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Siberian Front

Palo Alto, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015

Palo Alto, California, United States
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Rock Alternative


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"PREMIERE: Siberian Front, "Seattle""

Today I’ve got a different sort of post for you: a worldwide song premiere! Sure, I’ve had New Music Mondays in the past, but this is about as new as it gets (not to mention that it’s Wednesday). As you can imagine, any blog that writes about music gets contacted by quite a few young new bands interested in getting their music out there, and Reselect is no different. The problem for me has frequently been either that the music simply doesn’t fit into my format (that is, “music that I like”) or I’ve just been too swamped with other things to give it all a good listen. But then I was contacted recently by the guys in Siberian Front, asking if I’d be interested in hosting the debut of their first single, “Seattle.” As I listened to the song, I realized that it was definitely one of the better songs I’ve been sent, fulfilling the “fitting into my format” requirement. And the fact that they’d actually caught me at a time when I could give it a good listen got around my “too swamped” problem (fortuitous!). And as I’m always interested in trying something new, the idea of a song launch struck my fancy. And since the song is called “Seattle,” it seems only appropriate for a Seattle-area blog to do the honors, don’t you think? In summary, everything just worked. And that brings us here…

Siberian Front hails from Palo Alto, California, although they originally met at Stanford University. Its members came to the band from a variety of musical backgrounds, but settled on wanting to go the rock route — and since a first single is as good a time as any to introduce a band, here’s the lineup:

Thomas Reidy – Vocals, Guitar
Gio Jacuzzi – Lead Guitar
Damian McGlothlin – Bass
Shamik Mascharak – Drums
Walter Torres – Rhythm Guitar

Bass player Damian tells me that this song was influenced by Young the Giant, and you can certainly hear sonic similarities. “Seattle” would seem to place Siberian Front neatly in the company of like-minded bands like Phoenix, Grouplove, and Neon Trees. It’s a big song that threatens to go epic right from the start, but then throws in little intimate asides that keep you off balance, in a good way. It doesn’t come off as predictable, even if the chorus seems familiar (aside from Reidy’s odd pronunciation of “Seattle” as “See-hay-uhl”), but it all pulls together well. Good songs often do that — they seem to come naturally, like a radio standard. And while I’m not ready to put Siberian Front on classic rock radio on the strength of a single song, “Seattle” definitely sets them up as a band that I’m interested in hearing more from; it should certainly start them on their way to earning a sizable fan base. As Yoda [random Star Wars reference!] might have said, “I sense much potential in you, Siberian Front.” You can buy the single at CDBaby… - Reselect

"Siberian Front Raises the Roof at Sigma Chi"

Celebrating its debut EP release, the student-led alternative rock band Siberian Front fired up the crowd last Friday night at Sigma Chi. Ever since its debut performance at the same place last February, Siberian Front has garnered a large following on campus, having previously performed at Wine and Cheeses, Beer and Pretzels and F*uck the Man at Columbae. Returning to Sigma Chi, lead singer Thomas Reidy, along with bandmates Gio Jacuzzi (lead guitar), Damian Mcglothlin (bass), Shamik Mascharak (drums) and Walter Torres (rhythm guitar), presented an animated performance, featuring songs from their EP, as well as new originals.

The band started the night off with a forceful rendition of the group’s first single “Seattle,” bringing refreshing vitality to the party. Reidy’s vocals, though at times overshadowed by the instrumentation and the commotion of the crowd, were powerful and invigorating. The room was immersed in a whirlwind of sound, the driving rhythms flowing through the audience. Occasionally, the storm would relent for a softer, soulful bridge with mellow tones, as it did in their original song “Black Hole” — a tender aspect that was somewhat underappreciated by a crowd looking for excitement. Yet the upbeat pulse of “Intentions,” “Are You Ready” and “Skinny Jeans” offered abundant opportunities for musical highs.

