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Raleigh, North Carolina, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014

Raleigh, North Carolina, United States
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Pop Indie


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Video premiere: See Gulls' "You Can't See Me""

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Video premiere: See Gulls' "You Can't See Me"

Posted by Allison Hussey on Wed, Jun 11, 2014 at 10:00 AM

There are lots of firsts for new bands: first show, first record, first music video. Durham outfit See Gulls just checked off the last one, premiering the video for "You Can't See Me." Sarah Fuller fronts the punchy rock foursome, with Maria Albani on drums. The band recently shifted its lineup around after guitarist Jacki Huntington (who appears in the video) moved to Brooklyn, making room for Duncan Webster and Leah Gibson on guitar and bass, respectively.

The video was directed by Nikhil Shah and is a fun and slightly spooky play on the song's title, "You Can't See Me." You can check out the video below and catch them live at Local 506 tomorrow (June 12) with Speedy Ortiz and Whatever Brains. In the meantime, the band's working on finishing up a new EP that they hope to have out later this summer. - Allison Hussey

"See Gulls: Hopscotch Music Festival"

See Gulls have been making music separately (and to great fanfare) in the Triangle for years. Sarah Fuller did time with The Big Picture; Jacki Huntington was in the first wave of T0W3RS; Maria Albani reps for Organos and Schooner; Duncan Webster takes lead in Hammer No More The Fingers and Prypyat. With their powers combined, they are See Gulls, a thoroughly charismatic four-piece. The band’s pop-driven sound features strong hooks, fun vocal play, and enticing rhythms. Earlier this month, See Gulls shared two tracks from their upcoming debut EP—evidence of exciting things to come from the group in 2014. - Jordan Lawrence

"NPR All Songs Considered: The Hopscotch 5"

Life is full of choices. If you happen to be at the fifth annual Hopscotch Music Festival, taking place Sept. 4-6 in Raleigh, N.C., those choices would include the Dallas thrash-metal band Power Trip, supreme bummer (in the best way) Sun Kil Moon, L.A. electronic duo NGUZUNGUZU and the hooky-as-hell punk group Potty Mouth — and that's just on Friday past midnight.

But what sets Hopscotch apart from other festivals is its unbridled enthusiasm for hometown artists and the surrounding North Carolina area known as The Triangle. Many music festivals include local acts, yes, but few put a premium on what's regularly happening at its venues, DIY spaces and record stores in the same breath as its national headliners.

I'll be at Hopscotch starting Thursday, so you can follow me on Twitter as I hit up as many sets as possible — or, if you're there, say hi! Here are five songs from the many (many) Raleigh and Triangle-based artists I'm hoping to catch during the weekend; all are free to download, and some include profanity for those who like to know that sort of thing.

If the opening line doesn't sell you — "All of this s--- seems to start with a kiss / with one lip in front of the other" — then go no further, for you are not worthy of See Gulls. The no-frills punk-pop band is like a ramshackle Breeders on a permanent kiss-off, suitable for dancing along. - Lars Gotrich

"Collapse Board: See Gulls"

I’m not going to lie to you. I ain’t even going to try to resist this. Why would I? They sound like they’re having such a great time. A fraction of me thinks “yay! Tunabunny!” when I hear the euphoric rush of joy that lies behind these over-excited, highly enthused voices, the way the singers nearly tumble over themselves in their glee at finally getting heard. A fraction of me thinks “yay! The Breeders!” when I hear the smart clever, not too smart clever, harmonies and melodies and all that shit, and the fact they’re cool enough to realise it doesn’t matter a shit about appearing cool. Mostly, I’m just pleased… pleased? Overwhelmed – to have discovered yet another group I can loll helplessly next to. The second song on this BandCamp disorientates me cos it’s fairground in its excitement and when I type the word “fairground” I always somehow have the image of Daniel Johnston pop into my head, barricaded inside a telephone booth, trying desperately to avoid a livid carnie.

Somewhere too, I’m reminded of how much I have always loved The Roches and That Dog (two or three songs of the latter, at least).

Those crazy Raleigh kids! Why do they squeal so much?

And here they are again. Nicer than three bags of very nice lollies indeed. I mean, this one is all crazy and confused as shit, but you get the general magic, at least. Wait, let me go back and listen to ‘Don’t Write Me Love Songs’ again. Oh yeah. That’s the good stuff baby. As is this. As is this. Absolute killer riff happening in there somewhere.

