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Seattle, Washington, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | INDIE

Seattle, Washington, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Rock Acoustic




"Critics Pick: Science!"

I'm just going to come out and say it. I have a crush on Science! I really do. There is something super endearing about two dudes playing guitars in such depths that it can elicit emotion - sincerity, reflection, angst, and especially happiness. These singer/songwriters are totally cute, they are soooo Olympia, (despite the success of their "Seattle Song") and they can really fucking jam. The folk-rock duo of Justin Stang and Jim Elenteny is infectious and will easily rock their first night at the newly-opened Rhythm and Rye. Expect smiles, fun, dance moves, riffs that send chills, sparkly eyes, good cold beer, high fives, shots and new music from one of the best bands in Olympia. {NIKKI MCCOY} - Weekly Volcano

"Suffolk County News Feature"

A musical Homecoming
Story By: RICK CHALIFOUX, Reporter
02 May 2013

SAYVILLE—After a long absence, Say- ville High School graduates Jim Elenteny (Class of 1996) and Justin Stang (Class of 1997) are returning to Long Island all the way from Seattle this July for a very special homecoming event. The two old friends will be performing a concert on July 5 at the Grey Horse Tavern in Bayport as Science!, an award-winning acoustic duo that has generated a considerable amount of buzz along the west coast music scene. Since this summer will mark their firstever nationwide U.S. tour, they thought it would only be appropri- ate to head back to their hometown and put on a great show. “We have a lot of fun playing our music, and we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to come back to the area and play,” said Elenteny. “It’ll definitely be exciting to come back and see our friends and family.” “We both played music together in high school, but a lot happens over time,” said Stang. “Nowadays we’re 10 times the musicians we were back then, and hopefully a lot of people will be pleasantly surprised by what we’ve been able to do together.” Although the two friends first started play- ing music together as teenagers in Sayville, their official musical act did not come to full fruition until just a few years ago in Seattle. “I relocated to Seattle seven years ago, and Jim ended up landing a teaching job there three years ago,” said Stang. “Eventually we started playing together as part of a side project. From there it sort of took off and we decided to pursue as a group.” While both attributed their sound to a wide range of musical influences, the duo mainly noted blues and rock as the main compo- nents of their style. Their recent studio EP (Extended Play) includes Glen Graham of Blind Melon on drums, and has received a
great deal of critical acclaim. “So far the reception has been exception- ally positive,” said Stang. “Touring along the west coast has allowed us to build our fan base, and we feel lucky to have gotten such good press.” Elenteny added that the group currently has a full-length album in the works, and that they hope to release it by next fall. When asked if they could have envisioned back in high school that they’d be playing music and touring the country together someday, both had similar responses.

“Back then I probably wouldn’t have pre- dicted this, but the fact that it’s happening now doesn’t really surprise me,” said Elenteny. “I didn’t envision it at the time, but it still makes a lot of sense,” said Stang. “I actually think we were better off by doing our own thing for a while, because it probably wouldn’t have worked otherwise. We were fortunate to be able to get a head start and become better musicians in the meantime before coming back together.” While the band isn’t yet a full-time effort, the duo hopes that their musical aspirations will continue to grow and take up more of their full time and effort. “Jim is able to take a certain amount of time off since he’s a teacher, but hopefully we can get to the point where he ends up taking a long sabbatical,” said Stang. Overall, Stang and Elenteny said that their musical goal is to keep things simple and direct. “We try to keep our sound straightforward, truthful and honest,” said Stang. “Where we’re from, I think the general trend is to be a bit overcomplicated. Since we’re just two guys with acoustic guitars, we’re able to just strip our sound down to its root elements, which we think is good for the music.” For more information on Science! visit the band’s official website at - Suffolk County News

"HughShows: First/Last Interview"

