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Springfield, Massachusetts, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2004 | INDIE

Springfield, Massachusetts, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2004
Solo R&B Hip Hop




"Springfield, Massachusetts entertainer Shay-Nyce to icon Missy Elliot: ‘I believe we would work well together’"

Sandra Beverly Blushings could go on and on, talking about her daughter, Shanice Dominique Lewis Brawner, a gifted and talented youngster who doesn’t shy away from the notion that she boasts lofty aspirations of becoming a renowned songwriter. 

Widely known amongst her peers and fans as “Shay-Nyce Lyrrixx,” Shanice Dominique Lewis Brawner’s immeasurable gifts as a singer were discovered when her grandmother commanded her to sing in the church choir when she was child. What she had ultimately found out because of her act of obedience is that, well, only what you do for Christ will last.
“I’m trying to be one of the best songwriters in the history of music,” Brawner says with a straight face. “I am a performer. I try to perfect my gifts.”

Much to her delight, she has her beloved mother and father to thank for helping steer her in the right direction through her music.

“My mom taught me hip hop dance,” Brawner said. “She’s from the Bronx.”

Interestingly, her father, widely known as Infrared DJ Scope, assumes dual roles and as her disk jockey and promoter and, according to Brawner’s mother, her daughter is a devoted “daddy’s girl.”

A native of Springfield, Massachusetts, Brawner’s music and writing gifts had become popular within the walls of her high school, New Leadership Charter School, during which she had become a fixture for winning poetry contests through her online poem submissions.
“My teachers believed in me,” Brawner said. “They also were poets and I looked up to them. What I love most about being in my endeavors is being myself. No one tried to box me in. I do it all. I like being creative…waking up out my sleep to (conduct) late night writing sessions.

Besides the tireless support of her parents, her brother, fellow entertainer “Scope 2 Smooth,” has contributed mightily to Brawner’s success.

“He makes my beats,” Brawner said.

To her credit, the bulk of her music can be heard on a variety of message boards and via video footage, a trend her camp hopes will ultimately give way to some globally-acclaimed exposure she so desperately seeks — and deserves.
My mission is to break the chains,” said Brawner, adding that a majority of music is dedicated to people ranging in ages 18 and up. “When you come from a city nobody knows, it’s a struggle and hard to reach the world.”

All of which practically sums up why Brawner isn’t just destined to break chains, but rather she’s seemingly on a quest to help make Springfield a popular establishment besides being the birthplace where the game of basketball was originated.
More than anything, Brawner admittedly will always be guilty of recalling what grandma and grandpa told her back in the day.

“My grandparents told me I’m rooted for greatness,” she said. “I believe them and in myself.”

Having been an entertainer since she was  15 years of age, Brawner has proven to be a notable risk taker, considering she sings mostly about the issues she senses “people are scared to talk about,” most notably issues pertaining to brokenness, fighting back, heartache and pain to winning, even domestic violence, she acknowledged.

“My inspiration is (rapper) Missy Elliot,” Brawner said. “No matter the season, she will blend any time any day. She makes me want to win. She is all (of my aspiring) gifts rolled on one. I love her and Nikki Minaj for her creativity and her being that she is and not worried about others.”

Wait…there are a few other entertainers to whom Brawner looks up. “Remy Ma is like the Queen of maturity,” said Brawer, sounding very much like a music critic, of sorts. “She is sassy and hood in the heart and gets solid messages out that it doesn’t matter where we from, we gotta make them know our name.”

And then there is pop music/R & B icons Mary J Blige and Monica, whom Brawner deems her inspiration for telling thought-provoking stories through their music.

At the end of the real day, no one, it seems, inspires Brawner like Missy Elliot. - Andre Johnson



Shanice Dominique Lewis-Brawner (Born October 27th, 1991), better known as ShayNyce, is a singer, songwriter, poet, rapper, dancer, & actress. She embarked on her multi-talented career at the age of 12. Taking risk to find her niche, ShayNyce learned to be a Chameleon. 

ShayNyce found herself writing poetry to escape difficult times, taking dance classes and teaching dance through senior year, attending local open mics ran by her brother, Darryl Moss, & paying close attention to the music played at events by her father, Dj Scope. Everything started falling into place by her college years, where she also took theater to master her acting skills. After studying the art of music and theater,  “When asked who does she sound like”? She says, “ I personally believe I sound like myself, I have multiple voices, they are all mine”. Her favorite artist are Missy Elliot, Nicki Minaj, & Mary J Blige, Neyo, & Monica. ShayNyce found her own sound & style and continues to work on her craft everyday.

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