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Senie Hunt

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2018 | SELF

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2018
Solo Folk World






Senie is a guitar master and innovator. His percussive style ranges dulcet melodies to tribal rhythms. Song Bird is a wonderful debut featuring original compositions and new folk anthems. Senie’s music leaves its listener completely soothed and wanting more. - Scott Heron (Folk New Hampshire)

"Catch Senie Hunt at Memorial Field, a gem of a guitarist at a jewel of a venue"

When I first heard Senie Hunt perform at WKXL radio, I turned around in my seat baffled as I motioned to my producer, AJ Kierstead, who was manning the command post behind the soundproof glass during a broadcast, mouthing the words, “What is this I’m seeing? What is this I’m hearing?”

AJ was trying his best to mouth back: “Percussive guitar, you big dummy!” but I couldn’t make out a thing he was saying. All I knew was this form of guitar playing was unknown to me. I had seen many finger tricks played before my eyes, but this jam Senie was playing must be a hoax.

“Where’s the tiny speaker hidden inside the guitar?” I wondered. I didn’t see him carry in anything but an AE500 and a strap. No lyric sheets. No wires. No miniature sound system. The music was just so layered in richness, in romance.

The tap and strum, that pluck and pick, all of it going off at once. It was hypnotic to me, soothing, like a chime, a repetitive force that slowly works its way inward. An unworldly talented young man with many world’s ahead of him to feast on. World’s he’s never seen. World’s he’s loved and lived in. World’s Senie hopes to return to someday.

Those who have seen Senie perform stand amazed at his guitar work, and that praise is worthy. Hunt, who lives in Concord and was born in Sierra Leone, West Africa, possesses a voice that aches, rises, and beckons to be heard.

But, the truth is, Senie has outgrown us all. This happens. Some musicians in New Hampshire are simply meant to stay, to labor for us, to impassion us, to serve and create for the brotherhood, to stick around. Thank God. Senie is just not one of them. His talents are far too large to be contained. He’s that rare oyster, that “one of a kind” gift whose abilities are meant to be shared far and wide, to the coast and back, and beyond, across the ocean into new latitudes and longitudes, into the heads and hearts of strangers across this great land.

These moves take time. Good thing Senie has plenty of it. - Manchester Ink Link

"2019′s 25 best albums from the Seacoast music scene"

...Ninety-six records found their way into my life this year. A new high. And I’m sure there are another 98 floating around out there that have no idea I exist....

Senie Hunt, “Song Bird”

I’m going to keep this one brief. Because Senie is capable of doing all the talking in the confines of his short but shimmering debut, “Song Bird.” Hunt is a masterful storyteller, be it as an instrumentalist (the dude absolutely shreds the acoustic guitar in a most sonically stunning way), or in lyrical content. Hunt is another young musician that is still priming the pump, and, in short order, will be a serious force to be reckoned with (he’s already a serious force to be reckoned with). A sweet serious force, that is.

Tune in: - Christopher Hislop (Seacoastonline and EDGE Radio)

"Concord Musician Senie Hunt Releases First Studio Album"

Concord based musician Senie Hunt will release his first studio album this weekend. The five track composition features Hunt’s impressive talents as a finger-style guitarist. Hunt frequently performs across the state, and he joined NHPR’s Peter Biello in the studio to talk about his music. - New Hampshire Public Radio

"Meet Musician Senie Hunt"

Adopted at the height of the brutal blood diamond-fueled civil war in Sierra Leone, Senie Hunt was transported from a theater of horrors to the placid fields of New Hampshire, a journey of contrasts. Hunt has used the bucolic peace of our state to heal — he also used it to develop his music. Self-taught, he plays percussive guitar, a style that incorporates rhythms formed from tapping the hollow body of the instrument while simultaneously picking its strings. As his star rises and shines here, Hunt is playing all over to growing crowds, finding the applause and recognition he deserves. Quite the ride. - New Hampshire Magazine

"Delusive Relics jam at Hatbox"

Opening for Delusive Relics that night was Senie Hunt showing off his skillful and entertaining guitar skills, playing songs such as the title track to his studio album, Songbird, a perfect song for early spring. He also covered George Ezra’s song “Budapest,” adding his own unique sound to it and leaving the crowd in awe of his captivating voice and guitar mastery. - The Concord Monitor


Song Bird - EP 

A Better Time (feat. The Amorphous Band) - Single 

Little Drummer Boy (feat. Becca Myari) - Single

Concerning Hobbits (feat. Becca Myari) - Single

Winter Meadow - EP



Senie Hunt is a self-taught, singer-songwriter and percussive guitarist adopted from Sierra Leone. He brought with him an inherent passion for West African rhythms and percussion. Senie used djembe drumming as a creative outlet to process the traumas of his early childhood during Sierra Leone’s Diamond wars.

Senie’s US family owned a world-instrument import business and shared his love of music. With the help of his adoptive father, an amateur guitarist, Senie began to play the instrument at the age of 7. He learned most of what he knows through watching footage of live concerts of early influencers, like Stevie Ray Vaughan, B.B. King, and The Allman Brothers. As he learned guitar, Senie’s rhythmic instincts led him to experiment with drumming on the guitar as a way to capture the sound and rhythms of his West African roots. His experimentation lead him to his later influences such as Tommy Emmanuel, Michael Hedges and Andy Mckee

As a teen, Senie attended Berklee’s summer music camp in Boston, and local music camps in New Hampshire. During college he enrolled in several music programs to understand music beyond its performance aspects. Senie quickly found that his work does not fit a traditional approach or style. After struggling to conform to the music school curriculum he left college to pursue music in his own way.

Senie’s playing is eclectic, powerful and artfully unique. This original approach and performance style, especially his unique percussion and live looping, sets Senie apart from other acoustic guitarists. Senie composes continuously and has a large body of work for one so young. In the winter of 2020, he was awarded the Innovators award at the first Granite State of Mind Music Awards for his guitar mastery, and uniquely crafted songs and compositions. He has featured as the opening act and shared the stage with several well established artists such as the legendary Richard Thompson, The Wailers, The Levin Brothers, Robert Randolph, The Brooks Young Band, Daby Touré and Recycled Percussions.

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