"Science! is a musical pursuit of empirical evidence, using poetry and soundscapes to express the truth of daily life. Science! is something for the everyman to believe in. Their self-titled EP speaks to the challenges of existence with a rip-roaring exclamation that every ounce of humanity matters, and no voice should go ignored. It’s political; it’s daring and dreamy; it’s the place where rock and folk meet to dance, smile and raise a frothy brew in celebration. Science! is comprised of guitarist and vocalist Justin Stang and multi-instrumentalist Jim Elenteny. For a stripped down two guitar, two mic set, the duo offers a full sound sure to turn any unfamiliar listener into a fist-shaking enthusiast. Stang and Elenteny share a bond stemming from childhood in Sayville, New York, and now thanks to a little fate and a change of residence, the two have reunited some 3,000 miles from their roots. The resulting chemistry of such a time-tested friendship pours from the stage and speakers of each Science! show."

Check the band out at their official Website, Facebook, Twitter, BandCamp and MySpace. The Seattle duo make their way to The Center of Harmony this Saturday and the band is giving away a free CD with every ticket. I want to thank both Jim Elenteny (Multi-Instrumentalist) and Justin Stang (Guitars/Vocals) for taking the time to participate in this edition of First/Last.

The first album you ever bought?
Jim Elenteny: Jimi Hendrix, “Smash Hits”.
Justin Stang: Guns N Roses, “Appetite For Destruction”.

Your last album bought?
Jim: James Brown, “Hell”.
Justin: Dispatch, “Ain't No Trip To Cleveland”.

Favorite album of all time?
Jim: Jimi Hendrix, “Band of Gypsies”.
Justin: The Band, “The Last Waltz”.

Least favorite/most disappointing album?
Lots of difficulty with this one! The debate is currently raging! Justin maintains its Matisyahu's “Youth”, although Jim has never heard it...

First concert attended?
Jim: Santana.
Justin: Billy Joel.

Last concert?
Jim: Leo Kottke.
Justin: The White Buffalo.

Favorite concert ever?
Jim: Phish.
Justin: The Allman Bros. Band.

Least favorite concert?
We love all live music!

Any thoughts, experiences about Pittsburgh?
We've not yet had a chance to perform in Pittsburgh and can't wait to get there and get rocking- from all that we've heard, it sounds terrific!

Thanks, guys. Man do you have a BIG sound from just two guys! - HughShows

"Ear To The Ground Review"

“No one here has umbrella… no one here seems to get wet.” From start to finish, the clever songwriting and great guitar playing on this track keep me smiling ear to ear. Having never been to Seattle, it’s pretty remarkable how well I can still connect with this track. I’d love to see people sharing this throughout the Great Northwest and enjoy these talented musicians. - Ear To The Ground Music

"Brooklyn Based: Acoustic Concert of the Week"

The term acoustic evokes images of somber, steady guitar strumming, airy vocals and perhaps a half-empty (or half-full, depending on your perspective) soy latte, but that’s not the breed of acoustic guitar Seattle duo Science! specializes in. The pair play their old six strings furiously and with precision, and Jim Elenteny’s nimble finger picking and Justin Stang’s raspy vocals will get your feet a stompin’. The exclamation point is well-earned. - Brooklyn Based

"Tri-City Herald Feature"

"Science" isn't just about systematic knowledge of swirling atoms or Einstein's Theory of Relativity. It's also the name of a Seattle music duo performing Feb. 8 at the Roxy Wine Bar in Kennewick.

They say they borrowed the name -- adding an exclamation point at the end -- as a way to pursue music using poetry and soundscapes to express the truth of daily life.

If that sounds a bit confusing, then perhaps a reference to a 30-year-old song will help.

"Our name 'Science!' is, in part, a nod to Thomas Dolby's 1982 song She Blinded Me With Science," said Justin Stang, one half of the duo. "The song features interjections from the British scientist and TV presenter Magnus Pyke, who repeatedly shouts 'Science!' and delivers other lines in a deliberately over-the-top mad scientist voice."

But mostly it refers to the other half of the duo, guitarist Jim Elenteny, and his expertise on the guitar.

