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Sean Keefer

Charleston, South Carolina, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2021 | SELF | AFTRA

Charleston, South Carolina, United States | SELF | AFTRA
Established on Jan, 2021
Solo Americana Folk




"Five Minutes with Sean Keefer"

Songwriter, musician and published author, Sean Keefer, is on the rise. We sat down with the multi-talented man to get to know a little more about him…
Bridge: Tell our readers a little about who you are…
Sean: I describe myself as a struggling writer and musician who supports himself with a professional job that gives me the freedom to pursue my creativity. I’ve been fortunate enough to publish two novels but from the start, I knew releasing my music was a life goal.
From the time I was a child I was drawn to the guitar and through happenstance, coincidence and a little luck, I found myself listening to guitarists and songwriters in a variety of genres as well as being exposed to music from my parents and family. From Glen Campbell to Billy Joel to Van Halen to Queensryche, I believe I drew something from all to which I was exposed and that foundation is something that blended and made me the musician/person I am today – for better or worse in any event. While I have a day job, I spend my free time creating, whether it be behind a camera, a computer keyboard, guitar or microphone, I try to create something everyday.
I am fortunate to live on the coast of South Carolina where there is ample inspiration for my music and a great community of musicians to motivate me. I find being a singer/songwriter a very addictive yet frustrating process and I try to look to the dichotomy in this as a further motivating factor.
My goal is to keep creating music and simply have people want to hear it, that and maybe I’ll write another a book or two along the way
Bridge: How long have you been making music?
Sean: I’ve been creating music for decades, throwing out more music that I’ve kept. Some of the recent recordings I’ve just completed are songs that go back years. Fortunately, these days, while songs are still getting set aside, more end up being finished.
Bridge: Did you always want to make music, if not, what did you want to be when you were a kid?
Sean: When I was growing up, like many children in the south, Sundays were spent in church. As a result, I was exposed to some amazing music. Everything from hymns in worship service, to guest musicians, to members of the congregation who played guitar in youth groups, the totality of this exposure made me realize that there was something groovy about this music thing. Pretty much from the first time I saw a guitar, I was hooked and knew that was something that I had to do. I still have memories of the moment I realized guitars and I had a destiny.
Of course as I became more enthralled with music and as I created an image of what it meant to be a musician, I immediately wanted to be a rock star. I soon learned that was not something that you just applied for, but it pushed me to learn the guitar and somehow I stuck with it. No matter what I’ve done employment, professionally or personally, the guitar, and music, have always been part of me. I may have missed the rock star bus, but I’ve been fortunate to have a core group of close friends who are solid musicians. So from the start music was a goal and I’ve worked hard to keep it a that way.
Bridge: Where do you draw your inspiration as an artist from?
Sean: My inspiration comes primarily from watching and observing. This is held together by always working to play music every day and to write as much as possible. I learned as a writer of fiction novels that even if what you are writing is complete and utter crap, if you’ve written it, you have something to edit. If you have something to edit, you have something you can refine and build. So I watch, observe, play music and, listen to all the new music I can. Then I take that and work to create. If it’s crap, well then I polish my editing skills.
Bridge: What do you want listeners to get from your songs?
Sean: Like the books that I write, I want to give listeners an escape. I want, for a few minutes, to provide the conduit for them to step away from whatever is on their mind and be able to get lost in a song. The ultimate for me would be to have a listener tell me that a song I had written touched them, struck a nerve, or connected with them based on something that they experienced in their life. I think part of life is about memory triggers and if a listener somehow has one of my songs become a cue to a memory for them, well that would be quite the flattering event.
Bridge: Who would be your dream collaboration?
Sean: Tough one. Some thoughts…Jason Isbell, Robert Earl Keen, Radney Foster, and Ryan Bingham!
Bridge: What can we expect from you in 2022?
Sean: I have three goals…The release of my first EP – A Dog Walks into the Sunset, Getting out and playing my music live and Recording my second EP. - Bridge Music Magazine

"Sean Keefer Pulls On Your Heartstrings With His Emotionally Honest Ballad, "Sorry Anyway""

Sean Keefer is your everyday singer/songwriter and guitarist that simply writes about what it is he finds true to himself. He's all about crafting music that listeners can get lost in and aims to create an environment that is perfectly melodic, hypnotic, and moving.

Growing up in South Carolina, Sean Keefer was always getting transfixed by the sound of music, whether that was listening and enjoying church hymns as a child or singing in the local choir, a musical thumb was something Sean Keefer possessed. After a string of cover releases, Sean Keefer is finally recording and releasing his personalized sound, beginning with his single, "Sorry Anyway."