During the performance, the band members themselves appeared absorbed in the music, oblivious to the crowd in front of them. Reidy, both hands grasping the mic and eyes gazing intensely ahead, seemed caught in a trance, particularly in the opening bars of “Freedom.”
Listeners were clearly charmed, as well. With their bold, snappy movements — heads nodding, bodies jerking, arms punching the air — the band hyped up the tightly congregated audience, which responded with gleeful whoops, enthusiastic clapping, crowd surfing, and appreciative laughter at Reidy’s jokes: “What do you get when Batman doesn’t go to church? …Christian Bale!” Jokes aside, the band’s terrific music, compounded with loosened inhibitions of party-goers, resulted in a festive vibe that felt, one student commented, “more fun than the typical bad DJ-ing at frats.”

What is perhaps most impressive about Siberian Front is their confident originality of style, even in their covers of songs by The Strokes and Young the Giant. Toting indie rock influences, Siberian Front’s reliance on extensive instrumental solos, contrasting textures and dynamics, and Reidy’s soaring vocals, as well as their evocative, if not sometimes mysterious, lyrics mark them as a maturing presence on the regional music scene.

These characteristics, however, were not as evident in their live performance, partly due to the small size of the venue, which, although intimate, stifled the energy of the show. Space was an issue, as bodies squeezed uncomfortably by each other, and the acoustics were not flattering either — you had to frequently strain to hear the lyrics over the clamor of the crowd. But for those who just wanted to have a good time, it didn’t matter. Siberian Front was there to entertain, and Siberian Front delivered. - Stanford Daily

"Frost 2015: A rave to remember"

Walking into the Frost Amphitheater is like entering another world. Enveloped in old-growth trees, the grassy, shade-dappled hollow is largely hidden from view, difficult to find unless you know precisely what you’re looking for. In fact, once you ascend the winding asphalt path to the very top of the amphitheater, it’s hard to believe you’re even at Stanford anymore.
It was in this secluded, otherworldly venue that the 2015 Frost Music and Arts festival took place, drawing a diverse crowd of fans from within and outside the Stanford community. It was an ideal setting for an extravaganza of captivating trap, trip-hop and EDM – an all-day rave that satisfied the high expectations of everyone in attendance.
Stanford’s own Siberian Front, an alt-rock outfit who claimed victory at Sprung Music Festival’s Battle of the Bands, started things off with an energetic set. As festivalgoers trickled in from tailgates and other events, the band drew a small but enthusiastic crowd. Frontman Thomas Reidy ’17 brought his trademark performance persona to the stage, sporting a patterned blazer and brimming with joyful charisma. Indeed, each member of the band clearly enjoyed the experience, playing with an abandon that did not compromise their instrumental skill or cohesiveness. The band rolled out a new, never-before-performed single, “Pheromones”, which received a hugely positive reception. The group is certainly more accustomed to playing smaller venues, a fact that came through in their relaxed stage presence and lo-fi aesthetic. But though the band’s style contrasted with the slick, bass-heavy EDM that would dominate the stage as the festival proceeded, their performance set a laid-back, sun-drenched tone for the rest of the afternoon. - The Stanford Daily


Still working on that hot first release.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Having originally met through our studies at Stanford University, we have grown from a close group of like-minded musicians into an alternative rock band in recent years. We  come from a variety of diverse musical backgrounds, including jazz, classical, and reggae, which results in an energetic and refreshing sound that centers around alternative rock. Since our formation in 2013, we have gone on to write original songs and play shows across the San Francisco Bay Area. Highlights of our live performances consist of opening for Rolling Stone Magazine's "Band to Watch"  Sleeper Agent and performing at the Bay-Area staple Frost Music Festival for as many as 7,000 fans, and we plan to broaden the scope of our influence beyond Northern California as we graduate from college in the coming years. 

In 2014, we self-recorded, produced, and mastered a five-song EP, while managing the production and distribution of the album following its release. We have since headed back to the studio to record a series of new songs, which will be released as singles during the coming year. 

We plan to continue honing our sound as we move forward, producing new music that advances our interests along the way. We hope to expand our reach to new areas and continue to write original songs and enjoying the process along the way will always be the main goal. 

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