"Jim's precision and technical execution in performing solos on the guitar led one of his students to (say) that his approach was akin to a musical scientist," Stang said. "An odd comparison, but it sort of stuck as a nickname."

Both Stang and Elenteny are transplants from New York. Stang moved to the Northwest seven years ago looking for a change of pace from the hustle and bustle of East Coast life. He's made his living as a musician ever since.

Elenteny came later, accepting a job a couple of years ago teaching guitar, recording and sound engineering at a Seattle-area community college.

"We play as often as our schedule can allow," Stang said. "I've been playing for about 15 years, but only as a performer the last six. Jim's been playing guitar for about 20 years, and his expertise and precision, and a master's degree (in music) is what led people to start calling him a scientist."

The duo play Americana music, which Stang said is a mix of folk and country, as well as bluegrass, rock and blues -- sort of a blend of Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash and a whole bunch of other sounds in between, he added.

"We like it due to the vague nature of its description," Stang said. "It's hard to put us in a confined and specific box, although the focus of the genre almost always involves storytelling and folklore as an American tradition."

Stang handles most of the vocals for the duo and plays guitar. Elenteny plays keyboards, piano and organ as well as guitar.

-Dori O'Neal, Herald staff writer

Their Tri-City gig at The Roxy starts at 9 p.m. and is open to the 21 and older crowd. There is no cover.

- Tri-City Herald

"Weekly Volcano Feature"

We checked in with Science! asking guitarist and vocalist Justin Stang how he and bandmate Jim Elenteny help keep the music scene alive, why fans play an important role and how Olympia (which Stang calls home, and where Science!'s next show is) measures up in keeping their name on the Northwest music map.

"Science! keeps the South Sound alive by being ourselves and staying true to our roots," says Stang. "We try to continuously write, put out and perform new music that we really love despite industry pressure for conformity. This has always been really important for the Northwest music identity, and in particular, the South Sound; to be ahead of trends, and do what we do best: be ourselves and rock."

The duo has managed to stay true to that spirit, and reap the benefits of hard work and staying grounded. The band was featured in High Times as January's unsigned band of the month, has a SXSW tour planned for March, and its clever and catchy tune, "Seattle Song," has received airplay on Jet City Stream and the Bob Rivers Show. Olympia readers knew what they were doing when they voted Science! "Best New Band" in this rag's 2012 Best of Olympia issue.

But, without the fan base, "Seattle Song"would perhaps be just another campfire jingle.

"The continued support of South Sound music fans really keep the whole scene alive," says Stang. "Without folks coming out to shows, buying CDs and leaving tips, it would be impossible for any musician to continue creating their art. I think South Sound music fans truly understand that and do their part to support the music they're passionate about."

We asked Stang his opinion on Olympia's role in "Viva South Sound Music."

"I think that Olympia is very unique in its approach to the music scene and that keeps it alive and well," he says. "Despite so many different kinds of acts from bluegrass to hip-hop to metal, everyone is exceptionally supportive of all the other talented folks. I love playing shows and seeing so many other musicians in the audience and as a result, I try to get out to see as many other shows as I can. I think the entire community from fans to bands realizes that we're all in the boat together and want to get sailing. I guess we all see success as far more rewarding when shared."

Science!'s recent studio debut EP includes Blind Melon's Glen Graham on drums and their music has been featured in Fall 2012 on PBS television's Roadtrip Nation.

Catch the folk-rock duo this Friday with Kendl Winter and the Summer Gold, and the return of string band, Fruition, at the Olympia Ballroom. Also look for them at Weekly Volcano's 2013 Best Of Olympia party Feb. 20 at Capitol Theater Backstage. - Weekly Volcano

"Streaming Now: Science! perform LIVE on Jet City Stream"

Classical flourishes, funky folk with dabs of psych combined to make an elixir of mind pleasing, body melting sounds.
Science! is comprised of guitarist and vocalist Justin Stang and multi-instrumentalist Jim Elenteny

Recently listed on my favorites of 2012 and back in August we highlighted Science! new self titled album featuring Blind Melon's Glen Graham on drums! Since then we've had a pretty good tweetmance going on on twitter and I'm delighted to say after some slight (none at all) nudging they are in for Couch By Couchwest '13.
Last week they sat down for a Live session on Jet City Stream Radio, a Seattle based Internet Only Radio Station that focuses on Local Artists and Live Music. - Popa's Tunes

"High Times Magazine's Unsigned Band of the Month: Science!"