I’d squeal too if I reminded Everett True of one of his absolute heartland sweetheart bands, Tunabunny (oh wait… and The Breeders!). Seriously, ‘Don’t Write Me Love Songs’ is Tunabunny good. There. I’ve said it. - Everett True

"INDY WEEK: Video: Wild Fur and See Gulls offer local Hopscotch preview"

Last Thursday's Local Band, Local Beer at Tir Na Nog featured two relatively new groups of Triangle music scene veterans. The night began with Wild Fur, a project lead by Wylie Hunter and Nick Jaeger. Joined by Brad Porter and Casey Toll, the group dips into rich sonic territory, as heard below in "St. Gloria."

See Gulls, on the other hand, powered straight ahead with a roar of rock 'n' roll goodness. Fronted by Sarah Fuller, the group also features Maria Albani, Leah Gibson and Duncan Webster.

Both groups have been tapped for Hopscotch this year: Wild Fur will be playing on Thursday, Sept. 4, at 8:30pm at Lincoln Theatre. And See Gulls will perform Saturday, Sept. 6, at 9:00pm at Deep South. - Dan Schram

"Don’t Write Me Love Songs/You Can’t See Me {See Gulls}"

See Gulls are one of my new favorite bands. They’re obviously cooler than I’ll ever be and write some of the coolest music I’ve heard in a while. ‘Don’t Write Me Love Songs’ had my fingers tapping uncontrollably on my thigh, my head bobbing up and down, my feet tapping with every hit of the drums. See Gulls write poppy girl group punk that is irresistible to your ears, with one listen you’re hooked. I can only imagine what it would be like to see them live. I vision strong bursts of energy and hair flipping dance moves, it would be impossible to stand still. Also, they totally eat french fries. They got me, they got me good. @LeahDingus - Leah Lovecat

"If You Play So"

See Gulls are punchy, poppy, boisterous, and charming, and we cannot wait to have them play at our grand opening party on November 15th! Their singles “You Can’t See Me” and “Don’t Write Me Love Songs” are all anyone wants to listen to, in the Triangle and beyond!! Strong hooks, catchy tunes, edgy vibes, and dark humor pervades their music, and this interview, too! We caught up with Sarah Fuller and Maria Albani to see how they felt about touring, nature trails, Dr. Steve Brule, and a possible sponsorship by Texas Pete.

What’s the worst thing about touring? Best?

Maria: Best thing would be the change of scenery and meeting new people. I think the worst thing for me is missing my animals and not having alone time.

Sarah: I have never toured. The furthest I’ve gone to play is Nag’s Head, about 4 hrs away. We played with Zack Mexico, who I believe is playing the EOU party. So I went diet touring, not enough time for car trouble, fights, gear theft, etc. I hope to have tour stories soon, non of which include the aforementioned.

Favorite hidden gem in Raleigh? all of NC?

Maria: The Historic Occoneechee Speedway Trail in Hillsborough. Good place to find animal skulls.

Sarah: Right now, I love Lake Johnson. Lots of families walking around, some weirdos on the trails. Mostly though, it’s just beautiful.

What artist or band would you kill to perform with?

Maria: Walter Tv

Sarah: Well, I really like Torres. I wrote a note to myself last year that I would open for her one day. I’m not sure if that trick works if you say it in an interview though, like telling people your birthday wish. Hope not!

If you could collaborate with someone outside your genre, who would it be?

Maria: Tom Brosseau

Sarah: I really like The Pistol Annies. That’s a country supergroup with Miranda Lambert, but I’m not even sure how that would go down. They are these mega stars and have all the tools and people that make country sound weird and cheesy (especially drums - POP COUNTRY DRUMS KILL ME), but they did this one EP that threw new country traditions out of the window. I wish it was played on country radio, so all those listeners would hear how badass it is.

How did you choose your instrument?

Maria: It chose me.

Sarah: My dad played guitar and I grew up thinking it was mysterious and badass.

If you were an instrument besides your own, what would you be?

Maria: Probably a skin flute.

Sarah: Like the physical embodiment of an instrument? That is a bonkers question.

What’s your favorite shitty pop song on the radio right now?

Maria: When I listen to the radio, it’s usually K97.5 or 102 JAMZ. I really like Don’t Tell ‘Em by Jeremih and Beyoncé -Flawless (Remix) w/ Nicki Minaj.

Sarah: If you like them, no songs are shitty! I will listen to that shake it off Taylor Swift song if it pops up. You don’t have to go out of your way to listen to her, because odds are, she’s going to be on one of the stations. I loved “never getting back together” and “trouble” too. I accept it as fact that people who say they don’t get all earwormed by her songs are liars.

