yard, a friends garage.

How does the video compliment the song?
Well, I wrote the song about someone mysteriously vanishing, never to be seen again. But when I came up with the idea for the video I basically wrote an entirely different story. The song has a haunting vibe so I tried to make the video just as haunting. Even though the imagery doesn't follow the lyrics, I do think they compliment each other in a spooky way.

Any behind the scenes stories?
Nothing too crazy, but we filmed this video right around the time when all those news stories about clowns terrorizing people were going around. We had our friend Lukas be a clown in the video, and later on that day when we were done filming he got hassled by some kids downtown.

Tell us about the ideas/ themes/ imagery used?
I knew I wanted the video to be spooky so I kept thinking of the traditional Halloween characters like spirits, werewolves, witches, clowns, and a few others that I narrowed down. I also kept thinking about how it had to be out in the middle of nowhere with a desolate vibe, so we made it happen.

What is the message you hope people take from watching the video?
Well, I didn't intentionally mean for the video to have any sort of message, but I'm sure there's one in there somewhere. The idea was a story of this man (spirit?) who wakes up in a graveyard and encounters all these spooky characters as he makes his way into town. He eventually winds up at this house where he discovers those characters are all living there and (in my mind) he realizes they're just people that go out and haunt other people for a living. Or at least that's what I hoped we could convey with the video. We actually had a ton of footage that we couldn't fit in the video, so we're planning doing an alternate, extended version of the video that will be more like a short film set to a spooky film score. Enjoy!

Interview feature by Karla Harris - When The Horn Blows

"Sleepology - Video Premiere: "Opening Act""

I feel renewed inspiration after watching this video from Port Huron's Sleepology. Their song, "Opening Act," is a defiant lament, a championing of the underdog slog, overruling the naive daydreams of breaking through some indie-rocker ceiling and embracing every aspect, good, bad, fun, ugly, funny, memorable, annoying, embarrassing, or glorious....yes, every aspect creating and performing music for the love of it, for the experience of it. It's the first single a forthcoming album.
There's nothing remarkable about the visuals of this video and yet as a whole--they attain profundity. We're in a practice space, with walls draped in posters and paraphernalia, pictures and rememberances, with four players fit in a 15"-by-15" room cluttered with pedal boards and amps and drums and mics, while we occasionally go for a go-pro ride at the top of their fretboards. We see set lists and flyers from past shows; eventually a sense of their camaraderie just starts to sparkle in the glimpses of their expressions--that sense of the road these guys have traveled together...

...And then we get a montage of intimate footage of previous performances, adventures from tours, shots of bands they've shared stages with...We see the mundane, the silly, the spectacular, we see the green rooms and we see the crowds mingling, we see soundchecks and quickie-mart runs and we see the Uhaul getting stuck in a bog of Michigan snow. And then we hear those lyrics...

...No one's in line for the opening act // Hello! We're HERE! We're the opening act!...

Now when you're in the middle of a sleek and shreddy rock song like this, building the tension on the hi-hats before coming back down on the snares and toms, charging the bass through the bridge while the psychedelically-wa-wa'ed gutiar glides out that sweet solo and the chorus kicks back in...when you are in the middle of THAT......then rock music and the experience of the band's glory is at its zenith.

And Sleepology's new song, to me, is about finding a kind of zen-balance of appreciating every single moment beyond just the narrow hour-glass-sized fleeting four minutes of a song's intensity and experiencing and enjoying every step of the journey, from playing outside of a basement, to playing in front of an audience, to loadig up the shitty cars to go play a song in some backyard... "I never thought we'd get that far..." And yet, a band can keep going farther....

I wanna see Sleepology go farther. And farther. We all get discouraged or disenchanted with our pursuits, but it's because our perspectives might be off, or our motives might be confused. This band, this song, helps me see the light of it again... All of it, the bad, the weird, the fun, it's all part of the experience.

Sleepology is Ryan Miloch, Eddie Lee, James Zimmer, and Jordan Monni.

Recorded at SchwonkSoundStead - Port Huron, MIVideo By MilochMediaLab

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2011 - Under The Moon/By The Bay
2015 - Spooky Days EP
2016 - Spring Cleaning 7" EP
2017 - Mind So Mangled
2018 - Career



Ryan started this as a side/recording project. Started slow when he wasn't playing in the band Port to Port ( but it grew into a lot more over the years. When Port To Port folded, Ryan and the drummer became a duo for his solo side project Sleepology. Tracking the extras in the studio and playing what they could live as a two piece. Later on more friends joined the group, becoming a full band. With a new full album out now, we are just trying to get out there. 

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