Science! is a musical pursuit of empirical evidence, using poetry and soundscapes to express the truth of daily life. Science! is something for the everyman to believe in. The band explores the challenges of existence with a rip-roaring exclamation that every ounce of humanity matters. It’s political, it’s daring and dreamy, it’s the place where rock and folk meet to dance, smile and raise a frothy brew in celebration.

Science! is comprised of guitarist and vocalist Justin Stang and multi-instrumentalist Jim Elenteny. When backed by Elenteny’s nimble fingers plucking an acoustic solo, Stang’s raspy vocals and pensive wordsmithing elevate to heights that exceed some of his previous work with Sideways Reign. Elenteny, previously known around Seattle as the bassist for the four-piece Nefarious Jones, picks up the acoustic six-string to effortlessly blend with Stang’s strumming and vocals.

Stang and Elenteny released their debut self-titled EP in the fall of 2012, featuring Blind Melon’s Glen Graham on drums.

For more information on Science!, including audio samples and tour dates, visit: - High Times Magazine

"Pens Eye View: Featured XXQ's Interview"

You may remember half of our latest feature from PEV alum Sideways Reign - Justin Stang has covered tens of thousands of miles touring not only with Reign, but as a solo act and as the guitarist and vocalist for the focus of today’s XXQ’s: Science! Stang and the man known as the “Musical Scientist”, Jim Elenteny make up the two-man operation, a duo that one of their fans says is “the hardest working, hardest drinking and hardest singing acts in the Pacific Northwest.” Naturally, we at PEV already love them.

The latest release from Science! is called “Two Guitars Live”… and they’re not kidding. Elenteny says “It's just that. We recorded a live performance in the studio and have broken the songs down to exactly what the live duo show is like, with two guitars and two mics. It's quite refreshing and thrilling to record without a safety net and to know that the performances have to be good, because it's live… We strive to make music that's simple, truthful and universal to everyone. We enjoy trying to write songs that everyone can relate to and feel that keeping our arrangements basic, is the truest representation of our personalities as well.” Excellent stuff. Check out “Two Guitars Live” and keep an eye out for a studio album later this year. There’s so much more for you to get into, so keep reading for all the answers to the XXQ’s.

XXQs: Science! (Jim Elenteny) (PEV): On your site you say that Science! is “pursuit of empirical evidence, using poetry and soundscapes to express the truth of daily life.” With that, how would you describe your sound and what do you feel makes you stand out over the others in your genre?

Jim Elenteny: We strive to make music that's simple, truthful and universal to everyone. We enjoy trying to write songs that everyone can relate to and feel that keeping our arrangements basic, is the truest representation of our personalities as well.

PEV: What kind of music where the members of the band into growing up? Do you remember your first concert?

JE: I started off with a lot of Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton, got a whole lot of Beatles , Neil Young, Crosby Stills and Nash and the Allman Brothers from my dad. When I was in high school I got really into Phish. My first concert was Carlos Santana at Jones Beach in New York.

PEV: What was it like trying to break into the music scene in your hometown, when you first started out as a band? What was your first show like together as a band?

JE: When we played as teenagers, our town on Long Island had a very small music scene. Reuniting many years later in Seattle has been far more welcoming and beneficial for our work. Sadly enough, our first show way back then stands out simply because it was cancelled due to a massive snow storm!

PEV: What can fans expect from a live Science! show?

JE: They can expect that we're having fun playing music and we're going to do everything we can to get that across to them.

PEV: What is the first thing that comes to mind when you step on stage?