Which one of your songs should people be doing it to?

Maria: I don’t want to imagine anyone having intercourse to any of our songs.

Sarah: None of them. All of our songs coming out now are about getting over an ex, and being all wounded, all sung on top of hooks and punchy instrumentation. My next batch of songs though - I’m making them even more playful and sexing them up a little. One song says “blowjobs”. I’m already brewing up some powerful embarrassment, thinking of my parents in the audience.

Which one of your songs were you surprised people connected to? Surprised people didn’t connect to?

Maria: We’ve released 2 songs, and it seems that people have been into them both. Our record isn’t out yet.

Sarah: We are a new band - we’ve just released “You Can’t See Me” and “Don’t Write Me Love Songs”. Those songs are so much fun to play, and people have responded positively. We wanted to punch people in the face with our first releases.

What’s your favorite movie soundtrack? Movie soundtrack you wish you were on?

Maria: Beaches. Anything that involves Bette Midler.

Sarah: I love the theme from “The Umbrellas of Cherbourg”. It’s so beautiful! I really wore out the Clueless Soundtrack as a kid, and I’m sure everyone did. I like the “Great Expectations” soundtrack too. “Like A Friend” by Pulp is the stand out track for me. Ethan Hawke is drawing Gwyneth Paltrow as she undresses. It’s very sexy.

Which one of your songs would fit on the GIRLS soundtrack?

Maria: I’m not sure. I only watch reality tv.

Sarah: All of them! But I think “Don’t Write Me Love Songs” would work out best. It’s about the female taking control, telling the guy what’s up, how things are going to go.

Speaking of GIRLS, what do you think about Adam Driver playing Darth Vader in the new Star Wars?

Maria: I don’t know this Adam Driver person, so no opinion.

Sarah: Well, I have heard Lena Dunham has never seen Star Wars. I too have not seen Star Wars. I don’t really have an opinion on this, but he’s kind of got a monster voice anyway so good call, Star Wars!

Stevie Nicks or Lykke Li singing “Silver Springs”?

Maria: Stevie Nicks. Forever and ever, Amen.

Sarah: Stevie Nicks, no question. I went to a Lykke Li show once though, and kind of followed her to a bar afterward, like a total creep. When I saw her though, I wouldn’t look in her direction, because I was afraid. She put on a great show.

If Eric Wareheim could direct a video of yours, what would you want it to be like?

Maria: I would die for a video that looked anything like the news segment stuff on Check It Out! with Dr. Steve Brule.

Sarah: I’d like for it to be really grotesque. I think vomit with that jerky editing they do would be great.

Tabasco or Texas Pete?

Maria: TP for sure.

Sarah: Texas Pete, no question. I want my hot sauce to taste like fire and vinegar. If you want a pepper, eat a pepper. Tabasco just tastes like a pepper. If hushpuppies are involved and there’s no Texas Pete, it’s a sad day. Maybe we could be sponsored by Texas Pete.

Favorite NC brewery?

Maria: I’m not a beer drinker unless I have to be.

Sarah: Ehh… I don’t really care about beer. Big Boss is good though, but mainly I go for the ping pong. No one is pretentious there, and they have shuffle board and darts. Also several rooms, if you’re trying to have privacy. Ping pong with a little buzz is the main draw for me though.

What kind of treats do you get on the road? Are people generally cool or a giant hassle?

Maria: Prunes, bran bars, and cabbage. Luckily, I’ve never encountered any giant hassles. In my experiences, I ‘ve found folks to generally be helpful and hospitable

How much booty do you get just from being in a band? Has it ever sealed the deal in a situation that might not have gone that way had you not been in a band?

Maria: Does masturbation count? I don’t think anyone wants to eff me bc I play in a band.

Yoko Ono: misunderstood genius or Beatles ruiner?

Maria: Neither.

Sarah: Hahaha. That Beatles ruiner crap is bananas.

Is Tilda Swinton just another character played by David Bowie?

Sarah: Shit. If so, color me impressed, Mr. Bowie.

Who DOESn’t love St. Vincent? Are you mildly annoyed that people are confusing her with this new Bill Murray movie?

Sarah: I guess that is a Bill Murray movie title now? If so, I guess these people don’t know the meanings of basic nouns.

Maria: What Sarah said.

Speaking of, do you think this is the year he’s finally going to win an Oscar? Or maybe just a Lifetime Achievement award?

Sarah: Maybe. It seems like he wouldn’t really care though. Doesn’t he know he’s the shit. - Edge of Urge


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