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Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2019 | INDIE

Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2019
Solo Electronic Experimental




"Single Premiere: Sensoren – Catchin’ Feels"

Sensoren’s new album Idiot Brain, releasing via Chameleons Risen, delivers an epic journey through ethereal melodies and razor sharp, heavy synths. Idiot Brain brings to life the raw realities of human existence in our modern world. From the driving rhythms, fast pace and increasing momentum of ‘Krankenwagen’ to the serene relaxation of ‘Salon Radio’, and the ghostly haunts of ‘Idiot Brain’, Sensoren exposes the vast array of emotions through electronics. - GBHBL

"Sensoren premieres the new song “Tethered”, take a journey through electronic paradise, followed by high quality electro essence!"

American musician Sensoren premieres the new song “Tethered”, a project from Mike Sorensen of the metal band Existentia, taken from the upcoming record ”Idiot Brain”, which will be out via Chameleons Risen on March 25th.

This is a song – with strong electronic beats, very well arranged sounds, melodies and progressive elements – that are adapted to the whole structure of the song perfectly. It reminds of the 80’s dark minimal and synth-wave music. It actually is, but – with the modern music approach and layers to it, adapted to this times.

And it is great to pick up this kind of influences for the song – also for some electronic project to create, since both minimal and synth-wave have that chilling and catchy vibe, unique beat that can instantly make the listeners listen to it and enjoyed it fully. This is the case with this great song, it is intense – with strong hard hitting beat and bass lines and it is chilling at the same time. Mike definitely used his influences in a clever way – combining them and shaping them to have this outstanding rhythm – to experience electronic music in a whole new way, while listening to it.

It can be also heard that he added some of metal touch to – the essence of metal, but shaped in the electronic manner – to have more hard hitting beat to it. Progressivity is without a doubt present – through out the whole song. This progressive elements added this special atmosphere , that has this divine sounds – also that indicates that this is not only just a simple electronic music, but a peace of art – with soul and perfectly arranged sounds – with awesome production that pointed out the balanced and rich structure of the song to the max.

The whole song is dynamic – with this catchy rhythm, that points out the uniqueness and dynamics in a whole different, but also in good way. Presenting some kind of different electronic experience – that opens a horizon of pure divine electronic amusement. In every electronic genre – in many cases, but in some not – there are no lyrics, it is about feeling the beat, music and it’s message – that is untold. Putting your emotions to it, being in a state of mind to enjoy the atmosphere of the song -basically being hypnotized by it and feeling good. This song definitely showed that it will drove the listener in – to be fully hypnotized by it. And that is a good job done by Mike, creating the experience from within – to be a high quality aural art, as it is. It is a higher aural human experience – with this song, a journey of perfectly fused melodies, sounds and progressive elements – that has this special atmosphere to enjoy, to feel and embrace. And it is electronic music wrapped in the various colors of electro, uniqueness and quality pointed out in the best manner and adapted to this genre, also it’s main purpose. - Demon Reports

"Premiere: Sensoren releases the hard edged electronica of Krankenwagen"

Philadelphia based electronic musician Sensoren has been skirting the edges of avant-electronica, swerving over territory normally classed and techno to pop to extreme, and ahead of his forthcoming album Idiot Brian, we’re delighted to premiere the track Krankenwagen right here on Backseat Mafia today.

The album featured new tracks and reworks of old track from the decade or so of recording in equal measure, and Sensoren says of this track “Krankenwagen –the German word for ambulance – is a testament to the constant injury of modern culture. Accenting manic tension with lethargic intermissions, it maps the psychological panics of the digital lifescape.”

The eerie piano line that opens offers only brief respite from these huge synth riffs that are bolted over the track, with icy melodic lines and repeated patterns giving it this muscular, unsettling and manic feeling as it slowly morphed and steps over beats and time as it progresses, never letting go of the tight hold it has on you. - Backseat Mafia

"Only an ‘Idiot Brain’ Would Miss Sensoren’s Album Premiere"

You read that headline correctly… If you’ve made it this far, we’d say it’s safe to say that you’re a person who’s on the ball, and ready to experience something pretty novel with the first listen of Sensoren’s brand new record, Idiot Brain. Due out tomorrow via Chameleons Risen, Sensoren, the experimental innovation of Existentia bassist Mike Sorensen, draws a stark contrast to what you’d expect from an accomplished metaller like himself.

What is it? It’s eleven tracks of exquisite melodies, heavy synths, and compelling rhythms that are meant to bare light to the wide array of emotions that can be expressed through electronics. Idiot Brain captures the weight of our past that we endure through our lifetimes, while also managing to evolve as we move forward to the next chapters that lay ahead.

Describing the record from his point of view, Sorensen states:

“Idiot Brain represents the process of admitting your own limitations and learning to embrace them. The album skips across a variety of sounds and methodologies without settling on one for long, which is reflective of the sporadic and unfocused way I find myself moving through life. The range of moods and attitudes portray the repeated shift in my perspective on the world between bitter indignation and acceptance. It is an acknowledgment of my own insignificance persistently interrupted by a desperate need for control. This music is an attempt to bring these abstract and often malformed feelings into a concrete space.”

Sensoren is a project that has been slowly brewing for a long time for the Philadelphia-based Sorensen. Through a decade of vast musical experiences treading between everything from pop, to rock, to metal, to extreme music, he decided to put genre-intensive considerations aside, and focus more on composing music that was more just reflective of emotions that he felt defined our modern world. Great care went into crafting these diverse soundscapes which you hear, with more danceable moments, as well as more ambient, reflective flashes that are underscored by elements of tension, pain, frustration, and sadness.

Directed by human experience, this is not just an album but a listening experience. - V13

"Synth Album Review: "Idiot Brain" by Sensoren"

Sensoren’s Idiot Brain is a heavy-hitting, layered and mind-bending slice of complex synth sound. It’s an album that journeys through twisted soundscapes, exploring a panoply of different tones and timbres along with moments of delicacy and aching emotion. The end result is music that fascinates and challenges the listener.

Idiot Brain is an album that seethes with shadowy power from void-deep bass with jagged edges and huge drums that surge with muscled energy. When combined with more rough and lacerating synths, the end result is weighty and propulsive. The energy the heavy elements provides also adds a sense of direction to the music.

The other synth tones on Idiot Brain run the gamut from fragile shine to ghostly wandering. I enjoy the distorted and wandering synth sounds that Sensoren uses as well because they contribute unique tones and timbres. The album isn’t afraid to take strange, unsettling directions because Sensoren makes them work for him.

I also enjoy the contrast that happens when more delicate and melancholy passages appear on the album. Their desolate, tragic sound is made all the more poignant by the surging darkness that surrounds them. Their emotive power is evident as they trail along spectrally through the music. - Karl Magi



  • "Idiot Brain" - March 25, 2022


  • "Catchin' Feels" - February 25, 2022
  • "Tethered" - January 28, 2022
  • "Krankenwagen" - November 19, 2022
  • "Ejector Seat" - July 20, 2021
  • "Couch Dent" - April 2, 2021
  • "Salon Radio" - February 5, 2021




Sensoren is the electronic music project of producer and MFA in Creative Music Technology student Michael Sorensen.  Originally founded in 2019, the project began as a way to refine and distribute a back-catalog of unreleased electronic compositions spanning the prior decade.  The first album of this work entitled "Idiot Brain" was released in May 2022.  The project continues with an evolving goal, shifting focus to more experimental forms of electronic music and the addition of new elements to the original formula.  A follow up EP entitled "Nervous System" is slated for release in 2023.

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