JE: We're most comfortable on stage and it's always a great feeling to have everything else in life, for a moment, fade away and have only music, playing and entertaining the crowd on your mind. It's refreshing and exciting every time.

PEV: What do you think of mainstream music today – as in what’s being played on the radio?

JE: Neither of us are very big fans of radio today. That's not to say that there aren't good artists out there, we just prefer music that's a little more honest and less polished. We always strive to have as genuine of a live performance as possible and want that to be reflected in our recordings. As a result, that's the music we also tend to like the best.

PEV: What was the underlining inspiration for your music? Where do get your best ideas for songs?

JE: We're inspired quite a bit from old blues, folk and country songs and listening to older music can, at times, put us in a grea - Pens Eye View

"Olympia Power and Light - Music Without Borders: Science!"

“Are you the guy with long hair or are you the guy with short hair?”
I ask this over the phone on my way to meet Justin Stang after he’d emailed me a photo of his new band Science!.
Turns out Justin is the long dread haired singer and guitarist and Jim Elenteny is his Science! partner. Jim also plays bass in the Seattle jam band Nefarious Jones while Justin also sings and plays guitar in the PNW jamrock group Sideways Reign and tours around the country as a solo act.
Justin moved to the PNW six years ago at the suggestion of his cousin,Casey Dehe, who lives in Shelton and is a long time friend of Trail and Joel Black of High Ceiling. The High Ceiling brothers inspired Justin and Casey to start their own band and after adding Cody Goodwin on bass and drummer Mike Dennis, Sideways Reign was born.
Fast forward to a couple of months ago when Joel had the chance to move to Olympia, he says “It struck me as a community I wanted to be part of.”
Over tea at Café Vita Justin tells me that in the five years Sideways Reign has been together they’ve produced a couple CDs and toured all over the country and hope to play again in Olympia this coming January.
Justin and Jim, both in their early 30s, have known each other since high school in Long Island and after they both relocated to the Northwest, they reconnected over music and Science! Originally a side project, Science! has morphed a important direction they want their music to take.
Justin hands me a CD of three Science! demo songs that he had just burnt saying they plan on fleshing it out to six songs that they hope to have available in a couple of weeks.
Justin adds, “we live in an age of short attention spans, and I love to keep listeners engaged and always have something that I’m working on for people who want to have new music in their hands.”
As a way of introducing me to the songs on the Science! EP Justin tells me of Sideways Reign’s history of community involvement including a High School scholarship, adoption of a section of Highway 101 to keep litter free and a soccer team sponsorship.
Justin also ran as a state senator last year and wants to carry that activism over to Science! with plans of donating money from their EP sales to local school science programs.
He calls the music on the Science! EP ‘social songs’, with “Chains” the first song being about a wrongly convicted man on Death Row, it was inspired by the late Troy Davis. He’s also certain there’ll be a song about the Occupy movement.
The other songs are inspired by the trip that Justin made with Sideways Reign to perform at the South By Southwest music fest in Austin, and those Texas locales just can’t help but show up on these next two songs.
“Abilene” is the kind of country rock that this town just doesn’t have enough of, though I just wish they’d have added some pedal steel guitar and sequin suits.
“Austin Tune” the first song that Jim and Justin wrote together is described by Justin as “a road tune, sort of getting lost to find yourself song.” With it’s “dusty roads” lyrics it could be kin to the Grateful Dead’s “Friend of the Devil” except it breaks down into a nice bridge.
All three songs are full of lively acoustic music, and Justin has a great voice, soulful and distinct and he knows how to project. Though Science! is a duo the EP’s songs are thoroughly fleshed out courtesy of multi-instrumentalist Jim who adds bass, drums and organ.
They plan to tour down to California and back after their upcoming gig at Charlie’s. It’ll be just the two of them on acoustic guitars but if their songs are all like these it’ll be a great set.
Science! plays Charlie’s Tavern on 4th Ave. Dec. 19th - Olympia Power and Light

"Lemonade Magazine: Two Guitars Live Review"

Their name is simple, their album is simple, but their work is anything, but simple.