"Sorry Anyway" is Sean Keefer's heartfelt anecdote. Each word that he sings makes its way through the veins of listeners and finishes with an impactful punch right to the heart. "Sorry Anyway" offers a string of beautiful nuances from Sean Keefer regarding his vocal expressions. He blends many tones to establish a heartwarming country tone that is so ever characterizable of some of the best country-inspired ballads.

Without any fear of emotional vulnerability, Sean Keefer gives an honest reflection of his thoughts and feelings in "Sorry Anyway," allowing listeners to truly understand the kind of individual he is not only as a music artist but as a human. Listeners are given quite the spectacle into the life of Sean Keefer with "Sorry Anyway," and we hope this grand understanding of the artist only continues to grow with the release of more music.

Thanks for joining us, Sean Keefer. With the release of your first-ever personalized single, titled "Sorry Anyway," how are you feeling?

Sorry Anyway is a song that's been around for a few years. It’s always been one of my favorites, hence the reason it is the first song I released. What’s different for me now is that I always thought I really knew the song, but I realized that what I really knew was a melody and a chord progression. Now, that it's been recorded and produced, in a lot of ways, I feel like I’m just starting to really know the song. It’s like an acquaintance becoming a good friend. What kind of thoughts are circling your mind following this release, as well as your upcoming release "One Mistake”?

I'm still really just starting to appreciate these songs are out there. It’s a tad on the surreal side knowing the potential for new listeners really from all over the world. What's been the most rewarding for me so far are the messages and emails I’ve been receiving asking when there will be more songs released. For me, that feedback is incredibly rewarding and is a huge motivator to keep me focused on writing new material. If listeners could take away one meaningful message from "Sorry Anyway," which would you hope it would be?

We live in a time where all too often that which is important to us gets lost in the mix, if not simply overlooked. Be it work, friends, social media, what have you, there are a lot of things that can suddenly take over and stand in the way of what is really important. Sorry Anyway is about someone realizing that what was really the best for them is now just a memory and something that was really important has slipped away, maybe forever. My hope is that folks will listen to Sorry Anyway and maybe do something today that keeps them from having to say sorry anyway tomorrow. How do you see your childhood self in the current music you create today?

I experienced a lot in my childhood and I try to draw on that I my music. I think as we get older our experiences often get filtered through the maze of age. When I write, I try to escape this and really draw on the purity of youth. It’s not easy and is always a challenge, but one thing that the childhood I experienced was raw emotion and that's what I hope comes across in my music. Can you describe how "Sorry Anyway" is a reflection of you? What kind of effect were you hoping to instill with this song release?

Sorry Anyway is not autobiographical, but it is about emotions and events I've seen people close to me experience. I've always said my goal in writing music is to create a vehicle for the listener to make my words theirs. To give the listener the chance to escape, even just for a few minutes, and get lost in the music. - Buzz Music Magazine


South Carolina native and Singer/Songwriter Sean Keefer stays true to his southern roots in “Sorry
Anyway.” As the first single released off of upcoming EP, Keefer composes a country to the core heartbreak chant that captures the traditional sounds and lyrics similar to that of Jason Isbell and Ryan Adams.
Keefer’s full EP, A Dog Walks into the Sunset, includes songs of love, loss, hope and finding what is just beyond the sunrise. The full EP, which is set to release spring of 2022, has been years in the making. "Writing some lyrics or music isn't really that hard, its making all the pieces fit together to make a song. After that, the challenge starts - finding out what the song is trying to say."
While Sean is working on new material for a 2022 recording project, he is looking forward to getting on the road and playing his music live. - Charge Music Magazine


Still working on that hot first release.



Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist Sean Keefer writes music about love, loss, hope and what lies just beyond the dawn.

“When someone hears one of my songs, I want them to be able to get away for a few minutes, to get lost in the words and melody, to let my words and music become their own.”

As a child, growing up in rural Loris, South Carolina, music was a focus of Sean’s daily life whether it was listening in the local Baptist church or what came across the airwaves on the FM dial.

What started as listening to those church hymns, soon became singing in the choir. That was followed by a guitar and expanding to playing those same hymns, as well as classic rock, heavy metal and country. From there, songwriting was the next logical step. 

“I get asked a lot about my main influence and it’s really hard to tie it down to just one. Through the years, I’ve been exposed to a variety of different forms of music and I’ve had the good fortune to play with some really incredible musicians. I feel like what I’m playing now is really a reflection of all that has come before.” 

After years of playing cover songs, in the fall of 2021, working with producer Levi Lowery, Sean recorded his first EP of original music. A Dog Walks into the Sunset is the final product with both original and instrumental works of Americana and alt-country and is available on all streaming platforms. His second EP, The Trap Door Sessions, will be released fall of 2022. 

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