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Simone Star

Satellite Beach, Florida, United States | INDIE

Satellite Beach, Florida, United States | INDIE
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter




"Rick Grant on Simone"

“(Simone) "possesses a high quality voice and true talent at writing intelligently conceived catchy songs"” - Jacksonville Times

"Simone Review"

"These rockers have one of the most unique sounds in Florida." - Wes Cambron

"Simone Review"

"These rockers have one of the most unique sounds in Florida." - Wes Cambron

"Simone Performer"

“She rocks AND she rolls...Simone is a certifiable star. If there are any labels trolling here, you gettin' this? ”

- Noisehead

"Singer Performs At EU"

"(Simone) "possesses a high quality voice and true talent at writing intelligently conceived catchy songs""
- Rick Grant, Jacksonville Times

"MUST HAVE powerful rock pop"

Why am I wearing this dirty old mac? Oh, no reason really. Lets get on with the review should we? OK! OK! I'll tell you. I get soooo tired sometimes of reviewing the endless line of male musicians the net seems infested with, so every once in a while I'll cast about and see whether I can find a female (that's the sex that is different to us geezers) musician who I can appreciate - musically, that is. Of course, it helps if the female in question is gorgeous but - over and above all that gooey stuff - I happen to like female vocalists. So, over the last month I have quietly been checking out Soundclick's female musicians, which is how I came across Florida based Simonesongs.

My kind of rock chick ;)

One of the things that made me stop on Simone is because a) I am a sucker for rock and b) as soon as I saw the video on her page, I knew I had found what I was looking for. Simone cites both Alanis Morisette and Gwen Stefani as influences and on Synthetic Sugar she definitely has echoes of both artists. However, she can stand up on her own two feet too because she has a strong, confident voice that has obviously seen its share of live work; Synthetic Sugar has the kind of vocal that makes you SEE the artist as well as hear it - if you know what I mean. Moreover, encasing all that in a very capable production shows that she also knows what she is doing as far as 'finished' product goes - and you KNOW I'm gonna like that.

Don't mean sheeit though if there isn't a good song for her to sing under the bonnet, and Synthetic Sugar is a huge blast of a song with a chorus that sends shivers down my spine. The wall to wall sound only serves to propel the track along with consummate ease, whoever these musicians are, they sure know what they are doing. Although I stumbled upon her by the purest accident, I'm not likely to be forgetting this artist for a while, thats what kind of impression she left on me. This is a very commercial sound and an immensely catchy track BUT she also has some new stuff coming out shortly and THAT I am definitely going to watching for. She's got the look, she's got the voice, she's got the songs... What she hasn't got is a record contract so what is wrong with this picture??

MUST HAVE powerful rock pop. - Steve Gilmore (RebelRiffs)

"Simone Wins E.A.R Award"

"This award is presented to area artists not necessarily for one particular recording, but rather for an over all body of “excellent” work. And this year’s winner is one of the best around."
- Christopher Long, Brevard Live - Brevard Live

"Temporary Heaven In Brevard"

"If a top name producer like Don Was got a hold of this girl she’d be huge!"
- Christopher Long, Brevard Live - Brevard Live


'Greatest Hits' 2012 *misnomer as no songs were previously recorded. (As Simone & The Supercats)
'Supercats Summer EP', 2012 (As Simone & The Supercats)
'Tabitha Rides The Shark' 2011 (As Tabby & The Tabtones)
'Acoustic LIVE' 2011 (As Simone)
'A Supercat Christmas' 2010 - holiday airplay WFIT
'Built To Last' 2009 (As Simone)
'Temporary Heaven' 2007 (As Simone)
'Talk To The Rose' 2005 - regular airplay WFIT (As Simone)
'On My Way' 2003 (As Simone)

Other Work:
'Universal Love' (Simone Star as Teknotika, 1998)
'Gigi Galaxy' (Simone Star as Teknotika, 1997)



A fun, edgy, personable band with a larger-than-life-attitude make Simone and The Supercats a versatile, but still amazingly unique, touring band. Dubbed 'The hardest working band in Central Florida', (Chris Long- theshowbizguru), this power-pop trio perform nightly, honing their skills in front of thousands of people each month.

Simone's strong passion for writing and producing original music has garnered numerous awards (Best Original Band, 2011 & 2012) but it's their alter-ego cover-band (The Supercats) which makes touring possible.

Having long-established themselves as a reputable, dependable cover band spanning nine decades of music in all genres, The Supercats utilize their network of venues to independently fund their original tours.

Known for her strong CD recycling mission, Simone tours with a green recycling bin and collects unwanted CDs at each venue. The band gained national interest from the New Hampshire-based CD Recycling Center of America and was added to their roster of affiliates. In fact, 'Simone' is the only known band who is actively reducing the amount of plastics incorrectly disposed of in the recording industry.

'Unique' and 'style' are two words used frequently to describe Detroit -native lead singer Simone Star (Jamie Grassian, Spacecoast Vibe). But the Florida influence of 'riffy guitar licks and melodic arrangements add the magic which makes each song memorable' (Eric Saginov, 321Buzz).

"[Simone's] got the look, got the voice, got the songs" (Steve Gilmore, Rebel Riffs) and her music has charted on GarageBand, StereoFame, OurStage, NoiseHead and Imeem to name a few.

'Temporary Heaven' was awarded the Excellence In Audio Recording award in 2009.
'Built To Last' sold nearly 5,000 copies while the band independently toured nearly 50,000 miles in 2010.
Voted 'Best Original Band' at the Brevard Live Music Awards, 2011 and 2012.
Nominated 'Entertainer Of The Year', 2012
'She's A Drag' from the EP 'Tabitha Rides The Shark' won Best In Punk for January 2012 on
Voted 'Music Ambassadors' and 'Best Keyboard Player', 2012.

Partnering with Lower Six and signing endorsement deals with Dovetail Guitar Strings, InTune Guitar Picks, Spy Optics, Osiris Skate, Jet Pilot and Entropy Surfing Company are a few of the many accomplishments this band has achieved since December, 2010. Armed with the look, the songs, the brand, the fans and the plan, Simone is poised for a strong run of touring, writing, releasing and performing hit songs.

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