You never quite know what you're going to get from an instrumentally heavy album,
especially when it is recorded live. Some artists these days say that they
improvise based on how they feel in the moment. I however translate that to "oh
sh**, I forgot the next part...this is me free-styling!". Regardless, much of the
time this sort of situation can create a mess that is only enjoyed by those who intend on
coming off intellectually superior or those who are stoned out of their mind.

Thankfully, Science! gives us a break from that sort of thing. Justin Stang and Jim
Elenteny bring us melody and form once again to a part of the music world that has been
taken over by abstractness. Instead of dueling, their guitars compliment each other,
leaving you with the feeling that you are riding along with them on the roads that
they've obviously traveled listening to their music. The vocals are just rough enough to
give it that wholesome whole grain feeling and their lyrics are "with it"
enough to nullify any fears of sounding dated and boring.

Austin Tune and Abilene are standout tracks and Seattle Song is a fun way to end the
album where the duo sings about everything from Microsoft to Starbucks to the Seattle
Sounders, as well as other quirks of the city they call home. This album is highly
entertaining and can be yours for free at . - Lemonade Magazine

"Skope Magazine: Two Guitars Live Review"

You very rarely get what you ask for, and most of us know this all too well. Just like Michael Douglas in “Falling Down”, we’re simply unimpressed and more than a little bit annoyed that the burger looks absolutely nothing like the poster.

Science!, an inspired acoustic duo from Seattle, must have had this in mind when planning their new CD release called “Two Guitars Live”. No frills and no gimmicks. Just two guitars, two mics, and a stripped-down set. This is the kind of thing that more well-known acts usually release, but in my opinion, it’s a bold move and an excellent choice for an indie act. Bold because the mistakes will be there for all to see. An excellent choice because it’s rare. There’s no overdubbing here.
“Austin Tune” starts off on the right note, as Jim Elenteny shows himself as more than adept on the guitar, and vocalist Justin Stang accompanies him on guitar, and most importantly contributes his raspy singers accent that sounds inspired by artists such as Janis Joplin and Shannon Hoon. There’s a looseness here that proves both artists are unconcerned with getting things perfect. They are willing to sacrifice perfection for flow, and this is a lesson more artists would do well to learn. Transmit some soul and you’ll be fine.

“You and Rachel” is more sombre in nature, showcasing more virtuosity from Elenteny while Stang moans a tortured story. Quite a strong communication here. “Chains” brings a more upbeat melody and the performances are impressive all around. The guitar soloing at times can get a bit longwinded and it would have served the song to have a few atmospheric parts or riffs rather than vocals/solo/vocals/solo throughout, but you have to give credit for how difficult a performance like this would be in the first place.

“Time” has a classic sound; picture Led Zeppelin’s acoustic work with an Americana flavor. “Time, you ain’t never been a friend of mine. Age and wisdom ain’t what I need on my side”, Justin Stang sings on the pepped up chorus. “Abilene” is bittersweet and reflective, while “Days Spent” has a self-affirming theme of reclaiming the past for your own purposes. “Things Is Going My Way” brings the blues and the funk, as well as demonstrating the song-writing ability and versatility here. “Seattle Song” closes the album on an expected high note; an energized homage to the duo’s home.

Science! respect the music they play, and you can tell. They successfully borrow from 60’s rock, 90’s grunge, blues and folk, and it sounds classic. The closest similarity I can think of is an at times uncanny resemblance to Blind Melon, both in their sound and in their mature, loose song-writing approach. Rock is alive and well with new artists like Science! around to throw some wood into the fire.
-James Moore - Skope Magazine

"Weekly Volcano's Best of Olympia 2012 Music: Best New Band - Science!"

There's excitement behind Justin Stang and Jim Elenteny's new band, Science!, a project fully realized in Olympia over the last year but born out of the duo's long-term musical relationship.

