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Secret Agent 23 Skidoo

Asheville, North Carolina, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | INDIE

Asheville, North Carolina, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2009
Band Hip Hop Funk




"Time Magazine"

With positive, relatable songs, he has fast become a favorite of kindie radio hosts and venue bookers around the U.S. - Time Magazine

"USA Today"

Through his music, he empowers kids to be themselves. - USA Today


Secret Agent 23 Skidoo has married the complex beats of hip-hop with the magical world of kids. - Today


Nobody is making better "Kid-Hop" than Secret Agent 23 Skidoo. - NPR

"Washington Post"

Secret Agent 23 Skidoo will leave parents still skeptical of the genre powerless to resist. - Washington Post


This is music that both kids and adults can equally enjoy. - Wired

"Parents Magazine"

Once you get over wishing your family was a cool as Secret Agent 23 Skidoo's, you and your kids will fall in love with his feel-good hip-hop and dance to his beats. - Parents Magazine

"School Library Journal"

The absolute best Kid Hop! - School Library Journal

"Time Out Chicago"

The baddest (and by that I mean good) beat-maker/rapper known as Secret Agent 23 Skidoo is also the finest, freshest artist of the family music movement. Hip-hop at its finest. - Time Out Chicago

"L.A. Parent"

Combining witty lyrics and funky rhythms into something smart yet fun is a totally successful musical mission for Secret Agent 23 Skidoo. - L.A. Parent


Secret Agent 23 Skidoo has fashioned music that is rare in a number of positive ways. His fun, clever raps about growing up smartly address issues for the often-overlooked preteen crowd. This Secret Agent has a special talent for creating raps that relate to kids approaching their teen years. - Nappa

"Cookie Magazine"

The songs radiate positivity, promoting self-esteem and curiosity... so masterfully delivered that it doesn't feel the least bit corny. Secret Agent 23 Skidoo has set a new bar for the genre. - Cookie Magazine

"Celebrity Parents Magazine"

His lyrics are interesting and have positive messages of self confidence and empowerment for all kids. Secret Agent 23 Skidoo is changing the face of rap music for young kids. We can't wait to see what he brings to the stage next. - Celebrity Parents Magazine


  • 2008 Easy
  • 2010 Underground Playground
  • 2012 Make Believers
  • 2014 The Perfect Quirk
  • 2016 Infinity Plus One
  • 2017 Mozartistic
  • 2018 Wake Up the Dream



Secret Agent 23 Skidoo is a Grammy winning, internationally touring, purple
velvet tuxedo wearing family funk phenomenon. Combining the positive, primal power of
hip hop with the surreal storytelling of science fiction, 23 Skidoo has concocted a potent
potion that wows family crowds across the planet.

The ingredients of his magic spells include reverence for the boundless
mindstates of young children, respect for the culture and DNA of hip hop, funk and soul
music, and a deep belief in the power of the imagination to change the world in positive
ways, both personal and universal.

If you can imagine a band with Jim Henson on guitar, Shel Silverstein on bass
and PIXAR as the lead vocalist, you’ve pretty much got it. And if George Clinton and Q
Tip stopped by the party, that might clarify things even more. Basically, if Dr. Seuss and
Dr. Dre had a baby, it would be the music of Secret Agent 23 Skidoo. Nuff said.

In 2007, Skidoo had already spent over a decade touring the nation with various
live band/hip hop groups as a rapper and producer. He’d opened up for MOS DEF, RUN
DMC, and The P-Funk All Stars. And best of all, he’d helped bring a beautiful little baby
girl into the world. By that time, she was 5 years old, and as smart as a smart car that
runs on smart drinks. Taking a break from the road, Skidoo taught little Saki (aka MC
Fireworks) how to rap, and together they made the world’s first album of family hip hop,
literally from a family that makes hip hop. It caught on quick, and they soon had a #1 hit
on SiriusXM’s family channel, which started planting seeds across the nation and

In the next decade, 23 Skidoo, MC Fireworks, and Bootysattva (aka Mom)
rocked lots of shows with a bunch of awesome friends who sang, scratched records,
danced, played instruments and did backflips. They played Lollapalooza, Austin City
Limits, and the Smithsonian. They flew to Canada to headline the Calgary International
Children’s Festival, to India to headline the Buddy Daddy Family Festival, and to
Australia to headline the family stage at the Woodford Folk Festival. They got glowing
reviews in TIME, USA Today, People, and a bunch of other magazines and stuff. They
racked up a total of eleven #1 hits on SiriusXM, and ended up on NPR’s “All Things
Considered” twice. In 2014, they got nominated for a Grammy, and in 2017, they won
the Grammy for “Best Children’s Recording”!!! That was cool. Got to go onstage in a
top hat and everything.

Along the way, Secret Agent 23 Skidoo has evolved a sound and style that never
dumbs down the music or underestimates the audience. With funk and beats as real as
bands that play at midnight, and with lyrics that aren’t afraid to employ a larger
vocabulary that what is currently heard on mainstream radio for grown ups, Skidoo
fashions a world intended for the whole family. The universal constants that we all deal
with, such as love, struggle, dreams, fear and learning to become ourselves, are the
soul of these musical adventures that bounce, fly and slide smoothly through
landscapes of wild imagination.

From rocking unforgettable live shows featuring purple suited Motown dance
steps and acrobatic B-Boy routines, to creating studio albums stacked high with 50 funk
musicians or even a full symphony orchestra, to experiencing a simple, intimate father
and daughter duo performance, Secret Agent 23 Skidoo is the story of a very lucky guy
watching his dreams come true while putting enough time aside to have many, many
more dreams, that will hopefully keep the wheel rolling for decades to come. Fingers
crossed, wishes made.