You can tell there's excitement by the exclamation point.

And you can tell by the voting. Stang and Elenteny's Science! received and overwhelming majority of votes cast during the Best of Olympia 2012 Readers' Poll in the "Best New Band" category. Though the duo says they have "maybe a dozen" shows under their belt, Olympia seems to have Science! on the brain.

The reasons are many. Most important, the finger-plucking beauty and ease of the duo's folksy, acoustic, storytelling is easy on the ear; Science! has a rootsy vibe that goes a long way in a town like Olympia. Plus, Stang's voice, which partners with Elenteny's guitar playing and skillful and varied musicianship on record, is naturally captivating, unique yet familiar and comforting. Stang sings like a man who's seen a lot of miles on the road, and indeed he has.

"Science! is a musical pursuit of empirical evidence, using poetry and soundscapes to express the truth of daily life," reads the band's bio.

Via phone, Stang and Elenteny have a more straightforward description of the band.

"We wanted something that was simple, that was universal, and that was truthful," says Stang of the Science! name and acoustic approach. "That's a lot of how we view our music.

"We wanted this to be an acoustic duo, just two acoustic guitars and two microphones, because I think that really represents, at its core element, what we are and what we do."

While Science! is undeniably a "new" band, there's a familiarity with Stang's work in Olympia thanks to his contribution to the well-known, nationally touring jam-rock outfit Sideways Reign, as well as a tireless solo touring schedule. Elenteny, for his part, plays bass in the also-well-known Seattle-based jam act Nefarious Jones.

Most beneficial to the duo's chemistry, Stang and Elenteny's connection goes back decades. Both musicians grew up together in Sayville, New York, with mere chance (or perhaps fate) bringing them together again years later and 3000 miles removed in Olympia.

"We both started when we were in high school playing together, kind of when we were both beginners," says Elenteny. "And we both came from the same place in music.

"So, when we got back together it was like no time had passed. We'd both done all of our different things, but we still had the same foundation."

Science! plans to release a self-titled EP in 2012 as well as play more local shows. Chances are you'll have an opportunity to see Stang and Elenteny in action over the coming year - a chance to see what all the excitement is about for yourself.

If the voting (or punctuation) is any indication, it's a chance you don't want to squander. - Weekly Volcano

"NeuFutur Magazine Introduces...Science!"

NeuFutur Magazine Introduces…Science!
Posted by James McQuiston on April 3rd, 2012

Justin Stang and Jim Elenteny have known each other since childhood; the music that results from this friendship is some of the most pure and complimentary that we have heard. The duo is a platonic couple; where a husband and wife can complete each other’s sentences, these two finish lines and arrangements. It is this cohesive sound that makes Science! into one of the few acts that we have been excited about in 2012; their Two Guitars Live should be a revelatory experience.

Science! is an act that is able to craft mature, intricate tracks without having to sweeten any sound or piece a coherent track through countless tacks. Their album, Two Guitars Live, was just released (and is available for individuals to purchase at their Bandcamp. The interplay between Justin and Jim allows a track like You and Rachel to reach a timeless state; fans of alternative, guitar rock, classic guitar, bluegrass, and blues can find something here. The duo’s ability to insert a detailed narrative before the vocals even begin on the aforementioned You and Rachel speaks volumes about their technical virtuosity.

Time is a track that provides listeners a different facet of Science!. The band looks back to the days of the Athens, GA (R.E.M., Matthew Sweet, Neutral Milk Hotel) stranglehold on independent music . Rather than be a retro act, Science! imbues each guitar line and lyric with a current feel. This means that the richness of Two Guitars Live is unparalleled; what Science! does in one take far outstrips “good” bands’ collective efforts. The emotional intensity of Days Spent immediately hits listeners, ensuring that they focus in for the disc’s final three tracks.

Check them out if you can make it up to the Pacific Northwest; I am confident that they will expand as soon as more listeners take note of their inimitable style. Two Guitars Live is a rare example of an album that takes the best of live recordings (providing listeners with all the band’s fire and fury) and those recorded in a stereo (a more polished and smooth approach). Give the band whatever you can spare for a copy of Two Guitars Live; I would love to hear the band’s sound expand and evolve over the course of their next few albums. Check out their Kickstarter for more information about their upcoming release – .

Top Tracks: Austin Tune, Things Is Going My Way

Rating: 8.4/10

Science! – Two Guitars Live (CD) / 2012 Shuk Dog Records / 7 Tracks / / / / - NeuFutur Magazine


Two Guitars Live (2012)
Science! (2012)
Two Guitars Live Volume II (2013)
"Shuksan" - Single (2014, London Tone Music Group)



*LONDON TONE MUSIC GROUP* 52X52 Campaign Artist - March 2014

*HIGH TIMES MAGAZINE* Unsigned Band of the Month - January 2013

*WINNER: 2013 Weekly Volcano "Best of Olympia: BEST NEW RECORD"*

*WINNER: 2012 Weekly Volcano "Best of Olympia: Best New Band"*

*WINNER: 2012 Olympia Music Awards; Judges and Fans Pick "Best Acoustic/Folk/Bluegrass Act"*

"Science! is riveting acoustic music...a perfectly simple, universal and truthful roots band." -Quyen Shanahan (WXPN, Philadelphia)

"A must hear...a new song that might be the most definitive Seattle scene song since Todd Snider lampooned us." - Shawn Stewart (Jet City Stream)

"I'm just going to come out and say it. I have a crush on Science! I really do. There is something super endearing about two dudes playing guitars in such depths that it can elicit emotion - sincerity, reflection, angst, and especially happiness. These singer/songwriters are totally cute, they are soooo Olympia, (despite the success of their "Seattle Song") and they can really fucking jam." - Nikki McCoy (Weekly Volcano)

"I'm embarrassed that I didn't listen to anything else on this CD, but hearing you guys play, damn you're great players too. Jim, your guitar playing is phenomenal...Justin I love your voice, dude and I can't wait to hear this next song you're gonna play." - Marco Collins (Jet City Stream)

"The term acoustic evokes images of somber, steady guitar strumming, airy vocals and perhaps a half-empty (or half-full, depending on your perspective) soy latte, but thats not the breed of acoustic guitar Seattle duo Science! specializes in. The pair play their old six strings furiously and with precision, and Jim Elentenys nimble finger picking and Justin Stangs raspy vocals will get your feet a stompin. The exclamation point is well-earned." -Gabrielle Alfiero (Brooklyn Based)

"Naturally captivating." -Matt Driscoll (Weekly Volcano)

"Great guitar work showcases what Science! is all about... The musical relationship that these guys have together really reminds me of the bond that Garcia and Grisman had musically." - Greg Tincher (Soniclectic Podcast)

"Rock is alive and well with new artists like Science! around to throw some wood into the fire." -James Moore (Skope Magazine)

Full Biography:

Science! is an award winning acoustic duo comprised of Justin Stang and Jim Elenteny. Their recent studio debut EP includes Blind Melon's Glen Graham on drums and their music has been featured in Fall 2012 on PBS television's Roadtrip Nation. Moreover, they were awarded the Weekly Volcano's 2013 Best New Record, 2012 Best New Band (Olympia, WA) award and are what Quyen Shanahan (of WXPN, Philadelphia) is calling "Riveting acoustic music...a perfectly simple, universal and truthful roots band." They are featured in the January issue of High Times Magazine as the "Unsigned Band of The Month"Their witty and fun tune about Seattle ("Seattle Song") was the anthem on Jet City Stream with Marco Collins and Shawn Stewart and was named one of their "Best New Tracks of The Week".  It has also been featured on KING 5 TV- Seattle's New Day Northwest, Evening Magazine, The Bob Rivers Show (95.7 KJR FM Seattle) and The Marty Riemer Show. In March 2014, the duo signed to London Tone Music Group.

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